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Everett Tsai

APES Biome Project


Temperate Rainforests
Temperate Rainforest:
A forest within the temperate zone that receives heavy rainfall.
Temperate Rainforests are especially distinguished from Tropical Rainforests by the
presence of a dominant tree. Temperate Rainforests experience all four seasons while
Tropical Rainforests do not.
Global Distribution

Annual Precipitation over 150cm (55in)
Mean annual temperature between 4 - 12C (39 - 54F)
Proximity to the ocean
Only in temperate zones
Limiting Factors
Allelopathy - certain plants affect the acidity and nutrients in the soil
Sunlight is unable to reach forest floor
Non-native invasive species (insects and plants)
Non-native diseases kill entire populations

Epiphytes (mosses and ferns) grow atop of plants to reach sunlight
Seeds take advantage of nutrients from slow decomposition due to cool temperature
Certain species hibernate or migrate during winters
Heavy biomass allows species to camouflage well
Human Impact
Deforestation effected by mining, farming, and logging
Industrial pollution contaminates water and causes soil acidification
Unbalances to the food chain results in biodiversity loss

Climate Graph

Pacific Ecoregion:
Running from Kodiak Island in Alaska all the way down to northern California, this area
is the planets largest Temperate Rainforest region.,-123.8356863,78530m/data=!3m1!1e3

Olympic National Park

Flora and Fauna:
Washington, US
- Douglas fir
- Western Red Cedar
- Sitka Spruce
- Western Hemlock
- Marbled Murrelet (endangered seabird)
- Spotted Owl
- Spirit Bears
Biomass in this region is
four times greater compared to
the tropics. This is due to the
large amount of living and decaying
material and the absence of forest fires.

Spirit Bear

Marbled Murrelet

Australia Ecoregion:

Tarkine Forest in Tasmania

Flora and Fauna: (endemic)
- Tasmanian Devils
- European Red Fox
- Tasmanian Tree Frog
- Growling Grass Frog
- Eucalyptus
- Acacia
- Huon Pines,144.8973918,18771m/data=!3m1!1e3
South America Ecoregion:,-71.5708327,1096651m/data=!3m1!1e3
Valdivian Temperate Rainforest in Chile

Flora and Fauna:

- Chusquea Quila (bamboo)
- Evergreen Trees
- Nothofagus Trees
- Southern Pudu (deer)
- Kodkod (cat)
- Marsupials

Asia Ecoregion:,50.0443892,2293m/data=!

Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests in Iran

Flora and Fauna:

Oriental Beech Trees
Persian Silk Trees
European and Oriental Hornbeam
Caucasus Leopard
Wild Boars and Wolves

Europe Ecoregion:,-8.1204522,664m/data=!3m1!1e3
Fragas do Eume in Spain
Flora and Fauna:
- Kerry Slug
- Quercus Robur Oak
- Quercus Pyrenaca Oak

Closest Temperate Forest Biome to Deerfield Academy

The Temperate Forest Biomes that are closest to Deerfield Academy are the ones just
south of the Appalachian Mountains. The George Washington and Jefferson National
Forest is about 598 miles away from Deerfield. The journey would take almost 10 hours
by car.