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Isha Yoga, Sivananda Ashram,

Krishna Consciousness
15 April 2011


What Qualifies Isha Foundation as A Cult

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The Blogger had published a full length post titled "Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
His Enlightenment & Isha Cult Empire " As It Is" of "Isha Foundation & Its
Founder False Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev" which was removed from this blog,
on 16-July-2013 because of Legal Request Filed with Google. If you need the
same then please click here & please visit
If you need the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Click Here ! If you need the
Shakti Chalana Kriya Click Here !
This Blog posted was suspended from 15-May-2012 to 23-May-2012 after
receiving defamation law suit/death threat from an Fanatical Isha Meditator
towards the blogger and has now been re-enabled. If this post dissipates in
future then it may be assumed that the blogger is dead or is in Jail but truth
shall prevail as nothing written is false. On 26-July-2013 the Isha Foundation
Criminals have hacked into two e-mail accounts of this blogger, and changed
it's password and ID's.
Note-1: This post is especially, intended for those [very young people, from
early teens till their 30's] who might, get captivated/carried away, by Sri
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's[SJV] mesmerizing voice, logical talk, after reading
his books "Mystic's Musings" & Encounter The Enlightened [Today's Isha
Foundation is not the same as described in these 2 books and does not need
anyone's help & support to stand on it's own]and might abandon their
families, give up their school/college education, careers, surrender their
freedom, wealth, properties, even their intelligence to SJV & put their entire
lives, in his hands & accept him, as the be all, end all for them, to seek/pursue
this so-called Enlightenment & to become a full time teacher/volunteer/monk
for Isha Foundation at their ashram in India & Nashville, Tennessee, USA
and may regret this later. If you are not of this type, have a strong mind, will
and can, retain your own individuality/originality, balance, even after doing
Isha Yoga Programs, then this post, is not intended for you! You can read my
experience, of Isha Yoga Programs, in my posts, Life After Isha Yoga 1 & 2 in
this Blog under April 2011.

Posts on specific
Organizations, have been
published more as a warning of
the dark side of any Cult than as
a character assassination or
mud slinging campaign, on the
Founder of the Cult, so that,
those deciding to involve
themselves with the Cult and it's
Leader can make an informed
decision knowing both the Pro's
& Con's.
It is for this reason this Blog has
not been monetized!

PS: The Face Book like Button has been added in this Blog. Please click on the
individual blog posts by name/title for the button to be visible.
By Colonel Zaysen


Dated:15-April-2011 Friday
Signs that Isha Foundation is A Cult!
1] A charismatic leader with unverifiable claims of divinity. Jaggi Vasudev
talks about past lives and fairy tale stuff based on False Hood. At the same
time, he claims that his inner experience, is even more clearer, than what
converted by

tradition or scripture is saying. The way, Jaggi Vasudev, has portrayed himself
as God, for his followers, in the ashram as be all/end all for them.
2]Deceptive Recruitment, by promising, something, intangible like
enlightenment/liberation and conveying that Isha is the only way for them.
The excessive use of "logical double talk", and overemphasize, on the word
"experience", to purposefully, shake/destroy the faith of people, in their own
The deliberate use of "contradictory talk" & "pretense" using "superficial
charm/glib" to establish the Isha Cult as genuine to people by placing all the
cards on the table beforehand even if they are lying cards.I.E [don't believe
me, don't disbelieve me] & to play on the weaknesses of psychologically fragile
people, to keep them unsettled & on tenter hooks, like a balance, that is
constantly in motion, never steady, with a purpose to enslave them for life!
Wrongful depiction, and misuse, of the word "science", by "camouflaging",
that the offered spirituality, at Isha, is "scientific", and is different from
"traditional spirituality", when actually it is not so. Creating a friendly
atmosphere, for recruiting participants, by keeping, the cost of programs
artificially low in India, using volunteers, and then hooking/duping them, to
become full time slaves & donors later. After recruiting, asking them, to
suspend logic/rational thinking/intelligence, by conveying that the other
dimension is beyond all these!
No one, has been shown, to have received enlightenment, and far from being
liberalized, have been sucked into an endless loop of expensive programs,
pilgrimages, 2-5 hours of practices every day, many hours a week, of praying
to SJV. To keep getting money, from meditators, innovating new programs &
advertising each program, as once in a life time opportunity!
3] Totalitarianism and Alienation, of members, from their families and/or
friends. I have first-hand knowledge of this.
4] The use of indoctrination, by sophisticated mind-control techniques, based
on the concept, that once you can make a person believe, what you want,
then you can make him/her behave the way you want. This is not so evident
in the introductory programs but gets there slowly as you advance. Each
program has been designed, to make one, co-dependent on the Cult and It's
leader. There is no doubt, that there is mind control, at all levels, by using
covert or disguised hypnotic techniques. This suspicion, arose in another
meditator's mind, and he asked this question directly, to Jaggi Vasudev. SJV,
acknowledged, that he is capable of it, even though, he does not do it with his
followers. Refer Video

