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Ritz Carlton - Pacific Place, Jakarta

Day 1
Monday, 9 March 2015


The first day of the two-day conference will frame your understanding about Big Data
and showcase how it can help organizations to gain commercial impact.
Plenary Session - Understanding Big Data Analytics
9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chair

9:15 am


Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the

Thomas Davenport
How to discover the real business impact of Big Data. What it means from
a technical, consumer, and management perspective to its opportunities
and costs. You hear examples of how companies develop their strategy
and plan of action regarding Big Data, what skills a data scientist needs,
and how Big Data will change traditional management behaviors.
10:45 am

Coffee Break & Expo

11:00 am

Big Data Analytics Business Model

Indra Utoyo, Director - Telkom Indonesia
Big Data Analytics as the foundation of the companys business model, a
major shift from todays business drivers.

11:30 am

Empowering Decision Making Through Analytics

Imron Zuhri, Founder - Mediatrac
This session will showcase how Big Data Analytics can facilitate faster,
better & more impactful decision making, enabling your organization to be
in the forefront of competition.

12:00 pm

Maximising Analytics to increase Customer Profitability

Rico Frans, Director - Bank Mandiri
Demonstrating how your organization can take advantage of Big Data
Analytics to better understand your consumers and engage them in the
most relevant way thus achieving more effective results at an optimized

12:30 pm

Breakout Session - Big Data Best Practice

2:00 pm

Breakout A

Big Data Analytics for Commercial Excellence

Breakout B

Social Media & Crowdsourcing

3:30 pm

Coffee Break & Expo

Plenary Session - Big Data and Innovation

4:00 pm

How Big Data Analytics Improve Profitability

5:00 pm

Big Data Analytics Driven Innovation

Handry Satriago, CEO - GE Indonesia
The session will exhibit how a global company uses Big Data Analytics to
drive innovations in the new era of Industrial Internet .

Day 2
Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The second day of the conference will focus on Big Data implementations, key factors &
challenges, as well as demonstrating best practices of Big Data Analytics for operations
& social impact
Plenary Session - Big Data Analytics Best Practices
9:00 am

Preparing Your Organization for Big Data Analytics

Sidney Minassian, Founder & CEO - Contexti
The session will show you how to do assessment of your organization
technological readiness as the important milestone prior to Big Data

9:40 am

Big Data, Big Ideas

Regi Wahyu, Chairman - Mediatrac
Revealing how Big Data Analytics can drive innovation and solve the
worlds toughest problems and helping people afford a better quality of

10:20 am

Coffee Break & Expo

10:40 am

How Big Data Analytics Can Improve Education

11:10 am

Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Develop Government Programs

11:40 am

Using Data to Help Farmers Feed the World

Stewart Collis, Co-founder & CTO - aWhere
How Big data applied to agriculture is an essential tool to help farmers
adapt to climate change and weather variability and the increasing
demand for food production as a result of population growth.

12:10 pm

Breakout Session - Showcase

2:00 pm

Breakout C

Big Data Analytics for Operation Excellence

Breakout D

Big Data Analytics for Society

3:30 pm

Coffee Break & Expo

Plenary Session - Big Data and Innovation

4:00 pm

Harnessing the Power of Big Data in the Developing World

Anthony Vipin Das, Consultant - LV Prasad Eye Institute
Showcasing how Big Data Analytics helped people in India to get better
eye care and using the power of the Internet of Things to assist the blind.

4:30 pm

Osaka "Social City": Big Data Analytics Implementation

Shinichi Ogane, Executive Officer - Information Services International -Dentsu, Ltd.
Showcasing how the city of Osaka, Japan uses Big Data Analytics to
develop a social city platform, a new way of connecting people & the city.

5:00 pm