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Project Report
Summer Internship

"Business Development- Build and Implement
Strategies to On-board Architects from PAN
Academic Mentor:
Prof. Devang Patel
Industry Mentor:
Ms. Khusboo dingra


Submitted By:
Abhijeet Sahoo (M00266)

The purpose of summer internship training is to develop the students overall
potentials regarding various practical as well as theoretical aspects of
management. The main aim of this practical training is to enhance the abilities
along with the grooming of the personality to develop the student to face the real
world with confidence.
The summer internship training is the part of our MBA program arranged by
Xcellon Institute-School of Business in which the students have to work for 6-8
weeks in any one company and simultaneously prepare a project on the topic
given by the company.
This report seeks to discuss the theory of the Business Management which
provides the framework for clients acquisition, for the classified website. The
entire report is done after closing all the clients base which was provided to me
and some secondary data are also being used whose references are provided at
the end of the report.


I am glad to express my profound sentiments of gratitude to all who rendered
their valuable help for the successful completion of this project report titled.
"Business Development- Build and Implement Strategies to On-board Architects
from PAN India".
My deep gratitude to my External guide Ms. Khusboo Dhingra HR MANAGER,
Mendwall pvt Ltd.
MR. Devang Patel -Faculty of Xcellon Institute-School of business, My internal
guide who helped us with successful completion of project and give valuable
suggestions and opinions for the project.
We express our Gratitude to the Xcellon Institute-School of business for the
support and the environment it has provided us.
Our genuine sense of gratitude goes to Xcellon Institute-School of business that
gave us a chance to brighten our academic qualification that provided us this
opportunity to have a practical knowledge of relevant fields.


Table of content
Page no:
1. About the classified Industry
a. Online Classified-History
b. Nature and Scope of the industry
c. How big is the classified industry
d. Websites
e. Technology and behavior pattern
f. Challenges
g. The Future Outlook
2. Online classified industry in India
a. Typical business models in online classifieds Industry
b. Indian Classified Industry : Market size
c. Why is the online newspaper industry not able to
Attract online classifieds business?
d. Classified industry business Model
e. Major Players
f. Funding
g. Niche retailers
h. Key success factors for E-Commerce Business
i. Trends in online Classified industry
3. About the Organization
a. Detail of the organization
b. Summary of financial information
c. The team
d. Vision
e. Mission
f. Analysis
4. About the Project
a. Internship Work plan
b. Task Handled
5. Achievements
6. Strategies and techniques used
7. Theoretical learning
8. Experiential Learning
9. Interaction with academic Mentor
10. Annexure
11. Reference



1) About the classified industry

The global advertising market, estimated to be worth over $200 billion, has for a long timed
remained the purview of newspapers, television and radio media, but slowly the growing
internet penetration has brought in another big player into the game. Online classifieds has
somewhat made big inroads into print publications once secure monopoly. In many other parts
of the world, the most popular sections in the online classifieds are recruitment, automobiles,
real estate, education and other miscellaneous ads. These classifieds are also growing fast and a
major section of national print dailies or local area dailies are filled up with these ads.
Online advertising accounts for almost 9 percent of all advertising in the United States. This
share is expected to increase as more media is consumed over the Internet and as more
advertisers shift spending to online technologies. The expansion of Internet-based advertising is
transforming the advertising business by providing more efficient methods of matching
advertisers and consumers and transforming the media business by providing a source of
revenue for online media firms that competes with traditional media firms. The precipitous
decline of the newspaper industry is one manifestation of the symbiotic relationship between
online content and advertising. Online-advertising is provided by a series of interlocking
multisided platforms that facilitate the matching of advertisers and consumers. These
intermediaries increasingly make use of detailed individual data, predictive methods, and
matching algorithms to create more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers.
Some of their methods raise public policy issues that require balancing benefits from providing
consumers more valuable advertising against the possible loss of valuable privacy.
a) Online Classifieds History
Online classifieds has its origins in the USA in the 1990s and the time when internet usage had
started becoming more popular. The drive behind this emergence was that traditional offline
classifieds were perceived to be cash cows for print publications all over the world, so it was
prudent to extend the concept wider. The pioneers of technology foresaw how advancements
in information could expand over $100 billion classifieds industry and suggested that the
solution was to create the online classifieds industry with benefits far beyond the conventional
classifieds. Monetization and revenue generation for the players in this industry normally
comes from online advertising, featured listings, and value added services.
The father was Craig Newmark, who in 1995 created an email distribution list with co-workers
and friends to publicize events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The subscriber numbers grew
very fast through word of mouth, and that is how it all began, with the Craigslist becoming web
based in 1996. Up to today, Craigslist remains the most popular online classifieds website in the
US. But in India, the worlds second largest in population size, the most popular site is OLX.
Want to create classifieds ads site like OLX, Try with AJ Classifieds V4 classified software.
A process for the management on messages in an electronic network, said process comprising
the steps of:
authorized users to creating a message in said network at particular locations using
features available to users of said network at a point in the network reachable by said
user; message seekers viewing according to message selection criterion the messages