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5] Volunteer (Slave) labor - young girls are being exploited, in the name of
volunteering and Brahmacharya, they are just slaves. They are very
vulnerable, emotionally very fragile, physically weak and exhausted. The
seniors are extracting work from them in the name of spirituality/karma etc.
These poor (subtly arrogant) souls walk into the trap thinking they could do
intense spiritual practice but they would never get a chance. Their yoga
practices are to designed to keep them fit to do the assigned work. The Full
Time Slaves/Volunteers have no annual preventive dental or optical check-ups
or any Medical Insurance. A recent example at the Ashram was that a middle
aged women after practicing the "Kriyas" had some serious health problems
and at middle of night hired a cab and had to go about 7 kms in search of a
Good-Hospital at her own cost.
The use of followers, on fundraising, or mission activities, for little, or no pay,
to line the leader's pockets. Psychological manipulation/coercion of program
participants, especially young men/women, by drilling into their head, the
unlimited responsibility talk of the cult leader, in deep voice, in order for them
to keep working as slaves and paying money for the cult as if they themselves
are guilty/responsible for the world's mess.

- G

ie m

e F


ei ed wj i

Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha


Pancha Tattvam-Sri Krishna

Chaitanya & Associates

converted by

Despite slaving so much, volunteers/monks cannot meet their cult leader for
years or have face to face conversation for 10 mts, even though their cult
leader has ample time for top people like celebrities, corrupt-politicians, greedy
wealthy-industrialists at very short notice.
Volunteers have nothing to show for in the end - it all belongs to Isha and you
will be Kicked out once you are unable to work and become a liability.
6] Accumulation of wealth, for the cult leader's, personal opulent life style, or
political purposes. Recent activities have confirmed, that Jaggi, needs the
money, in order to carry out his agenda, in a country, that respects only
money and power.
7] Exclusivity - "We are right and everyone else is wrong". There is ample
evidence, that any negative word on Isha, is ruthlessly snubbed out. Even
comment on the websites are moderated and deleted. Even this post, was
removed from various web sharing links, by brain washed fanatical followers
of Isha and this writer received, innumerable law suit/death threats.Insiders,
if they see/question, anything wrong happening within the cult, are put on
indefinite silence, by the cult leader or mercilessly thrown out.
8] Brainwash followers, by isolating them, during workshops/satsangs and
telling them, not to read any books on spirituality, by other Spiritual Gurus.
Asking seekers, to keep visiting the ashram, so that their mind/bodies can be
controlled. Provide them, with instant acceptance, from a False/Seemingly
loving group.

