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Like A Virgin....Or Not?

Stella McCartney &

Phillip Lim Bare All

Summer’s Prettiest!
Lace, Lace, Everywhere
Catch Denim Fever
Thistle & Clover invites yo
their Spring 2010 Collec
221 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
ou to view
Photography by Caitlin Bellah

Hair: Meghann Oliberos
Makeup: Angel Dorr
Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro


Editor-In-Chief e,
Dexter Necklac
Letitia Burrell DANNIJO $2 45

Art DirectOR
Eddie Rodriguez

Design InternS
Suzanne Jones, Lauren Dragosetti


Julie Williams


Tiffany Brandenburg

May Wang, Melissa Wiggins, Allyson Barkan

Copy intern
Ingrid Otsby

Emily Bleasdale, Emma Frew, Kristin Weaver, Caitlin Bellah,
Nicole Corbett, Andie Edwards, Waldemar Hansson, Lucie
Hungary, Lara Jade, Lisa Lamb, Charlotte Lin, Max Moden, Lena
Modigh, Rand Niederhoffer, Valentina Vos, BriAnne Willis

Chelsea Campbell
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Printed on-demand in the USA. expressed in DUJOUR are those of the respective contributors and are
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© 2009 LOOKLOOK Publishing.

u e w e a s k ed our
this iss t o g e t a little
contributor their virginity. . .
cheeky abo

For this issue I shot the
cover story! The best thing
about when I was young CAITLIn
was truth or dare.If I could BeLLAH
become a born-again virgin For this issue I took pictures.
I would make sure my boy- The last time I was in bed I
friend knew. But I lived and was busy on my laptop. The
learn, and now I’m off to best thing about when I was
bigger and better things! pre-cherry-popping young
was not worrying about shav-
KrIsTIn ing my legs. But I lived and
WeAver learn, and now I’m off to edit
The last time I was in bed I photos.
was busy checking my email.
The best thing about when CHArLOTTe
I was pre-cherry-popping LIn
young was not having bills For this issue I took photos
to pay! But I lived and learn, in my favorite city: Toronto.
and now I’m off to have The last time I was in bed I
some fun! was busy sleeping. If I could
become a born-again virgin
susHI I’d lose it again. But I lived
The last time I was in bed I was and learn, and now I’m off to
hitting the snooze button. The get more.
best thing about when I was
pre-cherry-popping young was
dancing to the Spice Girls. If I JuLIe
could change one thing about WILLIAMs
that fateful night it would be
what I know now. But I lived For this issue I styled some
and learn, and now I’m off to babes. The best thing about
eat a burger. when I young was I was
care free as a bird. If I could
change one thing about that
rAnD & CAMILLA fateful night it would be to
Hi my name is Thistle & not have his dad walk in on
Clover. For this issue I us. But I lived and learn, and
discussed sustainable style now I’m off to hold out for
with the lovely Dujour the manboy of my dreams.
team. The last time I was in
bed I was with my sig-
nificant other reading the
paper after a full french
breakfast (coffee croissant
and jam anyone!?).

Photography: Charlotte Lin

dear dujour
Dear Dujour, Let me just say how much I liked the photo shoots read the magazines, I just rip out my pages and scan them, but I
you had in the last issue. Your photographers have a great just so happen to have caught a glimpse of a story about a brand
aesthetic sense. The “I’m a little tea cup” shoot and the Marie I liked, and from there I couldn’t put it down. It reminds me of
Antoinette series, both of which looked absolutely stunning, Nylon, there are so many great indie designers that I otherwise
especially impressed me. With talent like that I’m sure your never hear about. Hope you use me again!
magazine will do very well. Keep up the good work. Daria
Dear Dujour, Ok so I got my copy of Dujour in the mail today, a
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tad later than I expected, but its okay. I love, love the cover, even
better in person. I just found out you are doing a digital edition
Dear Dujour, Wow, your magazine is amazing! I remember seeing
online as well which I love because I can easily click on the links
the cover of the very first issue two summers ago, and didn’t
to all the great brands you cover, like NEET if you have heard
think too much of it. I don’t know how I came across it this time
of them. I definitely want to see the next issue to see if you are
around, but glad I did. I see the magazine is inching towards
subscription-worthy, but from what I hear on the blogs, this is
being one of my new faves. The content is so great and the ideas
going to be a magazine I want to keep an eye on. Thanks for
are exactly what I love to read, especially last year’s Vintage
bringing us something fun and interesting!
Issue. You don’t really see mainstream magazine showcasing
Etsy brands in the same light as Louis Vuitton. It will be exciting
to see what else your editors continue to share. Maybe I should . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
subscribe already?
In-love with our cover model?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Didn’t care for the fashion tips?
Dear Dujour, I modeled in your last issue and it took a while to track Send your rants, raves and reviews to
down a copy. I think you should let people know where to find
the magazine because it’s great! I have to be honest, I don’t really