created by the authorized users; providing a centralized database to store and distribute
information relating to the authorized users, message seekers and messages; and
managing communications between the authorized users and the centralized database
and between the message seekers and the centralized database by resident data
transfer over the electronic network.
b) The nature and scope of the classifieds industry
From selling items you no longer need, a car, real estate, job opportunities to virtually anything
you can think of, the online classifieds market can do it. And because it is a cheaper form of
advertising than the conventional media, the industrys growth will continue booming for years
to come. The online classifieds industry continues to be a major boom in, thanks to the internet
penetration that has allowed the posting of classifieds on the web to reach a wide client base.
The online classifieds are gaining popularity every now and then. The many websites, internet
enabled tablets and mobile devices increasing day by day, has contributed a lot to the growth
of the industry. The online classifieds industry has become a major internet market and a lot of
people take a regular access to internet only to explore these classifieds online.
The matrimonial has grown to occupy the better sections of online free classifieds in India
today, largely because they are looked upon nearly by every household and millions of people
end up getting married through the matrimonial classifieds. Job listings make the other popular
online classified segment, with many people looking for jobs every now and then. Private
investigative agencies are also growing in popularity because people do hire private
investigators to look into some important matters. As is the education sector where many
coaching agencies have come up to help students get admission to their desired colleges, and
they advertise on these platforms.
c) How big is the online classified market?
The Online classified market has experienced significant growth since its inception and the
growth will still continue due to increasing internet penetration, simplicity in usage and being a
better suited platform for a larger set of consumers across the country. As internet user base
grows in India more businesses will be driven online and spending on online classified will
increase. According to an Edelweiss report the global online classifieds segment stands at USD
10.5 billion, which translates to 17% of global internet ad revenues. The size of Indias online
classified industry is about INR 11 billion and is expected to grow to INR 31 billion by 2016.
The report also says that the growth potential in segments such as real estate, cars and general
classified is ripe to be captured. However, the supply side is not adequate to meet such large
demand despite the readiness of users. Further, the online classified industry in India has grown
through vertical sites in different segments unlike the US where the biggest classifieds site is
Craiglist, a horizontal portal. Some of the Indian classified portals working in with a horizontal
model are, and
d) Websites
Today listing a free ad on classifieds has become lot easy than what it was earlier.
Here is a list of some of the leading online classified websites in India: Founded in 2006, this is considered the leading next generation free online
classifieds platform. Its growth in India has been quite phenomenal, with items being

sold just within hours of ad posting. This has enabled its annual earnings rise to over $5
million. All attributed to its astronomical growth., Click-in,,, others include:,,,,,, yellow pages,,, and many others.
e) Technology and Buyer Behavior Patterns
Technology has played a major role in changing consumer behavior. Today, we have many
internet players going public with many things, explaining why the digital economy is working
towards maturity. Therefore, to create more sustainable consumption, organizations need to
reshape their demand to a more personalized and customer specific approach to leverage on
the power of technology. So the challenge is the need to change the consumer behavior to
match the changes in technology by using more advanced advertisement methods, like online
classifieds platforms to reach the buyer and convince them to buy.
f) Challenges
Challenges with the online classifieds Industry in India include information hoarding (forcing
payment of brokerage fees) and the mismatch between the buyers and the sellers, that is,
sellers are not online (because few are tech savvy), while buyers are all over the Internet. And
that leads to information hoarding and bluntly speaking, information is free, while the
transaction costs hell of a lot of money. This means that the majority of online classifieds
solutions should focus on solving the information problem; and instead of being a pure online
model, should also have an offline component.


g) The Future Outlook

In the early years of online classifieds, verticals such as jobs and matrimonials helped the
transition of consumers from newspapers to online. However, now consumers are moving to
horizontal classified platforms that address their multiple needs much faster at a single place.
According to Pranay Chulet, CEO,, the online classifieds industry has been growing
very fast and will continue to do so in the coming years. This is primarily due to the simplicity in
usage and it being a better suited platform for a larger set of consumers across the country.
The consumer also likes to browse around, see a variety of products, negotiate on price, and
see value in the product before the final transaction. This again offers a huge opportunity for a
horizontal classifieds platform like Quikr that helps the consumer in all these things. A variety of
such factors will lead to continued growth in digital classifieds which really speaking is a simple,
mass market form of e-commerce.
So, there is a continuous growth in the online classifieds industry and online classifieds business
is the best business idea to start earning money. But how to start classifieds site like craigslist,
olx etc. This is can be made easy with readymade classifieds software. Creating a classifieds site
from scratch would be a difficult option. AJ Classifieds software with lots of advanced features
helps you to create complete classifieds site & will make the job easier for you.


2) Online classified industry in India

The number of Internet users in India has shot up from 50 million in 2007 to 100 million in 2010
and more than 300 million in 2014, making India the worlds second-largest Internet market.
Further, the size of the Indian Internet market in terms of gross merchandise value is likely to
rise from $11 billion in 2013 to $137 billion by 2020, according to a new Morgan Stanley
research report. The market value of the industry could also touch $160-200 billion, the report
released on 2 February said.
Morgan Stanley analysts believe that given Indias strong entrepreneurial talent and
opportunities thrown up by the Internet and the Internet of Things, the country, like the US,
provides a wide assortment of companies that can transform the way more than one billion
people live their daily lives.
The $11 billion Indian Internet market in 2013 was dominated by travel ($8 billion) followed by
e-commerce (around $3 billion) and classifieds/online advertising ($800 million), the report
noted. According to the report, the total Internet market can grow to $137 billion by 2020, a
compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43% and representing 7% of current gross domestic
product (from 0.6% now).
E-commerce is forecast to form the largest part of the overall Internet market ($102 billion,
66% CAGR) followed by travel ($28 billion, 20% CAGR) and classifieds/online advertising ($7
billion, 37% CAGR).
In the US (excluding Google, Facebook and Twitter) and China, e-commerce companies account
for more than 50% of Internet market capitalization


10 | P a g e

a) Typical business models in online classifieds Industry

Aggregation of ads / Market making
o Distribute the classified ads to other sites e.g. Edgio like model where Edgio
users can create their own classified boards (Crunchboard is one of them) ,
collate classifieds ads which can be dispersed to other sites.
o Platform players A regular model where the site just aggregates the ads and be
the platform for classified ads.
Buyer focused Apart from aggregating classified ads, these products are more focused
towards buyers needs and they give away tools for buyers to analyze the market trend,
get alerts etc. (e.g. trulia)
While India classifieds industry has its own challenges, the major driver of online classified
growth lies in the ubiquity of Internet. Sites like craiglist have succeeded because both the
buyers and sellers are online.

