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/\ ERE HAL*LEONARD’ @ Ennis BULLET IN THE HEAD 56 FISTFUL OF STEEL 2 71. FREEDOM 4 ee) eerie IN THE NAME 39 ene PaO Oma Ra 5 se cache aO)ae peer a TAKE as sO) ps8 BACK notation legend Bombtrack Lyrics by Zack la Rocha Music by Rage Against Tho Machine cs BS Es Be a ve Bon Intro re ne n Moderately slow ¢ = 80 NC Gut Gee. 2: wthy. il Gis, | 2: vith RFA, 212 tines, ads cs BS N.C.) un! Hey, yo, it’s just an-oth-er bomb - track Uh. End Riff A Riff A Gus.1&2) Copyright © 1982 Sony Songs Ine_ard Rtabution Music {All Fights Administered by Sony Music Publishing, 8 Musie Square West, Nashwile, TN 37203, Intemational Copyight Secured All Rights Reserved C#S_CS_BS N.C.CFIS) cls cs BS Hey, yo, it’s just an-oth- er bomb - track Yeab. gE mw oR EB BR Eos © > GO © wo 4 foe ona] 7 $1 ———__| —_———_—___FT] Tt goes - a one, two, three. And it’s just an- oth- er Verse Nieees) a ——————————— a — SS == bbomb- wack. And suck -as be think- in’ that they can fake this, Bur 'm-a drop it aa “RT B ws. 142) stad bend Gus 1 2: WLU, 2 1 es BE Soe ae SSS v —— —_— r — = ——SS clined to stoop down, hand out some beat - downs. Cold run-na tain _ on punk ho’s that think they run the game, Pipes = Pie oo SS SS SS SS eae SS But 1 teamedto burch bridge and delete hake who compel at a le-vel thas ob-to-tee, n- BE & ccume itm 3I7 Fie vod SS SS C—O iS OS SO SSE stead Twarm my hands up-on the flames of the flag, _as I re-call our down- fall and the bus'- ness -es that burned us all. (Gus, 1 2: w/RUAEB, 3 1/2 es N.C.(E5) —. ev SS —ES—EE mn —_= See through the news and the views that twist re-al-i-ty. E-nongh, [ call the bluff for man-i- festdes-ti- ny. a Gir Hs wRhy Fl Land- lords and pow - er whores, on my peo -ple they took tums. Dispute the suitsI ignite and then watch ‘em burn eve i Se z == = =—_ ——S =_ — ——" with the thoughts _ from a_mil-i- tant mind. Hard-line, hard-line af- ter hard - line. 6 88 ons A - he SSS SSI ——— Land-lords and pow - er whores, on my peo-ple they wok tums, Dis -pute the suits T ignite and then watch ‘em bum, Chorus Gus. 1 & NCAP) ch cs Bs yes, you're gon-na_ bum. ws BS se ee ee SS = Bum, bum, yes. you're gon- na burn Bum, bum._ yes. you're gon-ma bum, Yes, you're gon - na os cs Bs N.c.ts) bum, bum. yes. you're gon al bur, burs bum. yes, you're gone na burn BE Ft FRO OFT ©® © ©@ NCES) Ro oe e182 i 4 lS Bur, bum,_ yes, you're gon= na burn, Jj Verse — Fj . Guns 1&2 WROTB. 8 ines 3 NCS) fone, two, three, An-oth-er funk-y, rad-i-eal bomb track started as a sketch in my note - book. Gir. 1: wy Fld saa SES = And now dope hooks make punks take an-oth- er look. My thoughts ya hear, and ya be-gin to fear that ya seme Rt By & —— = ee ee ee ee teeta —_—_ = SE card-will get pulled if yom interfere with the thoughts from mil=i~ tant, mile tant mind, = — Hardline, hard-line af- ter hard - line, Land - lords and pow-er whores.on my peo-ple they took turns, Chorus Gus, 1 2 WRIT A, times Gira & 2: withy, FS NCS) Dis-pule the suits 1 ig-nite and then watch “em burn, Burn, bum. __yes, you're gon-na bum. cis CS _BS~ N.CAFIS) _ yes, you're gom= na. burn. Burn, burn,_—_yes, you're gon-na bum cscs BS N.C(FSS) Bum, bum,_ yes, you're gon-ma burn. Yes, you're gon -na burn, —burm,__yes, you're gon -na burt. CIS_C5BS N.CAFIS) Cis. cs BS Burn, burn,'re gon-na