ea in pebble,
The Original Fl

ea in saddle,
The Original Fl

With summer just around the corner, it’s only
fitting our attention has turned to no fuss,
travel-friendly, stylish accessories. Thank-
fully, not only does emerging handbag brand
Fleabags have us covered, but they’re also
eco-friendly! Launched last season with a
limited run of 100 handmade bags produced
in NYC, Fleabags products use only organic
and vintage materials. When we discovered
the bags at indie boutique Thistle & Clover in
Brooklyn, we reacted with a frenzy of excite-
ment. Designers Shira Entis and Alex Bell
created Fleabags with the idea that flea mar-
ket haunts shouldn’t leave you looking like
a bag lady. These dapper, large, lightweight,
and sturdy carry-alls with covetable design
have all the room we need for a summer day
trip to Montauk. And really, could we ask for
anything more?

Thistle & Clover invites you to view
their Spring 2010 Collections
221 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
FA s H I O n
The latest news, trends and must-haves for you...

tANgLED up
iN bLuE
Synonymous with American culture,
denim is certainly not a new concept in
fashion; however, as denim remerged this
spring in the form of patchwork shirts,
sleek cocktail dresses, and even platform
shoes, it brought with it a certain nostal-
gia for faded-blue hues and distressed
accents. For some time, leggings had
dominated women’s stems all over the
world, but with that trend on a down-
swing, blue jean fabrics are back with a
vengeance. Fancy a pair of jeggings, any-
one? This season, fear not the dreaded
monochromatic fashion faux pas; instead,
pile on different denim shades and
textures—and let your accessories handle
the embellishments.

Siwy Denim

During this time of year, the racks often
can look like a spring meadow: floral with
soft hues. And of course we love florals,
but sometimes we want our roses with
thorns. Motel, the refreshingly un-dainty
line from England is here to provide you
with beautifully brash silhouettes that ac-
centuate your curves, yet add structure
with 1950s London mod influences. Chic
little black dresses aren’t the
only thing Motel has to offer.
the apparel company also has
created fantastic separates and
accessories that are the perfect
addition to any downtown girl’s
closet. Available through the Mod
mega store, topshop, and its own
online store, there’s no doubt this
well kept secret won’t be kept
quiet for long.

On THe
Wipe that drool from your chin—
it’s perfectly natural to covet the
beautiful design of a shoe pos- ASOS COMiNg tO AMEriCA!
sessing all the features we adore. the u.K.-based site,—known for its unbeatable variety
back zipper detail, an architec- of trendy duds from numerous brands at amazingly affordable
tural wedge, and a cool grey prices—currently does not offer goodies available for purchase
hue—what’s not to like? fortu- with u.S. currency. Come September, however, the online cloth-
nately, there’s a lot more where ing retailer will cross the pond and enter the u.S. market with a
that comes from. Los Angeles web site strictly for those spending in u.S. dollars. this fall, the
shoe designer LD tuttle never company’s 37,000 men’s and women’s styles will debut on a u.S.-
fails to deliver exciting and wear- friendly site, which will add 1,500 styles weekly and undoubtedly
able styles for those of us who tempt the fashion obsessed. Having made seven percent of their
actually plan to hit the town in revenue on u.S. sales in the past year, Asos executives hope
our fashionable footwear. With a the launch will expand their brand even further. for those
seemingly ever-expanding line of awaiting the u.S. online premiere of Asos, hold tight, peruse
sandals, heels, wedges, and boots the u.K. site, and pray for fall.
that never disappoint, LD tuttle
continues to to re-think standard

shoe design to create pairs for all
seasons. incipisi tat luptate mod-
olor senis nim

California cool is epitomized in Moise Emquies’ popular

t-shirt line, Splendid. Known for creating a perfect combi-
nation of fabrics to create the softest and cuddliest shirts
possible, Emquies’ continues his love of functional fabrics
with his latest venture, Splendid Swim. Now that Splendid
is hitting the sand, women everywhere can breathe a sigh
of relief and ease into their seaside skivvies. those breatha-
ble, body-hugging fabrics that you love in your favorite tee
are applied to what surely will become your new favorite
bathing suit: Heather gray triangles accented with brightly
colored horizontal stripes and flirty, beaded accents that
personify the laid-back beach-babe look without the use of
constricting fabrics. With so much swimwear flooding the
market, this studded, sequined, and strappy swimwear by
Splendid is a welcome—and comforting—change.

