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October 21 2016

Voreqe Bainimarama



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Fiji News

Fiji Parties Eye Coalition

To Tackle Fiji First

The Leader Of Fiji's Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry

The Fiji Times reports the Fiji Labour would be the right thing to prevent split
Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry votes in the next election.
as saying his party, the National Mr Chaudhry said if the current
Federation Party and SODELPA have opposition was together, then those
been discussing the possibility of a votes would count and give them
additional seats.
SODELPA has 15 seats in the current The paper reports that SODELPA
parliament with the NFP holding three, leader Sitiveni Rabuka is not ruling out
while Labour is not represented.
a coalition.
Frank Bainimarama's Fiji First has 32 According to Fiji TV, the NFP's Biman
of the 50 seats.
Prasad said any talk of a coalition was
Mr Chaudhry said a grand coalition premature and technically not possible.

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23 Complaints Against
TWENTY-THREE complaints worth
$127,505 have been received by the
Consumer Council of Fiji against a
construction company (Melbourne
Building Works) since the council
raised an alert on alleged unfair conduct
by the company early this year.
However, in response to questions sent
to the company director yesterday,
he denied the allegations and said his
lawyers were looking into the matter.
Manoj Kumar Parekh sent a statement
from his lawyers, which was issued
to the Consumer Council of Fiji and
media organisations in August this
year, threatening legal action against
the council and the media organisations
that would publish the article.
The council held a press conference
and revealed two complainants who
claimed they were being treated
unfairly by the said company.
Naqelekalou, said he hired the company
(Melbourne Building Works) two years
ago to carry out renovation works at
his home and paid company director
(Manoj Kumar Parekh) $25,000.
He said the work that was actually done

at his home and the promise that was

made by the director was completely
different, but the director kept making
excuses each time and said the work
would be done.
The matter was brought to the council's
attention and the director agreed to
refund $3000.
In another case, a couple paid $11,000
to the same company hiring their
services for mega kitchen works. Kirti
Sharma said the designs shown by
the director to them was of very high
standard, but the actual work done in
the couple's flat was disappointing.
Ms Sharma said she finally decided to
take the matter to the council. She said
they had to hire another contractor to
redo whatever work was done by the
company and more work to finish the
kitchen and the flat.
Ms Kumar said they were issuing a
fresh alert to all consumers against the
company, which was now operating
under a new name (Melbourne Works
She said they referred the matter to the
Fiji Commerce Commission because it
was the enforcement agency.

Over One Million Tonnes


The three sugar mills have crushed

over one million tonnes of sugar cane
to date.
The Fiji Sugar Corporation is banking on
good weather to see the remaining cane
harvested in time before the mills close.
Fiji Sugar Corporation Limiteds
General Manager Operations Mikaele
Biukoto said the recent spate of wet
weather had hampered harvesting in
some places but he was hoping the
present good weather held out.
Mr Biukoto said there was about
300,000 to 400,000 tonnes of sugar
cane still left standing in the fields.
We are urging farmers, especially
in Labasa to make the extra effort in
harvesting the remaining sugar cane,
he said.

Labasa Sugar Mill is scheduled to close

operations on November 6.
No dates have yet been set for the
Lautoka and Rarawai Mills.
Mr Biukoto said there were no issues
with any of the three mills as all have
been crushing normally without any
major breakdowns.
We are hoping for a continuity of
crush at these mills and that is why we
are urging farmers to make good use of
the weather and harvest as much cane
as possible, he said.
Mr Biukoto said the supply of sugar
cane to the mills by the farmers had
improved and he was hopeful that
this would continue to increase so the
mills keep crushing without halting the
process due to lack of supply.

Complainants Kirti Sharma and retired teacher Luke Naqelekalou at a press

conference with Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila Kumar

Race To Survive Teams

Visit Island

While at the village, they also got to

witness the screening of children for
rheumatic heart disease (RHD) at Kese
Primary School a project funded by
the Accor Group.
A medical team led by pediatrician Dr
Joseph Kado from the RHD prevention
and control program visited villages on
Naviti and undertook screening for the
"The RHD screening program is
particularly important to these villages
because of their remote location and
through AccorHotels' funding, it
has enabled Cure Kids Fiji to build
capacity and increased capabilities,"
Dr Kado said.

Soya Rossiter from AccorHotels said

she was proud to be part of a team that
contributed to improving the lives of
children since its inception in 2006.
"What started as a dream for our
company to try and make a small
difference to the children of Fiji has
now, 10 years later, grown into one of
the most effective partnerships in the
tourism industry here in Fiji," she said.
The partnership includes AccorHotels,
a number of industry partners, the
Ministry of Health and Cure Kids Fiji.
The race, which involves staff from
AccorHotels hotels across New Zealand,
Fiji and Australia, has raised $1.8
million for Cure Kids Fiji since 2006.

Fiji News


Bid To Increase Insurance Takeup

A PERCEPTION that insurance is only
for the wealthy has changed because it
can now be afforded by someone who
works in an informal sector.
A life insurance company has been
inspired by Tropical Cyclone Winston
to introduce a product for the lowincome level bracket in the country.
When TC Winston took the lives of 44
Fijians, Life Insurance of India (LICI)
found that none of them were insured.
This, according to LICI general
manager Sanjay Dayal, is what
triggered them to focus on the low
income group of people in the country.
For example, these are for employees
that do not have consistent earnings.
The product is called MicroInsurance.
MicroInsurance looks to aid lowincome households by offering
insurance plans tailored to their needs
and provide protection to individuals
who have little savings.
Because the coverage value is lower
than a usual insurance plan, the insured
people pay considerably smaller
"First of all, we train our agent because
they need to go to rural areas. They
cannot come to our offices to procure
these policies. We also needed to create

awareness among these people because

they are not much educated," Mr Dayal
said at the Parliamentary Standing
Committee on Economic Affairs
"There are various types of policies
and some with very low premiums
also. The focus is because they could
not afford a very high premium policy.
"Similarly, RBF has also come up
with a bundled product and we have
also contacted our head office. If they
approve it, the premium will be very
less and will be $9 and group cover of
$3000 per head. It will be an employerbased scheme. We are waiting for the
head office and we will go ahead with
the policy.
"The awareness is not there and this is
why only 12 per cent are insured. We
will have to go a long way."
LICI Fiji Operation Fiji Finance,
Investment and Human Resource
manager Anand Gurpreet Kaur said
that although many people have aware,
but they were not really interested. For
that, people don't know the importance
of insurance.
"We are trying to make the agents
aware. There were 44 people died but
not a single people are insured. Our

Sun Insurance director Dewan Maharaj, left, director Archie Seeto and
chairman Padam Lala before their submissions at the parliamentary Standing
Committee on Economic Affairs at the Parliament complex in Suva
agents are going to Koro Island to she said.
make the people understand. Savings LICI has 14 products for low income,
should come into the mind of people," medium and high income group level.

A 49-YEAR-OLD woman is in a
critical condition at the Intensive Care
Unit in the Lautoka Hospital after she
was savagely attacked inside her home
in the early hours of Wednesday last
week in Vatlaulau,Ba.
Roshni Lata Sharma was asleep when
a labourer hired to do repair works at
her home, allegedly attacked her with a
crow bar.
Ms Sharma's daughter, Sheenal
Shadrika Devi, a Lautoka resident,
said it was lucky that she had decided
to spend the night in Ba with her mum
when the attack happened.

