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1 Gig watt Green Energy production through railway

There is vision of producing electricity through railway. I have discovered that

there are 5 different ways to generate various amount of electricity. more can be
done through research and innovation, but I cannot go further due to financial
resources . railway can generate revenue and also save million dollars from fuel.

Following Ways can be used to generate green energy from railway infrastructure
a>Railway tracks
b> Railway track sleeper side ends
c> Railway wheel dynamo
d> Railway Track Sideways space
e> Railway platforms
f>Railway wastes
g> Rail compartment top area

a>Railway Track
there are IPEZ PIZOELECTRIC PADS devices that produces energy or
electricity when compressed, Israel railway is using one of its prototype .in
many countries these IPEZ PADS are installed on public road to generate
electricity when some one walks or vehicle passes over them then it generates
energy. It has been successfully tested in Paris, Israel, Germany ,japan and
many developed countries.
At Initial level it can be utilized in new metro railway projects ,these devices
can be used on sleeper track because metro rail track, generally remain clean.
Amount of electricity production-one train produces 12 kwh energy by a
single device, when a single train passes by a single device, which means if we
put 1 lakh devices then it will generate 12 lakh kwh green energy .pic below

b>Railway track sleeper side ends

it is widely seen that railway track sleeper side ends remain useless.,this area
can be used to generate electricity. There is a new device known as
electromagnetic harvester (device), which are placed in between Two rail
track sleeper .this device converts oscillation produced by train into electric
Amount of electricity produced -one single devices produces 200watt
electricity per train passes. If railway puts 20,000 units of 200 watts with 40
percent duty cycle, then it will produce around 12,00,000 watt per year.
See image below

c>Railway wheel dynamo

We have seen that in earlier times there used to be a pocket dynamo on bicycle which
used to produce electricity (cycle bulb) on rotation .this concept can be utilized in
railway also .today we have inter- dynamo which fits in between two wheels .when train
wheel will move then it will produces electricity, it will be enough to light bulb ,fan ,AC
of railway etc. and if we attach a rechargeable railway battery car ,then extra energy
generated by dynamo can be stored there and it can be used for future purposes.
Amount of electricity-a single railway dynamo after doing some modification can

generate around 8kWh energy per hour

d>Railway track side spaces

We have seen there are lot of side spaces around railway track,
which remain as vacant and useless. these spaces can be utilized to
plant a small solar cum wind Hybrid tree to generate energy.
How they will work-

In open spaces solar panel will trap sun energy and generate
electricity and when train will pass from wind turbine ,then wind
panel will rotate or natural wind will generate electricity ,
everything will be connected through a power grid.

A concept tree leaves represent for wind energy while panel represents
energy from sun ,planted sideways of railway track .

pic below

wind turbine developed by French scientist

According to basis of location of these can be classified or designed into

three ways

A) area with maximum sunlight

This is a prototype of small wind cum solar tree .solar panel will trap sun energy and this
wind turbine (new designed by French engineer) rotates by natural wind or when train
pass through them.

b) area with maximum wind/high rail traffic

c) area having both capacitiesthere are certain places where wind and sun equally falls heavily .then for this
region we can use a circular large fan shaped panel containing solar panel on
above fan. this fan will rotate by wind or train pass ,otherwise it will trap solar
This design requires rectification, because lot of passenger travels above train
or siting on doors. Safety mesh can used to cover this structure.
See image below -a proto type

Amount of electricity produces-a single solar cum wind hybrid tree will generate
around 270 watt to 300 watt DC or 6kWh AC from sun and 2Mw from wind minimum,
average around 10 Mw by a single panel. but it may increase depending upon location,
climate, temperature, wind flow etc.

e>Railway wastes to energy

Daily tones of wastes are generated by railway, they are disposed off without use .this
waste can be turned into methane, ethanol or biogas after bio treatment and it can be
utilized for various purpose .initially in metro class A railway station can be first to be
implemented. railway have lot of barren lands around railway station lying vacant and of
no use. these places can be turned into biogas treatment plant. if railway lacks spaces
,then it can use spaces lying below its .platform
Amount of energy generated-the average calorific value of biogas is about 21-23.5
MJ/m3 ,so that 1 m3 of biogas corresponds to 6 kWh or 0.5 diesel fuel.

f>Railway platform
We also see huge crowd daily lying or walking on railway platform, in many countries
through compression generated by walking is converted in electricity using IPEZ
piezoelectricity generator device. Paris metro, European countries have placed it on
roads, crowd areas and railway platform
Amount of electricity produced- a 500mt railway platform can generate 0.5MW
(500KW) per hour by a single IPEZ generator depend upon change in weight ,motion,
vibration and if you install minimum 1000 IPEZ then it will generate 50
or 500MW energy. see pic below

g>Rail compartment top area

In top area of railway compartment T-BOX device can be used to generate
electricity .these are steel box which contain micro fan inside it. it is based on
concept of tunnel so when train runs fast ,these mini fan inside box starts
running and generates electricity. This electricity can be directly stored to a
train battery car (train compartment containing rechargeable battery)
(these box are actually designed to be placed on railway tracks in many
countries ,.

Amount of electricity produced- if train is running at speed of around 130KPh and

wind is20m/sec . then one railway T-box generates 2.6 if 1000 t-box is planted
on various railway or metro track, it will give 26000 watts

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