DUJOUR 12 things
12 things I SPY
by Sushi
1. Alexandra Agoston prowling on the pages of Harper’s
Bazaar in the “Wild Thing” editorial.
2. A ceramic piggybank with hand-painted flowers on it
that I’ve had since I was six.
3. The Kate Spade “Waldorf” pearl bracelet that was a
graduation gift to myself.
4. A vintage pearl necklace given to me by my grand-
5. A pair of Sportsgirl “Charlotte” double-buckle heels in
soft, black suede. It was love at first sight!
6. Bottles of OPI nail lacquer in pretty pastel pink and
purple hues.
7. Gold-wrapped chocolates and hand-picked roses
that my fiancé surprised me with on the morning of my
8. A recent addition to my beret collection: a grey Equip
wool beret with bow detail.
9. My one and only favorite Tare Panda plush toy.
10. A small collection of shiny, gold arm candy from Diva.
11. The Sportsgirl medallion bow brooch given to me by
a friend.
12.My camera-shy fiancé hiding under the covers.

Visit Sushi at


s uM M e r sT y L e
DUJOUR runway to real way

Take a bow
bows were center stage this
season, even as headgear at
Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Dress by Kirsty Doyle,

Bow dress by Tata Naka,



Bow crop tob by Topshop,

Bow skirt by Tata Naka,
Chain purse by Topshop,



DenIM F ev e r
Synonymous with American culture, denim is certainly not a new concept in fash-
ion; however, as denim remerged this spring in the form of patchwork shirts, sleek
cocktail dresses, and even platform shoes, it brought with it a certain nostalgia for
faded-blue hues and distressed accents. For some time, leggings had dominated
women’s stems all over the world, but with that trend on a downswing, blue jean
fabrics are back with a vengeance. Fancy a pair of jeggings, anyone? This season,
fear not the dreaded monochromatic fashion faux pas; instead, pile on different
denim shades and textures—and let your accessories handle the embellishments.

Alex Wang

DUJOUR runway to real way

1 Babs Bui
Skinny crop jea
ns by Paul Smith,

Wedge shoe by LD TUTTLE,


Boyfriend jeans by Curre
nt Elliot,

11 It's all about denim 3

Slashed jeans by TV,

Skirt by Twenty8Twelve,

10 Ruffle vest by Cu
rrent Elliott,


Sleeveless jacket by Twenty8Twelve,

White tee $206i
$115 by Balmain,

8 6
Charm neckla
$500i ce by Mawi,
7 Stam Bag by Marc Jacobs,
Print tee by ACNE,

g l a m eve r yd ay
s s a l i t t l e m o re
dre d o n ’t go
u r m in is k
getting ytoyou’re thinking.
irt in a
Now We know wha g s t y li st? Your
bunc h . h in
ree clot here to tell you
e is y o u r f
Wher oe? Well, we’re as your favorite
Rachel Z g as glamourous ixing colors,
that lookinrity is as easy as mnt patterns and
celeb ogether differe it h big, bold
in g t t
throw and experimen not over think in g w
textureso, ries. The key is tove fun!
access the look. Just ha

Photography: Emily Bleasdale

Make-up: Katelynn Walsh
Hair: Matthew Alan Thorpe
Styling: Julie Brooke Williams
Model: Katya

layer up
Ever wonder why those darn
French girls always look tres
chic? Layering! It’s an effort-
less way to add that certain
je ne sasi qoiu. And even
though summer is around
the corner, master the look
by choosing short shorts (in
a neon if you’re ballsy) and
stacking up on the chunky