"If I wasn't there, mum would probably

not have made it," the 22-year-old
said. It happened at about 2am last
Wednesday. I heard mum moaning and
thought she was having nightmares
and then she called my name.
"When I turned on the light, mum was
struggling to breathe and her head was
covered in blood. I cleaned her up and
got an uncle to rush us to the hospital.
"When the doctors managed to tend to
her wounds and calmed her down, all
she kept asking was if the labourer had
been caught."
Ms Devi said her mother's condition

worsened on Saturday and she was now

not responding to family members.
"While she was able to talk, she just
kept asking if the labourer was caught.
"She was really scared and I cannot
believe what has happened to her."
Ms Devi said Ms Sharma had hired the
labourer to do repairs to her home two
months ago.
"He had nowhere to stay and because
he was an old man, mum felt sorry for
him so she allowed him to live in one
room in her house.
"While he was working, he began asking
mum to have physical relations with him.

"She refused and then last week told

him to leave.
"He said he was going to leave on
Wednesday and the attack happened
early that morning."
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro
confirmed a suspect had been
apprehended in relation to the attack.
"We have arrested a man believed
to be in his late 50s in Rakiraki after
he allegedly assaulted and critically
injured a 49-year-old woman," she said.
"She had asked him to vacate the home
after he failed to satisfactorily repair it
after Cyclone Winston."

The sponsors of a local carnival were

surprised when told about the proceeds
not being utilised for charity.
Major sponsors of the Ba Farmers
Carnival, Telecom Fiji Limited chief
executive officer Mothilal de Silva,
said they were not aware that the full
proceeds from the carnival would not
be donated for charity.
I dont think we knew that, its good
that youve raised it, Mr de Silva said.
Our general expectation is also the
same, that its toward charity. We also
have to investigate that.
The carnival is held annually to cater
for the expenses of the National
Farmers Union office, minutes of the
carnival committee reveal.
Documents obtained by the Fiji
Sun which includes minutes from a
meeting held on June 18 this year at

the Unions Ba office shows that this

is one of the reasons why the Carnival
is being held.
The minutes state: He (Chairperson)
advised the members present at the
meeting that we have to run the Ba
Farmers Carnival 2016 to cater for
the expenses of the NFU office and
extreme needy cases.
Committee executive chair Narendra
Padarath moved the motion which was
seconded by Anjila Badlu.
When contacted, Mr Padarath said this
had been the practice for the last 15
years that money collected from the
carnival also was used to pay for union
office expenses.
Union general secretary and leader of
Fiji Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry
could not be reached for comments.
Several calls made to his mobile phone

remained unanswered.
When the Fiji Sun team visited his
Suva home, no one was around.
Mr Padarath asked for further questions

on the issue to be emailed to him, which

he said would be answered on Monday.
Ba Farmers Carnivals naming rights
sponsor was Telecom Fiji Limited.

Assault Lands Mum In Hospital

Carnival Proceeds To Help Union, Surprises Sponsor

Fiji News

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TFL,USP Memorandum Of Understanding To Benefit


The University of the South Pacific

(USP) and Telecom Fiji Limited
(TFL) signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU).
This was to provide partnership and cooperation in the fields of Engineering,
Information Technology (IT), and
Computing Science for a term of three
The MOU established responsibilities
of each party in preparing and providing
information, documents, and approvals
in order that USP and its stakeholders
are allowed access to TFLs experience
in terms of industry and technological
While signing the MOU on October
18, USPs Acting Vice-Chancellor
Professor Richard Coll said that the
University was looking to introduce
students with new skills and this was
something which the areas of cooperation in the MOU will provide.
Professor Coll thanked TFL for
coming on board to sign the MOU
and mentioned a particular part in the
document where TFL will help the

University in education.
FSTE Dean Anjeela Jokhan said this
was the first time an industry has
partnered where they are willing to
fund some of the activities run by the
This is the start of the kind of
partnership that USP has wanted to form
with industries. We are very pleased
that TFL has seen USP as a partner in
the development of applications (apps)
to improve customer service.
It goes to show that as an industry
they value the quality of students
and graduates that USP produces in
Information and Communications
Technology (ICT), Ms Jokhan said.
Ms Jokhan said during the summer
break, FSTE would engage some
students in developing apps for TFL
which they hope to release next year to
their customers.
I hope that more industries will come
forward to engage in this type of
partnership, she further added.
Under the MOU, both parties
agreed to co-operate in areas such

Heartbroken Netava Rokotagi wept

openly for his sister as the final rites
were performed at her gravesite.
His sister, Paulini Kaloumaira, 19, died
from extensive burns when a benzene
container exploded in her hands at Sote
Village, Tailevu, last week.
Two younger siblings watched with
horror as she burned.
I cant really explain how much I will
miss Pau, said Mr Rokotagi, 21, who
is the eldest.
He couldnt stop his tears yesterday as
he said his last goodbye to my lovely
I am very close to Pau. We play
around, joke a lot and we love each
other. Ive always promised her that
when I have my job I will look after

her and my other three young siblings.

Now that shes gone I will still try and
fulfill my promises with the three. I
will be graduating in engineering this
December and I will make sure I look
after them well. I really miss Pau, he
Mr Rokotagi lives in Nadi and he
wished to take Taito and Ana along
with him when he returns next week.
Lavenia Roko, 16, who is the third
youngest in the family said: I really
miss her. She visited me in Nadi and
she asked me to wait for her with some
clothes when she comes around next.
And Im still waiting for her. She doesnt
really share all the problems shes facing
at home she tends to hide them and
pretends shes OK, said Ms Roko.

as engagement of USP students and

other resources for project related
work, setting up of test lab at USP
for the purpose of conducting
research activities, enhancing and
developing additional courses for
USP programmes and general project
related activities, joint Sponsorship
of any ICT related forum, industrial

attachment for USP students, TFL

sponsored Engineering/IT award for
graduating students.
The parties agreed in principle to cooperate with one another during a term
of three years to explore and deliver the
necessary co-operation and partnership
vice -versa to fulfill the terms and
obligations of the MOU.

Heartbroken Brother Weeps For Sister Who Died From


Indian Navy Vessel Berthed At Kings Wharf

The Indian Navys Offshore Patrol
Vessel Sumitra berthed at the Kings
Wharf this morning for a goodwill visit
with 140 personnel on board.
Minister for Defence and National
Security Ratu Inoke Kubuabola toured
the vessel.
INS Sumitra is the fourth of the Saryu
class ships based on an indigenous
design and constructed by M/s Goa
Shipyard Limited.
Since commissioning in 2014, the
ship has been deployed for multiple
operational tasks the most notable
Minister for Defence and National Security Ratu Inoke Kubuabola with the
Captain of the vessel and other officials.

being Operation Rahat which entailed

the evacuation of personnel of various
nationalities from wartorn Yemen in
The ship has a range of 6,500 nautical
miles and is capable of embarking one
A Medical camp will be organised by
Indian and Fijian doctors for general
health checkups at Ratu Sukuna Park.
The crew will also hand over five
tonnes of seedlings from the Indian
Government to Fijis Ministry of

