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Evil Surgeon

Dr. Isabella Valentine and your trusting wife (played by Mistress Alexandra) team up together to
truly use and abuse your body in the hospitals emergency room. You sign away your power of
attorney to your wife and therefore she gets to make all decisions concerning all your surgeries in
the operating room. Big mistake! You shouldnt have trusted your wife hahaha and you
shouldnt have trusted the evil surgeon!
What you dont realize is that once you sign away your rights, you get wheeled off into surgery
and get placed deep under hypnosis with a gas mask. Then Dr. Valentine places a sissy brain
chip deep into your brain with a laser, as well as inserts a shock collar around your vocal chords
to help train you to become a sissy maid for your wife (if you disobey, she will say a magic word
and you will feel pain!). Also while under anesthesia, Dr. Valentine also removes your testicles
and performs a sex change operation on your penis, transforming it into a clitoris and expanding
your anus into that of a vaginal opening. Your testicles then are transformed into labia with
surgical precision. Dr. Valentine then inserts a vibrator into your clitoris so that your wife can say a
magic word to make it vibrate when you are obedient to her.
During all this, the brain chip is receiving several sissy commands that your wife is enforcing deep
within your brain so that you continually obey her after the surgery is complete. If you disobey or
back-talk, you will experience voltage around your throat. However, if you are a good obedient
sissy and do the laundry and the cooking around the house like a sexy little sissy wife, then she
will vibrate your little clitty.
In this particular mp3 session, you are brought in and out of trance more than once.
Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, deceptive surgeon and wife, shock collar, in and out of trance, triggers, posthypnotic suggestions, sissification, sissy maid commands, gas mask induction, full body
paralysis, anesthesia, forced feminization, brain chip, penis transformation to clitoris, sensitive
nipples, replacing male panties with female panties, cooking, cleaning, bathing the wife,
shopping, and many specific details and duties of the sissy maid.

Gender Transformation
This erotic hypnosis session is designed for advanced hypnosis users who want to go extremely
deep, much deeper than other recordings. New users might find it too overwhelming to follow, so I
suggest listening to Feminization for Pantyboys first if you are new to feminization hypnosis.
There are 4-layers of deep programming, also a quiet subliminal 5th layer that you can only hear
under hypnosis. There are 4 Binaural layers. One main voice in the center, one voice on the left,
one voice on the right, and a background center voice. I highly urge you to use stereo earphones
for maximum effect since there are voices on the left and right.
Also includes NLP programming. Not only will you feel like a woman, but it also involves language
and mental programming so you learn to accept your feminine lifestyle. This is designed for men
who wish to feel like a woman under hypnosis.
Female gender transformation includes: breast growth, vaginal growth, hair growth,
fingernails/toenails polished, shaven legs, hip development, wearing makeup, walking/talking
feminine, etc. There is a deep induction and an orgasm command at the end. There are no word
triggers for this since there are so many layers of mind control you probably wouldnt hear the
trigger word even if I said it. This is even more effective than trigger words, so give it a try! I have
never done anything this advanced until now, and Ive completed my clinical hypnosis

certification. You will certainly hear the difference.