burn, Burn, bum, yes, you're gon -na bum, Burm, bum, _ yes, you're gonna bum. E ES @ N.CAIS) Rift C € = When RTC i ecalled substi a quarter rest for this heat Ger w/RithC,2imes N.c.Fi5) Ny ou? old bens Chorus Sewn a NCIS) ci CS BS ———— SS — SS a —> §_ > _— Burn, burn,_ yes you're. gon- na burn. Bum, bum, yes, you're gon-na_ burn (Gus, 1 2 w/RiEEA N.CAPIS) ch C5 BS Bum, bum, yes, you're gonna bum. Bum, bum, yes, you're gon ma burt. (Gur A: WRAP A, 1-12 dimes NARS) cis cs as Bum, bum, yes, you're gon-na bum, Bum, —bum,___yes, you're gon- na bum. Gu.2 s ful ful eee * Slide LL finger wp and dowa neck while swiiching toggle knob 6K H. don't pick: ‘cm ickeup at 10, eth pileup at, pitches dicated ee oppeoimate.] N.CAHS) Cis C3 BS BS BSAS Burn, bum, _ yes,you're gon-na burn. urn, burn, _yes, you're gon -na burn, Gn2 Gus 142 “LU Killing In The Name Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Prop 0 ting: Music by Rage Against The Machine ® Intro Moderately J = 126 Guy DS + Fade in w/o, kode Conyright © 1982 Seay Songs Inc. and Retribution Music [Al Rights Administered by Sony Music Publshing, 8 Vusic Square West, Nashwile, TN 37200 Inlomational Copyngnt Secured All Rights Resarved NC. Killing in the name of... Moderately slow J= 84 NC. Verse Swe. Gu. 1: w Rhy, Fi Sth ome Some of thase_ that work fore-cs are the same_thatburn cross-es. Chorus W ing in the name — of, — - Interinde Swing fed ( 5 =) Wa. Fig, on DS. ony N.C.(DS) play 4 times N.C.(DS) Play 4 times a = SSF =] ° eS = a (Whipered:) Now you do what they told ya Now you do what they told ya NG(D5) play 3 times N.CADS) Now you do what they told ya. Now you do what they told. ya! I + wlohe playing ao pc rapes and de nxt ba N.CADS) $$» ee SS Se SSS ES SS Those who died__ are jus - ti - fied_ by ig your badge _ and your cho - sen white. You'll Why Fi. nd Rhy. Fi es ee ees = = 2 ae + na on z aie! Vol Fig. uun-der con tral un-der con - trol! 4th time to Coda @\' | by wear-ing a badge_ and your chos - en white, _ wear-ing a badge and your chos- en white, Guitar Solo 1: wily, Fig. 1, times NCADS) (15ma) (8a) (Sra) (Bye) (1Sma) (800152) (88) (5ma} (S00) (15maj— (Boa) Sma) = Ou.2 - — aww 4 see epee 2-9-6-9- 2 raza = a = # — = = = = AWA te 909010 * wi gitech Whammy Pedal: effects manually shifes erween fea ard {Sma from writen prt (as indicated ahowe rotation). 5m) (Bvad— 15m) Sa) (US) (vay (Say (Bua (Sma) (3a) USma) (Bou) (15a) (8a) “ eee 13 {end swing feel egietin ee) Sin Sad man ers t Bridge Freely 7 NC Fuck you, I won't do what ya tell me, Fuck you, T won't do what ya tell me. 6 ‘ 6 6 6 a 6 * sioverdatibe gu. playing random pick serepes and slides (32918 bars) you, T won't dowhat ya cell_ me. Fuck you, I won't do what ya tell me, 2. you, [won't do what ya tell_ me. Fuck you, L won't. do what ya tell me. 2 * Aepeeee 2 4 A Tempo Fuck you, T won't seer 3 Swing feet (OY = IU) N.C«DS) Fuck you, I won't do what ya tell 4515-457 do what ya Fuck you, L won't do what ya ee M4 Gi why. Fig. 1 times Dm? tell me, a eaeeeree es oe Pern ee ‘Tempo I Sap TTT? 15 Take The Power Back Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Music by Rage Against The Machine Drop Dsuning: @=» Intro Moderate Rock J = 108 NG Gut (ined picking __ and pick scrapes) _— nf fade i wiv ke Verve 2. stud-y he-comes = sight, Bu the Copyiight © 1962 Sony Songs Inc. and