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Pray er for Preparation t o St udy

Grant me peace, O God, as I open m y books and notes. Open my m ind to Thy will, and m ay I dedicate these hours to
Thy Son, Jesus Christ.
Offer m e insight, O Lord, that I m ight understand these things, and see them as a part of Thy Kingdom.
May I offer Thee my best in reading and learning that it m ay be a part of my discipleship.
O Jesus Christ, may this be a worthy time that is faithful to Thee and bring me closer to the goals I have in order to
serv e Thee.
I offer this time and prayer in Thy holy Name. Amen.
Pray er Before an Exam
O wise God, I pray that my m ind m ight be rested, my body energized, and my spirit inspired for the exam I m ust
Grant me peace and assurance so that I m ight do the best I am able, regardless of what that might be.
Be with my fellow students and m ay I be a good example to them, offering reassurance and confidence regardless of
how I feel.
May I be honest and insightful, and able to give a true record of what I have learned. In the end, m ay any
disappointment be born with grace, and any joy accompanied with humility.
I write this exam with Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Pray er For Peace of Mind
In this time of anxiety, O lov ing God, grant m e peace of m ind. Quiet any distress and allow me to see clearly my
m ission and discipleship.
I pray for my examiners as well as for myself, so that they m ight be wise in their questioning so that it will allow for a
true accounting of m y learning and understanding.
May the memory of m y family and friends remind me of their support, regardless of outcom e, united with them in the
spirit of lov e.
May I be wise enough to gain enough rest so all m ight be ready, my thoughts organized, and my life dedicated to serve
Thee whatever the cost, through the love of Jesus Christ, my Saviour. Amen.
Pray er in a Time of Anxiety
When I am truly anxious, O God, rem ind m e of m y love of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. May I realize that I will not be
abandoned, but am accompanied always by Him.
Dispel any sense of self-concern, and remind me that others are feeling the same tensions, which is only natural in
tim es of stress.
Grant me insight, God of Wisdom , to see the things that have been taught, to understand them in the unfolding story
of Thy Creation, and our place within it.
May I lay my head down to rest confident that Thou art always with us, through the love and affection of Thy Son,
Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Lord. Amen.
Pray er Before Retiring at Night
God of strength and of com fort, I close the day with thoughts of Thee.
As I turn myself ov er to the sleep of the present night, grant that Thy benediction may be upon me, and all whom I
lov e. We depend upon Thy care, and pray that we may awake reassured of Thy presence.

No m atter how late it m ight be, nor how early I m ight have to arise, m ay this time of sleep help to restore my
calm ness and perceptiveness, so that when I open m y eyes next, I shall be ready to continue my study and service of
In the last m oments of consciousness, I resign my life and purpose to Thee, and to Thy Son, Jesus Christ, in whose
Nam e I pray. Amen.
Pray er When I Awake
May my first thoughts be of Thee, O Light of Life, and m ay I dedicate all that I do these com ing hours to Thy glory.
If m y task be to study, may I do it without hesitation. If I face an examination, m ay I m eet it with determination and
As I cast off the hour(s) of sleep, and prepare for my responsibilities for the day, may I always remember that Thou art
with me in the person of Thy Son, Jesus Christ.
As I awaken, quicken my m ind, enlarge my heart, and grant m e wisdom to do m y best in all I do this day.
May I be a true steward of the time I have this day, and dedicate all that I do to the lov e and care of my Lord and
Redeem er, Jesus Christ. Amen.
The Lords Pray er
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in
heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as w e forgive them that trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever
and ev er. Amen.
As Exam Day Approaches
O God of Wisdom , I thank you for the knowledge gained and the learning experiences of this year. I com e to y ou on
this day and ask you to enlighten my m ind and heart. Let your Holy Spirit be with m e as I prepare for exams, guiding
m y studies, and giving m e insight so that I can perform to be best of m y ability. Please grant me the strength to handle
the pressure of these final days of the term, the confidence to feel secure in my knowledge, and the ability to keep an
appropriate perspective through it all. Help m e to keep in mind what is truly important, even as I focus m y time and
energy on these exams in the immediate future. Finally, m ay I sense y our peace in knowing that I applied myself to
the challenges of this day. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
First Day of Exams
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and they who live by it grow in understanding. Praise will be His
for ever. Psalm 111: 10 (REB)
O wise God, I pray that my m ind m ight be rested, my body energized, and my spirit inspired for the exam I m ust
Grant me peace and assurance so that I m ight do the best I am able, regardless of what that might be.
Be with my fellow students that I m ight be a good example to them of faithfulness, offering reassurance and
confidence regardless of how I feel.
May I be honest and insightful, able to give a true record of what I have learned this past term. In the end, m ay any
disappointment be born with grace and any joy accompanied with humility.
I write this examination with Thee, O God. Am en.
Second Day of Exams
Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars. The first step to wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and
knowledge of the Most Holy One is understanding. Prov erbs 9: 1,10 (REB)
Whether I have an exam or not, incline my ear to Thy word, and open my eyes to Thy presence. It is so easy to forget

that Thou art with us.

