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1,850 earthquakes.
Unusual movement, global unrest, and more.
Kick back folks, and relax. This is your week end report!
Hey folks! I hope you have had an awesome week! I want to
thank you for tuning in for the earthquake report! For the record,
today is October the 9th, 2016. This video will speak of earthquake
data spanning from October the first through October the 7th.
It was on this day in 1995, when a magnitude 8.0 struck Jalisco,
Mexico. The shock occurred off of Jalisco, where a tsunami was
triggered that affected a 120 mile stretch of the coast. The
earthquake could be felt in Mexico City and even in high-rise
buildings in Dallas and Houston. At least 49 people died and 100
were injured. The earthquake rupture lasted for about a minute
and involved a 124 mile long break along the plate boundary. The
greatest displacement of the fault is about 16.4 feet.
The tsunami had a maximum run-up height of 16.7 feet. There
were at least two waves recorded. The tsunami was also
observed in Ecuador, French Polynesia, Samoan Islands,
Australia and Hawaii.
This is whats happening:
South Florida surveys the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.
Hurricane Matthew packed a deadly punch as it slammed into the
southeast on Saturday.
Two people were killed by falling trees in Georgia as the storm
roared up the East Coast. By late Saturday, Matthew had killed 10
Americans and left almost 1.6 million people without power.

The giant storm brought massive flooding from rains and storm
surges as it hit the Carolinas despite being downgraded to a
Category 1 hurricane.
At its height, Matthew was a raging Category 5 hurricane with
winds of 140 miles per hour. Earlier last week, Matthew killed
nearly 900 people as it ravaged Haiti.
Besides the Georgia deaths reported Saturday, the storm killed
five people in Florida and three in North Carolina.
At one time, meteorologists feared a second storm developing out
in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Nicole, would join forces with
Matthew, but it is also weakening and is not expected to reach
About two million Americans had been warned to evacuate across
the Southeast as the storm made its deadly march across the
Haiti now has 60,000 people left homeless by the hurricane and
has seen outbreaks of cholera.
Mysterious UFO Filmed in Moscow.
A denizen of the Russian capital of Moscow captured an intriguing
and incredibly bright object hovering over a group of apartments.
The bizarre orb appears to then descend behind the buildings,
leaving behind an additional anomaly that remains floating in the
According to some residents of the city, the sighting on Monday
evening was not entirely abnormal and that similar UFOs have
been observed in the past.
Skeptics, however, suggest that the bright light is merely the
spotlight of a helicopter perhaps conducing a nighttime search.

As one might suspect, Russian officials would not comment on

the mysterious anomaly, leading to the possibility that it was some
kind of military operation rather than an alien craft. I would love to
know, what are your thoughts on UFOs and related phenomena?
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Alright! Earthquake report time! Here we go!
As mentioned, we finished last week off with 1,850 earthquakes.
This was an 21% decrease when compared to this time last week.
This, along with todays and yesterdays quakes brings our
monthly total to 2,237.
For historical reference, a year ago today, we clocked in 248
earthquakes. The strongest to strike the planet then was a 5.5
which struck Chile.
Once again, we were presented with an incredibly interesting
week. We saw a dramatic decline in earthquake activity across
the globe. This coming off the heels of one of the most seismically
interesting earthquake swarms in recent history.
Surprisingly enough, last week, we did not register any
earthquakes within the magnitude six realm. Thats unusual
considering that we have averaged between 2 and 3 each week
for over 3 months.
We did, however, experienced 20 magnitude 5 plus earthquakes.
This was an impressive 43% decrease in registered quakes when
compared to the previous week. As you would expect, these
earthquakes were centered mostly along the Ring of Fire, with the
Philippines, Tonga, and Japan seeing the most activity.

The Philippines registered two magnitude 5 plus earthquakes.

The average being a 5.3. Two were also experienced in Tonga.
The average magnitude being a 5.2. Not to be left out, we have
Japan with 2. The average of these quakes being a 5.4.
We registered 92 magnitude 4 earthquakes. This was a slight
decrease when compared to the previous week. Seismic swarms
were limited to the usual locations which include Indonesia with
14 earthquakes, New Zealand with 10, and Fiji with 9.
The most notable and intense experienced last week struck our
friends in Taiwan. This was a 5.8 that struck on Thursday,
October the 6th.
This 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt around the island of
Taiwan, which forced thousands of people to flee their homes and
workplaces. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred at sea, just
off Yilan County, with a depth of 10.9 miles.
Fortunately, no reports of any serious damage to structures or
people have been made.
The earthquake caused a power failure in Taipei though, which
forced the parliament to stop its session.
Fear of earthquakes remains great on the island after the terrible
quake last February. If you remember, that hit the southern part of
Taiwan. The former island of Formosa lies near the junction of
two tectonic plates and is often hit by shocks. In 1999 an
earthquake of magnitude 7.6 killed more than 2,300 people in the
center of the country. In December 2006, a 6.7 magnitude
earthquake caused a shortage in telephone and internet
communications throughout Asia.