Retibution Music ‘Al Rights Administered ty Sony Music Publishing, ‘8 Musio Square Wast. Neshvile, TN 7203 International Copyright Secured All Rigrts Fesorved 7 sys-tem that dissed _us us to readand write, So-called facts _are fraud, ‘They want us to al - wiRhy Fig. 2,284 mes lege and pledge _and bow down un-to___ their you. Lost the cul ture, End Rhy. Fig. 2 wt =e SSS + — SS SS ——=S=—=— Spun our minds, and through _ time ig -mor-ance has tm - ken o - ver. oS Yo, we gotta lake the pow-er back Bam, —_bere’s the plan.Moth-er-fuck Un-cle Sam.Stepback, 1 know who J am. Raise up___yourear, Pil drop the style _ and clear Ws the beats andthe Iyr-ics they _ fear. The rage ise lent - less. We need a move-ment with a quick- ness. 18 Ge, 1: Ry. Fil You are the wit-ness of change, and to coun - ter- act we got-ta tke — the pow - erhack Chorus N.C(Dmn7) Rhy. Fig. 3A We got-ta take the pow - er back Come on come on, Ba. ick behind mit = Rhy. Fill Ou. ieee = 4. = Ss 5 hs End Rhy. Fig, 3A Aen nw nnn —— ae = — d == = : Anny End Rhy. Fig. 3 aS — : : ; ——— a LSS —P¥ SE = a = —— pre- sent cur-ric - u-lums, 1) put my fist in ‘em. Eu-ro-cem- tic, evry last. one of "em, 20 ae —— x x = & SSS Oe OO COO See right through _the red, white and blue dis- guise. With lec-ture, 1 punc-ture the struc- ture of Lies, ins Gu. 1: why. Fig. 2, stalled in our minds and attempt-ing to hold __us back. We've got_ to take it beck, "Cause rs & <= 29] — — = = holes im our spit -it are caus- in’ tears and fears. _ One-sid- ed stories for years and years_and years — — pomp pe + ss — — r SSS Who's in-fer = i or? Yeah, we need a check the in-ter-isor of the as uA wR. Fu i —— ee He Se SS OS sys-tem, Who cares a- bout on - ly ome cul-ture? And that is why we got-ta take the pow - er back, Chorus Gis, 2 withy Figs 3 34 g_NCADm7) —=— z nop pe wo — CS We gor- ta tke the pow - er back Come vn, come on. We got- ta tke the pow - or back. Guitar Solo Gu, |. wiRhy. Fig, 44 times nN AO NN s, a AN, n, RY nN A + + ! ae Ff ta ful, fall ll ‘ull fal fal tu teach-er stands_ in front of the class, but the Ies- son plan he can’t re-call. Gus, 1&2 students’ eyes don’t perceive the lies. bouncing off ev - ‘ry fuck - ing wall._ Gtr Lonly po-sure is well kept. T guess he fears _play-ing the fool. _ Gtr only == pla - cent stu - dents sit__ and listen to the bull-shit that he leamed in__ school in| oniy Verse Gt 1s why, Pig. 1.1 times NC. = Se == pp ain = — SS SS = = 3.Eu-rope ain't my fope to swing _on, Can't learn a thing from it, yet we hang. from it. To ex- Gotta get it, got-ta get it to-getrer then, like the moth-er- fuck: ing weath-er -men, go pose and close _ the doors om these whu uy to strangle and man-gle the truth. "Cause the oe wm cir- cle of ha- wed con-tin- ues un-less we re - act. We got-ta take the pow - er buck. Chorus Gus. 1 2: why Figs 3 & 3A, 1607 bars only NC.