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A 35 years old man suffered from rash for three weeks.

What is the phyllum of natural reservoir if

this causative agent?
Additional informations:
Diffusely umbilicated papular rash over several areas of the body.
Microscopic examination shows septate yeast.
He has lost weight up to 10 kg in 2 months.
Serology anti HIV positive.
CD4 140 cells/mm3.
Name of causative agent: Penicilliosis marnefferi
Phyllum: Chordata
--A 39 years old man suffered from fever and dyspnea for 1 week. What virulence factor of this
causative pathogen plays an important role in immune evasion?
Additional informations:
Blood culture: found Gram positive cocci in clusters (2 samples)
Name of causative agent: Staphylococcus aureus
Diagnosis: Acute endokarditis
Immune evasion strategy: Protein A
--10 years old boy suffered from diarrhea for 3 days. What is the first line drug to treat the patient?
Additional informations:
Stool test: face like organisms with 2 nuclei
Giardia lamblia
--A 25 years old woman suffered from high grade fever for 1 day. What is major mechanism that the
causative pathogen used to evade immune response?
Additional informations:
Blood test: WBC 20000 cells/mm3, 90% neutrophil
Biochemical tests: Gram negative bacilli, lactose fermenting, negative oxidase test, positive Voges
Proskauer test, non-motile
Name of causative agent: Klebsiella pneumoniae or Klebsiella oxytoca
Diagnosis: Klebsiella sepsis
Immune evasion strategy: antiphagocytic trait
--A 3 years old newborn boy had jaundice since birth. What is the estimated duration of infection
caused by causative pathogen?

Additional informations:
HBsAg negative
Anti-CMV IgM positive
The baby was born as fullterm
History of seizure 2 days ago
CT scan result: brain intracranial calcification
Name of causative agent: CMV
Diagnosis: congenital CMV infection
Duration of infection: lifelong
--A 45 years old man suffered from... ...
What is the natural reservoir of causative pathogen?
Additional information:
Bronchial wash culture showe no growth in CGB (canavanine glycine bromothymol blue) agar
History as heavy smoker
History of fully treated pulmonary TB 10 years ago
Recent sputum acid fast stain showed no acid fast bacteria
India ink preparation showed encapsulated yeast
Name of causative agent: Cryptococcus neoformans
Natural reservoir: soil contaminated by pigeon dropping
--A 40 years old man suffered from progressive memory loss for 2 months. What is the natural
reservoir of the causative pathogen?
Additional informations:
Negative Mycobacterial culture
He has pigeon at home
Diagnosed with Kaposi sarcoma
Gram stain of LCS showes no bacteria
Name of causative agent: HIV
Diagnosis: HIV dementia
Reservoir: human
--A 35 years old man suffered from fever and headache for 3 days. What is the serotype that is most
Additional informations:
Negative Ag of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Negative Ag of Haemophilus influenzae
Blood test showed Gram positive cocci, alpha hemolyticus, with negative PYR test and negative
bile esculin test
Gram stain of blood showed Gram negative cocci in short chains
He works as a butcher

He also suffered from sensorineural hearing loss and neck stiffness

Name of causative agent: Streptococcus suis
The most virulent strain: serotype 2
--A patients suffered from fever for 5 days. What is the organ that this causative agent resides?
Additional informations:
Sufferrd from diarrhea for 10 days
Gram stain of the stool showed Gram negative bacilli, with negative oxidase test and positive
citrate test
Positive HAV IgA
Name of causative agent: Salmonella enterica
Diagnosis: typhoid fever
Residing organ: gall bladder
--A 30 years old man presented with rash for 1 week. What is the specific pathology of bone disease
caused by this causative pathogen?
Additional informations:
Blood test showed no growth
Positive anti measles IgG?
Positive FTA-ABS test
History of unsafe sex
Also presents with painless ulcer on genetalia since 1 month ago
Physical examination showes maculopapular rash on both palms
Name of causative agent: Treponema pallidum
Diagnosis: secondary syphillis
Name of pathology: gumma