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WEEKLY INTERNSHIP REPORT (01/06/16-07/06/16)

Timing- 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Date - (01/06/16)
Today I reached the court around 11:00 AM, when I entered the cabin, Sir was dealing with
some clients and he asked me to listen to the problem that a particular client had and give my
opinion regarding the same. The victim was a female and she accused her husband of
domestic violence as he regularly used to torture her physically as well as mentally. He also
denied the wife of her personal earnings and used the money earned by the wife on drinking
and gambling. Hence I along with sir suggested the woman to book the husband under the
Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Furthermore Sir asked me to go to the
court and observe the proceedings going on there. I also read some cases regarding the
Domestic Violence Act.

Date- (02/06/16)
Today Sir asked me whether I knew how to file a charge sheet or not. Since I did not know
how to file a charge sheet he taught me the same. This was very enlightening and informative
for me as I came to know about various aspects of charge sheet, its uses and various other
applications. When he was done teaching he asked me to prepare one. Then he gave me a
little bit of homework, he asked me to prepare charge sheets and read about its functions.

Date- (03/06/16)
Today I reached the court at 10:00 AM and submitted my homework to Sir , he checked it
and pointed out some mistakes that I had committed and asked me to rectify it. After that Sir
had an important case at Karkardooma Court , so he went there. He asked me to read some of
the cases , hence it was a pretty light day for me.

Date- (04/06/16)
Today when I entered the cabin , Sir asked me to go to the court with his junior and observe
the court proceedings. When I came back to the cabin he asked me to prepare a report on FIR.
Since I had been studying about FIR for quite some time now, it was not a difficult task to
accomplish. Sir asked me to submit the report on Monday.

Date- (05/0616)

Date- (06/06/16)
Today I reached the court premises around 11:00 AM. I submitted the report to Sir and he was
pretty happy with the report that I presented to him. Then he asked me to deal with some of
the clients by listening to their problems and analysing their situation, I also tried to give
some advice to the clients regarding the matters which I had knowledge of such as IPC and
Indian Contract Act. I came to know about various cases that were taking place in our society
at a large scale such as burglary, breach of contract etc. Hence it was an interesting as well as
hectic day for me.

Date- (07/06/16)
Today I reached the court at 10:00a.m. Sir asked me to write a complaint:To,
The Investigation officer
P.S Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi
Subject: Request for no action need to be taken in FIR No. 029/16.
Respected sir,
I, Rakhi Talwar, w/o Anil Talwar, presently residing at L-26-B, 3rd Floor, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi, want to inform you that on dated 25/12/2015. I lodged criminal complaint against

Gulvinder Singh @ Chand Sharma @ S C Sharma , Tanya Sodhi , Uday Sodhi, Jatin Sodhi ,
and Hansraj Verma and as per the complaint the FIR bearing no. 0029/16 has been registered
on 7/01/2016 however after the registration of FIR the matter has been settled amicably due
to intervention of other family members that the above mentioned persons are close relative
of mine, however due to mistake of facts and some temperamental differences between us I
lodge complaint against them and now I dont want to punish them because we amicable
settlement the matter, I do not want any further legal action regarding my complaint/ FIR.
That I want to withdraw my FIR without any cause of action.

Rakhi Talwar
W/o Anil Talwar

-Submitted by
Section B