(Dm7) Yeah, we gol- whe the pow + er back, 25 = Come on, come on! __ Yeah, we gots ta take the pow - er back, Cousd cs No more Ties. _ No more lies. _ No more lies. _ 26 1 Cyust 2 Ds Ds cS bs bis C5 py ines DS DS C5 cts Ds pis cs DS DS CS ea co co SSS Ae oP is SS Sa + Ds cs NG. ps Ds DS DS CS Dp Ds cs cs Dnt Settle For Nothing Lyrics by Zack La Rocha tat Music by Rage Against The Machine Moderately J = 96 Half time feel Ne. coe REA 283: wit End RTA Bass cranged for gulur (sounds ‘one octave lower than aziven, Gis, | WIRIPA.S tires Ges, 2883: WU, 4 times NC Verse Gar Te wif A ime Ges, 24 3: wR 1, 3 times NG. jail cell is free-dom_ fromthe pain in my home. Hatred passed on, passed on__ and passed on. A world of vicotent rage, but it's one that I can rec-og-nize, hhav-ing nev-er seen the col-or of my fa-ther's eyes Yes. 1 dwell in hell, but it's a hell that 1 can grip. 1 Vol kb swell ‘Copyright © 1992 Sony Songs Inc. nd Retribution Music "Al Fights Administered by Sony Music Publishing, ‘8 Musio Equare Wost, Nastivile, TN 7203 28 Intematonal Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved cape from the pain and an ex - is-tence mun-dane. 1 got-ta mine, a sign, @ set, and Chorus NC. Read my writ-ing on the wall End Rhy, Fill Rhy, Hig. 1 ON No one’s here to catch _ me when I fall 1,Bur death is on my side. 2. Caught be-tween my cul- ture and the ae “Sustain mote over next measure, 29 Guéwy.Fig) pj my writing on he wall. te oS SS SSS SSS ___== a = YF ————— No one’s here to catch _ me when I fall If ig - mor-ance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face. Yeah! Guitar Solo Gu 1: WiRGTA. $ mes NC. 30 10-1104 ou. 1: WRI A don't tke ac - tion mow, _ we set- Ue for noth: ing lat- er.__ We'll Peewee iy. 1 set-tle fornoth-ing now, and we'll set-tle for noth- ing let-er._ If we set-tle for noth-ing lat-er. _ If we Gi 4: wy. Fig. 1 No. don't take ac - tion now, we settle for noth ing lat - er We'll set-tle for noth ing now, _ and we'll 1 en 2 Gir. 4: w/hy. Fig. 1, Ist bur only set-tle for nothing lat - er. If we Gur WRIA, Gus 23 WF a a1 Bullet In The Head Intro Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Moderately slow Music by Rage Against The Machine ET orn) “RITA Gas) aoe at 7 bass erangod foram Verse Gtr Ts wit A, 4 times Ger. 2 why. Fig. E? 1. This time the bul-let cold rocked ya. A yel- low rib~ bon in - stead of a swas - ti- ka. 3 SSS Noth- in’ prop-er about your prop- a - gan - da, Fools fol-low rules when the set com- mands_ ya, They red, That's how you got a bul- let blasted through ya head. =o Biast-ed through ya bead. Blasted through ya head. T give @ shout out to the liv - ing dead. Who —— Se x oe pore] == ss Sa stood and watched as the feds_ cold cen - tral- ized. Sa ser-ene on the screen, _ youwas mes ~ mer- ized, Cell- ular phones sound-in' 2 death tone. Cor- por - a-tions cold tum ya to stone be-fore ya re-al- ize, * With Digitech whammy pedal fully depressed and st two cetaves up, strike open stings (and waray) vith €.H. and manigulste toggle suitch (ead = 10sehythm = Oy with LH. ‘Copyright © 1992 Sory Senge Inc. and Fefouton Musie [Al Rights Administored by Sony Music Pubishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashwile, TN 37203 Iniemaliona Copyright Secured All Rigrts Reserved 33 Gi, 3: AFL, 4 times They load the clip in om — ni-col-or, Scid, they pack the nine, they fi- re it at primetime, ‘The sleep- ing gas, ev-'ry homewas like Al - ca- traz. And muth-a-fuck-as lost their_ minds. Chorus NC. ES. =e Just vic-tims of the in-house drive - by. ‘They say jump, you say a S= = ——— Se eo — * _ how igh Yeah inchoue dive by. et FU a 6 ‘They say jump, you say how high. Run it ™ pick harmonic whl on raythm pickoup (off) and then scoop (w/bar) nd rope (w/LsH.] 0 sound pitch Guitar Solo Rift A, Dimes