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For those who love my faith-inspired poetic sermons, here is another one:

Sweet Victory
Poem by Reinhard Bonnke
Samson met a young lion on a lonely path walking to Timnath.
The predator full of grump, ducked for the imminent jump.
A lions growl, as a rule, is a jolt and makes the bravest man to bolt.
But the lion did not know Samson well, the appointed Judge of Israel.
When Samson heard the roar, something happened as never before
The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, canceling all fears within.
That foul-smelling beast had a great surprise, to say the least.
When the Gods Spirit comes upon men, new things begin to happen to them.
Instead to run, the ferocious beast now faced a ferocious man.
The lion just made Samson bolder when sneering over his athletic shoulder.
Mighty hands tore the lion apart with victory ensured from the very start.
With the Holy Spirit near, a man of faith has no reverse - but just a forward gear.
So Samson, the lions chosen snack, much later walked the same way back.
He found a surprise; the lions skeleton, used by bees as a hive.
He had hushed up the lion-story but now enjoyed the honeys glory.
Thinking with a grin how a deadly situation had brought sweet victory to him.
Gods Holy Spirit had enabled Samson a key battle to win.
He knew, that despite his moral taint God gives power to the faint.
JESUS was the one the only one who showed real compassion and championed the cause of the
deprived. They would have made Him king if He had shown the slightest desire. To give His life for
the sheep who were not yet his sheep, in fact still to become his sheep shows the lengths to
which He would go. He cured their sicknesses, lifted their heads, raised their hopes, and fed the
starving, proclaimed a new Kingdom. Where there are the unclothed, underfed, exploited, harassed,
downtrodden, people dying without any knowledge or hope of salvation or what lies beyond, the
people with necks bowed and guilty and fed up with themselves, there if you listen, you will hear
the tears of God dropping, and you will hear the call of God saying Who will go for us? God bless

You CAN HAVE forgiveness for your biggest sin; but you NEED forgiveness for your smallest sin. To
God it does not matter if our sins are big or small, many or few. Just one thing matters: WE ALL

In the Gospels people were awe-struck by the person of Jesus whenever they met Him. When that
woman of the streets walked in and saw Jesus, she was shocked! She had loved many men, and
then she saw Him. The purity, which she felt, that greatness, filled her soul with deep yearnings.
She stood and poured out her inexpressible confusion of life in hot tears which, to her horror, fell on
His feet, as if she had polluted that sacred Person. She hastily tried to dry off those unclean tears
and could find nothing with which to do it except her lavish hair. Never had she had such an
experience she was looking into the eyes of the infinite Son of God. He was all that mattered He
was the End, the Peak of life, and she had found Him. Her lovers were empty wrecks, her old life a

discarded earthenware pot. Glamor? There was no other glory now, only that of Christ, her Savior.
Thats Him, Jesus, our blessed Redeemer! O, what a Savior God bless you today. REINHARD
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The perfect husband is he who doesnt expect his wife to be perfect. The perfect wife is she who
doesnt expect her husband to be perfect. But both have a Perfect Savior in Jesus Christ. Blessings
The Roman captain knew the routine of crucifixion. (Mark 15:3739). First the crucified criminals
were spitting and cursing, then as their strength abated death would slowly set in. Now, on
horseback, the captain stood eye to eye with the dying Jesus! What a difference. We read Jesus
cried with a loud voice and breathed his last. That got the captains attention, because Christs last
words from the cross were Father into your hands I commit my spirit! Jesus had cried with a loud
voice, full of energy and had instructed his spirit to leave his body. It happened that very same
moment. Jesus did not die of a broken heart. He died at His own instruction. Long before this, the
Lord had said in John 10: 17+18 I have power to lay down my lifeand that was observed by
that heathen soldier. The captains revelation and conclusion? Jesus is more than a man! Jesus is
the Son of God! Jesus is my Savior! Trust in Jesus brings peace with God! God bless you with
greetings from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE
Faith in Christ is different to any other kind of faith. It is not found in the Old Testament. In the New
Testament, the word used means believing "into" Christ, suggesting movement. Faith IN Christ
means moving close to Him in trustful love. It is an embrace. This kind of loving embrace between
man and his Maker comes only through Christ. Nobody in the Old Testament days could think of
such a thing. God was Spirit, another kind of Being, too awesome to be approached except with fear
and trembling. Yet one inspired book in the Old Testament Scriptures touches the heart of a new
experience - the Song of Songs, a lyric of love that gathers up all its words of supreme love in one
phrase, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" (Song of Songs 6:3). This was an attitude
towards God that nobody understood, until Jesus Christ came. Faced with His reality, ordinary
people in the Gospel suddenly knew He was the Savior, a swift revelation followed by complete
commitment. No longer was faith for the rare individual, as in the Old Testament. Somehow, Calvary
does what the awesome manifestations of Sinai couldnt do. Jesus is the great faith-creator. He said
Himself, No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6). He doesnt point to a way.
Christ IS the way. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
When our spirit soars to God it is on the wings of prayer. Prayer swings open the door into the
dwelling of God Himself. Like the Bible, which is substantially a book of prayer, a church building is
basically a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13). Only human beings can pray. We are unique in this
respect. Angels worship, but we never hear of angels praying and prayer elevates us far beyond the
animal level. Animals are not people and prayer is not in their nature. A dog sees its master
kneeling in prayer but has no idea what is going on. People look up to God, but animals look up only
to people. Atheists and uncivilized people can know God, but other creatures are at the farther side
of an impassable gulf and do not even know that spiritual things exist. Prayer is also the wonder gift
of the grace of God and our highest natural capacity. No person ever born can rise higher than on
their knees before God. Men of geniusBeethoven, Michelangelo and Newton produced immortal
workand all of them prayed. Prayer was their most outstanding performance, coming from their
spirit not merely their brain. Isaiah 29:14 puts it like this: Behold, I will again do a marvelous work
among this people, a marvelous work and a wonder; for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,
and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden. This standpoint is reinforced in
Jeremiah 9:23-24 (NIV), where we read: Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong
man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about
this: that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord. We can all move on that plateau,
whether we are people of great intelligence or the simplest of mortals. The humble also shall
increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel
(Isaiah 29:19). God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

We are not doing all God's will if we don't pray. Prayer IS His will. His wish is not merely for us to do
something but to BE something - people who have fellowship with Him, which we are not if we
never wait upon God. When Joshua took over the leadership of Israel on their way to Canaan, he
met a man with a drawn sword - the angel of the Lord. The angel said 'As commander of the army
of the Lord I have now come'. Joshua was never supposed to be on his own to take possession of
the Promised Land. It simply meant that God had determined Israel would go in and possess the
land and Joshua and the armies of Israel were God's allies. The battle was the Lord's. This wasn't all.
Joshua accepted the generalship of this new commanding officer, and asked what his orders were,
"What message has my Lord for His servant?" and Joshua had a surprising answer. He expected to
be told the strategy of the Lord, when and how he should fight but instead the command was 'Take
off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy". Joshua 5:14-15. In other words,
worship, prayer, our relations with God comes before everything. God bless you. REINHARD
Many pray only half-hopefully, wondering if God, being all-wise, will listen to them. They perceive Him
only as the Almighty, an awesome and distant Being, unknowable and infinite, too great even to
notice this little planet and the inhabitants crawling around here like ants. But their perspective is
wrong. Any father, no matter how great he is, has time for his son. No son ever shrinks back in awe
as if his father were too great to notice him. A father loves his son and a son loves his father,
whoever he is. The whole world may stand in awe and fear of a man, but his own son will be happy
and free in his company. God is certainly great, beyond our understanding, but He is that same
wonderful Being who has made us His children. We take pleasure in Him as He does in us and He
delights to hear our voice in prayer. God bless you and greetings from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE
Faith is the eye to see the unseen. Physical optics are not the instruments to see God. He is a Spirit.
Human eyes are too weak to discern the invisible God, the King eternal, immortal, invisible" (Col
1:15; 1 Tim 1:17). We have to deal with Him as He is. He who comes to God must believe that He
is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6). If we only believed
what we saw, what would a blind man believe? Radio waves fill your room but who would know
without a receiver? Jesus said, Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed (John
20:29). They are on the track of truth God is like that if we are to know Him. REINHARD BONNKE
New religions offer us gods who bear no Calvary scars. New songs give no hint of a heart burst open
with the spear of Divine Judgment. New preaching, all charm, sweetness and light. Are our feelings
too delicate to contemplate a bloodstained Cross? It is when they see the face marred more than
any man's, and the hands with wounds and the side riven open that doubters cry out like Doubting
Thomas, "My Lord and my God!" The true God has drunk the deepest dosage of anguish. He knows
what it is like to stand in the sinners shoes. The music of heaven is built on the ground base of the
judgment of Christ. We are healed by His stripes. Glory to God. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
As an exception I am posting ONE MORE poetic Gospel Message to you today, and trust you will enjoy
it. Please let me know and keep spreading it for encouragement. REINHARD BONNKE
Two Witnesses in Court
Compact Bible Message (poetic)
By Reinhard Bonnke
When we believe in the name of Jesus, we embrace His glory infinite.
This name stands for salvation, and the Testaments are definite.
The Old and New explain each other, like two witnesses in court;
Testifying under oath, that Jesus Christ is the Messiah sent by God.
An artist's glory is a painting; an engineer's a super bridge,
But Jesus glory was His love and labor, like washing the disciples feet.
To Him the cross arose above all pride, its glory shining forth,

Bridging the chasms great divide, reconciling man with God.

To be one of us and one with us, Jesus took human nature and name,
As God in flesh, born in a lowly manger, He came.
Some Bible names were prophecies, but not the name of the Lord,
His is fulfillment of them all, according to Gods Word.
The name of Jesus never altered, and no experience changed the Lord
He came to save His people from their sins brought peace and comfort.
Savior is what Jesus means; He cannot be but be Himself.
Hell take his children home to heaven, not dump them on some shelf.
As Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the God of Scripture known.
Each one fuses with the other, like meshing fountains from His throne.
Some say that it cannot be, since 1 plus 1 plus 1 does equal three,
But God is God; its rather 1 times 1 times 1 equaling 1 - a holy mystery.
We mention it, but will not understand such truth, as deep and so profound Yet also simple: The Father willed, the Son obeyed, the Spirit worked it out.
Salvation is, what only God can do and did and does, which we accept by trust,
Until we see Him face to face in heavens land where we will understand.
Poem By Reinhard Bonnke
Jesus went about healing all who were beset thats what an eyewitness said.
His hand was the hand of God, thats what the multitude thought.
His very presence ushered in majesty, assurance, forgiveness and certainty.
He delivered the demon-possessed, and championed the oppressed.
His graciousness and understanding overwhelmed the people unending.
The words of Jesus created astonishment, so loving, and so clear the tone.
Crowds thronged and urged Him, to be Israels king on a throne.
Instead, He let His enemies put thorns on His head.
He came as godly Healer and not as worldly dealer.
He was mankinds Redeemer and not some rebel leader.
Jesus lived the most astonishing life, an inspiration to others in strife.
When He died at Calvary, His enemies took that as finality.
But they dealt with someone like never before, He was Jesus the conqueror.
He conquered death, robed in immortality and ascended to God in eternity.
He left the promise that on His return every eye shall see Him again.
---------------------------------God gave me this poem yesterday. Please pass it on. Be blessed.
There are people who want ice-cream Christianity, nice but cold. They want a church like a
mausoleum or a museum. But the church is the Fathers house. People should come out of the cold
streets of the world into an atmosphere of comforting warmth and the presence of God. God bless

Go all the way with Jesus. You must be plugged in before you can be switched on! God bless you.
Faith in God makes the man. What we believe, we are even when we don't believe we are anything.
Don't undersell yourself to yourself. Selling yourself short is not humility, but a denial of the very
purpose for which you were born. Here is a vital principle: the call of God must be obeyed if you
want the power of God to work through you. What does God want you to do? The first thing He
wants you to do, is not to spend years finding out what He wants. God keeps no one waiting for that
long. If He wants a job done, there would be no point in keeping us guessing about it. Why should
He do that? It would be ridiculous to hide from you what His wishes for you are. Nor will He make it
terribly difficult for you to find out. He always has a task at hand. It may not be a great task, it may
be nothing heroic. Perhaps it is a job almost beneath your dignity, even one that could be
considered menial. Paul sat making tents not planning intents. Faithful in the little, God made him
master of much. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Some churches are like flight-simulators. The student-pilot thinks hes flying realistically at 40,000
feet yet he is bolted to the ground. All on the screen, but not on the scene. No simulated or virtual
Christianity please. Lets go out to the realities of the highways and byways and win the lost for
Christ. Thats where Jesus is! REINHARD BONNKE
Faith in God makes the man. What we believe, we are even when we don't believe we are anything.
Don't undersell yourself to yourself. Selling yourself short is not humility, but a denial of the very
purpose for which you were born. Here is a vital principle: the call of God must be obeyed if you
want the power of God to work through you. What does God want you to do? The first thing He
wants you to do, is not to spend years finding out what He wants. God keeps no one waiting for that
long. If He wants a job done, there would be no point in keeping us guessing about it. Why should
He do that? It would be ridiculous to hide from you what His wishes for you are. Nor will He make it
terribly difficult for you to find out. He always has a task at hand. It may not be a great task, it may
be nothing heroic. Perhaps it is a job almost beneath your dignity, even one that could be
considered menial. Paul sat making tents not planning intents. Faithful in the little, God made him
master of much. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
The Holy Spirit is ceaselessly active. The Bible word for Spirit is wind or breath in both, New
Testament and Old Testament, Greek and Hebrew (pneuma and ruach). Jesus spoke of the Spirit in
terms of wind. The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound but you cannot tell where it
comes from or where it is going (John 3:8, NIV). There is no such thing as a wind that does not
blow; that would not be a wind. A wind is power in motion. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God, the
wind of heaven in ceaseless activity. Asking for a move of the Spirit is like asking Him to be what He
is. We dont need to ask fire to be hot or water to be wet. The Holy Spirit is always moving and asks
us to move with Him. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
The Gospel is effective by means Satan finds hard to counter. It was not and could not be invented
intellectually. None of us latch on to a Divine revelation easily. It doesn't fit the secular mindpattern. It has to be preached to be thought. The Gospel is the logic of God. It is more profound
than the details of genes and the atom which God also created. In evangelism we have to move
into the Divine dimension where the devil is lost. He is no match for the mind of the Holy Spirit of
truth. If we try to convince and convert sinners with the arguments and thought-styles of men,
Satan will outdo us. He can handle all that. Move in the Holy Spirit, pray in the Spirit, walk in the
Spirit, and the arch-confuser becomes confused and cannot follow or answer. We open our work
completely to the Holy Spirit. Alongside His measureless might, to pose as great or smart is
pretentious. "Thine is the power and the glory". Get that right and we get somewhere. The results
are as thrilling as God promised. Whole nations are challenged to righteousness by the mighty
power of Christ. It is not a case of an idea sweeping people off their feet, but of deep spiritual
surgery by the wonderful hand of God. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

Faith is not a mental exercise to believe the impossible, believing what we know is not true. It is not
believing something at all. Faith is trust in God. It is personal. In the Gospels Jesus never talks
about believing something will happen, a miracle perhaps, but always about believing Him. Our
destiny rests on faith. We are saved by faith. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. John
3:36. The God we are to trust in is worthy as the God who loved us and gave His Son to bear our
sins on the cross. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
How can we prove the Bible? The proof of the Bible does not lie in explaining how a great fish could
swallow Jonah. But prove the message of its pages in your own life, and you know the book is from
God. The central message is summed up in the central verse It is better to trust in the Lord than to
put confidence in man (Psalm 118,8). Could anybody prove my coffee is too sweet for me? You
cant test the faithfulness of God to those who trust Him by means of chemicals, or under a
microscope, or in a cyclotron, or by the Quantum theory. Nor do the principles of Logic or the
categories of philosophy apply. The only expert is the man who trusts the Lord. God will soon
encourage us if we really wish to believe. Jesus said Fear not, only believe. God bless you.
Poem by Reinhard Bonnke
In ancient days, rulers adopted the name of their gods for beautification.
But something dramatic happened to Abraham with greatest implication:
The Lord God Almighty added Abraham's name to His own by hyphenation,
Presenting Himself to everyone, with "I AM the God of Abraham!
The Almighty had branded Himself with ties no one ever could server.
It meant that Gods reputation rested on Abrahams talk,
And what his God was like, people would see in his life and walk.
God risked His fame by adding it to Abrahams name.
Abraham believed in the Lord and in contrast the Lord trusted Abrahams word.
What an amazing pact: the perfect God with imperfect man together act.
Jesus said: If you recognize me before people on earth,
I will recognize you before my Father in heaven of highest worth.
That little line connects us fine it is the inner core of our rapport
Faith is not merely for getting things, but binds God to us in family links.
Faith in God is fellowship and the condition for our relationship.
God did not choose Abraham because his perfection shone, but His own.
Yet Abraham was what God made him to be, a praise for the whole world to see
Gods stamp of His image on Adam was now re-started by faith with Abraham.
The purpose of faith in God in us is for the process to continue without a miss:
"When we see Him we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is."
I trust and pray that this poem of mine blesses you as it blessed me. Please pass it around. God
The Bible was not just written to tell us what God can do, but what He will do. Be blessed, REINHARD
You may feel youre on a sinking ship everything has gone wrong, the raging seas of this world are
rising against you, and there is no hope. But there is One who comes to the rescue: Jesus is the only
Savior there is. The Gospel is not some tranquillizer just to calm you down. It is Jesus appearing on

the scene of your agony, stretching forth His arm over the deep abyss, taking you into his grip, and
pulling you to the shore. Then He looks into your eyes and says, Because I live, you shall live also.
Respond to Him by calling on His name in prayer now, the name of Jesus, and you will be saved.
God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Poem by Reinhard Bonnke
Hundreds staring at Bethesdas healing water, longing for the moment proper,
An angel was supposed to come and stir the waters now and then.
Those whod jump in first as sick, were thought to come out cured - and quick.
The ill, focusing on angels still, ignored Jesus the angels commander, at will.
Who looked from row to row around, if someone sick wanted tobe found.
But Christ sadly searched in vain since no one beckoned, called or came.
Having missed the angels cue, they were about to miss Christ too.
Since that place was thick with grief, and steeped in rotten unbelief,
The needs of the suffering drew Christ like a lure, to the sick and the impure.
And there he was, a cripple, waiting in tears for thirty-eight years.
Jesus asked if he wanted to be well, but the man didnt know what that would spell.
In his fantasy, he muttered about an angel, he had missed regularly.
The Lord ignored his reply with a sigh, but could not resist to heal this paralysis.
A power surge went through his body; he then jumped up, cured, strong, and happy.
A stampede should now have broken out, this miracle rout all their doubt.
Yet Jesus kept looking around Anybody else needing me, anybody bound?
But no sigh; no cry came as reply, no waving hand, no anxious demand.
Jesus slowly had to walk away never to return to Bethesdas causeway.
But now He looks at you, please grab His nail-pierced hand, Hell heal you too.
Give Him a wave or just a call, He is the Lord your Healer, for maladies big or small.
He actually stands at your door and knocks, dont let him move on along the sidewalks.
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Faith is a kind of immune system filtering out fears that otherwise would paralyze all activity. When it
fails we develop phobias and compulsions. It is a nervous breakdown. Jesus said not to have
phobia but faith (Luke 8,50). He also said Only believe (Mark 5,36) because we can. God bless
Jesus did not arrive on earth in the uniform of a policeman to arrest and charge us, but as our
champion to set us free and pay the penalty Himself for our misdeeds. (John 3,17) The word Gospel
does not mean reformation, decoration or renovation, but liberation and transformation. Jesus
doesnt want to make our life bearable but to save us from sin and Satan. This is your opportunity
right now. Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, the Bible says. Call on Him
in prayer now and you will know the difference. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
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Two skydivers jump from a plane at 15,000 feet. Both are wearing parachutes. One of them folds his
arms, ignores the ripcord, and says: Im perfectly safe because of my parachute. He is still saying
these words as he hits the ground at hundreds of mph. The other skydiver knows he will be safe
only if he actually does something. He pulls the ripcord and lands safely. We may know about the
Christian faith and respect Jesus. We may agree that what he did on the cross is the answer to our
deepest needs. But until we actually ask for his help and commit our lives to him, its like falling
with a closed parachute. We must take urgent action. We must pull the ripcord while theres still

time. The ripcord is this: Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved. There is nothing else we
can do. We cannot save ourselves we can only give ourselves to what Jesus achieved for us on the
cross. He has done everything that we need. I urge you to call on Jesus now for your personal
salvation. Please do it! God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
(Please share with unsaved friends.)
Faith is not a talent that some people possess and some do not. Nor is it merely a feeling. Faith is
action and decision available to all of us. The Bible makes that clear. This is the work of God, that
you believe in Him whom He sent namely, Jesus. You decide to believe. Each person must do it
for themselves. If you do that now, the Lord will not delay. He will not investigate your suitability,
your worthiness, or your past. No matter who or where you are, in the nick of time as you repent
and believe, the parachute of salvation opens with a bang, and you are absolutely safe for real.
Come on! Call now on the name of Jesus. He will save you. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
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The cross is the unique symbol of the Christian faith. It is the distinct logo that belongs to Jesus alone.
No founder or leader of another religion would dare boast this logo. For it stands for something they
have never done! None of them has been crucified for the sins of the world. None of them has been
raised from the dead. None of them can give us the help we so desperately need. Only Jesus is able
to save you. As he said: I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except by
me. Open your heart for Jesus now. Call on His name. He will save you. God bless you. REINHARD
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Hanging on the cross, Jesus appeared to be anything but powerful. Mocked by the crowds, tortured by
the soldiers, deserted by his friends, slowly bleeding to death, Jesus was utterly helpless. Yet it was
from this cross of weakness that God released His awesome power. How can this be? One way to
picture it is through nuclear physics. In every atom, positive and negative forces hold together in
balance. But when the atom splits, positive divides from negative, unleashing great force either for
destruction or benefit. Something like this happened on the cross. As he hung there, Jesus
experienced two opposing forces in himself the negative of our sins and the positive of Gods love.
Though Jesus was the holy, perfect Son of God, he was made sin for us on the cross. There he
became the cosmic center where all evil and goodness converged. Finally, like a splitting atom, the
negative forces dispersed when Jesus overcame evil, releasing new powers of righteousness and
resurrection. Within three days this new power exploded like a nuclear blast when Christ gloriously
and triumphantly rose from the dead. Evil, death, guilt and fear were conquered, while the saving
power of Gods love was released for everyone who asks for it. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Should Christians go to church? Think of it like this. Candles stand in candlesticks, light bulbs twist
into sockets, and trees grow in soil. Without candlesticks, candles fall. Without electric sockets,
bulbs dont shine. And without soil, trees die. For Christians, the church is a candlestick, a power
source, and soil for roots so that you can stand, shine, and grow. Along with the Bible and prayer,
the church is one of the rich resources for spiritual life that God has given Christians. God bless you.
At the point of our deepest need the good news of Jesus Christ cuts in. Jesus said that He came to
seek and to save what was lost. His whole life was a rescue mission, cutting in to this worlds
misery. Jesus also said that His death was no accident He came to die: The Son of Man did not
come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. So who was Jesus? The
Bible tells us that He was God with us that God became a human being and, full of grace and
truth, lived among us. In other words, Jesus is God cutting in, getting fully involved in the real
world. He got his hands dirty and then nailed to a cross. And He did it so that you could be set free
from the power and devastation of sin. Cry out to Him. Jesus will cut in to your life and save you
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When a chain binds a man, only ONE LINK needs be cut to set him free. Hear the word of the Lord:
Jesus will cut this link for you and release you into a brand-new life. When the Prodigal Son came

home the Father did not want to know his sins. There was no accusation, no interrogation. Jesus did
not come to shame sinners; Jesus came to save sinnersincluding you and me. The son did all he
had to do. He came home. This is your moment. Call on the name of Jesus now. Come home. God
God-Directed Days
By Reinhard Bonnke
Whatever we enter into our calendar, God has the long term version.
We can be linked to what He has inked by faith and total submission.
We may be agitated, but God knows where He wants us to be.
Lets then relax as the Lord turns the pages of His appointment diary.
One single God-directed day may be the purpose of ones life and way,
But then 100 years, 36,500 self-directed days, could all vanish without a trace.
My times are in your hands, the Psalmist said bowing to His demands.
God is not much interested in lifes duration but its spiritual implication.
As Jesus told the story of a farmer who had decided to just eat and drink.
Self-directed he came to his end, and when God called, self-deceived he went.
Jesus often spoke of My hour, and said nothing of His time before.
In this hour the Lord achieved something completely unsurpassed and more.
He created the heavens and the earth; set in motion the wheeling universe.
As Man on earth, Jesus cast out devils, whipped Satans stormy breath,
Brought to heel the raging sea snatched Lazarus from death.
But when He talked about My hour, all these miracles seemed small.
Gods hour, His greatest and most central moment, affected everything and all.
The hour of redemption, His greatness compacted and compressed so fine:
At the cross all eternity became condensed into Christs HOUR sublime.
This His Hour; is now called The Day of Salvation or the accepted time.
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God's Spirit inspires me to write many Bible Poems. Here is another one and I trust you are blessed.
I just spoke 12 poems on a CD. It will bless you greatly. Its on iTunes or on the God bless you. RB

When God says I will, it forms a covenant. Because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by
Himself (Heb 6:13) to perform certain deeds. Usually, they are unconditional, but some will fail
unless we take hold of them, and act upon them. Gods I will covenants have two qualities. They
are spontaneous and they are absolute. I will, be clean In the last days, says God, I will pour
out of my Spirit on all flesh Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE
Moses did what he did with such assurance and flair it made a world spectacular. He walked into
Pharaohs throne room straight from the sheep-field with his crook still in his hand, and in his
stained shepherds coat. Time after time he passed through the guarded gates and studded palace
doors into the glittering splendor of the presence of Pharaoh, a nobody whom God made a
somebody with a peremptory, uncompromising message Let my people go! Pharaoh and his court
would stare at this daring man who was no diplomat. I expect they laughed. But God was on the
war path and the most powerful ruler on earth stood no chance against Moses - and God. The God
of deliverances sent Moses and sends us. Let my people go! Our witness and evangelism are
efforts the world despises and pretends to ignore but we attract the backing of God. Paul said he
was Unknown yet well known. He could tell King Agrippa it was not done in a corner. Lets be
bold in the name of Jesus. God bless, REINHARD BONNKE.

God gave me this poem today. Please read it carefully. God bless you doing it. REINHARD BONNKE
I will draw all men to Me
By Reinhard Bonnke
Christs foes, consumed with jealousy plotted His crucifixion.
Pinned down like an animal, beaten out of recognition,
In agony, Jesus was lifted up on a cross for mockery.
But He had said If I be lifted up I will draw all men to unto me.
And there was one man, right next to Him, a criminal justly tried and crucified,
He was the first to be drawn and had Christ identified.
Staring at Jesus when dying, he recognized Him as Savior for sure.
The pull of Christ from the cross had started to work like a magnet or lure.
Lord, he said, Remember me when you come into your kingdom.
Jesus took him very serious and opened his eyes for paradise.
The dying thief became one of the Bibles supreme examples of faith,
It was faith in the saving grace of Christ he detected, which others rejected.
Jesus the Lamb on the throne as it had been slain, the Bible comments,
Will always bear His wounds Received in the house of His friends.
It is the single most notable event of world history,
And His Cross the number one man-made thing, known throughout eternity.
A friend told me that when he was three years of age, his father, a carpenter used a two wheel
handcart to carry wood and tools. Sometimes he would take him on the cart with him. One day he
wanted to help push the cart. So, nearer where they were going, his father set him down, put his
small hands on the cart and said he could help push. The people at the house saw them arriving
with the tiny boy. Dad told them how he had helped. A three year old doesnt walk very fast. Dad
could have managed better and quicker without his son. However, it was a principle, the
satisfaction of a son with his father was more important than speed. The Almighty God wants our
hands on the cart. Moses could not create the plagues of Egypt, but he called them down. He had
no power over winds and water but the sea parted at his command. Moses as one man could not
defeat an Egyptian military brigade but with God he did; quite a change of role for a shepherd.
Salvation is of the Lord, but the LORD never operates solo. He chooses volunteers. God saves
only those who know that He saves, but nobody knows unless we tell them. (Romans 10:14). Do
what we can and He will do what we cannot. Do the possible and He does the impossible. Look
again at that great Bible example of a servant of God, Moses. He was the meekest man on earth
but not the bravest. He had no army. Israel was still only a rabble of tribes, but Moses snatched the
entire slave force of Pharaoh from under his royal nose, not a hoof left behind. Joining forces with
a God like that Moses showed fearless audacity and drive. God took away the heart of a rabbit and
gave him the heart of a lion. God bless you. Greetings from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE
The apostles were not praying for the Holy Spirit, but He came, invaded the place; any atmosphere
they might have experienced together was blown away, invaded by a rushing mighty wind (Acts
2:2, NKV). The Spirit is the atmosphere of heaven itself and heaven comes down here with Him. He
is the pneuma, the wind of heaven blowing through our stuffy traditions and stagnation. We may
sing Welcome, welcome, Holy Spirit, but He does not come because of our welcome. He is no
guest, no stranger invited in for an hour or two. He is the Lord from heaven and invites us into His
presence. Where there is faith and the Word, He finds his natural environment. God bless you.

Even ordinary faith produces outstanding people, though not all church members are notable
examples of its galvanizing power. Some are still at the growth stage, where they declare they
would go through fire and water for God but only if it does not rain. Paul and Silas in Philippi, sick
with horribly mutilated backs, had a celebration meeting in the pitch dark prison, and then
conducted a baptismal service before they had recovered from their terrible mauling. That is not all,
for we read that when they left, they [that is Paul and Silas] encouraged them. Paul and Silas,
battered and wounded, encouraged the brethren they left there (Acts 16:40). This is rather different
from staying away from worship on Sunday, in case the cold, caught in the rain at the football
match on Saturday gets worse; or to catch up with work that we did not do during the week when
we were watching interesting nonsense on television; or because we feel tired. They that honor Me
I will honor says the Lord. Believe it and our habits will change and our health! God bless you.
Outside the Camp
Poem by Reinhard Bonnke
Night fell at noon at the Cross; Day and night I cried, the prophet said.
Those watching Jesus dying at Calvary could no longer see, feeling eerie.
The dead stirred in their tomb, coming out of their graves and gloom.
People in the temple witnessed an amazing thing, a very strange happening.
An unseen mighty hand tore the thick veil like a sheet of paper.
The Lord from the Holiest of Holy was gone and could not be traced like a vapor.
But then He was found, nailed to the Cross, by order of Israels High Priest boss.
Our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, fulfilling Scriptures for us.
God put His Son in the hands of rogues, who gave Him nails, stripes and robes.
As Lamb He was slain, but triumphed as LORD when He rose again.
Bury a lie and it will decay, but bury the truth and it will rise, disproving all lies.
With Jesus being The Way, The Truth and The Life, the grave could not connive.
Needle wielding priests repaired the curtain in the temple well,
But that did not bring Gods glory back or His presence in it to dwell.
God was missing, His House now being an empty shell.
He was out and about, that is maybe in the Upper Room, when the Holy Spirit fell.
One needs to be "outside the camp" to see the Redeemers glow,
The Lord is no more behind the veil; His works of compassion everywhere show.
His glory is expressed in His giving: Christ gave all He had for all of us.
And when His hands were empty He emptied them again of His blood.
The joy in heaven included also pain. Jesus bore mans unbearable shame.
And the Father? "God was in Christ, we read, fully involved with Christs deed.
What God was on the Cross, He was on the Throne, absorbed with man to atone
But now It is finished, our Redemption complete, Jesus guarantees, it needs no repeat.
Poem by Reinhard Bonnke
Israel suffered under the iron wings of the Roman Eagle severe oppression.
Romes imperial talons clawed and stole the nations possession.
Levi, a tax-expert, was on the wrong political side, considered a hideous spy.
Lets visit his office collecting tolls, to understand the way how Jesus calls.
The tax official sat in his bureau up the road, before him his days workload.
He had shifted his table out of the sun, now touching a visiting man.

And there He was, this visitor blocked the light, but Levi just kept sitting tight.
Whoever this man was, he politely and patiently stood still in the pause.
A sense of being carefully studied overcame Levi, upsetting him of course.
Without looking up he said Yes? All quiet, no movement, but he felt stress.
Annoyed, he looked up and was shaken: it was Jesus, whom he already had met
Looking at Him He felt the bliss, how Christs eyes burnt themselves into his.
Jesus kept smiling, the whole atmosphere changing from tough to love,
To an overture, a personal gesture, gushes of love from heaven above.
Confused with mixed reactions and stirrings, Levi simply lost his bearings.
How long the moment was Levi couldnt remember, but finally Jesus spoke.
Levi! Follow me! He said, and that was it, Levis resistance broke.
His tax-pen fell from his fingers, he could no more linger.
Levi never knew why, but this offer to serve Jesus would never again come by.
He realized that the hand of the Lord was resting over his own, as never known.
Leaning closer, looking intently at him, he made his decision with no interim!
At once Levi rose, shut the tax office up and followed Jesus never to look back
That is the glory many feel when Jesus steps into their lives to make the appeal.
Levi followed Him to become an Apostle of the Lamb, one of the eternal elite.
Obviously a person born from above would never be satisfied with a world, which was gross and
only material. They need spiritual links as well as physical ones. The present world, with its limited
scientific laws, is not big enough for a converted Christian, any more than a cage is for an eagle. It
needs extending, and that extension is into the fourth dimension beyond our three dimensional
world. We walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:25). God has made us sit together in heavenly places in
Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). The Book of Acts shows men beginning to draw upon new resources,
and to move through the world blessing the people with salvation and healing. The first new men in
Christ, new creatures of the kingdom, were sent out to bring others into the same kingdom order,
with new instincts, new powers, and new laws written on their heart (see Hebrews 8). God bless
Prayer is not an interview with God that terminates when you say, "Amen." It doesn't mean, "So long
Lord!" He is as much with you when you are not praying as when you are. "I will never leave thee
nor forsake thee" (Joshua 1:5). "Lo! I am with you always" (Matthew 28:20). His presence is
unconditional with those who love Him. God bless you and greetings from Florida. REINHARD
The single word I has tremendous meanings from beginning to end of the Bible. We might call it the
ego of God, as He speaks of Himself emphasizing the first person pronoun I. For instance in six
chapters, Isaiah chapters 41 to 46, God calls Himself I 126 times. He even uses double emphasis
expressions such as I, even I. Let us understand that God is not just saying I am God. So dont
worry. He is saying See WHO OR WHAT your God is and then you do not worry. It is like Jesus
saying we should not worry about tomorrow because of what God is Your heavenly Father knows
you have need of these things. God invites us to scrutinize His track record, His credentials. The
gods were worthless. The Lord stresses I, even I because of His unchallengeable reputation. There
were gods, of a kind, but not of His kind. He invites comparison with every god anybody believed in.
To whom will you compare me or make me equal? Isaiah 46:5. Well? Who? He puts His character
at stake. Test His integrity! His faithful goodness! That is where we start first seeing what God was
like and then what Jesus was like. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
The primary truth about God is that He is the Deliverer, the Emancipator, and the Savior. He is God
only to the free. Faith is a venture that turns life into an adventure. Doubts get us nowhere. They
are mooring ropes. Believing God means we cast off, like ships designed for riding the high seas
and going somewhere. Faith inspires. Doubt paralyzes. Faith says, "I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me." Unbelief does nothing. Faith in God is exciting. God bless you. REINHARD

Jesus told us this truth in a parable. A merchant found one fine pearl that was worth a phenomenal
amount and sold everything else he had to raise enough money to buy it (Matthew 13:45-46). This
is a picture of God emptying the treasure chest of his love for us. We were no bargain. We did not
look very much like a valuable jewel. Yet he took us with all our worthless baggage, rottenness,
debts, nastiness and wickedness. He drew us to himself ignoring everything in us that was foul and
corrupt. Then like a heavenly valet, he cleaned us up, gave us a complete makeover, clothed us in
righteousness, girdled us with immaculate grace and made us fit to enter the presence of the King
in his beauty. That effort left him soaked in his own sweat and blood on the trodden grass of
Gethsemane. Then finally that awful hour of devilish agony, hanging like a rag nailed to a tree. God
Preaching salvation must be more than a cold-water business. Conversions are produced in the fire of
God. Evangelism is not a clinical operation; it is a hot affair. Conversion must be of the Spirit. This is
not a business transaction. Holy Spirit preaching makes Holy Spirit converts, not technical converts
or theological converts. We believe with the heart. The answer for this nation is not polemics and
debate, but the consistent, bright-burning witness of genuine believers. If you want to be rid of the
darkness, stop arguing and just switch the light on! God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Christianity boring? So is television if we don't plug in. For the best programs, switch on - it makes
quite a difference. So does switching on to God. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
When a gun is loaded with blanks, the bang and recoil are the same as they would be with live
ammunition. A difference can be observed in the use of live ammunition and blanks, but not in the
noise. The dummy ammunition makes no mark on the target, because it never reaches it. The real
bullet can hit its mark. We are not interested in mere bang and recoil, excitement and spectacular
Gospel displays, even if those draw hundreds of thousands of people. We want to see something
live hit the bull's eye. The crowds may come, but we must, by faith, let loose a true broadside of
Holy Spirit fire power in order for something to be accomplished. Multitudes are born again, lives
are completely changed, churches are filled, hell is plundered and heaven is populated. Hallelujah!
The fire of God is not sent just for the enjoyment of a few emotional experiences. Praise God,
though, the fire of God has that glorious side effect. Holy Spirit power produces lively meetings. But
just being happy and clappy does not satisfy God's design. The Holy Spirit works for eternal
purposes. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
The Cross is the nuclear power-drive of the Christian faith. It is the heart of the Gospel reaching the
hearts of millions I see around the world. There is no Christ except the crucified Christ. The Holy
Spirit has invested heavily in Calvary. He is absorbed in His job. He works in people what Jesus
worked on the Cross. You can't drag Him away from that place and get Him to attend to non-Calvary
business. Except on redemption ground there's no true spiritual power. Wonders without the Cross
are not Holy Spirit wonders. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
God reveals what He is because of what we should be. When He spoke to Israel and made certain
moral demands for their character he repeatedly added for I am the Lord . What He is relates to
what we should be, but what He is and what we are should be related. We talk in terms of contrast
we are human, and cannot emulate the Divine. We excuse ourselves from being anything beyond
human and imperfect. But God has set up a new order. He thinks of us in terms of likeness and
similarity. He made man in His own image in the beginning and despite disaster has not given up on
His intentions. He wants us like Him and will never rest until we are. So the revelation of God is
meant for human transformation and not just student education. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Some people shine intellectually and speak brilliantly. I am just an ordinary evangelist, although I do
believe the evangelist's job is the most important in the world. My natural environment is a
platform in a field somewhere in world. Any brightness on my part must come from the Holy Spirit
and the Word of God. My hope is the promise in Daniel 12:3: "Those who lead many to
righteousness, [will shine] like the stars for ever and ever." May we shine forever together in the
name of Jesus. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

The world is in a critical condition, desperate for the transforming power of Christ; meanwhile the
devil schemes to hide this obvious fact from us. His policies of murder and genocide having failed to
prevent the birth of our Savior (see Matt. 2:16-18) and later, His resurrection, Satan's only other
alternative was to prevent the preaching of the gospel. At first, the devil used mainly persecution
and false gospels to this end, but over the centuries he has built up a considerable armory. A
favorite subtle weapon he deploys is to redirect our priorities. Satan doesn't mind how hard we
work for our churches, as long as our work keeps us from wreaking havoc on his evil kingdom by
preaching the gospel. Beware! We can study doctrine, engage in fellowship or cultivate our own
souls in ways that bring us no closer to fulfilling Christ's commission to preach the gospel to every
nation. Let us not be fooled. We are wallowing in deception when we allow "good" activities to
crowd out the most urgent work of all. Preach the Gospel is the command of Jesus. God bless you
and greetings from South Africa. REINHARD BONNKE
The LORD set up the whole salvation scenario. He not only wrote the play, built the theatre and
choreographed every scene, but was also the chief performer. To save Israel He sent Moses, Joshua,
Samson, Gideon and others. This time He sent nobody. He came Himself. He let nothing stand in His
way. It meant unspeakable humiliation, Gethsemane, mockery, Calvary, death. All God had and
was, He put into the business of saving us. He had no prompting, no example. With a Savior like
that, we have full guarantee. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Through
Isaiah God said I, even I, am the Lord, and beside me there is no Savior. Every Bible page echoes
it. God bless you and greetings from Germany. REINHARD BONNKE
Believers are power lines. Power and quickening life come through them! That is what Christianity IS.
We are in the power business. Evangelism is not just pushing ideas or even doctrines. Doctrines are
good, but they are like lumps of coal in the coal shed, they are dead. Put them in the furnace and
they are glowing coals. The gospel is truth on fire. Words are like battery cells; they need to be fully
charged. A dead battery wont light the smallest torch. When our words are charged with Holy Spirit
power, they bring beams of light into the worlds darkness. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
The rainbow is the flag of God, the seven-colored royal standard. No icon, no regimental colors, no
empire symbol could match that! The word bow in Genesis 9:13 is the same Hebrew word as a
bow for arrows a war bow. What a war- bow, spanning the whole horizon! What mighty arrows it
must shoot when God goes into battle. The Lord will march out like a mighty man, like a warrior he
will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies.
(Isaiah 42:12.) The rainbow is not a mere phenomenon of beauty but a Divine reminder of Gods
archery. There was a rainbow round about the throne and out of the throne proceeded lightnings,
Gods mighty arrows. (Rev. 4:3,5). No wind can blow a rainbow away. No devil can switch it off. The
battle belongs to the Lord. We all suffer lifes storms when ominous blackness fills our skies, but
that arching splendor of prismatic color in the rain cloud, seen with our mortal eyes, is the objective
standard of God to reassure us. Gods rainbow is His love bent to the world - and you and me. God
bless you today. REINHARD BONNKE
Love real love is an electric, galvanizing force. Electric current is measured in three ways, amperes,
watts and volts. They name the flow, the force or rate of flow and the volume or potential energy. If
you like -- it has three dimensions. The greatest power in the universe is the love of God. Electricity
varies in amperes, watts and volts, but the love of God is declared to be beyond measure, infinite infinite flow, infinite force, and infinite energy. Love is as infinite as God, for God is love. Science
cannot work God out, because science can only handle what is measurable or quantifiable. My
Jesus I love thee, I know thou art mine God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Graciousness means favor. God is a God of grace, of favors. That is how He deals. Everything in His
shop is free - Jesus walked in and paid for it all. When Gabriel appeared to Mary the virgin, he called
her "highly favored". It was as if he gave her that as a name. The word actually is 'grace", which is
a noun, but Gabriel turned it into a verb and said God had "grace-ized" her. It is a most unusual
word. It means more than Mary receiving a favor, but being personally affected by it, characterized
by the sheer quality of Divine favor, personified by it. It was by this quality of grace by which she
became pregnant with the Christ-child. Now this same unique word is used by Paul in 1 Ephesians
1:6, but never anywhere else. Paul says that those who have been born again, and have received