11 | P a g e

b) Indian Classified Industry : Market size

The estimated size of online Indian classifieds Industry (as per 2006 data) is estimated to be
around $55 million USD (i.e. 250 crores)

Total Classifieds business:

o Print: Rs. 500 crores, Online: Rs. 250 crores
Jobs / Recruitment classifieds:
o Print : Rs. 100 crores, Online: Rs. 200 crores

c) Why is the online newspaper industry not able to attract online classifieds business?
Statistically speaking, only about 2.5 % of online newspaper readers visit the matrimonial
section of online newspaper they prefer to go to the niche vertical sites [read the
analysis/report on the online newspaper industry] The same logic applies to job sites and real
estate sites as well niche matters and newspapers arent providing that.
Challenges with the online classifieds Industry in India
The Indian classified market needs to solve atleast one of the following problems:

Information hoarding: Take rental apartments even though you know (from sources
other than the broker) that an rental apartment is available, you still need to pay the
brokerage! Brokers hoard the info, they almost own the information.
Sellers are not online, while buyers are all over the Internet.
One of the most significant challenge in the Indian classifieds industry is that sellers are
not online. How many apartment landlords are willing to put up their rental ads on a
website? Infact, how many landlords are Internet savvy? Very few, I believe.
And that leads to information hoarding and bluntly speaking, information is free, while
the transaction costs hell of a lot of money. Essentially that means, we cannot have a
craiglist like model. Having said that, the majority of online classifieds solutions should
focus on solving the information problem; and instead of being a pure online model,
should also have an offline component.

To me an ideal Indian online classified player should have:

a strong offline process to get the content from sellers (ditch the Internet, why cant
people use their mobiles to send their classified ads?)
edgio like ability to disperse the seller ads to multiple places (BharatMatrimonys is probably an attempt in that direction?)
Few players in the online classifieds market Sulekha , YoList, IndiaList, makaan,
IndiaProperty..and many more What do you think should the online classified industry should
focus on? User generated content? or offline channels? I look forward to your comments.

12 | P a g e

d) Classified industry business Model

Ken Research announced its latest publication on India Classified Market Outlook to FY2020
Rising Adoption of Online Channels and Growing Number of MSMEs to Foster Growth which
provides a comprehensive analysis of the online and offline classifieds in India. The report
covers various aspects such as market size of India Classified Market, segmentation on the basis
of online and offline modes. The report provides segment-wise information of India online B2B,
B2C, C2C classifieds, online recruitment, online real estate, online matrimony and online
automobile classified market. This report also offers prevalent trends and developments in
industry, SWOT analysis and challenges in the industry. The publication covers the competitive
landscape of the industry, in which the information related to the players operating in this
industry has been comprehensively presented. Moreover, the report also offers information
regarding the business models operating in the market along with the major macroeconomic
indicators affecting the market. The report is useful for MSMEs, existing classified players,
consultants and new players venturing in the online classified market.
The online classified market in India has witnessed unparalleled growth over the period
FY2010-FY2015. The market has witnessed an unprecedented CAGR of 24% during the period
FY2010-FY2015 in terms of revenue. The growth of this sector has been majorly driven by
increasing penetration of internet and rising smartphone sales. The largest revenue generating
segment of the online classified market has been online B2C market. Online B2C was followed
by online matrimonial market which contributed around 14% to the overall online classifieds
According to the research report, the India online classified market will record revenue of INR
8,200 crore by FY2020, spotting a CAGR of 22% during the forecast period FY2016-FY2020 due
to more players entering the market and rising use of online platforms by business and
individual customers.
While the online vertical classified players will utilize the enormous growth potential of the
market by innovating their business model and offering value added services to customers to
improve their presence in the market, they will face tough competition from horizontal
classifieds which have already established themselves in the market. Further, it is important for
new entrants to adopt differentiated business models and marketing techniques to stand out
amongst the other existing players. according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.
Pranay Chulet, CEO, believes: The very reason online classifieds are doing well in
the digital media is because it allows you to transact beyond your circle of friends. Chulet says
there are two sets of people, in different age brackets and income segments, who are looking
for PG accommodation to local services or buy used electronics.
And these sites are not just buying-selling platforms, says users like Gurgaon-based Shruti
Malhotra, who donated her old clothes and household upholstery to an NGO through online
classifieds. I wanted to give away a few items from my wardrobe and felt I should give these to
13 | P a g e