The Six Goswami's of


Srila Jaganatha Dasa Babaji


9] Most Senior Swamis and Maa's in the ashram are over worked, hypocrites
and rest on the brink of mental breakdown. It is no secret, that they indulge in
food (super-hot pickle, sweets, even subtle sex) and long for some simple
pleasures of life. They are neither disciplined or purified internally and even
indulge in eve-teasing of young women visitors as written on Priyanka Dalal's
They are making a mockery of themselves in the name of Monk
Hood/Sanyas. Many Monks have already quit Monk-Hood & left Isha after
their Fall Down from Grace!
With reference to point # 9, Ms Priyanka Dalal's Blog had 68 comments
which bashed up Isha and showed the real truth of Isha to the world. The
same was tampered and moderated by the Isha Web Moderators by installing
DISQUS on her blog page. This blogger used his own Internet skills and
retrieved those comments which can be downloaded and read from Here

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

It can be aptly put that Isha Ashram is not an Ashram, but just another, Nazi
Forced Death/Labour/Extermination Camp operated in World War-II at
Auschwitz-Birkenau Poland, Sobibor, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Dachau by the
The above bad experience of Ms Priyanka Dalal can be read in my other Blog
Post Isha Yoga, Problems, After Effects, Warnings! Click under April 2011,
Refer Victim-7.
10] The Monks thinking pattern, is corrupted to the point, where they have
become, just like toy puppets in the hands of Jaggi Vasudev. An associate of
this writer, recently asked them, to give some clarification, about the old
shakthi chalana kriya practice and they, passed on the buck, to some other
senior sanyasi. This senior most sanyasi, told, that they themselves, have
stopped practicing the "Kriyas" for many years now, and have realized that
Jaggi is a Fake. They are perpetually tired! They've had enough, and now
want to live like him. Some long term inmates, over 20 years, Key People,
have already left Isha. It's been there, but now in quick succession.

Srila Gaura Kishore Dasa

Babaji Maharaja

11] Keep, the cult members, away from traditional truths, like Bhagavad-Gita

converted by

& Upanishads, by providing a philosophy, that seems logical[there is no

personal god, to monitor, anybody's actions, only nothingness, so no
sin/virtue in doing anything wrong/good] and appears to answer all or the
most important questions in life. Structure, all or most activities, so that there
is little time, for privacy or independent action or thought. Promise instant, or
imminent solutions to deep or long-term problems.
The Following Points Classify Isha Foundation Into a Dangerous Cult
Especially For Young Women.
1-Was Jaggi Vasudev Accused of killing his wife Viji by her parents? Yes
2-Was there another women involved in this matter? Yes
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta
Sarasawati Thakura

3-Did this women divorce and leave her family? Yes

4-Was she the closest disciple of Jaggi in a previous life time? Yes
5-Is She a Brahmachari/Sanyasi now? No
6-Is her life opulent in the Ashram just like Jaggis? Yes
7-Did Jaggi initiate his young daughter into Brahmacharya? No ! News as on
30-May-2014, that Jaggi's daughter is getting married in September 2014, to
a Carnatic Musician ! Wonder if Jaggi gives the couple advise to undergo
permanent sterilization to control human population, like he gives it every one
8-Is he initiating other young girls/boys into Brahmacharya? Yes

His Divine Grace Srila A C

Bhaktivedanta Swami

9-Did his daughter ever do volunteering? No

10-Did she ever go through long term/permanent ashram life in her teens like
Samskrithi kids? No
11-Is there any objective proof/witnesses of Jaggi solidifying mercury? No
12-Is there an objective proof that he learned and practiced yoga from
Malladihalli Swami? No
13-Is there an objective proof that he was student of Rishi Prabhakar for more
than a year? Yes(1)
14-Is Jaggi and his colleagues are teaching the same yoga, meditation and
BSP with minor differences? Yes

My 1st Siksha[Knowledge] &

Only Diksha[Initiating] Guru

15-Did Jaggi ever gave credit to/confessed about Rishi Prabhakar? No

16-Did Jaggis contemporary/colleague Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna
commented about Jaggis plagiarism and lies? Yes(1)