Fiji News

Fiji Has List Of Drugs To

FIJI Pharmaceutical and Biomedical
Services (FPBS) director Ratish Singh
said Fiji purchased about 500 different
medicines as per standard requirement
of the World Health Organization and
the procurement of medicines depends
on the huge disease burden in the
Mr Singh made the comments during
submissions to the Parliamentary
Standing Committee on Foreign
Affairs and Defence.
"We purchase almost close to 500
line items, which means 500 lines of
different types of medicines, so to do
audit, it is a daunting task, but it is a
very important task of how this is being
used," Mr Singh said.
"Sometimes the audit is done to see if
there is a surge or increase in utilisation,
we ask questions why all of a sudden
there is a surge of utilisation of these
Mr Singh said if one took a look at the
global procurement list of medicines,
there were about 10,000 items on
the list and in Fiji the selection of
medicines that needed to be procured
was based on common diseases present

in Fiji.
"The driving parameter of choosing
the medicines is in our Fiji Essential
Medicine lists. This is a list based on
sound evidence for the last 50 years,"
he said.
"And this is the list of medicines that
you actually need to buy that addresses
the large burden of common diseases
in Fiji. We don't just look at the list and
just buy it, no; we look at our disease
patterns as well."
Mr Singh said the FPBS had policies
in place called the Fiji Medicinal
Products 2013 which had three key
aims and that is to ensure the reliable
availability of good quality, acceptable,
safe and proven effective medicines at
a reasonable price affordable to the
The second goal is to rationalise
medicines through the provisions of
improved medicines utilisation of
information and training of health
professions in that regard.
And the third goal is to define the
national objective and goals which also
includes setting medium to long term
commitments from Government.



Peak Season Labour Inc. is looking to fill


Full Time Employment with Competitive Compensation

We are looking for workers to fulfill positions in:
* Warehouse/Packing Houses
* Fish Canneries
* Greenhouses
* Class 4 drivers
Warehouse Work Experience
(Order Picking, Shipping & Receiving & Inventory etc.)

Various Shifts Available

Students May Apply International Students also WELCOME
Ride available in Delta & Surrey



For more info. call 604-307-1180 or email your resume to:
Punjabi & Hindi Also Spoken By Operator


We Are Prepared, Says


Director of National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Akapusi

Fiji is prepared if another cyclone hits, Private sector participation is included
says the director of National Disaster to ensure a safe and resilient Fiji, said
Management Office (NDMO), Akapusi Mr Tuifagalele.
In regards to food rations, Mr
The new cyclone season is only eight Tuifagalele
said Affairs
this had
Russian Foreign
days away. It ends on April 30, 2017.
since we are now transitioning to
According to the Ministry of rehabilitation
and early
Infrastructure and Transport cyclones Vegetable seedlings and kumala
can form in months outside this period. (sweet potato) cuttings provided by the
The peak period for cyclones in the Ministry of Agriculture during relief
region is usually from January to periods should by now be harvested
and used as a window to bridge
The Fiji Meteorological Services cropping assistance building up to food
comes under the ministry.
security, he said.
For this cyclone season, it is expected He said communities must show their
that the Pacific region will have between resilience by bouncing back with
five to seven cyclones, with three to planting and harvesting as months
five predicted to reach Category 3 and progressed.
one to two predicted to reach Category He said if another cyclone hit Fiji, food
4 or Category 5 status.
security and shelter would be worst
In regards to Fiji, we expect as many affected.
as two to three tropical cyclones to Community safety net is very helpful
pass our waters this season, with one during crisis like Winston where
anticipated to reach Category 3 or families and clans pool their resources
to assist each other when their
and rehabilitation is slow, he said.
stakeholders in Government and Meanwhile, Fiji has also been declared
outside, especially non-governmental a Sendai Target Champion in Disaster
organisations (NGOs), civil society Risk Reduction by the United Nations
organisations (CSOs) and the Fiji Red Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Cross Society are working towards (UNISDR) in Geneva.
providing awareness and preparedness This was revealed by the Assistant
in communities.
Minister for Rural and Maritime
The Disaster Management Act and Plan Development and National Disaster
will be revised to modernise approach Management, Joeli Cawaki, while
to natural disaster and climate change opening the Pacific Platform for
where an inclusive approach will be Disaster Risk Reduction at Holiday Inn
taken on board for all stakeholders. Suva.

Airline Sets Self Check-In

FIJI Airways has introduced new self
check-in kiosks at its international
departures counter at Melbourne's
Tullamarine Airport.
While a personalised approach to guest
service remains a key element of the
airline famous for its Fijian friendliness,
the introduction of the kiosks will offer
greater customer convenience and less
queuing up at the busy terminal.

The introduction of these new kiosks

mark another step towards product
enhancement since the launch of the
airline to Fiji Airways from Air Pacific
in 2013.
To celebrate the very first passengers using
the new kiosks at Melbourne Airport last
Thursday night, a nice surprise of highend duty-free products from its on-board
selection were handed out.

778 278 4088

Fiji-Born Man Told To Leave NZ After Badly Beating

Wife While She Held Their Baby
A Fiji-born man in New Zealand
convicted of beating his wife so
severely as she held their baby daughter
that he temporarily deafened her has
been asked by the Immigration New
Zealand for him to leave the country as
soon as possible.
26-year-old Jone Vuetaki was
sentenced in the Timaru District Court
to 130 hours of community work in
August for the vicious assault of his
wife in November last year.
The Fijiborn meat worker denied the
charge but was found guilty after a trial.
Following his sentencing, Immigration
New Zealand revealed that Vuetaki was
in the country illegally as he has been
overstaying since March this year.
They say that Vuetaki is liable for
deportation however they are strongly
encouraging him to settle his affairs

and make arrangements to leave

the country as soon as possible by
departing voluntarily.
Meanwhile Vuetakis defacto wife says
that Vuetaki is now free to leave the
country on his own and if he is not gone
in a few weeks, he will be deported.
She says that she was disappointed
that Vuetaki would not have to do the
community work that was given to him
during his sentencing however she is
relieved that he is going to leave New
An Immigration New Zealand
spokesman confirmed Vuetaki would
soon be sent back to Fiji.
Vuetaki had assaulted his wife after an
She was holding their 9monthold
daughter at the time.
Vuetaki swung at her, hitting her hard

on the left side of the face.

She fell to the ground, and realised she
could not hear in which her eardrum
had been perforated.
Due to this her hearing was affected for

some time after the assault.

Meanwhile, the court heard during his
trial that Vuetaki had been abusing his
wife for years.
The couple have since separated.

Fiji Airways, Fijis National Carrier,

and American Airlines are strengthening
their codeshare agreement to include
more cities in the United States, as well
as a significant international connection,
Londons Heathrow Airport (LHR). The
extended agreement allows for convenient
connections when flying between Fiji,
across the U.S. and the United Kingdom.
This extended codeshare agreement is
a truly remarkable achievement for Fiji
Airways. Just as important, it allows
more of Americans customers to visit
our home, Fiji, and seamless access our
network in the South Pacific, said Fiji
Airways Managing Director & CEO,
Andre Viljoen.
Fiji Airways will add eight (8) new
codeshare destinations to and from

Providing connectivity to Fiji from 15 additional U.S. cities and now, London
Los Angeles and seven (7) destinations Guests can book travel today on these
connecting to and from San Francisco codeshare flights directly through Fiji
(SFO). This gives customers traveling Airways and American Airlines. The
on Fiji Airways non-stop flights from two airlines began their codeshare
LAX and SFO better access to major partnership in 2011 and with this
U.S. cities such as: Atlanta, Nashville, expansion the codeshare now includes
Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, 49 destinations in the South Pacific,
New York, Miami, Phoenix, and more. United States and Europe.
In total, the codeshare agreement now Fiji Airways flies daily service between
provides the customers of Fiji Airways LAX and NAN and seasonally from
with accessibility to 38 cities across the SFO, using its flagship Airbus A330
U.S and, for the first time, the United aircraft with 24 Business Class and 249
Kingdom, via American Airlines.
Economy Class seats on both non-stop
American Airlines customers also gain routes. It has a comprehensive South
new codeshare service on Fiji Airways Pacific island network, connecting
between SFO and Nadi, Fiji (NAN). to Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Vanuatu,
Members of the AAdvantage program Solomon Islands and Tuvalu, with
can earn and redeem miles on all Fiji additional connections to Australia and
Airways flights.*
New Zealand.