Direct my energy to the accomplishment of Thy will for m e, allowing my spirit to detect the direction in which I m ight
best be Thy disciple.
Today I find myself immersed in words, sentences, symbols and equations whatever language which my subject
uses. May they speak clearly and with distinction.
May my desk be an altar where I m ay lay down my life through my efforts, and dedicate it all to Thee by quickening
m y knowledge for Thy will to be done. Amen.
Third Day of Exams
When I look up at your heavens, the work of your fingers, at the moon and the stars you have set in place, what is a
frail mortal, that you should be mindful of him, a human being, that you should take notice of him? Psalm 8: 3,4
Wondrous God, we look at Creation when we study, and see so m uch. We see the works of Thy fingers in the m ajesty
of science and the arts, telling us that these are the implements by which we build Thy Kingdom.
We are in awe of the infinity of Thy universe, and seek to know as m uch as we are able. May the com bination of all our
m inds open to us an understanding of the meaning of it all.Armed with this vision, may we explore the knowledg e we
have and use it wisely. In our examinations, m ay we display our knowledge with reverence and duty,
Lord our Sovereign, how glorious is your Name throughout the world! (Psalm 8: 9 (REB)) Amen.
O lov ing and m erciful God, My whole existence depends on y ou, I ask y ou to send your Holy Spirit into my heart and
m ind. Fill me with your grace, beyond my own personal strength, So that I can dedicate the time and energy I need, to
study. Give m e the strength to resist the distractions from studying. When I a m studying by myself, help m e to
rem ember that You are my companion, and that I am never alone. Help my teachers to explain things clearly. Help
m e to respect them. Help m e to pay attention and to listen well in class. Give me the courage to ask questions when I
dont understand. Give m e the humility to ask for help when I need it. Help me to accept my results After I have done
all I can do. Giv e m e a spirit of gratitude For the privilege of learning at this school, While many people in the world
do not get such a good opportunity. Help m e to m ake the most of the wonderful gifts you have given m e, And to
return them to y ou with generosity. You have been with m e through rough times in the past. Help m e to trust that you
are here with me now. Give m e hope for the future, And help m e to trust that, whatever the future brings, You are
already there waiting for me With your loving embrace. I Offer you this prayer through your Son, My Lord and
Sav iour Jesus Christ, Who lives and reigns with you, forever and ever. Amen

1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

kapag dadaan kayo sa M onasterio de Sta. Clara, bumili kayo ng itlog na kulay blue ang balot dahil sinisgnfy neto ang kahilingan
para sa board exam. bumili neto at ialay kay sta. clara.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

karamihan sa mga nagtake ng board exams ay nagdadasal ng novena ng siyam na araw. lalo na kay St. Jude Thaddeaus. dabi kasi
nila na si St. Jude ay tumutulong sa mga board examinees at natutupad ang mga kahilingan neto at nakakapasa. kelangan mong
dasalin ito ng 9 araw o 9 na thursdays depende sa dasal na ginagawa mo at ang resulta neto ay magkakatotoo na papasa ka sa
exams na ito.
pamahiin 101

1 4TH OCT 201 3

di ko alam ang tunay na explanation sa pamahiin na ito pero para sa akin, kapag inikot mo ng pabilog ang upuan, agiging swert e
ang exam sa iyo dahil pagbilog ibig sabihin swerte
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

sabi nila, nagbibigay ito ng magandang luck sa exam. so kapag ginawa niyo ito, silently lang para naman di maistorbo ang mga
ibang examinees sa gagawin mo.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3

para maging tama ang lahat ng bagay at magiging ayon sa inyo ang examinations kapag tinapak mo ang right (tama) foot mo.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

kapag nagsisimba ka o nagvisita iglesia ka, may mga nagtitinda ng mga kandila sa simbahan. tanungin ang mga nagtitinda ng
kandila kung anong kulay ang iilawan o sisindihan para sa board exam. mayroon kasing color-coding ang kandila depende sa
simbahan na napupuntahan mo. bago ilawan, magdasal mo na ng petition prayer t hen humiling at sindihan.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3

katulad din ng hindi paggupit ng buhok. kapag ginupitan mo, mawawala lahat ng natutunan mo sa review. pero syempre
napakaunhygienic naman. pero its up to you kung gusto mo gupitin kung mabilis talaga tumubo ang kuko mo.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 2 NOTES

dapat sindihan ito bago umalis ng bahay bago ka magexam at patayin ang kandila pagkauwi at pagnatapos ang examinations.
syempre ang kandila ay sumisimbolo ng guidance ng spirits and ng mga saints. syempre ang apoy ay nagsignify ng passion and
desire to pass the exams. bumili ng kandila sa mga nagbebenta sa simbahan
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3

so mula magsimula kang magreview hanggang matapos ang examinations ay wag kang magpapagupit ng buhok. dahil kapag
ginupitan mo ang buhok mo, lahat daw ng napag-aralan mo ay mawawala din at di mareretain sa utak mo. kaya wag magpagupit
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

