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5-Day Cebu Ed


1st Company Visited:

CeBuInIT (Cebu Business Incubator for I.T. or Cebu InIT is a Technology
Business Incubator)
University of the Philippines (Cebu City)
Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
University of the Philippines (Cebu City)
Date Visited:
October 3, 2016
Major and Minor Products/Services:
Cebu Business Incubator in IT, or CeBuinIT for short, is a technology
business incubator (TBI) project of UP Cebu College and the
Department of Science and Technology (DOST).
It has the following tagline: Technology innovation starts here.
CeBuinIT aims to create an environment where members of different
sectors (i.e., academe, government, industry) and from disciplines
such as science, business analysis or engineering can cooperate to
develop technological innovations that can be deployed to solve real
problems. The TBI provides office space as well as services to nurture
technology-based startups and give them the knowledge and skills to

Ultimately, the vision of CeBuinIT is to be the most successful

interdisciplinary incubation facility in the Philippines as it helps
technology enterprises be sustainable and successfully
commercializes technology innovations. CeBuinITs networks are the
UP-Ayala TBI, AIM, UP - Ayala Land TechnoHub, Brain Gain Network,

and Plug and Play Tech Center.

The startups enrolled in the TBI program are provided with CeBuinIT
office space and facilities at much lower rates than those in the
market. To serve more companies, CeBuinIT opened a virtual locator,
a related program for new companies but without the benefit of office
space, now that the TBI is at its full capacity.
System Application/Computer Application:
Software/Web Development, Programming, Mobile Applications
Major Problems Identified:
It is far from Iligan City. I see no problems with what they offer. It is all
for what is best they can provide for a student to learn.

Learning Experience:
I learn that trainings and practices must be a character, or a lifestyle.
I was so astonished and amazed with the people in CeBuInIt in what
their program is offering. It urges me not to stop learning. Being
inspired of what they have achieved.
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2nd Company Visited:

Ng Khai Development Corporation
Hernan Cortes St, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
Date Visited:
October 3, 2016

History of the Plant/Industry:

Ng Khai started 1993 with only 4 employees. It is founded by

Major and Minor Products/Services:

Ng Khai is a total solution provider with expertise in hardware sales, network ins
software sales and training, consulting, as well as customized development. It c
has software packages for local governments tax and revenue system,, small ba
Human resource, accounting, and also point of sale systems. Ng Khai offers thes
solutions running either on a stand alone system, on a client-server configuratio
or web based development.
Ng Khai also cooperates with software companies in US, Europe and
Asia providing
them computer resource developers and consultants. As of Dec 2006,
Ng KHai employees and its subsidiaries have a total 400 people.
Ng Khai also has their own several brands like the following:

They also offer Structured Cabling with Support and Mainte-nance,

Trainings and Seminars, and CCTV Setup with Support and Mainten
System Application/Computer Application:
Ng Khai offers IT solutions running either on a standalone system, on
a client-server configuration, or web based development.

Major Problems Identified:

Maybe as a third party type of IT solutions company its not bad. But
maybe also for after 2 decades, since they are an IT solution

company, I think they should establish a company where focuses in

Developing Software, Web or the most demand nowadays, the Mobile
Application since they also handle trainings.
Learning Experience:
I was being encouraged to focus also in developing software or in
web. But I was move when I saw they missed in developing mobile
app. Especially that nowadays, most of the people has smart phones.
I have to value this craft that I have.
Pictures of the Tour:


3rd Company Visited:

Innolab Pldt
Pldt Cebu
PLDT, Pope John Paul II Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu
Date Visited:
October 3, 2016 (Afternoon)
History of the Plant/Industry:
Created in the year 2003, PLDT Innolab is set to become the
foundation of focused research, new generation product
development, and innovation in service and technology in the
Major and Minor Products/Services:
PLDT Innolab is a venue where innovative products and business
solutions are tested and developed, and where PLDT's field experts
provide training, ICT services, and other technical assistance to
digital clientele.
Innolab sets the standard in building a world-class ICT research and
development center for new generation technology and
PLDT Innolab is primed for the testing and simulation of
technological advances along with the periodical conduct of skills
and training aimed at enhancing the PLDT Group's business
performance and competitiveness.
They also have Technology Awareness Campaign like seminars and
trainings, boot camp, and Technology forum. They also provide the
following offices on what they called Technology Playhouse:

System Application/Computer Application:

Networking, Web Development, Data Base. The venue for testing
and simulation of new and better ICT product and business
solutions, at the same time serving as the conduit for training and

Major Problems Identified:

PLDT has no solution yet for spontaneous network disconnection.
They do have, but needs to upgrade with a costly demand.
Learning Experience:
I had the opportunity to identify current and future needs especially
in developing
Networks like when the Pldt Experts showcases their fields.
Pictures of the Tour:


4th Company Visited:

The Results Companies
The Mactan Newtown
One World Center Building, Mactan
Newtown, Newtown Blvd, LapuLapu City, 6015 Cebu
Date Visited:
October 4, 2016
History of the Plant/Industry:
In April 2013, The Results
Companies opened its fourth
Philippines-based call center in the
city of Lapu-Lapu, Mactan, Cebu.
The state-of-the-art One World
Center, located in the Newtown,
Mactan Business Park, is equipped
with the latest technology and
employee amenities.
Major and Minor Products/Services:
For over 20 years, theyve made
our Partners customers their
highest priority. Theyve perfected
the art of driving performance and
increasing revenue. Above all,
theyve understood from the
beginning that your brand relies on
us to make a positive first

impression, to strengthen
relationships and to maximize
They provide premier contact
center customer service and sales
solutions, all backed by the best
technology in the business.
Because they arent just call center
experts. They are an organization
of performers. They are
entrepreneurs and achievers.
They also accept OJT and provide
System Application/Computer
For now they focused on
outsourcing area. Results
Companies is a Call Center
company. More on Communication
Major Problems Identified:
They dont provide yet in
troubleshooting area. Like a team
that will develop in network or
database. What we do expect, they
focus on communicating skills
which is also a demand in a Call
Center Company.
Learning Experience:
This is one of my prospect if I will
be given a chance to take my OJT
in cebu, but for now, I will enhance
my skills in programming, or in
developing mobile apps, software
or websites.

Pictures of the Tour:


5th Company Visited:

Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team)
A. Soriano Avenue , North Reclamation Area , 6000 Cebu City ,
Cebu, 6000
Date Visited:
October 4, 2016
Major and Minor Products/Services:
The City Government spent P39 million for the additional traffic
lights and 42 CCTV cameras as part of the second phase of
Mandaues modern traffic signal system.
The Triune Electronic Systems Inc., a Manila-based technology firm,
through its owner Peter Ong turned over a replica of a key to Cortes,
Vice Mayor Glenn Bercede and architect Florentino Nimor, executive
director of Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team), as proof
of the project completion.
The traffic lights and CCTV cameras were installed on the
intersections in Barangay Canduman, Barangay Pagsabungan, below
the flyovers in Barangays Maguikay and Subangdaku, and on UN
Ave. and DM Cortes St. intersection.
Only CCTV cameras were placed on the intersection of Barangay
Tabok, and at the intersection on A. del Rosario St. and S.B. Cabahug
Team can now monitor the traffic in the area because the CCTV
cameras are connected to the City Command Center with the use of

fiber optics.
The modern traffic light system has a big advantage because the
traffic assessment of the Team personnel on-field is now consistent
with the command centers monitoring.
Unlike Wi-Fi connections, Cortes said the fiber optics will give a real
time traffic situation on the intersections.
The fiber optics technology for CCTV cameras will lessen the need
for traffic enforcers (to go to the area). So they can assign some of
the Team personnel to other functions like monitoring the traffic
The traffic lights and cameras will help in road monitoring and allow
traffic enforcers to respond more quickly to traffic incidents.
System Application/Computer Application:
Networking, Data Base, Artificial Intelligence.

Major Problems Identified:

They dont provide trainings and for OJT.
Learning Experience:
Traffic Rules are basic rules but teaches us to be more discipline in
simple ways. Big responsibilities starts from small duties like being
Pictures of the Tour: