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Environmental Club Constitution and Bylaws


Section A: Name The name of this club shall be the Environmental Club
Section B: Purpose The purpose of this club shall be to
1. Raise awareness of environmental conservation
2. Make the Stevenson community a greener place
3. Help make the Earth a healthier place
4. Get Stevenson students and faculty members involved in the conservation of the environment
Section A: Eligibility - Membership shall be open to anyone in the Stevenson community.
Section B: Active Membership Group leaders will ratify ACTIVE membership monthly during
planning meeting.
Section A: Officers 3 co-leaders, who are equal in power (Alejandra Snchez Erb, An To,
Emily Yang)
Section B: Eligibility Officers must be students and ACTIVE members of the club.
Section C: Election The officers shall be the people who decided to found the club for that
Section D: Term The officers shall serve for the entire school year, and their term of office shall
begin at the commencement of each school year.
Section E: Vacancy If a co-leader is no longer eligible to be an active member in the club, a 3rd
co-leader will be elected by the general consensus of the club.
ARTICLE IV: Co-Leaders
Section A: Co-leaders it shall be the duty of the co-leaders: facilitate club meetings, help
organize, group outings
Section B: Represent the club in any official capacity
Section C: Coordinate all communication with school entities
Section D: Receive all funds
Section E: Keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as
Section F: Uphold these bylaws
Section A: Meetings Regular meetings shall be twice a month; one meeting will be a beach
clean-up and the other meeting will be held in one of the classrooms in the science building.
Section B: Special Meeting Special meetings may be called by any of the co-leaders, so long as
all co-leaders are in agreement with the occurrence of the special meeting

Section C: Quorum A quorum shall consist of two-thirds (1/3) of the Active membership.
Section A: Duties The responsibilities of the faculty advisor (Bob McCormick) shall be to:
Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student club.
Meet on a regular basis with the co-leaders of the student club to discuss upcoming meetings,
long range plans, goals, and problems of the club.
Attend regular meetings, executive board meetings as often as schedule allows.
Assist in the orientation of new officers.
Explain and clarify campus policy and procedures that apply to the club.
Assist the club treasurer in monitoring expenditures, fundraising activities, and corporate
sponsorship to maintain an accurate and up-to-date account ledger.
Inform club members of those factors that constitute unacceptable behavior on the part of the
club members, and the possible consequence of said behaviors.
Section A: Selection these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the
chapter membership.
Section B: Notice All members shall receive advance notice of the proposed amendment at
least five days before the meeting. [The time may be extended to the following meeting.]