New destinations for Fiji Airways

customers from LAX:
1. Atlanta, GA (ATL)
2. Nashville, TN (BNA)
3. Charlotte, NC (CLT)
4. Indianapolis, IN (IND)
5. -Oklahoma City, OK (OKC)
6. Portland, OR (PDX)
7. Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
8. Los Angeles -Seattle, WA (SEA)
New destinations for Fiji Airways
customers from SFO:
1. Charlotte, NC (CLT)
2. Dallas Fort Worth, TX (DFW)
3. New York City, NY (JFK)
4. Miami, FL (MIA)
5. -Chicago, IL (ORD)
6. Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
7. Phoenix, AZ (PHX)

Fiji Airways & American Airlines Strengthen

Codeshare Agreement

Family Evicted After 16 Years

Diwali will not be the same for a
Labasa family this year after they were
evicted from the land they called home
for 16 years.
Dalip Kumar, a goat farmer from
Lekutu, Bua, moved to Tuatua, Labasa,
to accomodate education for his three
He received an eviction notice one
month ago.
I moved to this land with consent from
iTaukei Land Trust Board (iTLTB) in
2000, Mr Kumar said.
They issued a letter stating that the
land has been allocated to me and will
be formalised once the subdivision was
We even paid thousands of dollars
to the late Turaga ni Yavusa, Ifereimi
Talatu, to continue living on the
We were continuously following up

with the iTLTB and when we came to

know that the land was given to Tui
Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere we
went to talk to him.
We even hired a Labasa private
lawyer to fight for our case as we are
uneducated and no one was willing to
assist us, the 61-year-old father said.
We did not commit a crime; we were
living a decent life and as parents we
are trying to help our children get
With tears in his eyes, Mr Kumar said
this situation has disturbed his youngest
sons education who is currently a
Year Nine student at Labasa Sangam
His two other children are married and
living in Suva.
Mr Kumar said he spent $90,000 to
build his four bedroom house and get
necessary documents done to save his

Meanwhile, when Fiji Sun met
with Ratu Wiliame, he said the land

belonged to the Macuata Tikina

Holdings Limited and it would be

Fiji News


Govt Announce Dates For Centennial Celebrations Of

Last Shipload Of Indentured Labourers
The government has announced the
dates for the Centennial Celebrations of
the last shipload of indentured labourers
to arrive in Fiji aboard Sutlej V (Five).
The celebrations will commence on the
9th of next month at Albert Park, and
then on the 10th and 11th of November
it will be celebrated throughout Fiji
in Labasa, Savusavu, Levuka, Nadi,
Nausori, Lautoka, Sigatoka, Ba, Tavua
and Rakiraki.
While launching the event, Attorney
General and Minister for Economy
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the
Ministry of Local Government through
advertisements has identified the direct
descendants of the 888 indentured
labourers that were on board the Sutlej
V (Five).
Sayed-Khaiyum says the direct
descendants will be given commemoration
plaques which is being arranged by the
Local Government Ministry.
Vodafone Fiji has given $100,000
for the Girmit celebrations while the
government is also providing the

necessary funding for the program.

Meanwhile National Federation Party
Leader, Biman Prasad had called for a
public holiday for the celebration.
He says that this would be appropriate
to recognize the contributions of the

Prasad had also claimed that the

government will not fund the celebrations
and the local municipal councils were
asked to fund the program.
He also says that the celebration will be
political as all the Chief Guests of the
events will be from the government.

Sayed Khaiyum says this is political

point scoring by Biman Prasad as the
ministry is providing funds for the
He also says that a public holiday
is not the answer to recognize the
contribution of the Girmitiyas.

High Court Told That Kilaiverata Furiously Attacked


The state told the Suva High Court that

Usaia Kilaiverata furiously attacked
Losana McGowan on 4th April last
year in Toorak.
While making closing submissions
in Kilaiveratas murder trial, state
lawyer, Michael Delaney told the three
assessors that Kilaivereta knew what
he was doing and intentionally killed
Delaney also said that Kilaiverata had
an obvious motive not to give Police
the factual truth.
He says Kilaiveratas account of what
happened is unbelievable.
Delaney also told the assessors to
disregard Acting Sergeant of the Fiji
Police Force Apisai Dredreyaras
evidence where he had said that
Kilaiverata had told him that his
partner fell down from the steps and hit
a gas tank during an argument.
Delaney says these things were said 18
months after the incident.

He also highlighted to the assessors

that Kilaiverata had said in his caution
interview that he punched and kicked
McGowans face.
Meanwhile defence lawyer Samanunu
Vaniqi told the assessors that it was not
murder but an accident and her client
wants the court to find him guilty of
Vaniqi told the court that Kilaiverata
and McGowan were arguing and
McGowan was not sober during the
time of the incident.
Vaniqi says McGowan fell face down
from the stairs and hit the gas tank after
getting hit by Kilaiverata.
She also told the court that Kilaiverata
took full responsibility of the accidental
death and confessed to Police about it.
The defence lawyer also highlighted
to the assessors that the state lawyer
is asking the court to disregard some
statements of its own witness who has
18 years of experience in Police.

Usaia Kilaiverata is charged with the murder of his partner Losana


Trial Of Former Police Officer Charged With Alleged

Rape Begins
The rape trial of a 32-year-old former
police officer has started in the Suva
High Court and the victim's mother
took the stand.
The former police officer is charged
with one count of rape and one count
of indecent assault.
It is alleged that he raped the 15-yearold girl in Navua on 13th February last

The court was told that the accused

grew up with the victims mother.
The mother of the victim told the court
that the accused came to their home at
around 11pm for a grog session.
She further revealed that when the grog
session finished at around 3am the next
day, the man asked her if she can call
her daughter as he wanted to use her

The mother said that her daughter then

went to her grandfather's house to get
her phone.
The victim's mother then said that at
around 4am, her daughter's uncle and
aunt came to her house and told her
that her 15-year-old-daughter has gone
to the bridge.
She told the court that upon reaching
the bridge, her daughter told her that

she was raped by the 32-year-old man.

During cross-examination by the
defence lawyer, the mother of the
victim denied that her daughter was
in a relationship with the accused. She
also denied that the two already had
sex three months before the alleged
The case continues before High Court
Judge Justice Achala Wengappuli.

