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Remote Terminal Unit

General Installation Instructions RTU560E

General instructions for the

installation and operation of electrical

The RTU560E has been developed in

consideration of all relevant regulations,
particularly EN 60950.

Degree of contamination II (Only nonconductive contamination may occur,

except if temporary conductivity occurs as
result of condensation.)

Overvoltage protection category II

In case of stricter requirements appropriate

measures (shielding, voltage protection, etc.) shall
be taken.
The user shall ensure that all devices and the
associated components are installed according to
the applicable safety regulations and are checked
for proper function in regular intervals.

Installation and application

This document contains information about
installation and wiring of the RTU560E. For
additional information refer to the data sheet of
the respective module.
Only skilled personnel may carry out installation,
commissioning and maintenance of the system.
The personnel shall have the following know-how:

Handling of dangerous voltages

Application of the VDE and the accident

prevention regulations

A disconnecting device must be provided for the

RTU560E. The disconnecting device shall be
easily accessible!
The RTU560E system shall be protected from
humidity, soiling and damage during transport,
storage and operation.
For reason of capacitance and inductance the
signal and supply cables shall be laid separately.
The RTU560E has only a functional earthing and
no protection function.
The analog inputs of the 560MIO80 may be
connected only to a SELV circuit (EN 60950).
Accessible conductive parts of the RTU560E have
functional earthing only. Insulation required for
safety is double or reinforced!
Development, production, testing and
documentation of the RTU560E is in keeping with
the currently valid regulations. If all the important
guidelines for installation, commissioning and
maintenance of the device are observed usually
this device causes no danger to other objects or
human health.
Observing the regulations means that the
RTU560E may be operated, installed and
serviced exclusively in the way described in the
Particularly the technical data of the 560MIO80
and/or 560PSU80/81 shall be observed.
ABB will not be liable for any damage caused by
use or repair deviating from good professional

Additional short-circuit protection shall be

achieved by the standard building installation
(IEC 0110).
Commissioning may start only after the housing of
the RTU560E has been firmly mounted on the
building structure (see setting instructions of
All cables used shall have a double PVC
insulation, which shall be specified up to 300 V.

Doc. No.: 1KGT 150 528 V000 0

ABB Utilities GmbH

General Installation Instructions RTU560E


Technical Data RTU560E


Observe the following instructions before opening

the housing of the RTU560E:

366x258x310 mm (HxWxD)

Degree of protection: IP30; EN 60950

1. Disconnect the RTU560E from the mains (plug

or disconnecting device).


without battery 4.4 kg

with battery 8 kg

2. Disconnect the process wiring from the

560MIO80 boards (560MIO80 boards are off

Temperature range:

-25 ... 55 C

3. Then, if available, unplug the battery plug

connector from the power supply unit (plug
connector 3).

Electrical data without process

560PSU80 R0001:
Voltage for

24 V - 60 V DC

Nominal current:

0.5 A - 0.2 A

Power input:

15 W

560PSU81 R0001:
Voltage for

110 V - 220 V AC

Nominal current:

0.4 A - 0.23 A

Power input:

25 W


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Doc. No.: 1KGT 150 528 V000 0