United Bamboo top; Kimberly Ovitz vest; General Idea pink shorts;
Swedish Hasbeens belt; Lee Angel necklace and bracelets.
Photography by Innis.
photography: Nicole Corbett


ho m e m a d e r eg im e
Our adventurous beauty editor, Adriana, concocts dirty little treats
that will get you clean, glowing and supple.
Homemade beauty regimens always have intrigued me. I’m a firm believer that chemicals belong in a science lab, not on my face.
By now, perhaps it’s commonly known that some of the best ingredients for organic skin care can be found in your local grocery
store. However, I was surprised to find the recipes that appealed most to my tummy were not always the best for my skin. Don’t
be fooled by what’s tastiest. Looking into what fruits and veggies have to offer is the key to unlocking a healthier-looking you. So,
while carrots may not be the sweetest treat, they are chock full of antioxidants that do wonders for your face. I tested out quite a
few concoctions that didn’t make the cut, including a super greasy olive oil hair mask that I’m still washing out, as well as a tomato
and oatmeal scrub that looked like a bowl of vomit. Rest assured: there were plenty that made the cut. The following recipes not
only will leave you looking fabulous, but also make you feel great on the inside.

Invigorating Bath cookies Avocado & carrot

coffee scrub
· 2 cups finely ground sea salt
· 1 avocado, mashed
· 3 tablespoons coffee grounds (organic · 1/2 cup baking soda
· 1 carrot, cooked and mashed
and caffeinated) · 1/2 cup cornstarch
· 1/2 cup heavy cream
· 1 tablespoon salt (optional) · 2 tablespoons light oil
· 1 egg, beaten
· 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
Brew a fresh pot of coffee. Mix grounds · 2–3 tablespoons honey
· 2 eggs  
and salt. Be sure to use grounds within · 5–6 drops essential oil of your choice Combine all ingredients in a bowl until
20 minutes of brewing before oxidation  
smooth. Spread gently over your face
occurs. Scrub mixture over entire body Preheat your oven to 350° F. Combine all
and neck, and leave on for 10–15 min-
while in the shower. Rinse. listed ingredients and form into a dough.
utes. Rinse.
Using a teaspoon of dough at a time,
This scrub is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I roll it gently in the palm of your hand Avocados are loaded with vitamin E,
had no clue the coffee grounds I throw until it forms a ball. Repeat until dough making them a great moisturizer,. Carrots
into the trash every morning could be so is gone, then gently place the pieces of are brimming with beta-carotene, which
powerful against dull skin. What a great rounded dough on an ungreased cookie is said to renew the skin cells, making
way to recycle while also making myself, sheet. Bake for ten minutes, or until they this mask good for those looking to re-
and my day, a little more beautiful. It was are lightly browned. Do not over bake. verse damage and cover up a multitude
ridiculously easy to make this concoc- Allow the bath cookies to cool complete- of past skincare sins (pre-prom night zit
tion, and I immediately felt refreshed and ly. To use, drop 1 or 2 cookies into a warm popping, anyone?). For those of you who
renewed after my morning shower. The bath and let dissolve. have been forgetful about your SPF, this
smell perked me right up and the quality
mask is a good option.
could easily match the more expensive Bath cookies, also known as bath balls or
scrubs I’ve tried from the store. Bottle it bath bombs, are a modern alternative to
up, stick it on a shelf at Sephora, and it bubble baths. This recipe was not only
would sell like hotcakes. fun to do, but the end product also was a
lot of fun to use. Once they hit the water,
the cookies fizz and bubble up like any
store-bought alternative. They left my skin
incredibly soft, and there was no residue
in the tub to clean up afterwards.

You also can let your creativity run wild

with scents and additives. Stop at the
health-food store—they often carry an
array of essential oils—or incorporate into
the recipe a variety of flower petals and
herbs. The bath time beauty possibilities
are endless. Hint: Add fine glitter and
vanilla oil and you’ve got a Dujour-worthy
cupcake cookie!
beauty insider
Whether you’re heading for the beach, a pic-
nic, or a night out with the girls, we got you
covered. Beauty insiders, Marissa Mioressi
of Prestige Cosmetics and Raquel Watters of
Rik Rak Salon in Miami, dish on secret tricks
of the trade and what they’re loving this

Photography by Kristen Weaver

o m M o s c h ino S/S 10
Looks fr

Don’t have time to lay on the beach for a natural summer eDITOr’s PICK
glow? Brush on some Skin Loving Minerals™ Sun Baked We're loving Prestige's classic
Mineral Bronzing Powder in Rich Bronze for an instant lipsticks in the most desier'
sun-kissed shimmer. Apply it with Skin Loving Minerals™ able shades of pink you ever
Powder Brush for an even application of just the right
did see!