Fiji News

778 278 4088

Korean Investors Ready To Pump In $826.52 Million

Into The Manufacturing Of Woodpellet

A wood pellet company, with an

investment of $USD 400million or
(FJ$826.52m) being pumped in by
Korean investors was expected to bring
in around $FJD100 million in annual
export earnings for Fiji.
This was confirmed yesterday by the
Nabou Green Energy Limited chief
executive Lee Jun Hyung.
Nabou Green Energy had invested
$USD45 million(FJ92.98) in the
construction of a 24MW Biomass
Power Plant, which is close to 80 per
cent completion along the Queens
Highway between Nadi and Sigatoka.
Should the project get off the ground,
Fiji would be exporting 500,000
tonnes of wood pellets to be used
as renewable energy to Korea and
European countries.
The planned factory would also be the
biggest in the Pacific, surpassing any in
New Zealand and Australia.
Mr Lee said this and other related
facilities such as the power plant,
pellet storage tank, the power
plant and jetty located in Central
Division are expected to be
completed by mid 2019 in order to

start the first wood pellet export in

the same year.
In its report presented to Government,
the company said the expected annual
income from the export of wood pellet
would put this industry in the top five
export commodity in Fiji.
Mr Lee said more than 1,000 jobs
will be created with this pellet
project through the construction of
the facilities, operation of facilities,
plantation, harvesting and trucking.
He said the company would also
eradicate Fiji of an invasive species,
the African Tulip it would be used as
raw material for wood pellet.
This will make Fiji the largest wood
pellet exporter in the Pacific region.
Mr Lee said the funding was ready
but on hold in Korea as issues such as
land for wood pellet storage tanks and
foreshore leases for shipping have yet
to be settled.
The company has already submitted
a mangrove area in Walu Bay to the
Department for Lands as the site, but
due to Mangrove Protection Plan being
reviewed in the Solicitor Generals
office, the application process is

currently pending.
The company has indicated that
the land issue and the export issues
with the Fiji Ports Authority would
have to be sorted out by November
this year or investors will look to
another country such as Indonesia or
We believe this is a great opportunity
for Fiji and have funds for the project
secured from Korea.

We have already successfully secured

100 per cent off-shore funding for
12MW Nabou biomass power plant
project when local banks failed to
provide funding.
We have done so despite exchange
rate risk because we believe in Fiji and
are here for long-term.
Mr Lee said this showed they were
genuine investors and not just fly-by
night investors who only talk.

Parents Seek Help For Overcrowded School

PARENTS of children attending Yadua

Village School in Bua have asked the
Government to build a school library
and an extra classroom.
The school has a roll of 45 students
and four rooms that make up the school
In an interview, Yadua Village School
chairman Tevita Rasuaki said the
condition of the school building had
deteriorated over the years.
"We need an extension of classrooms
as there are only four rooms used by

the students which were destroyed

during Cyclone Evan, and when Severe
Tropical Cyclone Winston hit this year
the whole building went from bad to
worse," he said.
Mr Rasuaki said Year 1 and 2 students
shared classrooms with the school's
main office.
"There is not enough space, but we are
trying our best to send our children to
school every day and we cannot do
much even though we have sent letters
to the Ministry of Education last year

New Warehouse To Boost

Products Supply In Fiji

A $2 MILLION investment by Total

Fiji is expected to boost the company's
lubricants supply in the country.
The company opened its new
warehouse located in Raiwai, Suva.
Total Fiji managing director Martin
McCarthy said the new development
aimed to make customers more at ease
with sufficient product availability and
enable Total to expand its lubricants
business in the country.
"Today we solidified the foundation
for our robust business growth in Fiji,
focusing on premium products and
customer satisfaction," he said.
"The opening of the warehouse not
only represents milestone for Total's
growth in Fiji's lubricants market, but
also across the Pacific region.
"The warehouse will serve as one of
our largest lubricants storage area in
the region," he said.
Mr McCarthy said they needed to take

down the warehouse in Walu Bay to

make way for the 4000tonne tank they
were constructing there.
He said fuel demand in Fiji was
increasing because more new cars were
brought in the country.
The influx of new hybrid vehicles being
brought in the country had resulted in a large
increase in gasoline sales for Total Fiji.
"So the demand is growing slightly
more in this nine to 12 months
compared with a few months before.
And we understand that the government
will gazette the new fuel standards this
year, so it's quite probable that there
will be an increase in gasoline sales."
The company also has future expansion
plans and Mr McCarthy said they would
be building new stations, continuing
the developments and open the station
in Savusavu soon.
He said there were five more stations
planned for the country next year.

to offer some assistance in regards to

our school building. We haven't heard
anything from them" he said.
"We no longer have a library because
our library is now occupied by Years
3 and 4."
Mr Rasuaki said they only wished
Suva was near to village so they could
visit the Ministry of Education office
personally instead of waiting for
"It's sad to see our children going to
school and trying to look for a proper

place to sit during classes because the

rooms are small and congested," he
Assistant Minister for Agriculture,
Rural and Maritime Development, and
National Disaster Management Joeli
Cawaki toured the maritime area in
the Northern Division last week with a
government team.
He urged the Education Ministry
representative present during the tour
to Yadua to follow up on the progress
of the submission by the villagers

Prepare For The Worst,

Says Kumar

FIJI must prepare for the worst, says

the director of Meteorology, Ravind
Speaking at the launch of the National
Disaster Awareness Week in Suva,
Mr Kumar said two to three tropical
cyclones were expected to pass through
Fiji waters in the next six months.
"When alerts go out to the country,
the message is that we should not be
complacent or think that it's not going
to affect us in any way. Fiji Island is
a dot in the map and the disaster alert
must be taken seriously.
"The cyclone categories, from one to
five, only differ in terms of how fast the
wind is moving but tropical cyclones
from Category 3 is as destructive as
Category 5,"he said.

Mr Kumar said with the disaster

awareness week theme set as "Live
to Tell", it was the responsibility of
everyone in the society to be aware and
to be well prepared before a disaster
He said the meteorological office
would continue to update and advise
people on what to expect but it was
everyone's responsibility to stay active
and safe during this cyclone season.
The 2016/2017 cyclone season is
from November 1 to April 31. On
February 20 this year, Severe Tropical
Cyclone Winston ripped through the
country, causing massive destruction
in some places, including some outer
lying islands, which are still trying to


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Fiji News

Our Brave Fijian Women

At The Frontline In Iraq

778 278 4088


My Dad Inspired Me To
Become A Navy Officer - Raj

I was inspired to be a Navy Officer by

the police uniform which my father
wears as a Police Officer.
This is the sentiment shared by
25yearold Vinit Vikash Raj who is
a Navigation Officer on a Fiji Naval
Raj who is from Sabeto, Nadi went to
India for three years to do training with
the Indian Navy.
The exstudent of Swami Vivekananda
College who joined the Fiji Navy in

2010 was with the Indian Navy from

2013 to 2015.
Raj says he has learnt a lot during the
time of his training as the Indian Navy
is the 5th largest in the world.
He says the knowledge he has gained
with the Indian Navy took him to where
he is today as the main navigation
Raj says he wants to pursue further
education and gain experience to
command a ship in future.

First Lady Sarote Konrote with some of our women soldiers in Iraq
Among the many Fijian men who are Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
serving as peacekeepers under the UN (UNAMI). There they met our women.
The President is visiting our
banner, are brave women.
In Iraq, President Major-General peacekeeping troops based in the
(Retd) Jioji Konrote and First Lady Middle East in his capacity as
Sarote visited our peacekeeping soldiers Commander in Chief of the Republic
serving in the guard force in the United of Fiji Military Forces.

