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JUNE 10TH, 2010

Privacy Issues with Social

Issues with Internet vs. Society and it’s People.
Social Networking Privacy
WHAT IS A is shared, how much trust you put
SOCIAL into the social networking site,
TYPE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE? your own development of new
NETWORKING SITES: "A social network service relationships and how much you
FACEBOOK focuses on building and reflecting trust other members of this social
Facebook is a social networking of social networks or social network.
website where you can add friends, relations among people, who Some concerns society has
create a personal profile for yourself
which friends, family, or everyone can share interests and/or activities. A about revealing consumers
view, where others can update their social network service essentially privacy are that people using
own profiles themselves and notify consists of a representation of social networks will back down. If
friends about their personal or
general information.
each user (often a profile), his/her these users cut back on using
social links, and a variety of social networks due to loss of
MYSPACE additional services. Most social personal information, the people
Myspace is also a social networking network services are web based operating these sites lose customer
site where one can create a personal and provide means for users to interest and that brings the site
profile for others to view, and privacy
settings can also be altered
interact over the internet, such as down. Recently, although several
determined on one's preferences. e-mail and instant messaging. people are having trouble with the
Although online new social networking technology
FORMSPRING community services are
Formspring is a social networking sometimes considered as a social
site in which questions can be
written to a specific person
network service in a broader
anonymously and answered or sense, social network service
deleted by the person’s page the usually means an individual-
question was entitled to. It is also centered service whereas online
linked to facebook and twitter so
that others can view one's community services are group-
Formspring and ask various centered. Social networking sites
questions. allow users to share ideas,
activities, events, and interests
TWITTER within their individual
Twitter is another social networking
and microblogging service where one networks."
can send and receive messages upgrades, social networks have
among users. Also, twitter is a site Definition of social network service from been working very hard to
where you can follow others' posts, simplify privacy options and give
or blogs, of whomever they desire,
unless rejected by the user who had the customers more options as to
been requested to follow. CONCERNS which information they share
ON SOCIETY with all the other users of the site,
Ning is an online platform (type of Internet privacy concerns or even just their friends among
social network) which allows people are based on the information that the site.
to create their own social networks
which others can view based on
preference or friend exceptions.

2010 FINAL PROJECT BY Olivia Leroux

TOPIC #5 JUNE 10TH, 2010


When personal content/uploads/2009/05/ PROTECTION OF
information is consumed, the social-networking-logos.jpg ONLINE
social networking company is • http:// INFORMATION:
blamed. But who are we to
1. NEVER share your
blame the network? 2009/08/social-networking-
image1.jpg password. With a
Thousands of people using
• neighbor, friend, or even
social networking sites do not
index.php/archive/six-tips-to- family member.
edit their privacy settings or
change their profile's and-other-social-networks/ II. Photos, videos and
information •
to keep outsiders away from Social_network_service comments on your own
their personal information. In • and others' social network
these cases, is it the company content/uploads/2009/04/ sites are there forever,
to blame, or the people graph-1-social-network- don't post anything you
themselves? popularity.jpg wouldn't want a specific
hidden again.”
person, or anyone in
general, seeing.
“On May 30th, 2010, for about thirty minutes during the evening,
Facebook's privacy settings were shut down and several people's III. Avoid posting your date of
email accounts became open to the public. Several complaints
birth or email.
were reported, but no known cause was stated. Between 6:46 and
7:14 p.m. that Tuesday, Facebook had reportedly let up it's privacy
settings then suddenly all accounts were hidden again.” IV. NEVER share information
about your location,
whether it is a status
There is no precise law update or the town in
determining who can see which you are currently
private Facebook information
or a law protecting the
information people put on
Facebook in general. V. Ignore virus links "sent
The amount of privacy shared from friends" entitling
depends on the person's own something such as an ad.
preference and which These links are hacker
information they wouldn't care links and can be used to
to provide to others. set viruses on your
computer or your own

2010 FINAL PROJECT BY Olivia Leroux