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S&D Basic Operating Procedure

This knowledge was passed on to me by

conversation and a personal help session.




S & D works on a system of input and output, players in

the game call it a bank. When the player pays into the
system an amount equal to the reward based upon the
current level being played. Once you have been paid a
reward you will not receive another award until you pay
back to the bank what you received in rewards plus an
interest, just like a loan from a real bank.
The bank used the value of resources it takes to create
the units lost by the player as payment on the loan.
This designed tells us to always pay back our loan by
playing offensive missions. The logic to this is simple
math, offensive units cost more resources to build and
therefore payoff the loan faster leading to a new reward
in less time. At the times when you must play defensive
missions, the same principal applies to use the units
that cost the most for paying back the loan.

The best units for s & d then are in descending order:

















Mortar Inf


Heavy Sprt Inf


Heavy Sniper






Recon Ops




The Thunderhead by far is the best unit to use for s & d

loan repayment as it repays the loan 3:1 compared to any
defensive unit.
Now to work the system you need to set up the border for
your next payout. I recommend only trying this system
for the first time only after you get a payout so you
know the slate is clean.
The first step is determining which payout you want to
receive offense or defense. Once you decide you will go
to the highest mission on your board. If you have chose
to receive an offensive reward you will clear to one
strength-bar the highest GREEN mission on your board and
receive your two Drill Instructors; do the RED mission
if you want to receive defense as your reward.
Our goal is to get the highest payout so we will always
try to get the payout on a high level mission.

The process is as follows:

Step 1. Clear the highest level on your board of opposite
color you which to receive a payout for.
Example, clear the GREEN mission if you want to receive
offensive payout at the end.
Step 2. Using the ZHG Strength Chart(attached), send 80%
of the strength points to the TOP 5 RED missions. These
should not all be down to one strength-bar. Do Not
Complete Any Of These Missions!!
Step 3. Go back to the 2nd Highest mission on the board
for the color you chose as your reward and complete that
mission. Try to only send in enough to win the mission.
The closer you get to having one surviving unit when
successful will increase the amount of your reward. The
reason we do not clear the highest mission for payouts
is that the Drill Instructors will be part of the reward
in lieu of 132,500 points worth of units.
Anyone without level 20 landing zones should never
complete the highest levels because your forces will grow
fast enough where you cannot feed them. For anyone with
their landing zones fully upgraded you only want to clear
the highest level immediately after a payout.
To attempt to control what your payout units will be
remember that using Zaams to win a RED mission reward
will often result in receiving Mohawks or Zaams. Using
Vindicators to win a RED mission reward will often result
in winning Thunderheads.
Now if you send in several raids because of calculation
errors and or win with more than one unit remaining alive
then you are more likely to get a split payout of both
offensive and defensive units.

If you get a split payout or a payout that just does not

seem correct for the level of mission, finish the next
mission below that you previously took down to one
That it is. Simple. If you find that doing the Top 5
levels did not give you a payout, most likely at lower
levels, then use the missions already at one strength bar
that are left on the board to add to the bank and then
try the Top 5 missions again.
If this still does not
work keep adding a mission, i.e. Top 6, until you find
what works.
Most higher level players will find that
doing the Top 5 works just fine.