Don’t hassle with fake lashes. With the
stroke of a brush, you can get your own
lashes just as voluminous and plump!

3 Apply My Biggest Lashes™ in Black

for to achieve the ultimate biggest,
thickest, longest lashes!

1. Skin Loving Minerals™

Powder Brush, $11.95, 2.
My Biggest Lashes, $6.50; 3.
Classic Lipstick, $4.50

We're lovi
ng all th
as seen o e bows th
n the Mar is season
c by Mar
S/S 10 ru c jacobs
We catch up with the team at Rik
Rak salon for their take on beauty
and fashion this season from the
capital of summer: Miami!

1. How did your foray into the beauty/salon indus-

try first begin?

I had a clothing store in Coral Gables and did fash-

ion shows frequently. I worked closely with various
hairs salons and makeup artists to style the models
and Rik happened to be a stylist at one of these
salons. Well, that is the story both of how we met
and how we merged our businesses together.

2. Rik Rak is one of the most aesthetically pleasing

and well-designed salons in the Miami area. Where
did the inspiration and concepts stem from? What
as the mission statement and community market
goals from the beginning?

We wanted to create a comfortable environment

for our clients to have their hair and beauty servic-
es done and enjoy a gourmet meal with a glass of
champagne, while they browse our chic boutique.

Natalia Sanabria
Natalia, born and
raised in Costa Rica,
shares her inspira-
tions, passions and
love of make pre-

Your drawings and photography have such a playful, col- What are the recurring elements you are drawn to when
orful, and whimsical style.Would you say that you enjoy trying to get inspired? Do you like to draw certain types
showcasing the innocence of life through art? of girls?

I would say so, yes. I don’t have anything against digital I’m always up to date when it comes to design or il-
[photography], but I think that a handmade drawing, or lustration. I studied graphic design and painting, so I get
film photos [goes] back to the basics—presenting the my influences from artists like Toulouse Lautrec, Gustav
flaws of the paper or pencil, the stains. With photogra- Klimt, Alphonse Mucca … David Downton, Mercedes
phy it’s similar. You never know what you’re getting in Helnwein, Stina Persson—among others. I don’t have
the end. When I draw, I try to capture the essence of any particular [type of] model that I like; mostly I find a
the models that I use. Since I can’t actually take pictures picture that inspires me and instantly motivates me to
of them or see them on the actual runway, at least I can draw.
illustrate them, [by] dressing or putting some make up
on [them] the way I want. What do you love about nature that is perfect for pho-
What made you fall in love with the Chanel Spring 2010
collection? I always try to go to a forest and take pictures, because
it soothes me. Nowadays there are very few people that
Fashion illustration lets you exaggerate, and … I like mix- try to really recuperate those spaces and appreciate
ing a lot of techniques, [so] this Chanel collection was what we have here. I never know exactly what I’m going
perfect—from the very modern Marie-Antoinette hair, to to photograph. It depends a lot on the weather, the
the make up, all the models looked perfect. Almost like colors of the sunset, the light, if there’s fog, the kind of
caricatures, as if they were in a Sofia Coppola movie. flowers. I try not to make it a literal landscape picture.
From the moment I saw them, I wanted to draw them. It’s like giving the trees, sun, or whatever I’m looking at,
It’s so cool to interpret them with color, paper, watercol- some personality—something to relate. It’s like a diary of
or stains that can’t be controlled, and whatever I found my life.
that could work.
This issue is The Virgin Issue. What do you remember
Costa Rica seems like a beautiful place to live. What was and like most about the time of life where everything
it like growing up there? was innocent, before sex icons and media and TV reality
It’s a lovely country! Small, but so beautiful, with lots of
nature and different landscapes, [like] beaches, moun- I do remember when I was younger that the shows on
tains, volcanoes. I grew up in the capital, but my dad TV were more ingenious. They were … more memorable
has a farm, so I was always surrounded with nature and than the shows today. [Today, television is] so imper-
animals. My childhood was very quiet. For me there sonal, with no identity whatsoever. A lot of shows are rip
never existed videogames or internet … I had a simple offs of old ideas, or reality shows that are dull. I prefer
childhood and I think that makes me admire the sim- shows like Seinfeld. [It] was very witty and didn’t need
plest things in life and helps me find new, creative ways effects or sex to be successful.
to entertain myself.


