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Nanotechnology: The Basics

by Professor Vicki Colvin, Daniel Mittleman
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Nanotechnology: The Basics

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Week 1: Nanotechnology
Week 2: Nanoelectronics
Week 3: Nanomagnetics
Week 4: Nanophotonics
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Week 1: Small, strange and useful! This first week we will introduce nanotechnology. As you will learn,
defining the term itself can be a challenge and the discipline has a rich and somewhat controversial
history. We will conclude the week with a tour of the different types of materials in the nanotechnology
pantheon that sets up the class for the weeks to come.
Week 2: Electronics when materials are super small. There is no doubt our lives have been changed
by the small and powerful computers we now use in everything from our cell phones to our
coffeemakers. This week you will learn how nanotechnology has been a part of this revolution and
what the limits are to making wires and transistors super, super small.
Week 3: How magnets change when they are made small. Magnetism is quite mysterious and the
foundation of such cool technologies as flash drives and MRI imaging. Nanotechnology has played a
crucial role in advancing all of these diverse applications and in week 3 you'll gain some insight into
how that is possible.
Week 4: Shedding light on nanoscale materials and photonics. Compared to electrons, photons are
difficult things to trap and control with normal materials. Nanomaterials offer completely new
approaches to manipulating light. Whether its through diffraction, or plasmonics, nanotechnology can
provide new capabilities for solid state lasers as well as super resolution microscopes.

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