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By Angelina Lazar
October 11th 2016

It has never ceased to amaze me how impossible it is to convince any OneLifer they are being taken for a
ride and fleeced dry! Instead, they will rather sing Hail to the queen!, as she continues to delude them
further, taking them deeper into the abyss, as she convinces them to part with more and more money!
Whenever anyone out of the most altruistic intentions tries to convince members that OneCoin is nothing
but a huge mega scam of global proportions, they rush to defend their scathing perpetrators as they have
lost every semblance of critical thinking. Even those who were before savvy in business fall victims and
prey to this Druid Witch. What is this phenomenon that everyone is experiencing whoever tries to protect,
convince and wake up their friends and family members who have fallen into the OneCoin trap! Here is the
(The following text is taken from:
In fairy tales and Disney movies, there was always that one witch or wizard who had the ability to
enchant someone by casting a spell against them. In this spellbound state, the possessed could be
controlled by the witch to do whatever it was that she wanted. Surely, these kinds of powers dont exist in
real life, right? As a psychic who has been honing my craft since childhood, I can confidently tell you that
such things are actually quite possible. There are many spells to control someones mind that exist. If you
want to know more, read on and Ill show you one of these very spells.
The mind control spell I will show you is considered to be black magic, so please proceed with extreme
caution. I do not condone the use of such spells to conduct illegal activities nor am I comfortable with the
moral implications that arise when using a spell like this against someone to do something against their
will. I provide this spell simply for educational purposes so that you may expand your knowledge.
Get eight candles and something to light them with, either a lighter or matches whatever you have
available. You can use one of two things to gain control over a person. Use either their picture or some
object that they own
(Angelina: Witch Ruja uses flares/fireworks or lights, shaped in circles on stage to represent her 8

Angelina: These 8 circles represent her 8 candles. This is a ritual Witch Ruja is doing to cast a
mind control spell on the audience, ie OneLife members.

Angelina: These large circular lights represent 8 lit candles.

Angelina: Here, you see smoke coming up as from 8 massive candles. Count them!. . .

Angelina: Wizard Juha with his magic wand . . .

Other than that, you will have to wait for a half moon. (Angelina: the half moon is the logo of OneCoin).
When the half moon arrives, gather these materials at anytime during the evening hours. The half moon is
half light and half dark. These two equal halves symbolize you and the person that you want to cast this
spell upon.

Angelina: As you can see clearly in the preceding 4 photos, the OneCoin logo represents the moon.

First, place the candles in a circle but do not light them. The best way to make an accurate circle is by
placing a candle in each cardinal direction (example: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, etc.). Make
sure that the circle is at least a foot in diameter (Angelina: You can see that all the circles are at least
1 foot in diameter).
Place the photograph or object in the center of this circle. Before you light the candles, utter these words:
Spirit guides, connect my ethereal cord with [name of the person.... eg. OneLifers].
Let us converge like the Moons light and darkness.
May we be one and the same in thought and spirit.
Afterwards, light the candles with your lighter or matches. You may use candlesticks as well. This will not
affect the casting of the spell. Once the light has filled up the room, stand in front of the circle of

Angelina: Witch Ruja standing in front of the circle.

Look down at the photo or object. Your concentration should be quite intense at this point. Dont think
about anything else except the person you are attempting to enchant. Imagine that they can psychically
feel you at that moment. Whisper their name 30 times in a row while concentrating on their picture or
object. To finalize the ritual and close the link to the spirit world that you just opened up, say this prayer:

May my mind and soul become one with [Name]s mind. Angelina: The Witch here effects collective
captivity on the entire membership base and instead states here All OneCoin Members.

When I walk, they will walk with me.

When I speak about apples, they will taste their sweetness.
When I feel melancholy or love, their heart will respond in kind.
I thank you, spirit guides, for helping me. May you make the cord between me and [Name] strong
like the chains of a prisoner.
Blow out the candles and leave them there overnight along with your subjects picture or object.
Go to bed and drift off to sleep with the image of this persons face in your mind. If all goes well,
his or her mind will be under your control no later than sunrise. Powerful magical spells such as
this come with great responsibility. You may not like what you see if you cast this spell against
someone. Many report a sense of regret and shame for dabbling in the black arts to control a
mind. If the experience becomes too intense for you or begins to seem dangerous, burn the photo
or object of the person in a fire pit and say the following words:
We are no longer two as one.
I am myself and you are yourself.
Your mind is now again your own.
This will break the metaphysical bond between the two of you and end your powerful hold over
your subject......

Witchcraft is real, whether people want to believe it or not. We need to be spiritually powerful, in righteous
standing with God, prayerful ,and full of the Holy Spirit to not fall victim to this satanic black magic, horrible
charade and egregious perpetration against humanity!
It is clear to me WHY God brought me along the path of OneCoin in order to expose this spiritual
wickedness of the Criminal Druid Witch, Ruja Ignatova! I do so in order to help those zombie-victims,
having nothing whatsoever to gain or lose, in the process. I have done so with huge repercussions, cyber
attack, character assassination, threats to my life, attempts to poison and maime me, threats of and
attempts to arrest me, bribe me and hurt my business globally.
As an extremely well versed Spiritual, very savvy in such matters (coming from a 13th Century Orthodox
Monastery, where I abode 8 years in serious mystical studies and practice, asceticism, prayers and
fasting), a Defender of Human Rights Worldwide, and a Visionary & Prophetess, I can, in no wise, remain
silent when I see what no one else sees for the love of God! I am convinced had my path not led me across
OneCoin, it would have destroyed the livliehoods of untold numbers of families worldwide, with no end in
sight! . . . .
The number of key people who have accepted bribes along the way is vast, iincluding political leaders and
law enforcement authorities. I plead that anyone and everyone worldwide, who has information or their own
sordid experience, sign the Petition I published on and state your comment, and be sure
to report them to your local law enforcement authority, using your real name with your contact information
so that we can utilize your testimony in court, if need be, and can prosecute to the full extent of the law.

I commend this case to Jesus Christ, My King and My Saviour, Who I know will see this through, no matter
how many evil forces we are fighting, for they are many; and to wake up out of their slumber all innocent
victims, who have been severely affected and detrimented financially. When the Righteous fight for Justice,
for Truths Sake, in Defence of Gods People, God will always see them through successfully to the finish
line, in spite of fighting such powers and principalities. I have always won such wars, as I am adamant
about living life righteously, and not allowing such insidious fraudsters, con artists and mafiozi to use me to
promote them! The fact that I did presentations for OneCoin in Dubai for a month (one month on
cryptocurrrency, in general, and one month on OneCoin) warrants that I need to expose them as I defy
them using my reputation, prowess and skillsets to promote such a God-forsaken global ponzie scheme,
utilized by terrorists and druglords the whole world over! I defy them in Jesus Name, and will fight to the
end, no matter who is involved... and there are known politicians involved as well as high ranking law
enforcement officials, who have accepted bribes, let it be known! I hold them accountable in Jesus
Almighty Powerful Name above all names!
I cannot disclose how far the case is, as many request or that would jeopardize the results. I only caution
you all to wake up, to turn up your flailing and virtually non-existent prayer life as you areall in collective
captivity! You need to seriously go for a deliverance (do not think you do not), as your mind is totally
clouded that you cannot see or think clearly! There is nothing behind OneCoin, but a huge hoax set up by
the mobqueen and he mobsquad, which should be clear as day to all of you by now, but somehow is
not!.... WAKE UP! . . . .

In Earnest,
Angelina Lazar
+Queen of the South/
aka: The Inspector