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‘TABLE 3.3 CONSTITUTION OF OFFI GLASS TYPES Highly resistant borosilicate glass “Treated soda lime glass ‘Sodalime glass General purpose sada lime glass ‘TABLE 3.2 EXAMPLES OF TAMPER-EVIDENT PACKAGING Fim wrapper “Sealed around prodoc and/or product container lm mtbr eat or orn t> remove product ‘listers pack Inia sealed dose units removal requires tearing o breaking individual compartment Bubble pack Product and container sealed in plastic, usualy mounted on display card: plate ‘must be cut or broken open to remove product Shak seal, band Band or wrapper shrunk by heat or dying co conform vo cap; must be vor 0 open package Fol paper, plastic pouch ‘Seced individual packet; must be toto rech product owes Paper or fil scaled to mouth of container under cap; must be torn or broken to reach product Tape seat Paper ool sealed over carton Map or bottle cp: must be tom or broken to reach product breakable cap Pasi real tearaway cap over container; must be broken wo eve Sealed ube Seal over mouth of tuber must be punctured t reach product Sealed carton Carton fap sealed carconcannet be opened without damage ‘Aerosol container ‘Tamper resistant by design