Christ have also been 'grace-ized', or as it is translated in Luke "highly favored". The same goes for
the Christian believer as for Mary. A born again believer is a piece of triumphant grace. God bless
It is so common for Jesus to lift people out of their littleness into greatness, and make apostles of
fishermen. One doesnt have to read between the lines of the Bible or delve into the Greek or
Hebrew grammar. It is written large in God book Jesus loved the unloved and unlovely. It is so
usual, so normal and so workaday for Him. He picks up with drab uninteresting people living grey
little lives and makes them special. In fact the whole Bible is full of it. God choosing the unlikely
people, the youngest sons, the barren women, not many mighty, give the nameless a name,
putting His arms around them and acknowledging them. That is our wonderful Jesus. REINHARD
Prayer is much more than just talking to God, as if we were on a telephone. What passes between
God and us is not just words. Something happens when we pray. In prayer we breathe the air of
heaven. It brings Divine oxygen to the bloodstream of faith and energizes workers with God.
Something gets us going for God. We collaborate with Him and He collaborates with us. He lights up
a route plan in His Word giving us direction and destination. Prayed today? God bless you.
We need Gods power. God needs manpower. Salvation is a joint effort, the Spirit of God waiting on
our NOT waiting but getting on with it. We are co-workers together with Christ what glorious
partnership. God does not need us to run the universe, but he depends on our trust in and our
obedience to Him. Lets preach the Gospel and thus fulfil the Great Commission. God bless you.
God did not give us a Bible of INSPIRED PUZZELS. It is a Book of REVELALTIONS, NOT RIDDLES. Any
problems in Scripture are road signs to exciting discoveries, if we allow the Holy Spirit to take us
by the hand and "guide us into all truth". God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE.
We preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Our message is not the Ten Commandments, or a higher
social order. It is Jesus. The need of the world is Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. God

By Reinhard Bonnke
A leper was outstanding in acumen and saw what only few had seen.
He met Jesus Christ and said, "Lord, if you will, you can make me clean".
Many put the cart before the horse by saying, "If you can, you will",
But this is human thinking, not Bible language, not spreading faith, but ill.
For the leper, it was a revelation, realizing everything depended on Christ's will.
His faith was reasonable - "If you will, you can" and behold, the miracle began.
The Bible was not written just to say what God can do, but what He will do!
His Word is His will, coming in sixty-six Bible-Books, crystal clear and true.
Each book gives us special help; building our insight of God and His character.
God is Almighty or He wouldn't be God and that is the premise and starter.
The key word here is that He says "I WILL," for God is the God of goodwill still.
When we come trusting to Him, His arms wide open, He hurries His Word to fulfill.

Revelation says that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.
So to flip the healing leaves of the Bible with fingers of faith is Gods medication
Read it and your heart will be ready to burst as faith starts transmitting.
Leprosy, blindness, carcinoma or sugar, its all one when Jesus has come.
The Bible is the fountain of faith, with its unique character and greatness.
Keep reading and turning its pages, and Jesus keeps healing the sick of all ages.
God gave me this poem yesterday and I thought it might encourage many. Please pass it on to
those who need it.
God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
We pray because the Holy Spirit prays. There is a remarkable statement in Romans 8:26-27 (NIV):
The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit
Himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express ... The Spirit intercedes for the
saints in accordance with Gods will. First, note the astounding revelation that the Holy Spirit
prays. Then even more amazing, the Holy Spirit needs human beings so He can pray. He not only
prays for us but through us. Anyone who prays becomes useful to the Holy Spirit, being an
instrument in a heavenly wonder. The unutterable groanings of the Holy Spirit are expressed
through those who pray. That is, what the Spirit does not say, people can say as led by the Spirit.
People want to be used by the Holy Spirit, and this is a sure way. He is looking for those who will
empathize with His groanings. One way to be useless to the Holy Spirit is not to pray. Let us pray
without ceasing God bless you and greetings from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE
God came to Moses in living flames. But not just to give Moses an experience. Christianity is not just
religious feelings, the gross heresy taught today, making all religions equal if they bring religious
feelings. The Lord had desperate business. He did more than send Moses. He sent His Son, sent His
Holy Spirit, and now sends us with the Good News. And off we are. 2014 is going to be a great
year of harvest or Jesus. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. REINHARD BONNK
Most of man's ills are man-made. Yet there is power in the gospel to reverse these fatal processes.
The truth will set us free, calling us back to do His will, which is always for the good of us all. God
loves His prodigal planet, and if we return, we shall enjoy the glad welcome of the Father. God bless
you and a Happy New Year 2014. REINHARD BONNKE
Most of man's ills are man-made. Yet there is power in the gospel to reverse these fatal processes.
The truth will set us free, calling us back to do His will, which is always for the good of us all. God
loves His prodigal planet, and if we return, we shall enjoy the glad welcome of the Father. God bless
you and a Happy New Year 2014. REINHARD BONNKE