His Holiness Swami


17-Is there an objective way to confirm Jaggis enlightenment before taking

his programs? Yes(2)
18-Is he a self-confessed liar? Yes
19-Does Jaggi have political tie-ups? Yes
20-Does he shadow celebrities and crave media attention? Yes
21-Did Isha ever disclose their social
details/numbers/Financial Figures to public? No
22-Is Isha a 100% volunteer run organization? No


2nd Siksha and Elevating Guru
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

converted by

23-Did Isha Use/is Using immoral tactics to usurp land? Yes

24-Are Isha fanatics waiting for an utopian mass enlightenment never
explicitly promised by Jaggi? Yes
25-Are they dangerously delusional/hypocritical? Yes
Concerns that Isha Foundation is Not A Safe Group/Transparent Spiritual
Organization Especially For Young Women!
Q-A safe group/leader will answer your questions without becoming
judgmental and punitive.
A-Jaggi is known to put down people, apparently to destroy their ego on the
path to realization.
Q-A safe group/leader will disclose information such as finances and often
offer an independently audited financial statement regarding budget and
expenses. Safe groups and leaders will tell you more than you want to know.
A-Isha does not disclose any financials even to it's heavy cash donors and goes
the other way to hide and delete negative posts.There are Spiritual
Organizations which send audited annual reports, to it's donors for even a
small donation of $ 10.
Q-A safe group/leader is often democratic, sharing decision making and
encouraging accountability and oversight.
A-Jaggi is the only face and voice of Isha and his temper when dealing with
volunteers is well known. There is no apparent oversight in Isha.
Q-A safe group/leader may have disgruntled former followers, but will not
vilify, excommunicate and forbid others from associating with them,
A-I have seen how former members are ridiculed and abused. This is Isha
Q-A safe group/leader will not have a trail of negative records, books, articles
and statements about them.
A- This Blog has many tales of contradictions/Lies of Jaggi Vasudev To
Promote His Cult,
Q-A safe group/leader will encourage family communication, community
interaction and existing friendships and not feel threatened,
A-Isha promotes leaving family and friends who will not bow to Jaggi and
surrender to Isha, Even Normal House Hold People With No problems are
encouraged that they should abandon their family and Join Isha Full Time as
Q-A safe group/leader will encourage critical thinking, individual autonomy
and feelings of self-esteem,
A- One of the first things, Isha asks, is to suspend
logic/Discrimination/Rational Thinking and strip you of your self-esteem and
asking you to leave your intelligence at the door, stating that, the other
dimension, is beyond one's intelligence. This could only be, because SJV wants
to be the only intelligent person in Isha and make all others into dude fools
and control them!
Q-A safe group/leader will admit failings and mistakes and accept
constructive criticism and advice.
A-Far from it, Jaggi and Isha even explain away lying and cheating as routine
matters, in the opening of False Face Book Accounts To Garner Chase
Community's $ 1 Million Face Book Prize Money.

Proven to be "A False Guru" to

his Ex-Followers but for me
acted as Ritvik-Representative
of His Divine Grace A C
Bhaktivedanta Swami
Prabhupada & Swami
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What Qualifies Isha

Foundation as A Cult
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Life After Isha Yoga
Isha Yoga Problems, After
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Colonel Zaysen
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Q-A safe group/leader will not be the only source of knowledge and learning
excluding everyone else, and would never ingrain co-dependency of his
followers but value dialogue and the free exchange of ideas and would never
discourage seekers to seek out many other spiritual masters if they feel so,