Gender Transformation 2
This is a sequel to the original Gender Transformation however it is not necessary that you
listen to the first one to enjoy this. By the way, Gender Transformation is the #1 best selling
recording on my website so I figured it was time to do a sequel.
If you are transgender serious in your journey in becoming a woman, then this recording is
perfect for you.
So much happens in this recording, I dont even think I can list it all here because it is just
PACKED with everything I could possibly think of when it comes to becoming a real woman. It is
absolutely full and stuffed with subliminal messages, post hypnotic suggestions and
subconscious metaphors. And as with the original recording, this has 4-layers of recordings and
affirmations, quad-stereo which means you REALLY need to listen to this with stereo headphones
or else you may miss out on a lot of suggestions I say. Also there is NLP programming used too.
Unlike the original recording, this is not intended to arouse you or give you an orgasm. Instead,
this delves deeper into your mind and body to really make you feel like a woman - physically and
mentally. You can even listen to this on repeat while you sleep if you like!
Like I said, there are MANY topics discussed in this, I cant even name them all so I will just list
what I think are the most important: finally accepting yourself the way you are, feminine comfort,
shaving, waxing, permanent hair removal, wearing female perfume and deodorant, going to the
spa and salon, getting hot stone massages, going on shopping sprees, vaginal transformation,
breast transformation, full body female transformation, makeup application, mental female
thinking, feminine mannerisms, subconscious thinking, getting a specific feminine tattoo, walking
and talking like a woman, brushing your new long hair, affirmations that you are a girl, ear
piercings, wearing specific jewelry, maintaining your health, confidence, exfoliation, selfappreciation for feminity, letting people open the door for you in public, etc. etc. etc. there is too
much to list.
If you enjoyed Gender Transformation then you may like this more naughty version as well!
In this erotic hypnosis mp3, you are transformed from a man into a lesbian woman. Your breasts
begin to grow as trigger words are repeated over and over. Your cock shrinks into your body and
a vagina blooms in its place instead. As you become my lesbian lover and your vagina begins to
grow, your hymen also begins to form.
My girlfriends and I will take turns fucking you with our strapons, but in order to do that we will
have to take your virginity from you. And that means breaking your beloved hymen.
Yes, it will hurt. But the pain only lasts a little while. Every girl must go through that in life in order
to experience great sexual pleasure.
Note: Please use stereo headphones since this contains binaural audio with whisper tracks and
overlaying, overdubbed layers that could be missed otherwise.
Fetishes include:
Gender transformation from male to female, lesbianism, strapon play, oral strapon, your hymen
getting broken, vaginal penetration with strapon, anal penetration with strapon, vaginal

penetration with fingers, double penetration with strapon and fingers, multiple fantasy girls.
Several triggers are used, including sexual pleasure enhancers, deepeners, and orgasm
Permanent Press
This is part of the Isabella Washer/Dryer Series which uses invasive techniques to brainwash
your mind. Many more coming soon!
The topic of this series is: Pantyboy with light humiliation
Be humiliated endlessly in this brainwashing mp3 as I tease you constantly for wearing panties. I
re-enforce that you must wear panties every single day for Me and that you are not a man, but a
sick and twisted pantyboy! You are just a pantyboy sissy with a perverted desire to wear panties!
You must dress like a girl no matter what. Must always dress like a girl, wear high heels, lipstick,
etc. etc.
Your brain will feel like its on overload as you hear Me namecalling you, calling you a girl, and
arousing you at the same time. You should be ashamed of yourself for liking this! hahahaa.
Directions: Use headphones (required) and turn your volume UP (as high as you can tolerate it)
and dont fucking wimp out. If you turn plan on keeping the volume down, then buy something
else and dont waste your money. There are no triggers in this, because this is not hypnosis, this
is brainwashing.
Fetishes include:
Brainwashing, invasive techniques, pantyboy feminization, high heels, lipstick, male clothes
replacement, subliminal messages, arousal, orgasm permission, must wear panties everyday,
wet spot, feminization mannerisms, obey Isabella, extreme obedience, humiliation, sissy boy, and
abrupt climactic ending.

Pretty in Pink
This is a sequel to the recording Silky Panties and involves brainwashing techniques!
For those who have listened to Silky Panties, then you probably are very comfortable with the
idea of wearing panties and want to take things another step further. In this recording, I introduce
the idea of wearing pink panties every day. Not just any panties, but pink thongs. And I reinforce
the idea that you must replace all your male underwear with female panties in your home.
Also I introduce new items into your wardrobe: pantyhose and stockings. I tell you how good they
feel and how much you need to feel them along with your pink panties. Pantyhose and panties.
Thigh highs and thongs. They go together. Also there are numerous post-hypnotic suggestions in
this mp3 (way too many to name here), however one important one is that you will get incredible
turned on when you see the outline of a womens panty lines and also your mouth will salivate at
the sight of other womens pantyhose. Again, there is too much to mention in this description. You
will just have to find out for yourself.
Wear headphones or else you wont get the full effect! There are a few brainwashing techniques
used in this mp3 including repetitive crystal pulses, beating drones, overlapping voices, and
whispers all designed to confuse you. Yes, confuse you. When your mind is confused, you often

