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[Oath of Office for Officials]


Notice being for:

Judge Sleazy Green Hog Served in person and by
Attn: Court 162nd Room 14032
1600 Washington 16th Floor Certified Mail # ___________________________
Long Beach, Texas 77777
Reference: Oath for Office as Judge

One living, breathing man/woman known as Jack Rabbit: Patriot, Affiant, Non-domestic c/o 7777 Freedom Avenue,
county known as Dallas, part of the Southwest Territory commonly known as Texas, a Republic, having a sound mind,
and over the age of twenty-one, whose advocate is Yahshua, the Messiah, Jesus, the Christ, reserving all Inherent,
Unalienable, and Imprescriptible Rights, being unschooled in law, and who has no bar attorney, without an attorney,
and having never been represented by an attorney, and does not waive counsel, not a pauper, vagabond, debtor, nor a
fugitive from justice, owing no man/woman anything but love (the truth), unfettered by restraints of enfranchisement,
not a vessel, knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily, Declares and Duly affirms, according by LAW, in special
appearance, in time of peace and not in time for war or emergency, in good faith, with no intention for delaying or
obstructing, and with full intent for impartiality by the judiciary, that the following statements and facts, in the
matter(s) of Cause # ___________, and any matter relating for this Cause, are from My own first-hand knowledge, and
are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, with a belief in a life hereafter having rewards and
punishments, so help Me The Eternal True Creator, who is the Truth.

Your offer for CONTRACT is hereby accepted by Jack Rabbit Patriot being venued under COMMON LAW and not
being used in a foreign Cause #_____________________;

Whereas the CONTRACT being your Oath for Office as Judge (attached) by Law is under the Texas State
Constitution 1836, 1845, 1876, Article 1. Section(s) 1-30, and the Constitution for the United States of America,
Amendment I through Amendment I I and is a valid CONTRACT in COMMON LAW.

In witness, where fore, I have hereunder set My hand, this the twenty eighth day for the second month, in the year for
our Lord, two thousand and two, Gregorian.
This document was prepared by Jack Rabbit Patriot.


Jack Rabbit Patriot, Agent
Power of Attorney in Fact, With the Autograph

Using a notary on this document does not constitute any adhesion, nor does it alter my status in any manner. The
purpose for notary is verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction.

Having witnessed the signing and sealing of the forgoing Verified Declaration by Jack
Rabbit Patriot, I place my hand and seal hereon as an authentic act as a Notary Public.
Subscribed and affirmed before me this _____ day for the ____________________
month in the year of our Lord and Savior, Two Thousand and Three, A.D.

Notary Address ____________________________
____________________________ Seal

My Notary Expires _________________________