divist ‘wienhowah ——— = Hares and pull off all pots w/LIL, next 4 meas oa * Depress whammy Gar w/L H, while Slapping locse sags agains! pickups wR H, next? mews Gm. 384 N tld bend My fay lbenno bend wens Just vic-tims of the in-house drive - by. They say jump, you say 4 (Gre 30a) NC. how high Just vie-tims of the in-house drive - by. They say jump, you say how high. Check- a, check -a, check it out, 2, They Verse Gz. 1: WRIT A, 5 times ET load the clip_ in om - ni-col-or. Said they pack the nine, they ‘fi- re it at prime time, —<———==—— Se The sleep-ing gas, ev- ‘ry homewas like Al - ¢a- uaz, And muth- a-fuck-as lost their minds. Ger 2 oiRy. Fig. 1 4imes SSS ¥ [SS =e xe SS SS =—S= => No. e5-cape from the mass mind rape. Play it a gain, Jack, and then re-wind the tape, SSS SS v an == E—_—= SSS And hen play it a guln_ and a- guin_ and w- goin un yamind Is locked in Be liev- in’ all the lies that they're tell - in’ ya Buy- in’ all the products that they'ce sellin’ ya, Ge. tcet SS = SS They say jump, and ya say__how high Ya brain dead, ya gotta fuckin" bullet in ya head, Chorus (Gu: 2 Ry. Fig 2. Ist 4 bass only NC E Just vic-tims of the in-house drive - by. They say jump you say how high, Yeah, Just vic~ tims of the in-house drive - by. They say jump, you say how high. Rhy. Fig. 3 End Rhy. Fig. 3 Get Nc, play 8 tines Rhy. Fig. 4 End Rhy. Fig. 4 =—— SS fr = ———— ffidad pick sides 37 stand-in? in fine, —_ be = liew- in’ the Ties. Ya bow in down to the flag, Ya gotta bul- let in ya head Ya Gu, 2: why Fig.3 Gu.2 play ines —- = z = ——r —— = _—_—— | ==? ¥ bul- tet in ya. bew. A tule let in ya head A 2 withy. Fig. 4 tay 6 tines Ste 2 0IRy, Fig, 42 times plas 6 Nc. NC. bul - Jet in ya head! A bul- let in ya headt Ya got- ES lay 4 times in ya___ fuck- in’ head! Know Your Enemy Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Music by Rage Against The Machine Intro Moderately J = 84 tow NC 1 iHarmonizer soto produce notes fect fifth higher in adion to Gu.2: Rhy, Fil2,2ndtime «CS BS AS AS AS PIS 56 TAS cs Bs ASS Gt 2 7 § FAS AS FAS £6 5 COBS AS FIS AS HIS E6 AIS Copyright® 1982 Sony Songs nc. and Rebun Muse A Fichs Admin stered by Sory Music Publishing, 8 use Square West Nash, TW 37203 Intematicnal Copyright Sacured All Rights Reserved 39 — (Gur 2 why. Fl se ime EE Gir 2: w/Rhy. Fill 3, 2nd ne AS Verse a witness to the slit wrist, As L.Bom with in - sightand a raised. fist, 2, Word is born. Fight the war; fuck the norm. Rhy. Fig. 1 Gin 283 move in- to nine = ty two, still in a room_ with-our a view, Now I got no pa tienes, So sick of com - pla - cence. The End Rhy. Fig. 1 Knew youren - ¢- my! Guitar Solo “Harmonize (Sune as befor) eco = Hosnner tes w/LLH_ and woagle (sume sein as before) wR, rex 7 meas cs BS AS Ou. Ona Tee en” A Tempo NC. Ges, 1&2 Noo fi 4 ‘Outro im, 24 3: wthy Fig. 4 mes NC. ¢ __ ————— Sa EE SS SS ve. 1 toe my en emis Tinyte the each ere who angi me 10 - + tion, sub - mis - sion. Ig - mor-ance, hy - por - Hs bu wh i We elite, ts = —— = = = 3 + = e SS = — All of which are A-mer-i-can dreams All of which ore A mer - i = can dreams. all of which are A-mer-i- can dreams. All of which = are A = mer» i = can dreams. All Hard out of which are A-mer-i-can dreams. All of which are A-mer-i-can dreams. All of which are A-mer-i- can dreams, All of which are A-mer-i- can dreams. 