someone who would use them, Malhotra says. After a good look at several classified sites, she
zeroed on and gave her clothes to a New Delhi-based NGO. So impressed was
Malhotra with the site, that she is now scouting for online ads on used (second-hand) laptop
Haryana-based handicraft dealer Raghav Saini saw TV advertisements of, another online
classified site and thought of checking it out. Saini liked what he saw. While I did not log on to
the site to buy or sell anything, I ended up selling my five-year old Sony music player and buying
a second-hand car repair tool kit on the site. Saini is also planning to use the classifieds site to
sell his handicrafts to wholesale buyers and exporters.
But couldnt users like Saini search for buyers and sellers on social media sites like Facebook
and Twitter? Saurabh Pandey, vice-president, says: There is no doubt that social
platforms like Twitter and Facebook do play a key role in distributing, sharing the listings.
However, users need a dedicated platform on which they can find sell or buy items (used) or
services in and around their locality. An online classifieds portal has huge volumes of sellers and
buyers in the smallest of areas, hence closing the loop for both. Pandeys company has been
tapping the user base of Tier-II cities and has seen farm animals, trucks and tractors being listed
for sale on the site.
The total online classifieds market, including jobs, matrimonial and real estate, among others, is
pegged at Rs 1,000-1,200 crore, said market insiders. The offline classifieds market, on the
other hand, is estimated to be about Rs 1,500 crore. However, the hyperlocal, consumer-toconsumer and horizontal classifieds market size would be less than Rs 50 crore says Pandey.
Striving to make their site stand out, Amarjit Singh Batra, country manager,, has ensured
that users get to list their ads for free. OLX plans to be available free of cost for all times to
come while some other sites have started charging for jobs, real estate and other categories in
certain cities.,
For now, making users aware about online classified sites remains the top priority. Quikr.coms
Chulet claims: Search engines are a good source of traffic for us when people go to Google
and other search engines and search for things like jobs, flats, electronics etc, and the search
engine points them to us. We have the largest share of this search engine traffic in India by a
wide margin.
The site has also launched apps for multiple devices including Nokia, Android and the mass
market phones that operate on Java. We also have a mobile site that can be accessed by
simply going to from mobile phone. The mobile medium is a super critical part
of our strategy and we are using it to provide a better experience to our current users as well as
bringing new users into our fold.

14 | P a g e

OLX has readied a mobile version ( accessible from any handset (like iPhone,
iPad , Android smartphones, Nokia models). We allow users to promote their listings
automatically on social networks, a rich WYSIWYG editor allows users to create colourful
postings and even use photos & videos. In India, OLX is available in five languages English,
Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi, lists Batra. The site has seen over 120 million unique visitors
in a month.
With tele density inching towards 75 per cent in India, classifieds are also taking the telecom
route. Ahmedabad-based Kuch Bhi Bikega (KBB) is one such tele-classifieds platform where
users can call and access information.
Bhikhuji, who works as an office boy in a leading mobile operator company in Mumbai, heard
about KBB on radio. My son who is studying in an engineering college in Jamnagar was looking
for a PG accommodation and I asked him to use KBB to see if he could get a cheaper PG option
because we did not want to pay the broker. While his son managed to get his PG
accommodation using the free tele-classifieds, he also used the platform to locate private
tutorial classes last month.
By connecting the buyer and the seller and allowing them to transact in their own way in
person, on the phone, on email online classified sites are confident about getting their share
of the 100 million internet users in India.
e) Major Players
Every now and then we need to post advertisements of various sorts. Be it for selling
something, offering some services, buying a product, looking for a partner, finding rental
properties or for whatever reasons under the sun advertisement are important to send the
message across. But publishing ads costs and for an individual it is not always possible to pay
for an advertisement. That is where Free Classified Ad companies come in picture. Today, I will
write about the top 10 of the best and free classified sites in India.
Yellow Pages have been around for decades. Companies publishing thick Yellow Pages printed
directories used to invite people to publish their ads free of cost. But now, because we are in
digital era, various websites have taken the same work upon themselves.
1. OLX
If you want to sell anything (from old cars to laptop or tablet to clothes to anything else!) you
can go to OLX. Because of their big promotional campaign on TV, radio and newspapers
almost everyone knows about OLX in India. You can post ads free of cost to sell the items that
you no longer need. Buyers can browser through the ads and they will be able to contact you if
they find your offer interesting. OLX also has a popular mobile app.
2. Quikr
Quikr is also very popular. This is one of the older companies in India which entered free online
classified ad business and made it big. They invite you to sell your used items and also you can
post ads on anything else (like offering services, matrimonial etc.). You can sell off your old
15 | P a g e

electronic devices, old mobile phones, or even those dusty classic books that you may or may
not have read! Internet can really help you in making some money.
In addition to regular buy-n-sell stuff, this website provides a section on jobs. You can post your
resume (aka CV) and also browse through the available vacancies. Go ahead! a suitable job is
waiting for you just round the corner!
4. Sulekha
This website is also among the older efforts of creating free classified online ad portal. Sulekha
is pretty liberal in terms of categories of ads that it accepts; but it does not seem to accept
matrimonial ads.
5. Craiglist
Its an international player. Craiglist operates in more than 50 countries and I have personally
noticed that in the UK, US and Canada; Craiglist is extremely popular. Now, they have created
the India chapter of this website and it covers all major Indian cities. You can post ads for selling
goods, services, property and jobs etc.
6. Clickooz
Clickooz allows you to post free ads to buy and sell flats, electronic items, mobile phones,
garments, cars, services etc. They provide separate sub-domains for each states in India. Almost
all the traffic on this website comes from within India.
7. Locanto
Provides free classified ads for community, events, rental, jobs, personals, pets, real estate and
vehicles etc.
8. KhojLe
Khoj Le (Hindi for do search) advertises itself with the punchline Deal directly. They have
organized free ads in the categories like Jobs, Education, Electronics, Property, Mobiles,
Services, Matrimony, Vehicles and Everything Else
9. VivaStreet
With over one hundred thousand free advertisements already posted on it, VivaStreet is a high
traffic website. Lots of people come here looking for ads that may suit their requirements.
10. Jagran Classifieds
This website is part of the big Hindi news portal. They allow you to put your ads
online free of cost. Whats more? You can even publish your ads in the Dainik Jagran
newspaper. That also free of cost! They accept ads both in Hindi and English. You can type your
ad in Hindi and go the Jagran portal to publish it.

