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The Role of Islamic Students in Globalization Era

As we know well that globalization is an era marked by missing the territorial limit of nation. It
enables the nation culture interferences. So that, politics, economy, culture of nation can
influence, color and inspire of the other nations policies.
Globalization gives not only positive effects of the rapid science, information and technology
development but also brings about many religion and culture principle divergences of the nation.
Those become the cause of a drop in autonomy and identity of the nation.
Happy brothers and sisters!
Lets pay attention more what happens in our surroundings at present! Free sex, pornography,
alcoholic drink and drugs become youth customs in this country. Most of them always imitate
what becomes up to date without filtering and thinking before. And they never make balance
between thought and desire, planning and implementation and between ability and action. In
addition, they do not preserve the Islamic laws because they think that religion is the symbol
only whereas, youth is the generation next of this country. So how this countrys future is if most
of them get a drop in their moral values?.
Consequently, we are the next generation of this country; we have to keep ourselves by faith,
beliefs and piety in facing the globalization era. And we have to be aware of conserving the
Islamic laws. Moreover we are the Islamic students have obligation to fight against the weakness
of our beloved nation.
Moslem brothers and sisters!
We should not keep silent when we know the negative changes that happen in our society
because of globalization era. As Islamic students we ought to become figures in anticipating the
negative effects of this global era.
Allah state in the noble Quran; (Waltakum minkum ummatan yaduna ilal khoiri wa
yamuruna bil marufi wa yanhauna anil munkar, wa ulaaika humul muflihuun)

Meaning: let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining
almaruf and forbidding almunkar and those who are the successful man.
Dear brothers and sisters!
The Islamic students with their moral forces and Islamic studies must be proactive to guide what
is and what globalization era is for and the purpose of it. So that, lets hope for the best. They
become the public figures and they can color the social and cultural lives of their society in
achieving the goal. Thats good Moslem is a good country.

Happy brothers and sisters!

As the generation next we should;
- take the positive effects of globalization era only,
- raise our taqwa and realize our religious doctrine in our daily lives,
- become good figures for the society in facing globalization, information and communication
That's all my speech. Thank you for your attention
Wassalamu'alikum Wr. Wb.

"Peran siswa Islam di Era Globalisasi '

Seperti kita ketahui juga bahwa globalisasi adalah era yang ditandai dengan hilang
batas teritorial bangsa. Ini memungkinkan gangguan bangsa budaya. Sehingga,
politik, ekonomi, budaya bangsa dapat mempengaruhi, warna dan inspirasi dari
kebijakan negara lain.
Globalisasi tidak hanya memberikan efek positif dari perkembangan ilmu
pengetahuan, informasi dan teknologi yang cepat tetapi juga membawa banyak
tentang agama dan budaya divergensi prinsip bangsa. Mereka menjadi penyebab
penurunan otonomi dan identitas bangsa.