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CCT Solutions Mike Luong, Mike Luong

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Your Fonality Account Executive

Brian Flood

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17870 Newhope St, Fountain Valley CA 92708

Unit Price


One Time

Fonality Professional Cloud 5 Plus

Features: HUD Mobile License

Features: Conference Bridge

Phones: Yealink SIP-T21P

Environment: Cloud

Calling Plans: Fonality Calling Plan

Phone Numbers: Local Number

Support: Gold Support

Professional Installation: Smart Start


Extended Price
One Time

$ 47.00

Number of Users


$ 235.00


1 year
One-Time Charges

$ 12.00


Monthly Charges2

Features: Call Center Agent

Price Before Discounts


$ 10.00

$ 50.00

$ 0.00

Monthly Cost Per User

Bundle Discount


Total Discounts

-$ 85.05

Price With Discounts

$ 223.58

$ 285.00

$ 0.00

$ 39.99/user

$ 199.95

UPS Ground

$ 12.00


Taxes and Fees

See Details Below

Grand Total
Your first payment includes your one-time and recurring grand totals.

$ 23.63

$ 12.00

$ 223.58

This is the term of your

agreement with us. Even though
we offer a "No Commitment"
promise on our default
agreement, you still have a
contract that defines our
relationship on the last page of
this quotation.

Recurring charges include all

charges and taxes except those
for extra services that you
consume, such as excess fax
usage or some international calls.
These vary depending on your
usage and your location.

Taxes and Fees are based on

your location and charges.

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Summary of Taxes and Fees


One Time


CA High Cost Fund(A) Surcharge


$ 0.06

CA Emerg Tel. Users Surcharge


$ 0.13

State Sales Tax


$ 6.25

District Tax (OCTA)


$ 0.50

County Sales Tax


$ 1.25

Regulatory Recovery Fee


$ 8.75

Federal Universal Service Fund


$ 5.50

Federal Regulatory Assessment Fee


$ 0.44

CA Teleconnect Fund


$ 0.16

CA Universal Lifeline Surcharge


$ 0.42

CA Advanced Serv Fund Surch


$ 0.08

CA Telecom Relay Systems Surcharge


$ 0.09

Telecommunications Taxes and Fees

Sales Taxes

Federal Regulatory Fees and Surcharges

State and Local Regulatory Fees and Surcharges

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Our One-Pager
We believe in providing easy-to-use solutions, and that starts with an easy-tounderstand customer agreement. As a customer of Fonality, your agreement with us
and our agreement with you isnt complicated. In fact, this is it.
We agree to provide you with service youll love. We know we have to earn your
business every month.
We will charge you once per month for all services, and send you a bill showing a
summary of those charges. This will include recurring charges for the upcoming
month, and any non-recurring charges that may have been consumed or ordered in
the prior month. In most cases, we will charge your company credit card.
Regardless, you agree to pay us, or we may have to turn you off, so please ensure
your charges are always paid. The current pricing for our services is shown on the
quotes we provided for you. Those quotes, when attached to this one-pager, are
our agreement.
We hope you wont, but you can cancel if you must. Heres how our no
commitment promise works: if after the first 30 days of service youre not satisfied, let
us know, and give us 30 days to fix it. If youre still not satisfied after the second
month of service, notify us per the terms and conditions, return any hardware and
repay any charges waived and upfront discounts we provided, and well part as
friends. If you dont cancel, well continue to provide you with great service, and will
automatically renew your agreement for an additional period of time equal to your
initial term unless you let us know at least a couple months in advance.
Because our lawyers made us add this, there are also some other things that you
should know, mostly about how emergency services work when using a service like
ours, regulatory matters, support, using the service in a lawful way, and cancelation
details. Theyre incorporated here:
Sign below to indicate your acceptance, and well do the same. Thank you for
choosing us, and thank you for trusting us. Well work hard to exceed your

CCT Solutions Inc



(Your company name, You and Your above)

(Our company name, We and Our above)

Mike Luong

Mike Luong (Mar 24, 2015)

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Mike Luong
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Mar 24, 2015



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Mar 24, 2015

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