16 | P a g e

f) Funding
Some venture capital firms such as Accel Partners have invested in e-commerce companies,
such as entertainment ticketing website and B2B marketplace
Started in 2012, Hopscotch India focuses on bringing thousands of brands to moms in India.
They have raised USD 12.8 million in two rounds from 7 investors, including Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin. raised about USD 2.3 billion. On 10 July 2013, Flipkart announced it had received
$200 million from existing investors Tiger Global, Naspers, Accel Partners, and ICONIQ Capital,
and an additional $160 million from Dragoneer Investment Group, Morgan Stanley Wealth
Management, Sofina, Vulcan Inc. and more from Tiger Global.
In February 2014, online fashion retailer raised $50 million from a group of
investors led by Premji Invest, the investment company floated by Azim Premji, Chairman of
Wipro. May 2014 also witnessed an acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart reportedly for 2,000
In October 2014, Flintobox raised USD 300,000 from leading angels GSF Global, Globevestor
(USA), AECAL (Germany), and Mauj Mobile.
In July 2015, price comparison service website MySmartPrice raised $10 million from Accel
Partners and Helion Venture Partners. In September 2015, PepperTap raised $36 million from
Snapdeal and others.

g) Niche retailers
The spread of e-commerce has led to the rise of several niche players who largely specialize
their products around a specific theme. As many as 1,06,086 websites are registered daily and
more than 25% are for niche businesses.
During 2014, Royal Enfield sold 200 bikes of special series Online.
Online apparel is one of the more popular verticals, which along with computers and consumer
electronics make up 42% of the total retail e-commerce sales. Niche online merchandising
brands like Headbanger's Merch, Redwolf and No Nasties partner with and even help sustain
independent musicians. Some established brands like Arvind are now creating clothing lines just
for the e-commerce markets. Some of the bigger online retailer like VoxPop Clothing have
secured multiple rounds of funding, the last round raising $1 million from Blume Ventures in
17 | P a g e

As these niche businesses get popular, they are slowly getting acquired by the big players.
BabyOye was acquired by Mahindra Retail, part of the $17 billion Mahindra Group. Ekstop was
acquired by the Godrej Group to complement their offline chain of Nature's Basket stores.

h) Key success factors for E-Commerce Business

1. Branding
A brand is a belief and the most powerful thing. The reason why customers decide to pay higher
price without any problem. How can you build a strong brand if youre totally new?
These are the effective ways to build a stronger brand using Internet for a new business.

Unique Design: Good enough to hold them! If youre able to amaze them, you can sell
even more. Get a Logo and designed website. It doesnt cost you much if you use service
like Elance.
Utilize Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence are very helpful here.
They got some very innovative products (Twitter Promoted, Facebook Ads etc) to
promote a brand. Spend some time to discover the best practices.
Run multiple Display Advertising Campaigns: Let them remember your name and what
you do.
Participate in conversation and Q&A sites and answer every questions about your brand
Showcase your Testimonials, Reviews and feedback across the site and networks

2. USP
USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. How do you differentiate your business from
others? What are the product differentiators?

A buyer usually spends a good time on research. He searches for

Reviews etc

18 | P a g e

3. Store Experience
A good store experience is a must have for Ecommerce success. If your cart or design sucks,
nothing is going to help to convert better.
Make your store as much as user-friendly you can. Get a good design, speed-up the store (1
second delay in site speed may decrease conversion rate by 7%), smooth the Cart and get
higher conversion rate. A good Ecommerce platform or software is a necessity.
Offer number of features but dont confuse them with lot of options. Simplicity is also

4. Customer Retention
A business is never going to be a success without the army of Loyal Customers. Customer
retention is helpful to get more sales and to build your brand. A loyal customer not only buys
from you but he also spreads the good words in his network.
Also youve to apply less effort to sell something to existing customers again. Theyve already
used the product and they wont be affected by FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts).
Simple advice, always be connected with your existing customers. Let them feel special.

5. Multi-Channel Marketing
There are opportunities lying everywhere in Internet. Some businesses are making millions
from Facebook. Some businesses are killing their competition with Search Engine Marketing.
The mantra is to spread your reach everywhere. Its not that hard with Internet.
Let me ask you something. How do you promote your business? What are the current quality
traffic sources? If you can only list 2 or 3 traffic sources, be ready for sudden If youre totally
depended on search engines, a negative change in ranking algorithm can affect your whole
business. If you rely on Ads for traffic, their policy change can bring you to a danger situation.
An ideal marketing strategy should focus on no. of marketing channels. You can use Email
Marketing, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Referral Marketing, Social Media and offline campaigns to
diversify your reach.

19 | P a g e

i) Trends in online Classified industry

1. Fewer discounts
Companies will go after profitable growth rather than wooing customers with deep discounts
(in other words, running on losses). A bigger user base will just be the cue for companies to
reduce discounts and focus on profitable growth.

2. Cash on Delivery to decline

Cash on Delivery (CoD), a preferred mode of payment for many customers, will decline as more
and more people familiarize themselves with using payment wallets to shop and pay bills.

3. More transactions
"There were 50 million transacting users in 2015. This year, it will be at least 75 million," says
Rajan Anandan, managing director, Google -- South East Asia and India.
He sees more users coming via smartphones. In China, for example, users browse on the
desktop, but they transact via smartphones -- due to quicker linkages to payment gateway.