M adalas, nararamdaman natin kung ano ang tama at hindi ito pamahiin. M aaaring stock knowledge ito ng ating utak na
ipinapaalal niya sa pamamagitan ng kakaibang pakiramdam o iyung tinatawag minsan na gut feel. Pero hindi naman pwedeng
aasa na lang tayo sa ating instinct o gut feel. Siyempre, hindi naman bawal na mag-aral o magrebyu ilang araw bago ang
exam pero kung maaari ay wag mag-cram sa mismong gabi ng exam. M alamang kasi ay hindi na rin ito maa-absorb nang husto
ng utak natin dahil sumisingit na ang nerbyos at pressure factor.

1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

sa lahat naman ng mga special events na nangyayare sa iyo kapag gusto mong swertehin ang nagsusuot o nagdadala ng lucky
charms. use this malay mo maging maganda ang resulta kapag dinala mo ang charms na ito.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

sabi ng iba na bilhin niyo ito sa Red Ribbon mismo at yun lang ang kakainin niyong breakfast during the first day of
examinations. parang pang good chance to pass the board examinations.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

kasi pag ginawa niyo ito ibig sabihin gusto niyo pang mag-aral at baka maging resulta pa na di kayo pumasa at ituloy -ituloy pa
ang pagaaral para sa next board examinations. kaya pagkatapos ng examinations, magpahinga and do something else na di niyo
maiisip ang review at wag bubuklatin ang kahit anong reviewer. kumbaga mag move on na kayo!
pamahiin 101

1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

madaming nagsasabi na kelangan mong pabasbasan ang mga gagamitin niyong pencils, ballpens, even ang envelop at calculators
pinapabasbasan. kasi sabi nila na kapag nabasbasan ito, magiging sagrado ang mga gamit na ito at tutulungan kayo ni God sa
examinations. these things will give you luck on the exam.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

pagkatapos matapos ng lahat ng examinations niyo, yung ginamit niyong pencil ay baliin o putulin o sirain at ang ibang pencil at
ballpen na dinala mo sa exam venue ay idonate na lang s amga protocol officers or watchers para sa mga estudyanteng
nangangailangan ng ballpen.
di daw kasi maganda na inuwi ang ballpen o pencil na ginamit niyo kasi baka daw di pumasa at umulit kayo ulit. pag sinira niyo
at dinonate niyo ibig sabihin non ay tapos na ang obligasyon sa board exam at di na kayo babalik ulit para magexam at papasa
kayo. ginawa ko naman ito at nagwork naman :)
di niyo na naman din gagamitin so idonate niyo na lang. makakatulong pa kayo.
pamahiin 101

1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

according to the Chinese tradition, swerte ang mga taong magsusuot ng pula kapag mageexam. it will give you the positive
outlook to pass the exams. maraming gumagawa neto. at isa na ako sa nakaexperience neto dahil isang kabatch ko sa room ay
nagsuot ng pulang underwear ng chineck ng protocol yung mga bulsa namin.
pamahiin 101
1 4TH OCT 201 3 | 1 NOTE

nothing is impossible with God.

nothing is impossible in prayer.
prayer is the most powerful communication to God.
pray with all your heart and soul.
to give you peace in your heart, mind, and soul.
and give everything to God.
let His will be done!

1 3TH OCT 201 3 | 5 NOTES


wa ke-up early
pra y to God for guidance a nd to gi ve you wisdom
ea t heavy a nd nutritious breakfast
rea dy your requirements
dont bri ng unnecessary things in your exam
fol l ow the s trict dress code (uniform)
go to the venue early (before 6:30 a m you must arrive at the venue)
dont buy PRC envelop on the vendors (its ta mpered)
jus t rest a nd avoid talking too much before the examinations
know your room and seat number
you ca n bri ng reviewers (optional)
you ca n bri ng food i nside the room
fol l ow the i nstructions of the protocol officer and watchers
ha ve the presence of mind
never l et the a nswer s heet be wet, put on a ny markings, fold i t, and avoid erasures.
ma ke sure your ga dgets/cellphones are turned-off before the s tart of the examinations
go to the ba throom before and after examinations a nd not during the examinations ca use its prohibited
feel free to ask the protocol officer if you have questions
pra y a gain to God before answering the examinations
a fter your exam, you can review for the next s ubject or just rest or eat
dont l et yourself be s tress by people
dont come near to co-examinee who are asking questions after the examinations or havi ng bad vi bes or issues after the
exa ms.
23. ha ve the peace of mind and dont l et anxiety a ttack you.
24. ha ve a positive mind, vibes, a nd outlook!
25. put i nto your mind that YOU WILL PASS THE EXAM!