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Wizcraft is one of Indias leading COMMUNICATION & ENTERTAINMENT Company,

integrating strategy, creativity and technology to provide unique experiences.
Wizcraft started as a dream of three very different, yet extremely enterprising men - Wiz Andre
Timmins, Wiz Sabbas Joseph and Wiz Viraf Sarkari and today, has become a phenomenon in
the event industry. They have tirelessly worked towards making Wizcraft, Indias leading
communication and Entertainment Company and continue to do the same till date.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Wizcraft has offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and
Chennai in India, with international liaison offices in the UK and UAE and associates across the
Wizcraft, with a depth of expertise in experiential marketing, boasts of having in its client portfolio
more than 500 leading MNCs and corporate houses including Microsoft, IBM, Zee TV, Bacardi,
Audi, Standard Chartered, Wipro, Redbull, Adidas and many more. Wizcrafts in-house brands
include the IIFA, GiMA, StarGuild Awards and Kingdom of Dreams. We have successfully
conceptualized, organized and executed large scale events such as the Opening and Closing
ceremonies at the 19th Commonwealth Games, 50 years of Indian Independence Day
Celebrations and Opening Ceremony at the Hannover Messe (2015).
Wizcraft is in the business of creating experiences and our staunch belief is that an event may be
forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. Wizcraft, a pioneer in organizing extravagant and
mesmerizing events, exhibitions, activations, television, PR or the digital space has been
instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India.

Our Expertise

Wizcraft focuses on two strategic areas: Communication and Entertainment

Our events are custom-designed to create a platform for Brand Communication and positioning,
hence we strongly believe in Creating Experiences that activate Brands, Businesses and
Wizcraft is possibly, the only group to invest in high-end event / production infrastructure. This
enables the company to provide state-of-the-art Sound, Lighting & Lasers, Video, Dcor facilities
at par with the best in the world.
With the singular belief that Entertainment and Events have the potential to redefine every
industry, Wizcraft has integrated the two into highly effective brand communication vehicles.

Communication comprises of two components: Brand Activation and WizSpk (PR
Consultancy and Digital Services) .
Brand Activation: Being Indias leading event marketing organization, we have a strong lineage of
activating brands through face-to-face and live consumer experiences. Our unique event
programs are custom designed to create a platform for Brand communication & positioning
through multiple promotional channels, Driving PR, promoting sales & sampling, Achieving
maximum visibility by breaking through media clutter.
WizSpk Communication | PR is your most trusted communication and PR partner. Our Approach
a 3 step process that believes in gaining INSIGHT into brand objectives to create a blend of
effective IDEAS that deliver the right messages to increase brand INFLUENCE. With a track
record of immensely successful public relations campaigns and a prolific clientele list, Wizspk
represents a wide spectrum of organizations and brands across Corporate, Entertainment,
Fashion, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Sports and Education sectors.

Entertainment comprises of WizTV, Special Projects and the Wizcraft Brands - IIFA, GiMA
and Guild Awards, platforms that have been conceptualized, owned and nurtured over time by
In a short period of time, these properties have earned respect for themselves from the doyens
of their respective industries, & the events combine sheer magnitude with unparalleled star
power to give audiences around the globe a never-before experience.
Special Projects: Whether it is moving India with a patriotic extravaganza featuring the countrys
best artistes to celebrate 50 years of Independence, or creating mass hysteria with the King of
Pop Michael Jackson, whether it is taking Indian Cinema across the Globe or creating a
Millennium Event in India witnessed by audiences across 150 countries... the Wizcraft magic
guarantees the highest production standards & world class event technology.

Our Directors

Great minds dont set out to be leaders They set out to make a difference. Its never about the
role, its always about the goal. Have a look at the incredible personalities who are the reasons
behind one of Indias leading Event Management agencies today!

Wiz Viraf Sarkari

Following the setup of Wizcraft in 1988, Wiz Viraf Sarkari brought in his experience in
managing mega projects for the company, strengthening the technical infrastructure and
expanding the organizations scope of business in India and across the globe. He has
his pulse on the latest production and technological breakthroughs in the field of events
and entertainment worldwide and constantly innovates and experiments with new
technologies. Viraf has been closely involved in producing mega projects and concerts
not only in India, but all around the world.

Wiz Sabbas Joseph

Wiz Sabbas Joseph is the creative force behind Wizcraft.
He has been actively involved with media from the beginning of his career. Sabbas
Joseph has spearheaded and managed several mega corporate events for the
company, as well as lending his strategic foresight for some of the companys biggest
brand launches and corporate events. Sabbas heads the Sales and Marketing Team as
well as the Corporate and Brand Activation business. He is also a faculty member and

guest lecturer at leading communication institutes and an active member of the

entertainment committees of CII, FICCI and Event Management Association (EEMA) of
India. He was elected as president of EEMA at EEMAGINE 2014, EEMAs Annual
Convention held in Kochi.

Wiz Andre Timmins

Wiz Andre Timmins is the driving force behind Wizcraft. His experience in the
entertainment industry is immense.
In 1988 he expanded his business horizons with the establishment of Wizcraft, which
revolutionized the entertainment business in India. As a director and one of the founders
of Wizcraft, Andre Timmins has drawn upon his experience while managing and creating
IIFA and other mega events both in India and around the world.