In total, we clocked in 72 magnitude 4 earthquakes last week.

The majority of these earthquakes struck along the Ring of Fire.
Earthquake swarms were limited to the usual locations which
includes Japan with 9, Indonesia with 9 as well, and Chile with 7.
The remaining earthquakes struck, for the most part, locations
here in the States.
Well begin with Hawaii, which registered 61 earthquakes. The
strongest being a 3.0 which originated from the Kailua-Kona on
Sunday, October the 2nd. Swarm activity originated from the
Volcano and Pahala.
Alaska continued to experience slightly elevated earthquake
activity last week. In total, 627 were registered with the strongest
to strike being a magnitude 5.2 that hit False Pass.
Washington registered 36. The most intense being a 2.9 that hit
Mirrormont on Sunday, October the 2nd. The average magnitude
for all earthquakes to strike Washington was a 1.1.
Oregons earthquake activity, once again, remained consistent
with the previous weeks total. We logged 10 last week, with the
strongest being a 3.0 in Woodburn.
California experienced, yet again, another interesting week. The
Earthquake Advisory ended, following a week of increased
seismicity near the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault.
The advisory, issued on September 27th, came in response to
nearly 300 earthquakes in the Brawley Seismic Zone underneath
the Salton Sea.
As we learned, this portion of the San Andreas has not
experienced a large earthquake since 1690, causing scientists to
believe that likelihood of rupture is higher than in other regions.

While some people may consider advisories like this strange or

unusual, they are occasionally released, though with limited
publicity. In fact, alerts such as this are issued once or twice a
Just because the advisory ended, does not mean the risk of an
earthquake has as well. Now, the chance of a major earthquake
returns to background levels, which, in any given week is 1 in
6,000. While this may seem small, earthquakes can happen at
any time, and a southern San Andreas Fault earthquake could
cause serious damage to Los Angeles and the surrounding
Therefore, advisories provide a reminder that we live in
earthquake country and that being knowledgeable about the
hazards that surround us, and preparing ourselves are some of
the most important things we can do.
Anyways, last week alone, California experienced 693
earthquakes. This was a 29% decrease when compared to the
previous week. The most potent earthquakes experienced in the
Sunny State were a 3.5 in Coalinga, a 3.4 and a 3.2 in Calipatria,
and a 3.1 in Mammoth Lakes.
Nevada registered 116 earthquakes last week. The strongest
experienced was only a 2.0 that struck Battle Mountain.
Idaho registered 11 all week. The most intense to strike was a 1.6
which struck Challis.
Montana experienced 44 earthquakes. The most intense
registered was 2.1 that struck West Yellowstone. Swarm activity
was primarily centered around West Yellowstone which registered
17 earthquakes and Whitehall with 8.

Wyoming registered 22 earthquakes last week. The strongest

recorded was a 2.3 that hit Old Faithful Guyser.
Utah raked in 16. The strongest reported was a 1.9 in Mapleton.
Our pals in Arizona experienced 1 earthquake last week. This
being a 1.3 that struck Fredonia.
Not to be left out of the equation, Evergreen, Colorado
experienced a 2.4.
Kansas experienced 4. All of which originated from Caldwell, with
the strongest being a 2.6.
Oklahoma clocked in 32 earthquakes. The strongest experienced
was a 3.5 in Fairview and Pawnee.
The New Madrid Seismic fault experienced movement as well.
This includes 3 earthquakes that hit Missouri.
The strongest being a 2.3 in New Madrid. We should also note
that Ridgely, Tennessee experienced movement along the New
Madrid seismic zone. This being a 1.2.
The North American Cray ton experienced movement as well.
This being a 1.9 that struck Ladson, South Carolina.
Finally, our Canadian pals experienced seismic movement as
well. 11 earthquakes in total. The most notable being a 3.9 in
With the earthquake quiet present, I would prepare for increased
seismic activity over the next several days. If history repeats itself,
well see this in the form of earthquake swarms or even more
intense earthquakes along the Ring of Fire. Specifically, locations
like Indonesia, New Zealand, and South America.

And thats it for the earthquake report. If you experienced an

earthquake today, or if you would simply like to chat, please post
down below. I would like to hear from you. Feel free to post about
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Well end this report with a video feed from our favorite star.