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Homework 1 (Fundamental Counting


of 24. How many possible outcomes are

possible if:

1. Levi is taking a probability quiz. How many

ways can he answer all the questions if:

a. a student can receive any number of


a. the test has 5 true/false questions?

Answer: 4,586,471,424

Answer: 32
b. the test has 6 multiple choice questions,
each having 3 choices?
Answer: 729
c. the test has 12 true/false questions,
followed by 7 multiple choice questions
having 3 choices each?
Answer: 8,957,952
d. the test has 6 true/false questions, 6
multiple choice questions having 4 choices
each, and 2 multiple choice questions having
3 choices?
Answer: 2,359,296

b. each student can receive at most one

Answer: 1,744,364,160
5. You have three groups of distinctly
different items, 12 in the first group, 12 in
the second group, and 15 in the third. If you
select an item from each group, how many
different triplets can you form?
Answer: 2,160
6. How many different four-digit numbers can
be made from the first 6 natural numbers,

2. It is required to seat 7 men and 6 women

in a row so that men and women alternate
seats. How many such arrangements are

a. if repetition is allowed?

Answer: 3,628,800

Answer: 360

3.There are 14 roads between towns X and Y.

There are 14 roads between towns Y and Z.

7. A college dance class has 9 junior women,

6 junior men, 7 senior women, and 7 senior
men. How many ways can the teacher select:

a. How many different route may one travel

from town X to town Z that will pass through
town Y?
Answer: 196
b. How many different route may one travel
from town X to town Z that will pass through
town Y, and back?
Answer: 38,416
c. How many different route may one travel
from town X to town Z that will pass through
town Y, and back, if they don't want to use a
road they have already taken?
Answer: 33,124
4. There are 7 separate awards that are to be
presented to selected students from a class

Answer: 1,296
b. if repetition is not allowed?

a. a man to perform a jazz dance?

Answer: 13
b. a woman or a senior man to tap dance?
Answer: 23
c. a senior or a man to dance in a production
Answer: 20
d. a junior or a woman to call the roll, and a
senior man to to sweep the stage?
8. A traveller in Dallas is preparing an
itinerary for a visit to 6 major cities. The
distance travelled, and hence the cost of the

trip, will depend on the order in which he

plans his route. How many different
itineraries (and trip costs) are possible?
Answer: 720
9. How many different car plate numbers are
possible if the first 3 places are to be
occupied by letters and the final 4 by any
number from 0 to 9?
Answer: 175,760,000
10. A laboratory conducting research on
sleeping habits contains 6 rooms, with 2
beds in each room. If 2 sets of pairs are to be
assigned to 4 beds so that each set of pairs
sleeps in different beds in the same room,
how many assignments are possible?

a. there are no restrictions?

Answer: 2,862
b. Shaun will serve only if he is president?
Answer: 2,809
c. Armando and Scott will serve together or
not at all?
Answer: 2,654
d. Colton and Chase will not serve together?
Answer: 2,860

Answer: 120

5. A particular waiting area, with two seat

rows, can hold nine people, four in the first
row and five in the second row. How many
different sitting arrangements of nine people
are possible?

Homework 2 (Permutation)

Answer: 362,880

1. Suppose that 3 couples are to have dinner

together at a round table.
a. How many possible seat arrangements are

6. An assembly operation for a certain circuit

board consists of twelve operations that can
be performed in any order. In how many
ways can the assembly operation be

Answer: 120

Answer: 479,001,600

b.How many seating arrangements are there

if each couple must sit together?

7. In how many ways can eight students be

seated in a row of eleven seats if:

Answer: 16

a. two students insist on sitting next to each


2. How many different signals, each

consisting of 15 flags hung in a line, can be
made from a set of 3 green flags, 10 yellow
flags, and 2 white flags if all flags of the
same color are identical?

Answer: 1,209,600
b. two students will not sit next to each

Answer: 30,030

Answer: 5,443,200

3. A spelling competition has 15 competitors

of which 2 are from Memphis, 3 are from
Miami, 5 are from Kansas City, and 5 from
Chicago. If the tournament result only shows
the city of each competitor in the ranking,
how many outcomes are possible?

8. In how many ways may a party of 6

women and 6 men be seated at a round
table if the women and the men are to
occupy alternate seats?

Answer: 7,567,560
4. A chair and a co-chair are to be chosen
from a group consisting of 54 people. How
many different choices of officers are
possible if:

Answer: 86,400
9. There are 5 different mathematics books,
4 different dynamics books, and 6 different
economics books that are to be arranged on
a shelf. How many different arrangements
are possible if:

a. the books in each particular subject must

all stand together?

the two consecutive operations can be

carried out.

Answer: 12,441,600

Answer: 349,188,840

b. only the mathematics books must stand


5. A recent study revealed that by following

12 simple health rules, a man's life can be
extended by 14 years on the average and a
woman's life by 7 years. These rules include:
no smoking, regular exercise, use alcohol
moderately, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep,
maintain proper weight, eat breakfast, do not
eat between meals, and others. In how many
ways can a person adopt 8 of these rules to

Answer: 4,790,016,000
10. A special math class consists of 3 men
and 4 women. A quiz is given, and the
students are ranked according to their
performance. Assume that no two students
obtain the same score.
a. How many different rankings are possible?
Answer: 5,040

a. if the person presently violates all 12


b.If the men are ranked just among

themselves and the women among
themselves, how many different rankings are

Answer: 495

Answer: 144

Answer: 210

Homework 3 (Combination)

6. A student has to sell 2 books from a

collection 10 physics, 20 chemistry, and 17
biology books. How many choices are
possible if:

1. From 7 consonants and 5 vowels, how

many words can be formed consisting of 5
different consonants and 4 different vowels?
The words need not have meaning.

b. if the person never drinks and always eats


a. both books are to be on the same subject?

