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CHAPTER 18 + The West and the Changing B+ DOCUMENT ftalian Renaissance Culture Whites ia ihe fit pase of the feian Renaisnce were sasate that they were defining «culture quite diferent from tht of medieval theclogians and philosophers. In the pas sages that follow, Feuareh (1904-11572) writes about his pi ries in Hteratne, inching the Mod of cascral examples Joe revered first in aJewer to another major writes, Neecac io, and then in a pocen. Petree ealtural interests nd his Sefinition of pessanal gs form part of a movement called Tunisia (2 Capit 17). Juuging by the folloming doce sent, what defined Renaisance humanist Letter to Boccaccio (1362) Neither eshorotions fo vitue nor the argument of spproaching death choud divert us fom erature fern 2 (hed mind Rexctas te love of it, and spate or at Icest drinhee, the fear of death. To dese our stucios shows wart of cat-contsence rae than wedom, frat tes do ot hinds but aid the property constituted min whion poeececce thom: thoy fanktato ou fe, thoy do rot feta IR ware Gers, surely the 21 of cea parsons Whe perscvered othe end could not have roused such acmiation. Cato, | never ort, acquainted hensat ih Latin erature ashe was growing ld and ook wh haha realy Become an old man. Varo, wo reached ie hundecth year sil realng and wing, parted trom ie ‘sooner than fom his lve of suc. Lives Ons, hough vmeakonod by age and amcted wth bineness, didnot ove up his nerretabon ofthe cv law. which he cared onto ‘ho grat advaniags ofthe etto. Bosiies these ax lonumeraite others se thom. have nt all those of cur own reson whom we shoul ish mest io irtat davoted the wnoie Ines 1 Metal, and gown old end Ged in the same pursuit? Some, ‘need, wore overakn by death while alla werk reading wrth, To none of them $0 far 88 know, di prove a