Surgeon Urges Women To

Respond Early

25yearold Vinit Vikash Raj who is a Navigation Officer on a Fiji Naval Ship

Home Destroyed Second


A Colonial War Memorial hospital

surgeon Dr Josese Turagava has made
a strong appeal to iTaukei women to
overcome a killer disease by responding
quickly during the early symptoms of
breast cancer.
iTaukei are taking time to convince
their mind set to come in early, said
Dr Turagava.
Dr Turagava was speaking to about
50 guests in a Pinktober fundraising
morning tea at the Hard Rock Caf in
Port Denarau in Nadi.
He said treatment had improved
dramatically in the past decade but
patients needed to change their
perception to overcome cancer.
Cancer is curable in the early stages
before the natural process of the
disease in Fiji is that ladies come to us
when the lump is really big particular
iTaukei ladies, he said.
They come to us when they have
paralysis when the cancer reaches the
bone and they cannot walk, cannot
control urine and toilet.
They want us to do something but it
is too late for us to do something. And
also when it spreads to the lungs and
they cannot breathe.
He said 600 new cases of cancer were

diagnosed annually and around 200 of

them were breast cancer.
He said cancer survivors and the Fiji
Cancer Society was taking charge to
trying to break the taboo of hiding
the symptoms from women who
discovered early symptoms in the
He said when the cancer was in its
infancy stages patients hid it from
doctors to get treatment.
We are glad with the efforts (Fiji)
Cancer Society and the survivors that
have come through we are able to try to
tell the people that we are only effective
when you come early, he said.
He said overseas stage three cancer
patients have 98 percent chances of
survival after five years.
He said the Indo Fijians and the Chinese
community were good because they
took decisive, quick action.
They would sell their house and leave
for overseas to get treatment and live
for the rest of their lives. iTaukei are
taking time to convince their mind set
to come in early, he said.
Meanwhile, Fiji Cancer Society volunteer
Pritika Mala thanked Jacks of Fiji for
their donation of $16, 048 collected
during the Pinktober morning tea.

It was just this year the family fully

restored their house after the first
Mohammed Irshad stood under a
mango tree in his compound and stared
in anguish at his completely destroyed
A his newly constructed three bedroom
house at Wailoko settlement in Sabeto,
Nadi on Sunday afternoon.
He said he doesnt know what to do
And this is the second time the tragedy
has happened to him, the first in 2005.
Mr Irshad had since then been trying to
build his house and had only completed
the construction this year through the
support of his family.

On Sunday he was on his way to Ba to

pick his two daughters when his cousins
who live beside him called only to say
that his house was engulfing in flames.
No one was at home when the incident
I rushed back and the fire fighters
arrived to save the house but everything
was gone, Mr Irshad said.
His wife was in Australia at that time.
He will now rely on his family members
again to help him rebuild his house. Mr
Irshad had secured a 50 year residential
lease on his property last year.
Police spokesperson, Ana Naisoro
said the estimated cost of damage was
around $20,000 and cause of fire was
yet to be known.


Fiji News

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Suva And Nasinu Expected To Have 5 New Early

Warning Sirens For Disasters By 2018

Suva and Nasinu are expected to have 5

new Early Warning sirens for disasters
by 2018.
The proposed areas that are expected
to get the warning sirens are Vatuwaqa
Fintel area to cover the Vatuwaqa and
Laucala Beach area, Ganilau House or
Civic Towers to cover the middle of
the Capital City, Police Mobile Unit
at 8 miles to cover the low lying areas
of Nepani, Laqere and Nadawa and
Pacific Theological College to cover
the Nasese area.
It has also been highlighted that Ports
Authority and other employers around
the Walu Bay area already have sirens
which can also be activated.
The installation of the new early
warning sirens will be made possible
through a new agreement signed
between the Pacific Community,
and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fr
Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH
or (GIZ) at the Holiday earlier.

IT is an era that has gone down in

history books. A lot has been written
by many people about the life of their
fellow human beings at that time.
The time was from 1879-1916 when
shiploads of indentured labourers from
India came to Fiji to work in sugarcane
fields. Many of them thought they
were leaving their homeland for a
much better life on a different land.
But little did they know that a life of
torture and agony awaited them on a
land very far from their homes. They
were brought to Fiji by the British
on five-year contracts, at the end of
which some left for their homeland
while others made Fiji their home. As
the descendants of these indentured
labourers in Fiji prepare to mark the
end of the indenture system, The Fiji
Times revisits the "Girmit" era.
HISTORY was created in Fiji when the
Leonidas arrived in Levuka in 1879.
It was the first ship that brought
indentured labourers from India to
work in sugarcane fields in the country.
The ship left Calcutta in India in March
the same year with 498 passengers
273 men, 146 women and 79 children
who were under 12 years old.
According to Wikipedia, there was an
outbreak of cholera and smallpox on
the ship three days after it left India and
17 people died at sea.
After the arrival of Leonidas in Fiji on
May 14, 1879, many more ships came
with indentured labourers from India.
The SS Sutlej was the last ship that
brought 888 indentured labourers to
Fiji from India on November 11, 1916,
according to Wikipedia.
One thing worth noting is that some
crew members of these ships were
lascars (Indian seamen).
A research at the Fiji Museum revealed
that lascars were the first Indians to

GIZ has contributed $461,148 to

the EU funded ACPEU Building
Safety and Resilience in the Pacific
Project implemented by the Pacific
Community to expand its partnership
with the EU and SPC in climate change
action and disaster risk management in
Fiji and the Pacific.
Suva has two sirens at the moment,
which are located at the University of
the South Pacific Marine Campus and
in Lami.
Head of GIZ Pacific Dr Wulf Killmann
said the extensive damage and loss of
lives by Category 5 Tropical Cyclone
Winston in February calls for the need
for more early warning systems in Fiji.
He says these systems will help save
lives and reduce the economic impacts
of disasters.
Deputy Director General of the Pacific
Community Dr Audrey Aumua says the
Pacific Community is happy to work
together in this joint partnership to

Deputy Director General of the Pacific Community Dr Audrey Aumua a new

agreement between GIZ and the Pacific Community
respond to Fijis request for additional
tsunami early warning sirens to
compliment the two systems already

The End Of Girmit

arrive in Fiji, at least 70 years before

the arrival of the first shipload of
indentured labourers from India.
While there were deaths at sea during
the journey of the indentured labourers
from India to Fiji, there was also the
tragedy of the ship Syria running
aground on Naselai reef in Rewa on the
night of May 11, 1884.
The shipwreck claimed 59 lives and
there were 438 survivors, who were
rescued by villagers and Colonial
Government officials when the alarm
was raised.
A part of the ship is still visible on the
reef during low tide, but only time will
tell whether this memorium to that
tragedy will always be visible.
The Syria monument was built in
Nausori Town in memory of those
who perished in the shipwreck, and the
incident itself.
However, with the indentured labourers
came their culture, food, clothing and, it
is said, even Indian hemp or marijuana
too as a relaxant used by them after a
hard day's work.
The prayers and other ways of doing
religious things are said to be almost
the same as it was during the indenture
or girmit period.
One particular religious event still
being performed is the firewalking
ceremony by the South Indians, who
were among the last to arrive.
Some temples that were built by the
indentured labourers or the girmitiya
still exist in different parts of the
country at the same site although
they have been renovated along the
One such temple is the Naag Baba
Kuti at Raralevu outside Nausori Town
where people flock to, especially in the
weekends when they are free, "to have
their prayers answered".