4. Newer categories
Companies will have their hands full as more users come on board, but they will be up to the
task of serving the needs of customers. That will lead to the emergence of new categories of
services -- like delivering even milk and water -- which Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma
believes "will replace the neighbourhood store." "You won't need to step out to shop."

5. Synergy between online and offline

Brick-and-mortar will not disappear, but "there'll be more fusion between online and offline
services," he adds. Here is a tantalizing possibility of how this and then walk down to the store
to pick up the product selected.
"Self-logistics will be an option," says Sharma. ShopClues' Aggarwal says the ecosystem is
healthier and is maturing. "There will be higher adoption of m-commerce and mobile wallets."
20 | P a g e

3) About my organization
a) Name of the organization-: Mendwall Pvt Ltd
Parent organization-: Everest Industries
They a bunch of creative, design-cum-architecture enthusiasts trying to making a living off
offering you custom design solutions which are budget-friendly, easy to assemble, weather
conscious and most importantly that meet your personal and our professional design standards
all within a promise of 24 hours backed by an intelligent interface
With the expert design assistance and tailor made solutions, we are more than ever before
close to helping you make the right design solution. Whether it is fixing the right pillow cushions
for your dining or re-modelling the existing storage areas- leave it to our timely design expertise
and let design and decor becomes a celebration in your daily lives.
Mendwall is one of Indias fastest growing building solutions company. Founded in 1934,
Everest is one of the most respected and renowned business entities in India, and has
dominated the market ever since.
It has continuously introduced innovative and modern building products with a promise of
strength, speed and safety.
Mendwall offers a complete range of world-class building solutions: roofing, ceiling, wall,
flooring, cladding, door and pre-engineered steel buildings for the industrial, commercial and
residential sectors.
Mendwall has provided rural shelters, by making corrugated roofing sheets available to farmers
at a competitive price. The company is poised to capitalize on the opportunities in rural India,
where various housing and infrastructure initiatives are envisaged by the Government.
The Mendwall brand of products are produced at state-of-the-art ISO:9000 certified
manufacturing facilities located at Kymore, Nashik, Coimbatore, Kolkata and Roorkee. With
over 6000 retail points spread across the nation, together with the strength of over 1600 highly
qualified and experienced engineers, designers and technicians, Mendwall provides building
solutions that successfully meet the highest standards of quality and durability.
Trained manpower is a dedicated strength at Everest. Apart from continuous development of
employee skills, the company is also committed to their welfare.

21 | P a g e

b) Summary of financial information

Mendwall is financed and incorporated by Everest Industry which has a turnover of Rs
943.22 Cr in the financial year 2016 and Rs 827.53 Cr & Rs 701.26 Cr in the year 2015 &
2014 respectively. Its current per Share price is Rs 297.50. Net income of Everest
industry in year 2016 was Rs 1313.36 Cr.
Mendwall pvt Ltd., is a Mid Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 53.59 Cr.) operating
in classified industry.
Mendwall pvt Ltd. key Products/Revenue Segments include link between architects and
people which contributed Rs 71.07 Cr to Sales Value (62.32% of Total Sales), Income
From Contracts which contributed Rs 45.66 Cr to Sales Value (35.46% of Total Sales), For
the quarter ended 31-Mar-2016, the company has reported a Standalone sales of Rs.
333.63 Cr., up 19.63% from last quarter Sales of Rs. 278.89 Cr. and up 6.07% from last
year same quarter Sales of Rs. 314.54 Cr. Company has reported net profit after tax of
Rs. 11.89 Cr. in latest quarter.
The companys management includes Mr.Manish Sanghi, Mr.Neeraj Kohli, Mr.Neeraj
Kohli, Mr.Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Mr.Y Srinivasa Rao, Mrs.Bhavna G Doshi, Mr.A V Somani,
Mr.Amitabh Das Mundhra, Mr.B L Taparia, Mr.M L Gupta, Mr.M L Narula, Mr.Manish
c) The Mendwall team consists of-:
M.L. Gupta-: He had completed his Btech from IIT Kharagpur with over four
decades of experience with ACC from where he retired as president-corporate
affairs. He is the MD in Everest Industry and founded Mendwall Pvt ltd.
Avneet Lobana-: She is an alumnus of Sushant School of Art and Architecture in
Gurgaon, who is passionate for design journalism. She is the operation head of
Arzoo Chabbar-: She is the executive-Digital Marketing
Khusboo Dhingra-: She is the HR Manager
d) Mendwall corporate office-:
Mendwall corporate office is located at Everest Technopolis
D-206, Sector - 63, Noida PIN 201301

e) Vision-:
MendWall is EVERYONE'S personal design assistant. It is intelligent, interactive, userfriendly (sign up and see!) and been developed with perseverance, dedication and love!

22 | P a g e

Today it is committed to helping realise the design-based needs of its users, provide
expert and tailor-made design assistance to them (free of any costs), showcase brilliant
designs and ideas as well as support interaction of the design-based community in India.
f) Mission-:
We are a bunch of creative, design-cum-architecture enthusiasts trying to making a
living off offering you custom design solutions which are budget-friendly, easy to
assemble, weather conscious and most importantly that meet your personal and our
professional design standards all within a promise of 24 hours backed by an intelligent
interface. Yes, you heard us right.
g) SWOT Analysis-:
This SWOT Analysis of Mendwall Industries Limited provides a strategic SWOT analysis
of the company's businesses and operations. This free SWOT analysis shows strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This SWOT analysis of Everest Industries Limited
can provide a competitive advantage.
High profitability and revenue
Barriers of market entry
Skilled workforce
Existing distribution and sales networks
Experienced business units
Monetary assistance provided
Investments in research and development
Brand portfolio
Small business units
Global markets
Growth rates and profitability
Income level is at a constant increase
Few acquisitions