converted by

A- From personal experiences, Isha-ites, have only Jaggi and Isha on their
mind from waking to sleep. Jaggi asks in satsangs not to read any other
spiritual books of other Gurus. All in the name of enlightenment. Each
program of Jaggi is used as a constant innovation to get more followers and
money for himself and to make people more dependent on him.
Jaggi even though claiming to be enlightened has total prejudice, against
tradition and scriptures. This could only be if he wants to deceive others by
telling that his knowing is more clearer than what tradition says.
Saints or Genuine Guru's
1-Are consistent in what they say, mean, and do.
2-Follow the moral standards they teach.
3-Keep promises.
4-Pay debts.
5-Hold truth as the highest standard.
6-Insists that their close associates tell the truth.
7-Present rational, un-aggressive philosophy. Their own enlightenment,
would be in accordance, with that of past sages/saints/scriptures and they
would never ridicule or criticize the ancient texts.
8-Are attractive, but don't exploit others and ingrain co-dependency and
would be utmost happy, if their disciples, were to leave them, to search, for
other masters if need be]
9-Wait for you to seek their help.
10-Good reputation endures and improves.
11-Things turn out well in the long run.
12-People get long-term benefit from their association.
13-Are concerned about their actions on themselves and on others.
14-Immediately apologize for errors.
15-Look for their own mistakes and will voluntarily make amends.
16-If trapped do not renounce their principles.
17-Can sit very still.
18-Encourage associates to be self-reliant.
19-Refrain from using mind-dulling substances.
20-Are comfortable being in the background.
Psychopaths like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev:
1-Are inconsistent in what they say, mean, & do. Will twist the truth
according to time, place, circumstances to serve their own interests
2-Have different rules for themselves and for their followers.
3-Break their promises.
4-Have bad debts, scheme to avoid paying, even write bad checks.
5-Have no regard for the truth.
6-Will order close associates to lie.
7-Are aggressive with philosophy and may not try to appeal to reason. Will
emphasize that their inner knowing is more clearer/contradictory than what
scripture or past experience of sages is stating.
8-Are attractive and use it to exploit others and ingrain dependency. 9-Come
on with unsolicited advice.
10-Good reputation fades in time.
11-Things turn out badly in the long run.
12-People are damaged by long term association.
13-Are unconcerned about their actions on themselves and on others.
14-Apologize as a last resort.
15-Ignore their own mistakes and rectify them only if cornered.
16-If trapped will do or say[Master Wordsmiths] whatever it takes to escape.
17-Typically have variable and exotic health problems.
18-Can sit still only when the center of attention.
19-Enslave those around them.
20-Often indulge in using mind-dulling substances.
21-Are obsessed with being in the limelight.
My Advise To You All:

converted by

If anybody thinking of putting their children in Isha Home School, my sincere

advice would be not to do it. Isha Home School is run by Sadhguru's past life
disciple vibhuthi, this life Bharathi. Samskrithi is a BIG NO NO. These two
are experimental and Jaggi doesn't know or care what he is talking about.
Samskrithi children are generally not allowed to talk to anyone, touch
anybody, interact with others. They wear a uniform and grow their hair long.
They are 'energized' by Jaggi. Their curriculum sounds euphoric, but we don't
know the exact details. It seems that most of the older monks have left Isha
for greener pastures in the outside world, and SJV wants to get his hands on
fresh young blood for the future of his cult expansion. Most of them are
preteens. Their survival outside of Isha is very doubtful. I think they are being
prepared for a lifetime of slavery (volunteer, brahmacharya, sanyas etc).
Isha would argue it's their choice. On top of all this, the monks in-charge of
these kids have no clue about how this would turn out and what is going on.
They are completely dependent on Liar SJV to tell them the smallest details.
Last I heard, Isha charges around Rs 6 lakhs ($13,333) per annum per child.
They practically spend nothing on food. All vegetables, rice etc are coming
from the fields they own and through donation. Milk is coming from cows
grown inside Isha. They are almost self-sufficient. But charges and fees never
stop for residents.
Do not put your children's future at risk by admitting them in these schools.
Do not let them in Isha Ashram. Never let them take any classes or attend
Intro sessions. Not even for the benefit of yoga. Many disgruntled parents,
who having paid Rs 600,000/- as fees upfront for their children, have faced
their children being sent out of the Isha Home school, after 8 years of stay
& study just because they complained about their teachers inability to teach to
others! SJV has completely washed his hands off, on such problems, putting
the entire onus on the third rate administration swami's.
[Added:20-Aug-2013] Kindly refer this Link, which gives fresh proof about
SJV's exaggerations, over-hyping, lying about his programs and projects.
Kindly study, the history of ISKCON gurukula, Dallas Texas, Mayapur/
Vrindavan India, Child Molestation/Abuse activities that happened in the
early 1970's. Many committed suicide. Those ex-gurukuli's who survived
blamed the founder A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada for their abuse,
who forced his followers, to abandon their children, at the age of 5 years by
forcing them into the gurukula, so that the parents can keep working as slaves
for ISKCON to expand his movement. History is again repeating itself in the
form of Samskriti & Isha home school.
This disgusting individual Jaggi goes out soliciting sponsorship for Isha vidya,
poor rural children while buying expensive cars [Hummer], helicopter for
personal use & building useless aadhi yogi temples.
For all the boasting about growing trees, saving the environment by project
green hands, how did Isha get permission to construct their ashram and erect
buildings inside reserve forest by clearing so much green land! Just see the
amount of wood work done in the ashram by cutting trees.
An associate of this Blogger had scanned and uploaded twin pdf e-books of
Sadhguru, Mystic's Musings & Encounter The Enlightened, for all to read and
benefit free of cost. The same was vehemently removed from many file
sharing links by Isha Web Watchers siting copyright violations !
Compare Isha which is raking in millions of $ every year, to a modest
spiritual/charitable organization, like "The Divine Life Society", which has an
annual Income Expense Statement of $ 13,77,365/- which offers thrice in a
year, 2-months full time, Yoga-Vedanta Course free, at their Ashram in India

converted by

and is offering over 80 free e-books of it's founder on it's website DLSHQ
Now the same Isha Foundation is offering the same Free E-Book[Mystic's
Musings] on their Isha Shoppe Website for Rs 150/-, shamelessly copying the
hard work of others to make money.
If you need the free e-books of Sadhguru's please e-mail the blogger!
The six months Classical Hatha Yoga teacher training program costs INR
600,000/- or US $ 9524/- which is way beyond anybody's reach. The same
asanas pranayamas are being taught in YVFA Course at DLSHQ for 2 Months
for free.
You can't even get one free sapling from Isha! Everything Isha does has an
ulterior motive. Only to rip Money from your pocket !
Please download and read these 7 books before deciding to associate or join
Isha Foundation Full Time/Part Time.
Colonel Zaysen
The above has been written, only to warn new comers, deciding to join the
Isha cult, full time/part time as volunteers/teachers/monks and parents
deciding to send their children to the Isha Home school so that they can make
an informed decision keeping in mind all the truth available beforehand.
Readers are welcome to post comments, without word verification, and
moderation. For any queries please send e-mail!
The Fact, that Sadhguru is a Sociopath/Psychopath portraying, a mix of
criminal and socially deviant behavior, and who has no concerns for the
environment, local land/construction laws, is completely proved, by this

Indian Express Newspaper Article. Check this and this decide for yourself ! All
his environmental saving activities like Project Green Hands are just an eye
wash to suck money and free labour from society.
This is a complete proof as to how dissenters and honest people with integrity
are dealt with in Isha and are mysteriously killed and removed from the earth.
Refer this & this
Updated: 14-Mar-2015.
Another mysterious death/suicide of an inmate inside the India Ashram who
converted by

had unearthed large scale misappropriations of funds with the blessings of the
Sadhguru . Click here for complete story ! Also Isha Foundation has received
final demolition notice for removal of illegal buildings inside the India
Ashram. Enclosed is the order in local native language Tamil .

Posted by Colonel Zaysen at 2:16 AM 49 comments

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