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MBA-Construction Project Management

Course Title:

Pre-Construction Planning
Course Code:
Credit Units: 3



Total Credit Units

Course Objectives:
Project Management for construction projects needs to be initiated from pre-construction
stage of the project itself. Objectives of this course are:
To discuss stages of pre-construction phase of a project.
To discuss basics of Design Management, the processes and framework, roles and
responsibilities of a design manager, tools and techniques for design management and
best practices in design management.
To introduce students to project management requirements of pre-construction phase of a
project including the design stage.
To discuss project management processes, tools and techniques for the pre-construction
phase of a project.
To introduce students to project selection and evaluation. Project Management for
construction projects needs to be initiated from pre-construction stage of the project itself.
Pre-requisites: N/A
Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:
Understand project appraisal and selection process
Understand RIBA Design Stages of a project
Know about Project Management and its knowledge areas
Understand the Design Management Process
Identify and analyse Design Management Process adopted practically in the industry and
variance from the RIBA design stages
Know about different types of contracts and the Tendering process.
Know about Site logistics planning.
Course Contents/Syllabus:
Weightage (%)
Module I - Site Identification and Project Appraisal
Project need identification, Feasibility analysis of a project and project
selection, project scope identification, Project organization structure
finalization, Project management methodology finalized, Project team
selection, Project life cycle, Study of pre-conditions and assumptions
Module II - Design Management
Project Management principles and ten knowledge areas, RIBA Design
stages and Process for identification and engagement of design and
planning consultants, Agency co-ordination, value engineering analysis,
method of reviewing and evaluation of design through BIM and other tools,
effective design documentation methods and communication structure
Module III - Site Logistics and Planning

MBA-Construction Project Management

Site survey and Mapping, Geo-technical investigation and analysis, site

management, site planning, planning of traffic movement, safety concerns,
site logistics and infrastructure management.
Module IV - Process and Methods for identification and engagement of 10%
overview of bid process, tendering and packaging
Pedagogy for Course Delivery:
Learning outcomes include developing students knowledge with respect to theoretical
aspects and industry practice. Accordingly pedagogy for course delivery includes theoretical
lectures supported by industry case studies. Student assignments would include individual
and group submissions with focus on presentations.
In conjugation with other subjects this course aims for the following competencies:

Business Skills & Client Care

Entrepreneurial Skills
Managerial Skills
Procurement and tendering
Programming and planning
Project process and procedures
Project administration and control
Building control inspections
Legal/regulatory compliance
Analysis of client requirements
Cost prediction and analysis
Measurement of Land and Property
Data Management
Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
Health and safety

Lab/ Practicals details, if applicable:


Assessment/ Examination Scheme:

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Theory Assessment (L&T):

Continuous Assessment/Internal Assessment

End Term Examination

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Class Test


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MBA-Construction Project Management

Lab/ Practical/ Studio Assessment: N/A

Continuous Assessment
End Term Examination
/Internal Assessment
Project/ Attenda
Components Test/Assign
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Text & References:
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), (5th Ed.), Published by Project
Management Institute, USA, (2013).
Project Management for Construction, Chris Hendrickson, Department of Civil and
Environmental Eng., Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, (2008)
Any other Study Material:
Relevant reading material
Copy of presentation slides of lectures