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1) Is SE a good or bad profession? Support your answer.

Based on the Preamble of the Code of Ethics, SE is supposed to be a good profession which
mainly serves to do public good. Most SE professionals and experts have agreed amng themselves that
this field is for the better good for humanity. As a result, a Code of Ethics has been created to guide
potential Software Engineers to the good side.
2) Are you now an SE Professional? Why?
I believe I am indeed an SE Professional because I follow Software Engineering principles and
practice an informal Code of Ethics. Even without reading the whole Code of Ethics, I can still guess
with context the proper set of behaviour an SE Professional should follow.
3) Aside from being an ethical guide, what other important purpose does the code have?
Its other purpose is also to teach potential professionals of how an SE should act. That would
also include their rational decision-making in terms of their fields.
4) Can we use the code for evil purposes? Support your answer.
Absolutely not, the code has mentioned that it will uphold and promote good SE practices and
ethics. With that, using the code for evil purposes simply defeat the nature and the existence of the
Code of Ethics. It was created because experts wanted a guide for aspiring SE professionals not a
5) Who would benefit most from this code?
The people who would most benefit from this is the public. They are the end users and the
beneficiaries to whatever decisions we SE professionals make in the future. If for some reason an SE
professional makes a bad decision, there is a huge chance that someone in the public will be affected
due to his actions. Therefore, the public would easily be the ones who will be affected the most by this