46 Drop D tng @-v Intro Moderately « = 84 5 Wake Up Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Music by Rage Against The Machina arte Copyright © 1982 Sony Suns inc. ard Aetbulion Music ‘All Fights Administered oy Sony Musk Publsring, ‘Music Seuate West, Nashvile, TM 37203 International Cosyrght Secured All Pights Reserved ams End Rhy. Fig. 1 bs Dsus) (te 1: why, 2nd ce g = [Ss a —= =—_ ° geeep ps pce g33 4g 7 ~ ete et + + 3 ee se + os * Verse Gir Sn 1 Times. Nc a SS SSS —— SS = SS SS SSS SS =a + o + * = —+ Rhy. Fin ou, "y= open abe) (= elosed has) fusty that theyhad in six - ty six. |Whad -da 1 got to, whad- dal got to do to. wake ya up, rs Hoo- ver, he ril blood still flows was a bod- y re-mov-er. in the gutter. I'mlike built up in - side of me. Set the groove, then I stick and move like I was Cas - sius. Rhy. Fil Gi. And like BE. tak-- in? pho-tos, Gx. 1: wiRhy. FiN2, 206 ume Still knee-deep in the sys - tems shit tobreak the struc- tore up? “Cause dou-ble, 'm mad. shake yup, but it can nev- ercome close _ to the rage boy kicks o- pen the shut-ter give youa dose, Mad Fist in the air inthe land of hy- poc - ri-sy. Rep the stut-ter step, then bomb a lett up -on the fas cists Gu 3: WHI, 3 des Move-ments come and move - meats go. Lead-ers speak, move- ments cease when their heads are flown. Yeah the sev-er-al fed-er-al men who polled — schemes onthe dream and put it tw anend, Ya Ger. 1: w/t. Fl 3,2 me all these punks got tul-lets in their heads. De part-ments of police, the judg-es, the feds bet-tabe-ware of rot-ri- bution with mind war, twemty-twenety vision, and mnu-rals with met = phors Geo: wAFll2. Somes Net-works at work. keep: in’ peo- ple calm, You know they went af-ter King when he spoke out on Vi- et-nam. Net-works at work, Keepin’ peo-pie calm. You knowiliey mur-dered X and tried to blame it on Is - lam. He turned the pow-er to the have - nots, He red the pow-er 1 the have - nots, [fe ita Sto = DS cxG and then came the shot! Gu. 4 i= TTF eee 57708 32 ¥ wali bax T 2 D: Ds Nc, (Gur 4 met) FS FRPP TPT TF o5e ps NC. FS NC. Ds NC. + o Double time feel What was the price on bis _ ‘What was the price on his Gradually ft PM and cese Nc(psy 52 I think I neard a shot, 1 thin T heard a shot Gu. 1: why. Fig 1 Gi 2 WRIA DS T think I heard a shot! 1 think I heard, Tthink I heard a shot. _ "Gradually release bead over next 2a 53 Play 4 tines fl full ahah L “Guitar Solo I NC. 8 5) a (Spoken:) Hows lang? Nat tong. ‘Cause what You reap ‘a hat you so Fistful Of Steel Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Music by Rage Against The Machine Intro Moderately 4 = 84 * (Citar soul effecteeppron. 15 6) * “Sggling whammy” eee crested by muting strings while vigorously shaking bar ikea "Nooe teeth” (Wha pet et 2 eaves ihe) Har (ya) bra Copyright © 1292 Sony Songs Ine. and Retrbution Music ‘All Rights Kdminstored by Sony Music Pubishing, & Muse Square Weet, Nashville, TN 97203, 56 ilernatonal Copyright Sooured AI FighiaPiasarves Hamm. (ia) (Bua) End Rhy. Fig. 1 End Rhy. Fig. 14 Rhy. Fill Ga wertem = SOS End Rhy. Fil 1 pes FS Gtr 1 Pow Verse G3 fF |, as SNC lence. Some -thing a bout si-lencemakes me_ sick, “cuuse si lencecan be vi-o-lent,son-a likea slit wrist If dhe vis-fons ofthe move, yo-cals not to soothe but to ig nite and put in fight my sense of mil -itance, vibe