23 | P a g e

Price changes
Financial capacity
Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis provides a comprehensive insight into the
companys history, corporate strategy, business and financial structure, management
and operations. The report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on the
companys products and services, key competitors, as well as detailed financial
h) Screenshot of the website

24 | P a g e

4) Introduction
a) Internship work plan
The internship was 6 day working structure, where I need to take 2 days off informing
prior to account manager
The internship is for 8 weeks.
1st week Secondary research
The Secondary Research for architects mean I need to find the basic information (which
includes Name, phone number, email id and address) of the architect. I need to collect
the data through Online Search Portals like justdial, sulekha, yellow pages, LinkedIn and
Facebook. You only have to find information of architects who are present in the city.
2nd-7th week- Execution
Action Plan-:
I will be required to interact with the architects over a Call/E-mail to brief them about
Mendwall and the benefits it holds for the Architects in order to generate appointment
with them. After that I was expected to visit the architects office on the appointment
date and time to provide them first- hand experience of the product, clarify all their
doubts , get all important details and pictures and get the agreement form signed
confirming their association with Mendwall.
The details of the architect include
Name of the Architect

Firm Name

COA number- The practicing Id for an architect


Services Offered

Office Address

Mobile Number


Website (if any)

The pictures of the architect include
A profile picture of the architect or Firm logo

Two or three project images of the architects work

The work images should also have titles or name of the projects done by the
25 | P a g e

Total targets1.
A minimum of 40 architects in 6 weeks
A minimum of 55 architects in 8 weeks

8th Week- Final Submission

Once the target is achieved, I need to prepare an internship report: "Business
Development- Build and Implement Strategies to On-board Architects from PAN India".
It should contain points such as Data Analysis, Tables & Charts, Conclusion and
recommendations, etc.

b) Task Handled
I had called around 140 clients and successfully fixed meeting with 72 clients and
brought 68 clients on board. Among the 32 clients I didnt had to meet with 12 clients,
they got convinced with the call itself and sent me their Data through Mail.
On a daily basis I meet with 3-4 clients in some days I use to call the clients to fix a
meeting so that I can brief them in detail about the concept and tried to bring them
onboard. Till now after fixing the meeting I didnt get a single client drop. I had
successfully brought all the clients whom I meet on board on the past days.

Here I am attaching the clients details updated by the company whom I brought onboard.

26 | P a g e

27 | P a g e

28 | P a g e

29 | P a g e

30 | P a g e

31 | P a g e

32 | P a g e

33 | P a g e

34 | P a g e

35 | P a g e

36 | P a g e

5) Achievements
I am specifically targeting the west Ahmedabad reason because it is convenient for
travelling according to the location I live. I have successfully brought 62 architects on
board and completed my target of 60 architects successfully. The lists of the clients
that have successfully brought on-board by me are provided below.

Phone No

G G Patel and Associates

079- 27540511
Sujan D Shah
Wistaar Architects and Interior
Girish Chandra Gandhi
Design Workshop
Earth Consortium
Ravindra Kadakia
Ishvic Design
Dipesh L.Mehta
P Purohit Associates
AA.Galaxy Infra Interior Design Consult
A One Associate
Basantani Brother
De`s Design
Gautam Shah and Associates
Narendra J Shah

Email id




The Theme
Shree Shailaja Developers
E825084116, 8238002004
Sarvasva CorporaPion
The Palace
w.K Associates
Space Lnfrastructure and .DA Architects079-30236658
Cuture Space Lnteriors
Valas 5esign
/ollaborative 5esign Studio - /5S archit097270 27957
U&L Lnteriors Pvt Ltd
090991 88822, 7043355888
Navpad Architects & Lnterior 5esigners 079-40040703, 9825046403
Sarthak Architects
Sahil Architects
Amit Dajjar
Anoop wao
079-26760743, 9824040043



7 2nd Floor Harisiddh Chamb Sales

433/6b Varshadeep, EllisbridgSales
A/702 Narnarayan, Nr Post OSales
301, Platinum Plaza, BodekdeSales
1 Anurag Apartments, B/h Ch Sales
5/b Panama Society 1, B/h ChSales
8 Falgoon Sochool, B/h A G TSales
D-10 Svs Appt, Opp JeevandSales
207 Harekrishna Complex, OpSales
A/29 Ghanshyam Avenue, SatSales
107,Shukan Mall,Science CitySales
J-3 Nildeep Flats, Gurukul RoSales
24, Hemendra Park , Isanpur, Sales
7th Floor Trade Centre, StadiuSales
803-804 Harikrupa Tower, O Sales
Suflam Flat, B/h Dena Bank, ASales
Modi Khadki, Opp Verai PadSales
Sun bunglow, near grampanchSales
801, Akik Tower, S D Iighway Sales
No. 10, Surabhi Apartment, ThSales
.ungalow No. 2, ParshwanathSales
304, Atp Arcade, Near Law DarSales
A 4, 4th Cloor Samay Apartme Sales
Cirst Cloor 48, Parshwanathna Sales
Plot No 21, Iarshad /olony, P Sales
913, 5ev Prime, ./h-5ivya .hsSales
Danesh aeridian, hpp. DujaraSales
201, Abhishilp Complex, 2nd Sales
SBC house, 4th floor, Prahala Sales
304, Jal bhoomi Avenue, Aud Sales
A/29 Om Tower, Satellite RoaSales
212 Premchandnagar, Judges Sales

