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To Whom It May Concern:

This reference letter is provided at the request of Miss Soikaew Jumratsilpa. Miss Jumratsilpa participated in our Siam Cement Group internship
program under my supervision. She worked with the Corporate Communications department as a member of the Brand Management team from
June 1 to August 31, 2010 (3 months). SCG is one of the most well-known and fastest-growing companies in Thailand, with a celebrated reputation
of being reliable and socially responsible. For the quality of her work, the Associate Director of Brand Management recommends Miss Jumratsilpa
to all future employers.
The Brand Management team consists of four members, including Miss Jumratsilpa. We are responsible for strengthening brand reputation,
planning and overseeing corporate advertising and strategy, reputation evaluation, evaluation of corporate image and communication effectiveness,
and supporting all business units communication on strategic direction and related activities. Throughout the summer, Miss Jumratsilpa has had
the opportunity to contribute to the mentioned projects.
Miss Jumratsilpa has taken part in various stages of the development of corporate advertising. She was assigned to write and revise the pre-launch
research survey for the corporate television commercial launched in June 2010, and to collect the data with the use of Microsoft Excel. She has
attended meetings with our advertising agency, TBWA Thailand, to discuss an advertising campaign planned to be launched abroad, and has
contributed interesting and useful ideas. She also participated in a research trip for our new corporate television commercial, a photo shoot for a
print campaign launched in August 2010, and overseeing of the computer graphic editing process. She attended our half-year media review
meeting and detailed lectures on the media industry and branding, from which she had taken comprehensive notes.
Miss Jumratsilpa has been assigned to proofread and edit the Corporate Identity Manual, which is to be printed before September 2010. In this
task, she had to learn the program Adobe Illustrator on the spot and apply her knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, which she had done outstandingly.
Miss Jumratsilpa was a quick learner who could work independently without close supervision when appropriate. Rarely did the staff need to
explain a process or procedure to her more than once. The fact that she always enjoyed what she did made her work of high quality, as she paid
attention to all the details in every aspect of the job.
Miss Jumratsilpa has been a part of many events held by the company. She participated in all the phases from inviting guest speakers, both via
telephone and formal letter, arranging the conference room, writing a survey, to aiding the speakers in the conference. In the beginning, she had
shown fear of conversing on the telephone, but that did not stop her from completing her job, which she had done perfectly. By the end, she had
already mastered her verbal skills and completed the task with speed and accuracy. She was also eager to take part in a community service
program organized by the company, where she was highly involved with the disabled children and their activities.
Miss Jumratsilpa has been keen to accept assignments from other teams in the department as well. She has been asked to translate texts from
Thai to English and vice versa, and to proofread texts in both languages. Her adept knowledge in English has proved to be useful in many
occasions in the department. She also gave a speech in English at a conference on the topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in which she
had captured and charmed the audience. She treated small and miscellaneous jobs around the office with attention and made little to no mistakes.
Overall, Miss Jumratsilpa was always passionate when learning new skills and knowledge, and became a quick learner. She would talk with and
acquire insights from the creative team from TBWA when given the chance. She asked interesting and in-depth questions about the industry just to
learn as much as possible. She took thorough notes from meetings and lectures, and recorded her experiences in her journal at the end of
everyday. She approached every task with great enthusiasm and effort.
As you can tell by now, I am quite impressed with this outstanding young woman and I am sure that this three-month internship has been an
excellent work experience for her. She has gained great knowledge and experience of the advertising industry and how media works, and has
learned to look at an advertising brief from the clients point of view as well as that of a creative. I highly recommend her for roles in the media
industry that requires enthusiasm, intelligence, speed and a positive attitude.
If you need additional information or perspective, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Korakod Anantasomboon, by phone at +6625863279 and
+66867755677, or via e-mail at
Yours faithfully,

Siripanvadee Buain
Associate Director, Brand Management



Name & Address of Court Administrator


Dear Ms./Mr. Last Name:

I am writing this letter in enthusiastic support of S. N.'s application for a clerkship with
the Superior Court. I have known Mr. N. over the past couple of years, initially as a student in
my first-year Contracts course and subsequently as a research assistant and independent study
student. Through these contacts I have come to know both Mr. N. and his legal work unusually
well, and I am confident that he will make a first-rate law clerk and that he is on his way to a
distinguished career as an attorney.
In the Contracts course, Mr. N.s was among the strongest performances in the class. He
and his partner researched and wrote an excellent memorandum dealing with complex UCC
warranty formation issues. And his final examination was also very strong. From the start of his
legal education, Mr. N. demonstrated a facility at legal analysis and a subtle understanding of
legal argumentation that made him stand out from his peers.
During each of the ensuing quarters when Mr. N. has been in school, I have been
fortunate to have him as part of the team of students providing support for a lawsuit challenging
the constitutionality of corporate tax incentives used by the state of Ohio to attract business
investment into the state. This suit raises a range of novel procedural and constitutional issues,
and Mr. N. has played a vital part in researching and analyzing these issues. On several
important issues, his research and writing have provided the primary basis for our briefs before
the Ohio federal district courts. In addition, Mr. N. has been an active and insightful participant
in our weekly strategy sessions concerning the evolution of the case.
Particularly through his participation in the litigation, I have had a chance to work
closely with Mr. N. and to see his skills at first hand. He is an exceptionally clear writer and
speaker, partly due to the fact that he is also an unusually clear thinker. He has excellent
lawyerly instincts and strong research skills. He is also a delightful person to work with, utterly
dependable, hard working, welcoming of feedback, and an active and constructive team
participant. Any judge who has Mr. N. clerking in her chambers will count herself lucky.
In short, I recommend Mr. N. to you strongly and without reservation. If I can be of any
further assistance in your review of his application, please feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours,

Professor's Name
Professor of Law


Date:26 Aug 2016
I am writing to recommend Masood ur Rahman as a law clerk for the Supreme Court. Ms.
Masood ur Rahman as full time internee in law section in this Secretariat w.e.f april 2016 to date
He has serving under the supervision of the under signed , and represent the cases of Wafaqi
Mohtasib Secretariat I therefore had ample opportunity to observe his skills, demeanor and work
Ms. Masood ur Rahman proved to be a talented, intelligent, highly conscientious, and
effective intern. He had no difficulty in grasping relatively complex issues, both legal and factual,
and was able to work independently in reviewing documents, culling out important facts, and
organizing those facts in a useful and readable way. His research was done thoroughly and
efficiently. I was particularly impressed by his ability to produce well-written, well-structured and
well-reasoned legal memoranda, which required only very minor revision before it was served
upon opposing counsel. Ms. Masood ur Rahman was also an extremely valuable resource during
our office court trial, providing some keen insights into the way in which testimony might be
perceived, and assisting in innumerable other ways. And he has also well known about computer
skills like making presentation and composing .
Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Ms.Masood ur Rahman I can recommend his to you
as a clerk with confidence that he would do an excellent job and make the most of the experience.
If you need additional information or perspective, please do not hesitate to contact.
Sincerely ,

Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar

Senior Advisor (Law)/WMS
Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis.
36-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad
Phone No: 051-9217243