Make Thee A�Bed

of Roses
Examining allure between, and surrounding, the

by Ingrid Otstny

From Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty to Hans embroidered upholstery that made up their four
Christian Andersen’s Princess and the Pea and posters and canopies are the stuff of legend. The
other fairytales famous the world over, beds beds of royalty continue to inspire historians and
serve as a symbol of innocence and luxury. As design-obsessed twenty-somethings alike.
time goes on, these dreamy furnishings continue Bedding fashion has become more in vogue as
to inspire pure, luxurious, and comfortable living. the demand for high thread count and designer
Nothing seems to evoke the feeling of innocence sheets has increased. Stores like Urban Out-
more than the canopy beds and fluffy duvets fitters now showcase hip, punchy-patterned,
that illustrate the pages of fairytales we grew up affordable duvet covers; eco-friendly companies
reading. As princes kissed bedridden princesses such as Rubie Green have emerged, presenting
to cure spells cast by witches, others searched crisp, organic sheet sets; and web sites like Etsy.
for fair maidens able to feel a single pea beneath com sell vintage and handmade quilts available
a stack of twenty mattresses. Romantic? Yes; but by the tens of thousands. Whether you want to
not all stories are as enchanting. play a part in your own fairytale or simply feel
Royalty, over the last several hundred years, has compelled to sleep like royalty, there are limit-
had some legendary troubles in the bedroom. In less ways to outfit your sleeping quarters ac-
pre-Elizabethan England, Henry VIII infamously cordingly. Not everyone can sit in a lap of luxury,
wedded and bedded several women in hopes but we can at least decorate our queen-sized
to produce a male heir—only to publicly execute mattresses and dream about it.
his wives if results did not turn out in his favor. Nothing is more comfy than a landscape of cozy
Alternatively, Elizabeth I—often referred to as white pillows, sheets, and duvets. On the other
the “Virgin Queen”—vowed to her constituencies hand, the dreamily mixed-and-matched pat-
that she would forever remain a virgin, never terned bed clothes in most Princess and the Pea
taking a man back to her royal bed. Also ac- illustrations are almost just as awe-inspiring. You
customed to abstaining were Marie Antoinette might’ve heard the saying, “messy bed, messy
and her husband Louis XVI who, much to the head.” But if your bed is messy with the most
chagrin of relatives, took eight years to consum- divine sheet set and the most drool-worthy pat-
mate their marriage atop their gilded bed in 18th terns and thread counts, then go ahead and lie
century Versailles. on that bed you’ve made. We won’t judge you for
Regardless of these royals’ bedroom adven- it; not one bit.
tures—or lack thereof—the ornate furnishings and

when i grow up

Photography by BriAnne Wills

���’� c�ll ��
� pr��c���

don’t c�llme
� pr��c���
���’� c�ll ��
� pr��c���
photography & retouching: Lara Jade (
Models : Ella M @ premier London, Maya @ iMg London
Make-up: Megumi Matsuno @ Carol Hayes Management
Hair: fukami Shinya
Styling: Krishan parmar
Styling Assistant: Katie Newsam

photography: Valentina Vos

Hair & makeup: femke Colaris
Styling: Valentina Vos & femke Colaris
Model: Myrte Maathuis
top, intimisimi. Skirt, femke Colaris. Shoes, Marni.
Veil, bridal Veil falls. Head piece, bridal Veil falls. Dress; Kimberly
Ovitz, Shoes; Kathryn Amberleigh, Jewellery; Alex & Chloe.

photography: Marley Kate
Styling: Lauren grant
Make-up/Hair: Joey Lake
Model: Alexandrina @ Major
Leotard; Screaming Mimi’s.
Diary of

photography: Marley Kate

Styling: Julie brooke Williams
Hair: Amber Duarte for Loreal professional
Makeup: Emi Kaneko
prop Stylist: Keren richter
Models: flora @ Elite
Valeria @ Q
fabienne @ trump
tori @ New York Models

d e e r fi g u r e s
have adventures
meet cute boys s
take photos everyday!
spend hours at the park
go on a bike ride b
fill our closet with dresses
go to church.. every week

spend it