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LAURIE RIKER, phone 520-609-3131


HR Strategy | Leadership Development | HR Operations | Performance Management
Employee Engagement | Executive Coaching | Training Program Development
Talent Management | Succession Planning | HR Benefit Programs


Performance Management
Using an innovative model drove management and employee talent reviews, succession plans and coaching
process to identify high potentials and build talent in technology, not-for-profit and service organizations.
Resulted in improved sharing of management level talent to increase efficiency, employee engagement and
client satisfaction.

Organizational Development
Provided management HR leadership to support organizations in a variety of business environments including
start-ups, global 50 and mid-size organizations. Guided companies through restructurings, improved service
delivery and customer satisfaction. Increased employee retention, delivered cost savings with new HR tool and
service providers.

Global Team/Employee Development

Designed and delivered multi-level needs assessments that drove creation and implementation of employee
programs. Created and facilitated dynamic employee learning sessions, brown bag information series and
shared online information tool. Increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Executive Coaching
Proven track record for coaching leaders at all levels to maximize their effectiveness in driving business results
and positively impacting the organization. Strong focus on team leadership, employee relation issues,
communication strategies, performance management, and behavioral change. Increased leadership confidence
and acumen

2014An Award Winning, global Clinical Research Organization
Sr. Business Partner/Consultant
Responsible for assessing/driving and implementing all of the companys current global Human Resources initiatives.
Implemented new full cycle recruiting process that reduced candidate acquisition time. Partnered with the executive
leadership team to manage a new SMART goal/coaching performance system. Established best practices for all
employee relations issues. Reassessed companywide compensation and benefit plans and made recommendations for
current market trends. Initiated employee surveys, facilitated engagement/wellness workshops and global interactive
activities which defined our company culture.

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Employee Relations. Created and implemented employee relations escalation process. Facilitated learning and
coaching sessions on how to effectively listen and coach team members towards conflict an employee resolution
Performance Management. Assessed skill levels of 200+ global team members. Created and launched new online
performance management system. Facilitated competency and smart goal workshops that enabled all management
team to effectively coach team members towards success.
Talent Recruitment. Established full cycle recruiting process. Reengineered all hiring profiles to support attracting
the right candidates. Managed entire social media campaigns to effectively use the right channels and group
interviews. Implemented new applicant tracking system (ADP WFN). Guided all new hires through comprehensive
onboarding process. Increased employee satisfaction by 23%, measured yearly.
Employee Engagement. Conducted worldwide employee satisfaction survey results drove implementation of
worldwide wellness and interactive team building sessions. Implemented first employee recognition program. All
programs received corporate sponsorship and recognition.
Executive Coaching. Facilitated executive level and mid-level coaching 101 learning sessions. Provided one to one
coaching sessions for management team increased leadership acumen in all instances.
A Magellan level exclusive beach front property
2010 2014
Executive Director of Human Resources/Consultant
Shangri-La is a Luxury Hotel that had chronic problems of high turn-over, service quality issues and diminishing customer
satisfaction. Consulted with Executive Leadership team to determine strategic HR initiatives and best practices. Coached
management team towards employee engagement improvement. Partnered with management team to increase level of
service at all levels for Magellan club clientele.
Performance Management. Assessed skill levels of 200+ team members. Created and launched performance
management training for all employees, significantly raised guest and global market survey scores. During tenure
occupancy increased by 39%. Enrolled all employees in employee recognition programs and initiatives.
Leadership Development. Co-designed and implemented online leadership assessment tool, incorporating
concepts from The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. The program design targeted; teambuilding, performance
management challenges, Creating an exceptional experience for each and every customer, conflict management
and succession planning.
Employee Relations. Created and facilitated a Management coaching/mentoring process to improve supervisor
management skills. Program targeted developing strong, cross-functional partnerships among supervisors, we
experienced an increase in employee engagement.
Talent Recruitment. Established talent acquisition practices that focused on targeted hiring profiles, social media
campaigns and group interviews. Implemented new applicant tracking system (Taleo). Facilitated all new hires
through comprehensive onboarding process. Increased retention rate by 33%, measured quarterly
HR Operations. Implemented all of the HR programs and communicated policies at all levels. Reduced payroll
administration costs by implementing and managing new ADP application. Improved benefit administration
efficiency with new vendor contracts. Performed all HR operational functions for Hotel. Successfully negotiated
with various vendors a decrease in HR operation costs by 12% per year.


2008 - 2010
Furnished Human Resource consulting for diverse organizations. Drove strategic initiatives, provided HR
operations expertise, facilitated employee development programs and coaching for a range of clients:
Accelovance, Montgomery County Government, Maryland. Adelman Associates, California, Tucson Credit
Union, SALUD Spa/ New York, Operation Reinvent/New York, Pinnacle Financial/Arizona and the HR
Network Group/California.

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2004 -- 2008
Human Resource Director/Human Resources Project Manager
Promoted to HR Director. Established learning roadmap for over two hundred employees. Project Manager of Lead
Prevention Program. Developed an online training needs assessment, implemented LMS system (Cornerstone),

and created an E-Learning, just-in-time training program that reduced training costs. Partnered with the
Executive Director to create and implement team building programs that reached across all business and
diverse employee populations. Partnered with management the downsizing of the organization including, off
boarding and succession plan implementation.
Human Resource Director


Charged with implementing a new Human Resource presence with employee development programs,
sound HR policies and procedures. Chosen to lead corporations strategic leadership planning session and
create the education plan for five corporate entities. Developed and facilitated Leader Effectiveness
seminars. Implemented first employee coaching best practices program.
Vice President of Corporate Programs and Human Resources
Responsible for organizations overall HR practices and programs. Implemented first recruiting process for attracting
and retaining volunteer staff. Created education materials and facilitated volunteer/employee training. Led team
towards successful volunteer community outreach sessions. Served as the organizations spokesperson with
responsibility for creating community and organizational liaisons. Represented the organization during televised
legislative sessions. Obtained first donation streams that supported foundation growth.
Global HR Manager/Education Consultant
Implemented 360o performance evaluation process which resulted in facilitating a Leadership training, Workshop.
Used adult learning principles and the ADIE model to develop companys first interactive global employee training
program, over 1000 graduates. Created an E-learning passport program that incorporated job competency models for
increased hiring efficiency and retention. Implemented Oracle Financial and Oracle HRIS workforce management
applications and client training to global 500 companies, (Benefits, Applicant Tracking and Performance Management
modules). Partnered with product engineers and marketing team on global product rollout, training and product
enhancements. Selected to go to Oracle club for outstanding performance for three years.

Graduate Studies, Social Work/Counseling, Rutgers University
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Cal State University at Long Beach
Master Human Resource Certification Program, Villanova University, SPHR
Professional/Executive Coaching Training Program, Coaches Training Institute
Executive Leadership Training Program, Coaches Training Institute
Certified Diversity Training, William T. Bradley
Facilitation Skills Training, Decker Communications
ADDIE Adult Learning Curriculum Development, San Francisco State University
Oracle/HRIS, Financials, Compensation Planner,
ADP/ Payroll and WFN all Modules, Paychex Payroll, Deltek/Time and Expense, Taleo, ADP/ Applicant Tracking, Qualio &
Cornerstone/LMS, Microsoft product suite