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Brief History of the Supreme Student Government

Cotmon National High School
Cotmon, Camalig, Albay

The Supreme Student Government is the Schools highest

organization that provides opportunities to students to become a
good leader and better member of society with the ideals and
principles of participative democracy.
The SSG organization of Cotmon National High School
started with the following advisers namely:
Mr. Reynaldo Openiano followed by Mr. Gil Buarao and Mrs.
Salvacion Morcozo until it was assigned by the school principal
Mrs. Marylin R. Nicolas to Mrs. Myrna B. Nipa in the year 2001.
With the effort and full support of our principal, the SSG
organization was given an office room that will serve as their
venue for meeting and other occasions held by the school.
The set of officers in every school year always aimed a
project and programs that would be beneficial to the studentry.

Functions of the Supreme Student Government

a. Adopt and implement the Standard Constitution and By-laws
pursuant to DepEd
Order no. 43, s, 2005;
b. Conduct election of the Student Government officers for the
succeeding school year;
c. Serve as a representative of the studentry in voicing their
opinions, suggestions and grievances;
d. Spearhead anti-drug abuse, anti smoking, Brigada Eskwela,
Reading and Tutorial Services for challenged learners, and
environmental programs in the school;
e. Plan and implement policies and programs designed to
protect and promote students right and welfare;
f. Turn-over financial assets, papers, documents, properties
and other responsibilities to the incoming student
Government Officers.

Duties and Responsibilities of the SSG

a. Prepare a schedule of all the activities concerned by the
b. Disseminate to the elected officers the policies, school rules
and regulations, Constitution and By-laws of the
c. Enhance and guide the management and leadership skills
and values of elected Supreme Student Government
d. Creates harmonious relationship among members, students,
teachers and school officers in the school and community;
e. Coordinates in solving school and student problems to
promote educational, social, moral, physical, mental,
intellectual, cultural and spiritual achievement for the
welfare of the concerned students in particular and the
community in general.
f. Monitor all programs, projects, activities and meetings of
the SSG Officers at all times.
g. Serve as a partner of the school in achieving quality

Cotmon National High School
Cotmon, Camalig, Albay

Narrative Report of Teachers Week Celebration 09

The Cotmon National High School in cooperation of the
Supreme Student Government officers with the continuous
supervision of the SSG adviser Mrs. Myrna B. Nipa
successfully celebrated the Teachers week celebration
entitled An Affair to Remember held last December 7-10
and its culminating activity last December 16, 2009.
The SSG Officers and other selected students served as
the young teachers. The culminating activity was held last
December 16, 2009 at exactly 9:00 in the morning, it was started
by the doxology with Avegail Avila and Jhonny Magallon both IVHeron students. It was followed by the opening remarks given by
Hazel A. Gomez, the SSG President. Next to that was an
intermission number of I-B students.
The presentation of the teachers came next. It was done
through giving of gift by the young teachers to the teachers,
( the gift content t-shirt solicited from Mayor Caloy Baldo and
Cake .) Intermission number of selected I-C students came next.
The small but terrible I-B students gave also their best talents.
Meanwhile a II-C students shared their talents in dancing. II-B
singers shared their golden voices to the people of CNHS. The
most awaited no. came next by the young teachers who dance
together with the teachers. of CNHS.
Closing remarks was given by the SSG Vice President, Justine
Litana, III-B student also gave a dance number. After that Rachel
Ann Ansano, SSG PIO gave the acknowledgment. Before the
program has ended, the selected students of III-Gold presented a
dance number.
Joan Villaraza and Zarah Mae Obligacion was the emcee of this

Prepared by:
Hazel A.
SSG President

The Cotmon National
High School Supreme
student Government
foresees leaders who are
empowered upright,
responsible, productive


The Cotmon National

High School Supreme
Student Government
LEADERS serve as a
school partner in
spearheading rules and
regulations, programs
and projects towards
quality education and
academic excellence.

File of Activities
S.Y. 2009-2010

File of Activities
S.Y. 2008-2009

File of Activities
S.Y. 2007-2008

Supreme Student Government

Cotmon National High School
Cotmon, Camalig, Albay
SY 2007-2008
Rhea Navia
Vice President:
Ryan Nuada
Rachel Naag
Annalyn Rapsing
Joan Moros
Mass Media Officer: Ma. Dadel Morada
Peace Officer:
Maybel Pinis
1. Hazel Non
2. Alvin Vibar


Jessamen Llanza
Joan Martillan
Jaycel Lumen
Joan Nebreja
Christina Vibar
Mary Cris Villaraza

Third year Representatives:

1. Aris Nisola
2. Merisa Villa
Second year Representatives:
1. Daryl Go
2. Christine Villaraza
First year Representatives:
1. Bea Nidea
2. Jesus Go
Adviser: Mrs. Myrna B. Nipa

1. Bantay Kamag-aral

a. Proper Wearing of
b. Proper Haircut
c. Anti-Loitering Campaign
2. Reading and Tutoring