Quick Des079-26580359
B/306 3rd Flr Premium House, Ashram Road, Ahme
Conservat 079-27436 ashish2youhttp://wwP-603, Indraprasth Towers, Drive-in Road
Subh Cplx, Shahibag, Ahmedabad
Badal Ass 079-22747783
216 Hariom Chamber, N H No 8, Thakkar Nagar A
Design Sco079-26424137
1st Floor Kusum Niwas, B/h Navrangpura Post Offic
G-5 Silver Spring Complex, B/h St Xavier`s Ladies H
Anil M Mu079-26443822
Datta and 079-26407248
12/b Mardia Plaza, C G Road, Ahmedabad
Dalal Mott079-26575550
501 Sakar 2, Opp Town Hall, Ellisbridge, Ahmedaba
Mayana C079-26631272
A-30 Mangal Tirth, Opp Dharnidhar Derasar, Paldi,
Narendra 079-22134624
Modi Khadki, Opp Verai Pada Pole, Khadia, Ahmed

37 | P a g e

6) Strategies & Tactics used

I called the architects and tried to fix a meeting with them. Most of the clients are
satisfied with the concept or product but when someone says that he/she is not
interested right now I asked him to meet once and listen about the product and about
the industry. It is like keep trying and never give up. After meeting them I tried to
correlate and that why Mendwall is better than other Market players. And I tried to
know what is their customers base right now and try to explain them in figures that if 15% of the total customer base we have connect with you then also he will get a good
numbers of projects through us and more over he/she doesnt have to pay a single
penny to us. By listing all of these the client most of the time came on the board. If also
they dont connect with us then I give a follow up call once a week and ask them if they
have changed their mind or not.

38 | P a g e

7) Theoretical Learning

39 | P a g e

High determination is required to handle a client. This client is kind of

stubborn and was not that much easy to crack the deal.
Keep on trying to make sales. This customer was not that much
interested but I keep on trying to get him on board
To know the competitor strategies and skills is the best is the key skill to
get sales.
In the sales and business development field we dont know when a
surprise question may come so we need to be alert and try to handle the
situation with please.
Better knowledge of product helps a lot to make the client believe you
and he ask less questions
Clear communication is must while having conversation with the client.
Patience is a key to success.
In the field of marketing you have to make the sales by hook or cook.
Never be late for any meeting.
Its not good to postpone your client's provided slot for meeting because
he might feel rejected and next time he/she might avoid u.

8) Experiential Learning
Motivation factors plays a major role in an organization
Email etiquette, Communication behavior, all plays a great role while cold calling a
customer or writing a mail regarding this.
In the field of marketing there could be lots of cross questions regarding your
product we need to be prepared and use our presence of mind to deal with it.
People get excited when the get service from the organization so to enhance an
organization one must provide good service
Learned how to deal with a client who and how to send them mail. Got a format of
mail which I need to forward to the clients
Learned how to deal with a client who is young and new to the business. This kind
of costumers are easily to get on board because the young peoples are creative and
try new thinks more over they are risk taker
New organization tries every possible way to expand their organizations and they
are the best clients to catch hold for.
Learned that its not good to postpone your client's provided slot for meeting
because he might feel rejected and next time he/she might avoid u. I had post pond
his time slot and after a week only he provided me a slot.
I gave response every client after completed meeting.
Asked as many as Question to maam to avoid the mistake while doing phone call
The satisfaction level of customers about the products and services plays an
important role.
The respondents did not reply to the questions asked honestly, for instance
answering the annual income, returns received etc. Hence, there are chances of
variations in the result obtained.
On the called i thought client do not have sufficient knowledge and they i asked
for charges i made them fool in charges calculations then they will ask financial
charges statement.
I waited around 2 hours to meet with clients .It was my first of corporate was very
enthusiastic after waiting for 2 hour, I lost patience. From this I learned a lesson of
I learnt that if you are make a corporate which type of important point we have
known reality people I cannot follow some kind common point which is we can
never felt that I was real experience of ppt presentation.
I observed every client does not give same kind of answer I received different
answer from different clients.
40 | P a g e

If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within people then they are more likely to
associate those emotions with that brand, which is more effective than just showing them a
Facebook ad or something.
Occasionally the line blurs between experiential marketing and a straightforward PR stunt, but
Im not here to waste time quibbling over definitions.

41 | P a g e

9) Interaction with academic guide

During the interaction with my academic mentor we discussed about the organization from
where I am doing my internship, what are my roles or expectation of the organization from
me? We discussed about the way of logbook to be provided. He asked me the following
things that need to be done.
A) Experiential learning need to be in greater detail,
b) All calls// meetings detailed description has to be given (whom did i met? what did i talk?
what was the outcome? what are the future actions required? experiences and
c) Population listing of all architects in Ahmedabad area wise, criteria for selection of the
architects, selecting for cold calling.
d) Source and find templates of daily sales call reports --and select good one and then
prepare daily sales call reports for every day.
e) Indian and Gujrat and Ahmedabad - architect/interior decoration industry data
collection-key drivers, regulation policy, major players , marketing and business strategies
of major firms, consumer behavior, how do retail and corporate clients select architect
firms , trends in the industry,
f) My sip firm details --promoters, office, structure, resources, culture, context products
/services, mission , vision, objective, goals, promoter background, brochure , website screen
g) Draft table of contents
h) Resend the log book with all detailing

42 | P a g e

10) Annexure
a) Log Book



43 | P a g e


b) Visiting Cards

44 | P a g e

45 | P a g e

46 | P a g e

47 | P a g e


Lal, Kaushalesh. "E-business and manufacturing sector: a study of small
and medium-sized enterprises in India." Research Policy 31.7 (2002):

48 | P a g e