Answer: 371

Answer: 38,102,400
2. In how many ways can 13 objects be split
into two groups containing 4 and 9 objects,
Answer: 715
3. A soccer coach holds a tryouts for a soccer
team, and 39 players show up. The coach
can only keep 17 players, of which 6 will be
substitutes. The other 11 may be aligned
either as 4-3-3 team or as a 4-4-2 team (the
other one is a goal keeper). In how many
ways can the coach form his team?
Answer: 51,051,710,072,238,899,200
4. From a group of 21 engineers, an
construction committee of 14 is formed.
From the construction committee of 14, a
quality assurance subcommittee of 8 people
is chosen. Find the number of ways in which

b. the books are to be on different subjects?

Answer: 710
7. A group of twenty taxis is to be randomly
assigned to NAIA 1, NAIA 2, and NAIA 3, with
eight going to NAIA 1, six going to NAIA 2,
and six to NAIA 3. In how many ways can this
be done?
Answer: 116,396,280
8. Out of 6 biologists and 12 physicists, a
committee consisting of 3 biologists and 8
physicists is to be formed. In how many ways
can this be done if:
a. any biologist and any physicist can be
Answer: 9,900

b. one particular physicist must be on the


b. How many of these possible selections will

not contain any defective fuses?

Answer: 6,600

Answer: 6,188

c. two particular biologists cannot be on the

committee together?

c. How many of the possible selections will

contain at least one defective fuse?

Answer: 7,920

Answer: 36,316

9. A study is to be conducted in a
construction firm to determine the attitudes
of engineers toward various administrative
procedures. If a sample of 13 engineers is to
be selected from a total of 25, how many
different samples can be selected?

d. How many of the possible selections will

contain exactly one defective fuse?

Answer: Show Answer 5,200,300

Answer: 420

10. In how many ways can a group of 12

people be divided into:

3. 4 -letter "words" are formed using the

letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G. How many such
words are possible for each of the following

a. two groups with 5 and 7 people?

Answer: 792
b. three groups consisting of 6, 3, and 3
Answer: 18,480

Answer: 16,660
2. Find the number of distinguishable
permutations of the letters "AABBBCD".

a. No condition is imposed.
Answer: 2,401
b. No letter can be repeated in a word.
Answer: 840
c. Each word must begin with the letter A.
Answer: 343
d. The letter C must be at the end.
Answer: 343
e. The second letter must be a vowel.
Answer: 686

Homework 4 (Counting Techniques)

1. A shipment of 24 fuses contains 7
defective fuses. A quality control specialist
chooses a sample of 5 fuses from the

4. There are seventeen applicants who

applied for two jobs. How many ways can the
jobs be filled if:
a. The salary rate is different for each job?
Answer: 272

a. How many possible choices of 5 fuses can

be made?

b. There are no differences between the


Answer: 42,504

Answer: 136
5. After being put into service, some buses
manufactured by a XYZ Company have
developed cracks on the underside of the
main frame. Suppose a particular province

has 20 of these buses, and cracks have

actually appeared in 10 of them.

a. How many ways are there to select a

sample of 7 buses from the 20 for a thorough
Answer: 77,520
b. In how many ways can a sample of 10
buses contain exactly 4 with visible cracks?
Answer: 44,100
6. Samples of emissions from three suppliers
are classified for conformance to air-quality
specifications. The results from 72 samples
are summarized as follows:

c. How many five-card hands (drawn from a

standard 52-card deck) contain exactly two
Answer: 103,776

d. How many five-card hands (drawn from a

standard 52-card deck) contain a two-of-akind?
Answer: 1,349,088
8. There are 16 chairs in a row. In how many
ways can four people be seated if they sit in
consecutive chairs?
Answer: 312




9. For a particular website, the password

must start with one of the letters P, Q, R, S,
or T. Then there must be 5 more characters,
and each of those characters may be a
numeric digit or a letter of the alphabet. How
many different passwords are possible?



Answer: 302,330,880


10. In the design of a certain mechanical

product, thirteen components are to be
stacked into a cylindrical casing, in a manner
that minimizes the impact of shocks. One
end of the casing is designated as the top
and the other end is the bottom.

a. How many emissions are from supplier A

or conforms to air-quality specifications?
Answer: 61
b. How many emissions are not from supplier
B and conforms to air-quality specifications?
Answer: 44
c. How many emissions are from supplier C
and does not conform to air-quality
Answer: 35
a. How many ways are there to choose two
nines from a standard 52-card deck?
Answer: 6
b. How many ways are there to choose three
cards from a standard 52-card deck without
choosing any nines?
Answer: 17,296

a. If all components are different, how many

different stacks are possible?
Answer: 6,227,020,800
b. If ten components are identical to one
another, but the others are different, how
many different stacks are possible?
Answer: 1,716
c. If six components are of one type and
identical to one another, and three
components are of another type and
identical to one another, but the others are
different, how many different designs are
Answer: 1,441,440