At the temple site is the tombs of three

saints who are said to have passed away
there and some say their presence can
be felt sometimes during early morning
The other temple is the Baba Ragho
Vishnu Kuti at Sawani in Nausori,
which has the tombs of a saint (sadhu)
and his four followers.
Another one is the Wailailai Kuti in Ba.
People going to these temples offer prayers
at the tombs of the saints first because they
are situated right at the entrance.
Like these places, there are other places
where the memories of the girmitiya
live on.
In 1981, the late Indian Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi planted a tree to mark the
opening of the Girmit Centre in Lautoka.
She met some surviving girmitiya then.
To mark the end of the indenture
system, the Fiji Girmit Council has
organised events starting on November
11 exactly 100 years after the last
ship load of girmitiya arrived in Fiji.
Council general secretary Jagannath
Sami said events had been organised
from March 18-26 next year to mark the
abolishment of the indenture system.
Mr Sami said 42 ships made 87 voyages

DISMAC had earlier said that they

would also look at early warning
systems in other parts of Fiji after
installing the sirens in Suva.

to Fiji with indentured labourers from

India between 1879 and 1916.
He said 60,965 people left India, but
only 60,553 arrived in Fiji including
the births at sea.
He said during their five-year contracts
or girmit, the indentured labourers
were "working, living and often
dying in squalid, degrading and brutal
Mr Sami said a wide range of events
had been organised to commerate the
arrival of the last shipload of indentured
labourers to Fiji and the abolishment of
the indenture system.
"We will have a film festival, local
drama/plays and musical evenings," he
"There will be an academics conference
and academics from overseas and Fiji
will speak on the indenture system.
"There will be a schools debate, oratory
contest and quiz during the event."
Mr Sami has urged the descendants
of indentured labourers to be a part of
the historical event on November 11,
which will culminate in March next
year with the week-long celebration to
mark the end of the indenture system

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World News

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Baby Was Born Twice After Being Removed From

Womb Then Reinserted For Lifesaving Operation

Not everyone can say they have two

birthdays a year but it's something little
Lynlee Boemer can be proud of when
she's older.
The miracle baby was born twice after
being removed from her mother's
womb at just 23 weeks for a lifesaving
operation and then reinserted.
Margaret Boemer was just 16 weeks
pregnant when doctors discovered a
tumour in the tailbone of her unborn
third child, known as a sacrococcygeal
teratoma, during a routine scan.
At 23 weeks they noticed the tumour
was almost the size of Lynlee and she
was going into heart failure, leaving
them with no choice but to operate.
We knew that if we didnt choose the
option of emergency surgery that night,
that within a day or so she would pass,
Margaret told the media.
Tiny squeak from miracle baby born at
23 weeks saved his life as mum calls
for abortion change
Speaking with CNN , she added:
"LynLee didnt have much of a chance.
At 23 weeks, the tumour was shutting
her heart down and causing her to go
into cardiac failure, so it was a choice
of allowing the tumour to take over her
body or giving her a chance at life.
"It was an easy decision for us: We
wanted to give her life."
Surgeons removed Lynlee, who weight
1lb 3oz, from the womb and carried out
the five hour operation before she was

placed back and the uterus sewn up.

She remained there while Margaret
was kept on bed rest for another 12
weeks and she was born for the second
time via cesarean section, weighing 5lb
5oz, on June 6 - when she was almost
full term.
Baby born with rare and lifethreatening blood condition defies all
the odds to live
Margaret, from Plato, Texas, said: It
was her second birth basically.
It was a relief to finally see her and to
see that she had made it through after
the open fetal surgery her heart had
time to heal while I was still pregnant
with her so she has no heart issues now
and is just doing amazing.
Sacrococcygeal teratoma is 'the most
common tumour seen in newborns'
according to Dr. Darrell Cass, who
is the co-director of Texas Childrens
Fetal Centre where the surgery was
carried out.
He added that the cause is unknown
and though pretty rare, tumours occur
in girls four times more than boys and
are only seen in 30,000 to 70,000 live
When she was eight days old little
Lynlee required another operation
to remove small bits of the tumour
surgeons were unable to reach the first
But now at four months, she's making a
full recovery at home with her family.

A British banker accused of killing

two Indonesian women in his Hong
Kong apartment had tortured one
of the victims for three days while
using cocaine, a prosecutor said at the
opening of his murder trial.
The women's murders and the banker's
arrest in 2014 shocked the city, which
has a reputation for being safe but
also has extreme inequality among its
foreign workers. The Asian financial
centre and former British colony has
a sizeable white-collar expatriate
elite alongside more than 300,000
migrant domestic workers, almost all
of them women from Indonesia or the
The defendant, Cambridge University
graduate Rurik Jutting, had worked
at the Hong Kong office of Bank of
America-Merrill Lynch in structured
equity finance and trading. The bodies
of Sumarti Ningsih, 23 and Seneng
Mujiasih, 26, were found in his upscale
apartment near the Asian financial
center's Wan Chai red-light district.
Jutting pleaded not guilty to two murder
charges, with prosecutors rejecting his
attempt to plead guilty to the lesser
charge of manslaughter. If convicted,
he faces life in prison.
At the start of the trial, High Court

Judge Michael Stuart-Moore warned

jurors that evidence would include
"extremely upsetting" photo and video
Sumarti went to Jutting's apartment
when the banker offered her "a large
sum of money," Prosecutor John
Reading said in his opening remarks.
Sumarti, who was in Hong Kong on a
tourist visa, had a 5-year-old son living
with her parents in Indonesia, he said.
Jutting subjected her to "increasingly
cruel acts of violence," Reading said.
"After torturing her for three days, he
took her into the bathroom, had her
kneel in front of the toilet bowl with
her hands tied behind her back, made
her lick the toilet bowl and then he cut
her throat with a serrated-edged knife,"
he continued.
Jutting used his phone to film himself
talking about the killing, how he
enjoyed dominating Sumarti and
how he watched pornographic videos
involving extreme violence. He also
said he "definitely could not have done
that without cocaine." After she died,
Jutting put her remains in a suitcase he
left on the balcony.
Seneng was officially in Hong Kong as
a foreign maid but was working at a bar
where Jutting met her and offered her

British Banker Tortured, Killed Victim, Hong Kong

Court Told
money for sex, Reading said, according
to facts agreed on by both sides. In the
banker's apartment, Seneng started
shouting when she saw a rope gag near
the sofa, and Jutting grabbed her and
cut her throat with a knife hidden under
a cushion, the prosecutor said.
Jutting apparently started hallucinating
after using cocaine, and he called
police himself. Officers who arrived
found Seneng's body and arrested
Jutting. Sumarti's remains were found
a few hours later.

In interviews, Jutting told police

everything that happened as well as
discussing his drug use, Reading said,
adding that traces of cocaine were
detected in more than two dozen small
plastic bags found in the apartment.
Jutting watched the court proceedings
intently and took notes from the glassscreened dock. He wore a dark blue
shirt, dark-framed eyeglasses and
looked much slimmer than in court
appearances last year.
The trial continues.

