Product overview

Vodafone Private Cloud

Private Cloud
Power to you

Reduce your infrastructure costs and increase your flexibility, using our
secure, dedicated IT platform with self-service capability.
Vodafone Private Cloud gives you a reliable, secure and scalable IT platform
dedicated exclusively to you. You benefit from lower cost of ownership,
with the performance and agility to ensure your business is ready for growth.
A self-service portal gives you the flexibility to provision your resources,
in minutes.
Our Private Cloud is connected to the Vodafone international network.
Secure, stable and reliable, it’s your assurance of dependable end-to-end
performance. Combined with the Public Cloud, plus our comprehensive and
reliable storage and backup options, Vodafone Private Cloud can help you
react quickly to rapidly changing markets and be even more competitive.
Vodafone Private Cloud hosts your
applications on a dedicated platform
in our data centres. By using software
defined networking (SDN) and
virtualisation, it ensures service changes
are quicker and easier than reconfiguring
hardware. Standardised architecture
and components that are repeatable,
easy to customise and quick to deploy,
means Private Cloud can adapt to your
needs faster and more cost-effectively,
making your business more agile.

Everything is pre-tested to ensure the
service is dependable and ready to go,
and you can choose Private Cloud as
a fully managed or unmanaged service.
With Vodafone Private Cloud, your
costs become more predictable and
controllable. You no longer need to
expand your own infrastructure in line
with predicted demand, which tends
to result in expensive overcapacity.
Private Cloud flexes to match your
needs, so you only pay for what you use.

80% of Cloud adopters consider themselves well positioned for the
future compared with 56% of non-adopters.
(Source: Cloud & Hosting readiness Research, Vodafone, January 2015).

The Private Cloud self-service portal
operates across compute, network and
storage resources for a comprehensive
breadth of control. It gives you an
extensive service catalogue, with the
flexibility to change configurations
and capacity in minutes – all from a
single sign-in. The portal can match
your organisational structure so that
employees in different business units
and different roles are given appropriate
access rights and permissions. The
self-service feature also logs and tracks
changes, so it’s easier to trace any
problems or repeat successful actions.
Vodafone Private Cloud uses industry
leading technology to create pre-tested
Private Cloud configurations to cater
for a variety of customer needs. Each
build is designed with our experience
of virtual machine profiles and resource
configurations within a typical enterprise
solution. The standard reference
architectures are used by Vodafone
and tuned to meet your needs. This
simple design process speeds up the
implementation and delivery of
your service.


network changes and load balancing – allowing key changes in minutes. • Can be combined with our secure networking. backup. • Also available unmanaged. and VMware vCloud Automation Centre. so only your employees and customers can access it. including monitoring. • Highly secure – your platform is dedicated exclusively to you. firewalls and email protection. backup. as a basic infrastructure platform (with optional backups). HP. your IT people can focus on revenue generating projects instead of maintaining the platform. 2 . operating patching or anti-virus updates. to deliver quality and reliability. • Future proof – built with the latest infrastructure and designed to grow with your needs. so you have a resource that always meets your needs without the complexity and expense of expanding your own infrastructure. • Built by our experienced teams using the latest. • Security options include DDoS. • Available fully managed. • Easily scalable. ideal for uses such as development and testing. It’s hosted in our highly secure data centres. public cloud and storage solutions to make you even more agile and competitive.Product overview: Vodafone Private Cloud Benefits at a glance • A secure and fully managed dedicated IT platform for your internal and customer facing applications. EMC. that lowers your total cost of ownership. industryleading infrastructure from Cisco. • Self-service portal puts you in control of compute and storage resources.

industry-leading technology Tried.Product overview: Vodafone Private Cloud Key features and benefits Feature What it means for you We provide the infrastructure. combined with our high performance. tested and reliable Available fully managed. then manage your migration Maintain business continuity with a safe and seamless transition 3 . Built with the latest infrastructure and designed to grow with your needs. including 24/7 monitoring or unmanaged as base infrastructure only (with optional backups) Managed version frees your IT people to focus on their core activities. with the opportunity to move to benefit from even greater agility to increase your efficiency. etc. economies of scale and competitive pricing Reduce your IT TCO and keep operating costs low Provided on a dedicated platform protected by extensive security and delivered via our secure network Your data is safe yet accessible to those who need it Industry-leading technology. responsiveness and cost-effectiveness Our Professional Services team will design the best Private Cloud solution for you. Option to integrate our other Cloud & Hosting services A future proof solution. high bandwidth network Helps you be more agile and competitive Self-service portal with single log-in per user Make key changes in minutes – easily Management hierarchies ensure you control who can access the service catalogue. with high levels of virtualisation. help you build a business case. Base infrastructure version lets you use your own anti-virus software. and at what level Only authorised staff can make major changes Change log captures any service changes made Keep track of changes to trace faults or repeat successful changes easily Uses best of breed.

Other product and company names may be trade marks of their respective owners.Product overview: Vodafone Private Cloud Why Vodafone? Vodafone UNIQUELY owns the building blocks of FUTURE IT SERVICES – mobile. • 840. • Next steps For more information about how our Private Cloud can reduce your IT estate TCO and provide you with a more agile. • Dedicated service team of more than 300 experts. with some of the best sales engagement experienced in the industry. We are INNOVATIVE: • investing over £300m each year in R&D •£  38m per working day invested in next generation capabilities • £19bn total investment by 2016.vodafone.” Andy Chittick. Vodafone and the Vodafone logo are trade marks of the Vodafone Group. please visit our website at cloud.000+ Servers. Head of IT Infrastructure UK.000 sq ft of data centre with 41. making it easier to create your future proof IT platform. We are the only supplier to provide all these elements from a single source. PruHealth © Vodafone Group 2015. You can also call us on 0800 096 5838 and email us at: hostingenquiries@vodafone.5 million cloud Unified Communications users • extensive in-country networks in 15 markets • o ver 800 people across Vodafone focused on security. We have AWARD-WINNING Cloud & Hosting services • Highly secure end-to-end SLAs.5 million on-net We have SCALE across Vodafone: • 1 million km of fibre network worldwide • 3. secure and reliable infrastructure. future-proof. 4 . “Vodafone reduced our time to market during a rapid development period. • 4000+ hours training each year. fixed and cloud.