was su-i-citia,then you would push da hut-ron, Rut if ya bow ~ int_down, then let me do the cuttin! Groov- in’, play- in’ that game called sur-viv- al. The stat-us, thee lite, the en-e-my.the ri- val. The # SSS v —_— SO Seer ==} ae sak the sounds, but speak in si-lent voic -es. Like ra-di-o is si Ieattheugh it fills the ai with aois-es ts trans = si- leat sheep sli - pin’, riff in’, up: pin’ Giveya u glimpseof the te. al i- cy Tm grip-pin’ “Fa: Eee mis-sions bring sub-mis-sion as ya mold to the un-feal, Yeah.mad boy gnps the mic ro-phone _witafst- fulot Step-pin’ into the jam andi'm — stam-min* ike Sha-quille, Maud boy grips the mic to-phone _ wit'a fst- ful of steel steel. 58 Chorus Gu | Se wiRthy Figs 1 LN NCS), steel 8 fist- ful of steel Wit a fist ful of steel ‘Wit’a fist ful of steel. Ub. 2. Yes, it’s time to Verse weit NCS) flow like the flu-id in ya veins, If yawill it I will spill it, and ya out just as quick as ya came. Not a DS_al Coda slentone, but a ce-fisant one. Nev-er a nor-mal one, ‘cause ‘'m the bas - tard son, With the Coda * Guitar Solo e G2: wiRthy, FIM 2 Nc.ris * wise. (in LH randomly. glide along Bridge strings while tggeing (w/RIL) Rhy. Fig.2 End Rhy. Fig. 2 Rhy, Fig Fig And ifthe e DF sign PM, £ ate == SSS Sp e ee se SS je, then you would push da button, But if ya how-in’ down, then tet me do the cut tin’! Rhy. FINS End Rhy. Fig. 3 Ger: why. Fig. 2,11 dines Gee 4 Wl 3,12 mes, Come on. # SE —— —— pop e S= —= = LS Fr A for-ty - four full of bub lets. Face full of pale Byes full of emp -ty A. stare full of mails. ball _ rolls. a at SS eS SS SS ee 7 7 ¥ = — Jone on the wheel A mind full of fire, a fist-ful of steel. And if the Gtr, Ls wakny, FAS vibe was su - i-cide, then you would push da but-ton, But if ya bow-in' down, then let_ me do the cur-tin't Gus. & 2: wRhy. Fig 3.4imes Yeah! Wit a fist - ful of steel! un! Gus ee ee ate 0 Guitar Solo Gus. 1&2: w/Ry, Fig, 3,4 times NC. 81 | ie Sent) = Gir Tent, 82 Township Rebellion Lyrics by Zack La Rocha Drop D ening: Music by Rage Against The Machine Intra Moderately fast J = 132 DS Fae = I = — + = $ — a ° 3 ~- io es $ ——oss — Verse Geb oP, KC. bel, re - bel__ and yell, ‘cause our peo ple still dwell in hell,_ Locked ina cell, yes, the struc-ture’s a cell. Mad is the sto-ry T tell How long can we ait? Come on, see + in’ what's at stake Ac + tion . ——— et —=S"_ = SS — far resac + tion Tf yourmind’s_in e some-what comple - cent tite, peta check-up. This isa stick = up: our free - dom or your life. Pick bind nat ‘Copyright © 1987 Sony Songs Ine, end Rebution Musie 'AY Alghts Administer by Sery Music Pubishing, ‘Muse Square Wost, Naorvito, TN 37203 Inemational Copyright Secured Al Highis Reservad 63 Lord, 1 wish I could be peace ~ ful, bbut thee can be nose = quel Now, free-dommust be fun - da-men - tal in Jo ~ bamnes-burg or South Cen - tal. er: 2 po Gee —— = SSS SS SSS SSS SS On the mic, ‘cwuse some-one should tell ‘em to ick im the town = ship fe = el - tion Half time feel NC. Rhy. Fig. ea ' 2 (ond half time feel) 64 so you thought you could get__ with the End Rhy. Fig. 1 Verse Ge bw 1.13 des NC = — a ———* rt = 5 SS Oe ¥ ~ har = ines that fill your mind. The thoughts, bat - tes feuglt and les — sons taught Yes, I'll dis ply the fit, - ness, then flip like a gym ~ nast Raise my fist and re - sist, ‘A+ sleep, though we stand in the midst ofthe war. Got-ta get mine, got-ta get more. Keep-in’ the mic warm against the “norm,_ Gis 23: wail 3, 8 mes ——— “cause what does it of - fer me?