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BEYOND PARTITION: Mediascapes and Literature in Post-colonial India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

deadline for submissions: October 30, 2016

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Roshni Sengupta/ Leiden University

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BEYOND PARTITION: Mediascapes and Literature in Post-colonial India, Pakistan and Bangladesh


Nukhbah Taj Langah (Associate Professor at Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan

Roshni Sengupta (Lecturer, South Asian Studies, University of Leiden, The Netherlands)

Concept Note

The proposed edited volume would attempt to bring together scholars, commentators and practitioners from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in order to address questions concerning the post-colonial development of landscapes of film and media as well as literature in South Asia. We expect contributors to explore not only the post-Partition relationship between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but also how they associate themselves as a broader South Asian community. It also aims at shifting beyond genre-specific borders to look closely at post-Partition developments and towards the future of the sub-continental neighbours, with two sections focusing on literature and mediascapes. We expect to articulate arguments about the affective genealogy of literary accomplishments as well as the growth of the varied strands of the media and sociological, cultural and anthropological responses towards both. The key objective of this volume, therefore, is to move beyond 1947 and 1971 Partitions, to address how people have felt after Partition, how have they moved on and how are they associating with their counterparts after this political division. The borders and official policies and narratives have prevented this and our objective is also to continue this dialogue through academic research. The proposed volume aims to deconstruct these complexities by applying an interdisciplinary approach. The proposed book would accept paper proposals focusing on creative responses (novels, short stories, poetry, art, folk literature) and media studies (film, songs, drama) from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The papers can be based on, but are not restricted to the following themes:

Gender and sexuality Construction of the ‘Other’ Representation of War Nostalgia and separation Progressive cinema Stereotypes in radio and television programming The concept of war/ peace The disregarded cultural links

Please send your abstracts to Roshni Sengupta ( and Nukhbah Langah ( by October 30th, 2016. The complete papers are required to be submitted by Spring 2017. The final deadlines will be announced once the abstracts are selected for this volume. This volume is being prepared for South Asia Series by Sage Publications produced by South Asia University, New Delhi.

cfp | call for papers


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