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Application Form

BKSA E-board 20152016

This application is due by e-mail to
by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 27th, 2015
Part 1. General Information
Name: Sang Min (Kevin) Lee

Class Year: 2018


Phone # (858) 525 - 1425

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Economics

Current leadership position(s) if any:

______________BKSA Treasurers Assistant______________________
Curricular and extra-curricular commitments for year 2014 2015 if known (i.e. other
on/off campus work, etc):
1. Students for Environmental Action
2. Waltham Group Hospital Helpers (pending)
Position applying for (circle or highlight one):

Vice President



K-Nite Coordinator

General Events Coordinator

Any other information you would like us to know

Publicity Chair

Part 2. Written Response

Please write out your detailed responses to all the questions below. Make sure you limit your
responses to no more than 300 words.
1. Describe 2 qualifications that single you out from other candidates. Be specific to your
position of applying. If applying for more than one position, please address the question for
all positions.
One major qualification that singles me out from the other candidates in this e-board election is
that I served BKSA as a Treasurers Assistant. Since the past few months I have acquired a lot of
knowledge in receiving funding for this club, as well as various other ways to gain money such
as repealing, applying for grants, and fundraising. Before joining BKSA, I had no idea how the
money flowed through the clubs in Brandeis, and I believe that the experience I gained through
out the year will be irreplaceable.
Furthermore, as a founder and president of a community-service club at my high school, I have
seen how the harnessed dedication of a small group of people can elicit major changes in the
community. I have seen how collaboration is the breeding ground of novelty. When a potpourri
of different disciplines is thrown into this mix, the resulting ideas can have revolutionary
reverberations; I would like to see this at Brandeis. I believe this kind of vision is crucial as a
Treasurer for BKSA as I will work harder to get funding to promote the spreading of Korean
2. What activities/clubs/extracurricular activities were you involved in during high school? And
what activities/clubs/extracurricular activities are you currently involved in at Brandeis
and/or what activities do you plan to get involved in the future?
I had the honor to work as a Treasurers Assistant for BKSA this year. I learned the basics of
getting funding for the club, as well as applying for grants. I would like to continue this by
becoming the treasurer of BKSA.
I was the secretary of my high schools speech and debate team. I sent out weekly emails about
the teams updates, I registered the team into various tournaments regionals to nationals, and
had the role of keeping attendance of the team members. I would like to continue this
extracurricular, by becoming the Treasurer in BKSA. I believe that these previous skills will
allow me to have a smoother transition into the position.
I also worked in a cancer lab in UCSD. I researched the molecular and cell biology mechanisms
whereby inflammation promotes tumor growth and progression, using transgenic animals, animal
models of cancer and inflammation, flow cytometry, gene expression microarrays, polymerase
chain reaction and nanotechnology. I aspire to work in one of the Brandeis biology or
neuroscience labs after discovering a specific area of research of my passion.
Furthermore, I worked at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps as a tide pool interpreter. I had the job of
explaining basically everything about marine life from organisms to climates. I had a blast

talking to strangers from all over the world, as well as educating people about the environment. I
am currently achieving my passion for environmental conservation through Students for
Environmental Action (SEA) here at Brandeis.
Finally, I interned at a cargo shipping company in Hong Kong. I checked the register, emailed
third party companies if there were errors, and negotiated prices for cargo space with different
companies. Although I have not found a club that interests me in this particular subject, I plan on
taking some economics classes here at Brandeis, because I was lacking some background
knowledge before working there.
3. Describe what you plan or expect to improve yourself by working as a BKSA E-Board
member. Also describe how KSA can improve from your contribution.
I want to become a better leader by working as a BKSA E-Board member. As the assistant, the
full responsibility was not in my hands, and I did not get to experience the full pressure. I would
like to learn from this opportunity, and better myself by disciplining myself as well as learning
how to sacrifice for the better of BKSA.
K-Nite is one of the biggest reasons why I am applying to work as a BKSA E-Board member.
After seeing what we can do with the limited amount of money we received, I was amazed. I
fantasized of how much more we could have done with more money. I want to work hard to get
as much money as possible from not only A-Board, but through different grants that are available
for social clubs. I will research and apply for more grants that are given to social clubs, and I will
research more ways to fundraise without it being a hassle for other E-Board members. I want
KSA to thrive as one of the best social clubs in Brandeis, and I wish to contribute by getting the
club money. I also wish to contribute by establishing a stable pedestal for the upcoming year by
having enough money in KSAs bank.