_ Tthink of - ten, it's moth-in’ but a cof - fin. Got-ta get ss SS SS wreck “tilour necks never swing on a rope, from here to the cape of no hope. Now, free-dum musi be fun - da-men - tal in Jo. = han-nes-burg or South Cen - tral we oo = SS * a e = i _ # On the mic, “cause some-one should tell ‘em to kick in the town- ship re - bel - lion, Why: Half time fee! Chorus fase Ee x ——— = = — si = dent plat = form? Fight =the wa 123 t= z = SS _ 2+ SS _ Fuck the norm. Why pdt ft) DS elifamonizer sit produce mates 12 perfect fourth loner in ati to ‘weiter pat. Gultar Solo ae aw NC 66 67 ou. wari fa 9 r / Ee eae —_—_— Halftime fee ‘Chorus ie 1 why Fig + NC. — Ae x —pa = = a tet —— F stand oon as 5i - dent plat - form? Fight the war, Fuck = the norm. _ IF snd ie x (te oa Why _ Yeuh {Sing 151 sime onto) Rhy. Fig. 2 End Rhy. Fig. 2 ‘of Rhy. Fig. Rhy. Fig. 3 End Rhy. Fig. 3 NC. Shack - led our minds when they're bent on the cross. ime ploy 3 times When ig - nor - ance reigns, life is lost [i208 a. Guy. 1&2: wy, Bd Lost! Lost! cin, 2 why Fig. 2. 4imes NC Shack - le your mind and you're left. onthe _ cross! “2nd ume play 3 wes. When ig. nor- ame — reigns life is lost! 1 2, Ger. 2 wing. Fl2 Lost! Why Rhy. Fill 2 1a? Tempo I Half time feel Chorus Gur 1 w/Rhy. Fig 1, 1516 bars only NC. stand on a silent platform? Fight the war. Gu.2 silent plat~ fou? Fight the war _ silent plat form? Fight the war. Fuck the norm. plat ~ form? Freedom Lyrics by Zack Le Rocha Music by Rage Against The Machine Dr ming @= Intro ‘Moderately slow Rock + = 78 Nc. ow Rhy. Fig. 1 tf SSS = div* vad vay End Rhy. Fig. 1 Verse Am(addsy(D c pec 150-10, Tim a s0-lo- ist on a so-le list Al live, ney-er on a flop- py disk Rhy. Fig. 2 te Copyright © tex? Sony Songs Ine. era Retrbution tse [AI Rghis Admintorad 27 Sony Muse Pubfching, & Music Square Woot, Naohwil, TN 37203, Intemational Copyright Secured Ad Right Reserved n Am(add4)/D cop ic SS Set x += —3- Fait - . (gradually increase tempo to 94) Now you do what Now you do what Now you do what they taught ya Now you do what they taught ya told y told ya (wtvocals 2nd time) (And now you're under control) (And now you're Now you do what they taught ya Now you do what they taught ya Now you do what they taught ya under control) {And now you're under control) (And now you're under control) (And now you're : w/Rhy. Fill 2 (1s1 time) wiRhy. Fill 3 {2nd tme) fof | } J Pt _ ——— oh, hm—estistti tat ae is a [sf TT ry foie yas gS as a PA N XXKAK-KK-K-K 77#—_F}-}—_® [ ig pe ey yy yy y y y yy | %—-¥X HHH HK | §-5-K-8-5-K-4 XK 5 6— 8 —8-—-K-K-K#-K XK i — If g—f a—6 Now you do what they taught ya Now you do what they taught ya Now you do what they taught ya under control} (And now you're under control) (And now you're under control) ] SS Saas aad [ yes Rel ) 4-8-3. 8—_—_-1-—_K KX X¥-%-6-6 &—_-X—#- 4 ([E] J (2nd time) D.S. % al fine > = 88 Those who die are Justified for wearing the badge and your clothes in white You justify those that died for wearing the badge and your clothes in white NC. F5 G5 F5 NC. FS G5 F5 NC. FS GS F5 NC. _~ F5 (G5 FS Stes | 7 Ss ee sate a Lo | See Ty Rhy. Fit 2 Ay. Fill Gr2 steady gliss Gtr.2