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4.1 Is there a press conference to explain the misunderstanding to the public.

Positive Results
Held a press conference, it will accelerate the process of explaining to the public on a
misunderstanding of the design by Shine Bangladesh. Shoes will be able to interact with
reporters for potential subsequent question and answer session that could explain
misunderstandings incident. Community will recognize the efforts made by Shine to explain
the incident to the public. It will regain confidence and recognize as when they receive an
explanation Footwear Bangladesh.
Positive Results
Bangladesh Shoes must provide evidence and explain to people about the incident as a failure
to explain to the public through a press conference will be damaging because it is the official
statement made by the company. Representative of the company must be able to understand
and calm as journalists may take the opportunity to tarnish the reputation of the company and
connect it to the gunning down people in Palestine by Jews.

4.2 Hold the shoe production.

Positive Results
By holding the shoe production, it will certainly help to reduce the deficit further to the
company as the people of Bangladesh have begun boycotting Shoes sandals made by
Bangladesh. During this period, it will provide an opportunity to shine to repair or replace the
equipment that needs to be maintained. It also provides additional advantages to conduct an
internal investigation to workers Shoes Bangladesh. It is important for management to engage
with employees on the current situation and provide support to employees.
Negative feedback
Once production has stopped, this means no more production of sandals that will affect the
sale of the company. It will give a negative value to the P & L if production is not able to be
continued as soon as possible. It will give a negative signal to the main office and factory
may be closed so that the potential need to issue the bigger and uncontrollable.

4.3 Meetings with stakeholders and government agencies to continue to explain and the way
forward to complete misinterpretation logo
Positive Results
Shoes will be able to explain and give a detailed explanation to stakeholders and government
agencies on a misunderstanding about the logo or design. After cleaning in this issue, it will
provide additional support to convince the other parties, particularly the public on a
misinterpretation of the design. It will help to accelerate the recovery of the shoes and
Negative feedback
Representative of the company must be able to explain to stakeholders and government
agencies because it would provide a major impact leading to severe complained of
government agencies, especially those involved with the incident. Interested parties may
withdraw their investment and Footwear rather than Bangladesh. If this happens, Shoe
Bangladesh may need to close the factory and move them to places or other countries.


It is important for leaders to understand and get to know local customs and sensitivities in
conducting business. This is the first accused in the case of the Managing Director of the
Company Footwear Shoes, accused both the company said the Production Manager, the third
accused is the Marketing Manager, the fourth accused is the calligraphy of the company and
the last accused in the company's sales manager. The man accused of deliberately want to
anger the Islamic religion with calligraphy carved "Allah" in Arabic on sandals with it offend
the majority religion of Islam. By marketing these sandals with calligraphy "God" they have
offended the religious feelings of millions of Muslims. It is a religious duty and responsibility
of every devout Muslim to protect the sanctity of "God." Therefore, taking into account the
above strategy, the best strategy is to hold a press conference to explain the misunderstanding
to the public.