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MARILEN G. SOLIMAN, Complainant, vs. ATTY. DITAS LERIOS-AMBOY, Respondent.

Legal Ethics; Code of Professional Responsibility; Canons 17 and 18.

Complainant claimed that she engaged the services of respondent in connection
with a
partition case. She agreed to pay the respondent P50,000 as acceptance fee. Later
respondent advised the complainant to no longer institute a partition case since the
co-owners of the property were amenable to the partition thereof. Respondent then
complainant that some from the RD can help expedite the issuance of the titles for
a fee of
P50,000. Complainant then deposited the amount of P8,900 to respondents bank
as payment for the real property tax and the amount of P50,000 as payment for the
contact with the RD. Respondent failed to deliver the certificates of tile.
Complainant filed
an administrative case against respondent for violation of the CPR. The Commission
on Bar
Discipline of the IBP found respondent to have violated the CPR by failing to observe
diligence in dealing with the complainant and recommended the suspension of
from the practice of law for six (6) months. The IBP Board of Governors adopted and
approved the CBDs recommendation, albeit with a modification that the period of
suspension was increased to two (2) years and that she was ordered to return the
amount she received from the complainant.
Whether or not Atty. Amboy violated the CPR.

The CPR clearly states that a lawyer owes fidelity to the cause of his client and that
should be mindful of the trust and confidence reposed in him. A lawyer is mandated
serve his client with competence and diligence; to never neglect a legal matter
entrusted to
him; and to keep his client informed of the status of his case and respond within a
reasonable time to the clients request for information.
The circumstances of this case clearly show that Atty. Amboy, after receiving
payment for
her professional services, failed to submit material documents relative to the
issuance of
separate certificates of title to the individual owners of the property. It was her
which caused the delay in the issuance of the certificates of title. To make matters
Atty. Amboy abetted the commission of an illegal act when she asked from Soliman
amount of P50,000.00 to be paid to her contact inside the office of the RD in order
facilitate the release of the said certificates of title. Further, notwithstanding the
of P50,000.00, Atty. Amboy still failed to obtain issuance of the said certificates of
title. In
not returning the money to Soliman after a demand therefor was made following her
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