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Virginia Baumbach

2008 King Stables Road, Birmingham, AL 35242

Phone: 205-451-2518 E-Mail: Website:

Highly organized Writer accustomed to producing excellent copy on short deadlines on a broad spectrum of
topics, styles, and issues. Hard-working, dedicated learner, and reliable employee offering a background in html
coding and web design, extensive research skills, collaborating with a close-knit team, managing others,
organizing events and schedules, leading meetings and giving presentations, public speaking, consultant
positions, and interpersonal relations. Detailed proofreader with experience editing and writing in a range of
writing styles. Experienced in teaching students from grammar school level up to collegiate level.

Research Assistant
Dr. Paula Backscheider, Philpott-Stevens Eminent Scholar: Auburn University
I work closely with Dr. Backscheider on extensive research for her upcoming book. I also am in charge of
proof-reading work, re-designing and maintaining her website, keeping track of her funds, training other
employees, and am currently working on creating a guide to using HTML and CSS to make websites ADA
Totus Tuus Missionary
Diocese of B irmingham: Birmingha m, AL

I organized a catechesis program at a different parish each week. I was in charge of a small team, designing
the curriculum, delegating the tasks, planning activities, and maintaining a schedule. I taught a group of first
through sixth graders in the morning and a group of seventh through twelfth graders at night and
coordinated with parish staff.

Creative Writing Intern

Storybook Farm: Opelika, AL


I worked with students at both graduate and undergraduate levels in all types of fields with all types of
writing. I met with students one-on-one and worked with them on their writing at any stage of the writing
process to improve the writer's skills as a whole. Before employment, I took a semester long course on
Writing Centers. At the end of that course, I created a research presentation to be used to train consultants on
the body language of both clients and consultants during a session.

Group Leader and Speaker

Auburn+Catholic Student Organization: Auburn, AL


I interned for the non-profit organization Storybook Farms. I volunteered for a semester before coming on as
an intern. I worked closely with the current employees to write articles promoting the organization and their
events, and updated their website. My work was published in Beyond Auburn, Community and Cause, and
Auburn Alumni Associations magazine, Auburn.

Writing Consultant
Miller Writing Center: Auburn University, AL



I was part of a team that puts on retreats for Auburn University students. My job covered a multitude of
positions, including collaborating with a close-knit sub-team, leading and planning discussions and sessions,
and organizing the logistics of the retreat. I was also in charge of writing and presenting two one and a half

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hour talks on an intellectual and motivational topic for the entire retreat, and one smaller half hour
academic presentation for my fellow retreat leaders.
Head Counselor
Summer Show-Offs: Birmingham, AL

I worked as a counselor for a summer show choir camp. I taught third and fourth graders until I was
promoted to a Head Counselor position, where I taught more students, managed other counselors, and
fulfilled other organizational and leadership positions. I also wrote a blog post for the organization that was
used for their social media.

Media Design and Scheduling Chair

Fostering the Future Campaign: Auburn, AL


I served on a Top 5 Campaign Management group for a Miss Auburn campaign. My position included
collaborating with a close-knit group to run the logistics of the campaign and design creative marketing
strategies. I was responsible for creating graphics and designs for social media initiatives, communicating
with campus groups to request and schedule speaking times with the candidate, organizing the hourly
schedule of the candidate, her events, and her campaign staff, and speaking to groups about the campaign

New Member Educator

Chi Omega Alpha Beta Chapter: Auburn University



I served as an elected member on the Executive Council of the Auburn University chapter of Chi Omega
Fraternity as the New Member Educator. My responsibilities included organizing and planning a number of
events, collaborating with the executive board members on chapter-wide initiatives, planning and running
weekly meetings that included presentations and lessons, leading and delegating to a sub-team, writing daily
newsletters of chapter events, acting as communication liaison between groups and management, and several
one-on-one counseling meetings with new members each week.

Auburn University


I am currently enrolled in Auburns Master of Education program in English Language Arts.

Auburn University


I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing and was a
member of the Deans List. My coursework includes a plethora of pedagogical studies in addition to the regular
coursework for my degree. It also includes studies in both science and mathematics, including an honors -level
course in Physics.

Textual analysis, teaching, consulting, creative writing, editing, presentations, proficiency in PowerPoint, Adobe
Creative Suite (InDesign, DreamWeaver, Photoshop), HTML, and CSS, proofreading, public speaking, research,
running meetings, website design, team management, and writing academic papers and reports and articles.