become fatigued, which helps Me speak to your subconscious mind easier. Dont fight it. Let
yourself fall into it. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: If you suffer from epileptic seizures or from a heart condition, please consult your
doctor before listening to this recording.
Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, pantyboy feminization, wearing panties, pantyhose, thigh highs, nylons, silky
fabrics, panty outlines, women knowing your secret, panties under your clothes, precum wet spot,
teasing, constricting pantyhose, arousal triggers, orgasm command, amnesia triggers,
brainwashing techniques, obedience and submission, repetitive commands, and so much more!
Lesbian Man
Are you a man who has always wondered what it would be like to be a beautiful, hot lesbian
In this erotic hypnosis mp3 session, you get to feel the entire transformation of feeling your body
transform of that of a man into a lesbian woman. And after the transformation is complete, you get
to experience an erotic lesbian lovemaking session as My lesbian lover! How hot is that?
I love making love to other girls and truly love being with other women. And wouldnt you love to
make love to Me in your new female body? Come be My lesbian lover!
This mp3 has a very deep and powerful induction using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
techniques and Ericksonians Yes method to get down deep into your subconscious mind to
help you experience the most effective results with your session.
Unlike most of My mp3s where there is an orgasm command where you cum once and its over,
this mp3 is designed where you are expected to have multiple orgasms (just the way girls *really
do*) so the mp3 doesnt just stop with one.
After your session is over and you are brought out of your trance, you are given the choice to
either transform back into your skin as a man or continue as a lesbian (your choice).
I highly recommend you use stereo headphones since binaural audio stereo sound waves were
used. However, use of both ears are preferred, but not necessarily required with this particular
Recording includes:
Erotic hypnosis, NLP programming, gender transformation, lesbianism, oral sex, double dong
penetration, fingering, frenchkissing, foreplay, light hair pulling, light scratching, licking and biting,
arousal triggers, multiple orgasms, and more!

Sissy Training
Have you ever wondered why you enjoy being a sissy? Or even better yet, have you ever been
curious why youre into feminization? This session is designed for sissies and pantyboys who
have fantasies of dressing as beautiful women.
This mp3 isnt an ordinary erotic hypnosis session, rather it focuses on NLP and spends time
going deep into the core of where your sissy fetish originates. Ive designed several carefullyworded questions to ask your subconscious mind to expand your boundaries and enlighten the

way you feel about your secret fetishes.

This also trains you on the following: human hair wigs and appreciating long, soft hair, makeup
application and wearing it right, feminine clothes, and how to become an even better sissy.
There is a right and a wrong way to be a sissy. Most people make all the wrong mistakes (like
wearing cheap wigs and ugy makeup) and this session is designed to help you be the absolute
BEST lesbian-sissy you can possibly be. This also includes masturbation and orgasm command.
Sissy Virgin
Isabella Valentine and Mistress Alexandra team up to make this erotic hypnosis recording
especially for those who like sensual feminization!
Isabella starts this recording by hypnotizing you into a deep, relaxing trance as you lie in bed
surrounded by candles after a day at the spa. Your skin is soft and lotioned as you wear silky
panties, awaiting Mistress Alexandra to take your virgin sissy body.
As Isabella hypnotizes you to enjoy your sissy body and not be nervous about your encounter
with Alexandra, you simply go deeper and deeper. Finally, as Mistress Alexandra arrives, you
obediently offer your body to Her as an act of submission. She takes your virginity with Her
glorious strapon, breaking your hymen, and teaching you how wonderful it is to be Her lesbian
lover. You are a sissy forever. Find out what a positive and enriching experience being a sissy can
Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, (you) sucking strapon, (you) receiving strapon, sissification without humiliation,
romantification of strapons and anal fucking, experiencing a strapon for the first time, breaking of
hymen (sissy pussy), sensitive nipples, being treated like a lesbian, submission and obedience,
arousal triggers, orgasm command, and more!



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Lesbian Man


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