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Interpreting a Pie Chart, Bar Graph, or Table

In this chapter, you are shown how to write a composition
based on various stimuli: charts, graphs, tables, and etc.
Information is presented in the form of these stimuli and you
will be required to analyse it. You will have to write a
composition based on your analysis.
Follow the guidelines below to write by analysing visuals:
Read the question and study the chart,
graph or table carefully.
A pie chart can be 2-dimensional or 3- dimensional.
A bar graph is asymbolic representation of data in the form of
2-dimensional or 3- dimensional bars.
A pie chart contains sections of a circle that represent a part of
a complete whole - the total of which is 100.
A bar graph is a symbolic representation of date in the form of
2-dimensional or 3-dimensional bars.
A bar graph can be represented vertically or horizontally.
A table presents data in an orderly and systematic form.
After studying the information, jot down the points.

Your composition should analyse the information in the visual

as well.
Check for any errors in your grammar, spelling and tenses.
This is the format on giving information and details by
analysing visuals:
Introduction: Mention what the stimuli shows by looking at
the title or topic.
Body: Explain the details.
Paragraph 1: state the most important detail substantiated by
figures (if any), followed by next detail
Paragraph 2: continue to other details which need to be
mentioned - quote figures (if any)
Paragraph 3: proceed with other details (if any)
Conclusion: sum up details - reiterate the topic - give reasons
where suitable

Model Question 1
You should spend 30 minutes on this question.
Study the pie chart below and answer the question that follows.

The pie chart shows the genres of movies watched by the

members of the Kwok family, which consists of the parents,
three sons and two daughters. Study the information in the pie
chart and write a report on it. In your report, explain the
reasons for their preferences for different types of movie

Writing Outline
Introduction: The pie chart shows the movie genres watched
by the Kwok family.
Main Body: Analyse the movie genres watched which are
ranked according to percentages.
Paragraph 1: most watched - science fiction movies - special
visuals and sound
Paragraph 2: action-packed movies - seldom boring
Paragraph 3 : detective thrillers - appeal to male
Paragraph 4 : the least watched - comedy and family drama possible reasons
Conclusion: preference for movies of Kwok family members general preference
Model Answer 1
Movies Watched by the Kwok Family
The pie chart shows the type of movies watched by Kwok
family members. They watch mostly science fiction and actionpacked movies.
The most watched movie genre among them is science fiction.
Science fiction movies are attractive due to their special visual
and sound effects. Besides, this type of movie involves
speculations based on current or future science and technology.
Action-packed type of movies follow sci-fi movies. They
are popular among both the old and young. Such movies are
seldom boring.
Detective thrillers probably appeal more to the male, the father
and sons, accounting for only 15% of the movies watched.
The two categories that show the lowest percentages are
comedy and family drama which seldom appeals to the young.
Comedy, on the other hand, does not seem to appeal so much
to the Kwok family.
The movies watched by the Kwok family are indicative of
the general preference of many other movie fans. Science
fiction and action-packed movies are often listed as box- office