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Indian Government Accused Of Grabbing Land From

Farmers To Build 100 Smart Cities

It is hot and windy as farmer Parduman

Sinh looks out across a salt-encrusted
floodplain in India's western state of
The Government has offered Mr
Sinh part of the muddy expanse as
compensation for his farm to make
way for one of India's much touted
smart cities.
Local land rights activists say much of
the land is useless and during high tide
it is inundated with seawater.
"Only when a farmer can farm will he
be able to earn a livelihood. But as you
can see, you can't grow anything here,"
Mr Sinh told ABC's Lateline program.
The smart cities idea is one of Indian
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's
signature plans, and part of his promise
to lift up the poor in a country the
World Bank estimates has more people
living in extreme poverty than any
other nation.
So far, only 20 the planned 100 cities
have been announced.
Mr Sinh's farm is supposed to make
way for the Dholera Special Investment
Region Smart City and in promotional
video animations it looks like a
waterfront metropolis akin to Dubai.
The reality is different.
At a meeting of local farmers, many
shared concerns that smart cities were
going to leave them with nothing.
"If we lose our land, what will we do?"
Jasubhai Jeny Bhai said.
"We're not educated enough to work in
factories. Our entire livelihood is based
on our land."
Under the Government's compulsory

acquisition plan, the farmers would

retain ownership of half the land taken
from them and be given the other half
The system is called "land pooling",
and means that when the developed
land increases in value, the original
owners share some of that gain.
But Mr Sinh said he would have no
way to earn a living in the meantime.
"If they take 50 per cent of our land and
then give us that 50 per cent land at an
infertile place, we're at a 100 per cent
loss here," he said.
In the centre of Dholera construction
for the smart city is underway, but on
nearby farmland the building has been
halted as they await a court ruling, due
early next year.
Closer to Gujarat's capital, Ahmedabad
is another of the so-called smart cities.
'History being made' in city of the
The Gujarat International Finance TecCity (GIFT) is being built on crown
land and construction is well underway.
Underground, an impressive network of
tunnels convey everything from chilled
water for super-efficient centralised air
conditioning, to household waste which
goes directly to a central separation
plant for sorting.
There it can be recycled, buried or even
burnt to generate power.
Supposedly the brain child of Mr
Modi who was once the state's chief
minister GIFT's biggest strength
is its status as a financial hub, free
to transact internationally without
burdensome regulation.

Farmers set to lose their land to the Dholera smart city special investment
region project gather to discuss their options.
According to GIFT's managing director residents, but Mr Pandey said the
Ajay Pandey, the city has already project was a long-term one.
done more than $750 million worth of "It's a great aspirational story," he said.
"Irrespective of who's here, who's not
"We are actually proud to have the tag here, history's getting made on every
of India's first international financial passing day."
services centre," he said.
Mr Pandey said he believed Mr Modi
Most of the smart cities will not be was right to aim high.
gleaming new creations like GIFT, but "In a growing economy, if you want
retrofits of existing metropolises.
to leapfrog, you need some enabling
GIFT has been mocked for being slow things," he said.
to attract as businesses or prospective "This is a perfect example of that."

Father Is Sentenced To Death In Pakistan After

Murdering His Daughter Because She Couldn't Bake
'Perfect Bread'

A father has been sentenced to death in

Pakistan after he confessed to killing
his daughter because she wasn't able to
bake perfect bread.
Khalid Mehmood admitted murdering
his daughter Aneeqa before dumping
her body outside the Mayo Hospital in
According to prosecutors, he then told
police that the girl was missing and
feared she had been abducted, claiming
she had failed to return home after
going out to buy food.
However, according to the Express
Tribune, officers later discovered that
the girl was actually killed by her father
after she failed to perfect the recipe for
making gol roti.
The bread is a type of chapati that
is usually round and flat and eaten
everyday with curries and chutneys.
Police later arrested Mehmood and his
son Abuzar when they confessed to
killing Aneeqa by beating her to death.
They also admitted dumping her body

as well as filing a false missing persons

A judge at a court in Lahore then
awarded Mehmood the death penalty
and also fined him 500,000 Pakistan
The case comes just a week after
another man who murdered his
daughter and her boyfriend in a socalled honour killing was allowed to
go free after he pardoned himself and
his accomplices.
Faqeer Muhammad was accused of
shooting dead his daughter Kiran Bibi
and her alleged lover Ghulam Abbas,
"to save family honour" due to their
relationship in Lahore in 2014.
Muhammad and the daughter's mother
Azmat Bibi were the legal heirs to
the girl, meaning they could pardon
anyone accused of killing her.
Mrs Bibi and another son then lodged
an application to have Muhammad
pardoned, which he agreed to and it
was accepted by the court.

Khalid Mehmood admitted murdering his daughter Aneeqa because she failed
to perfect the recipe for roti.


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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi Hints At Change

To Controversial 'Triple Talaq' Islamic Divorce Law

India's Muslim men can still

unilaterally divorce their wives
simply by saying so.
Mr Modi told a rally it was the
Government's constitutional "duty" to
give Islamic women their rights.
"Should the rights of Muslim daughters
not be protected? Should Muslim
mothers and sisters not be given
protection? Should Muslim sisters
not be given equal rights?" he asked
Opponents of the change like Mr
Muchhala believe the Prime Minister's
comments are "absolutely" politically
motivated, ahead of a major state
Mr Modi leads a Hindu nationalist
government, previously criticised for
failing to defend Muslims who have been
victims of religiously motivated violence.
Mr Modi's detractors believe he has
weighed in now to court the vote of
Muslim women in populous Uttar
Pradesh, which goes to the polls next

Regardless, the Prime Minister's stance

is significant.
'A five-year nightmare'
The battle between religious freedom
and universality is one of India's
longest-running social issues.
For Arshia Ismail, it has meant a fiveyear nightmare.
She had been married for 10 years,
when one night in 2011, her husband
declared simply that he had already
divorced her, several days earlier.
"I was shocked," she said, flipping
through an endless stream of painful
paperwork her unit in suburban Delhi.
"Never in my wildest dreams did I
imagine that he would give me talaq
The triple talaq is a Sharia law practice
which allows men to end a marriage,
simply by saying "talaq" or divorce,
to their wives, three times in succession.
Ms Ismail suddenly found herself a
divorcee, alone.
Now however, she is among an
overwhelming majority of India's

roughly 90 million Muslim women

hoping a fellow victim's case could see
it ruled unconstitutional.
Zakia Soman, from the Indian Muslim
Womens' Movement, described the
practice as a "one sided, absolutely
arbitrary, unilateral form of divorce
where the man has all the power".
She is challenging the constitutionality
of the practice in India's Supreme
"It's about gender justice," she said.
"It's about Quranic rights in Islam
and its about constitutional rights as
citizens of India."
Religious freedom versus universal
This issue has divided India from the
dawn of its post-colonial independence.
Seeking to accommodate multiple
faiths, India's laws for marriage,
divorce and inheritance matters
deemed "personal law" were left
largely up to each religion.
Now, nearly 70 years on, the issue
remains highly contentious a battle

between advocates of a single secular

law, and opponents who argue that
would trample on religious freedom.
Among them is Yusuf Muchhala,
the lawyer for the All India Muslim
Personal Law Board, which is fighting
Ms Soman's case.
"There's a large number of Muslims
who feel that the Sharia law being
divine, there should be no interference
by any outside agencies," he said.
"[In India] We have a plurality of
religion, plurality of cultures, and we
have also to respect that also."
But Ms Soman argued that India's
constitution does not allow women to
be treated differently.
"The right to religious freedom
nowhere means a free license to the
male of the Muslim community to
subjugate the woman," she said.
Significantly, it now appears the
Government may agree with her.
Even if Ms Soman's court challenge
does fail, there is an indication the days
of oral divorce may be numbered.

British Toddler Battling Lung Cancer 'Rose From The

Dead' As Doctors Prepared To Switch Off His Life

A toddler battling lung cancer "rose

from the dead" as doctors prepared
to switch off his life support, and he
made a full recovery, his family have
Three-year-old Dylan Askin's parents
said their final goodbyes to their son
after being told he would never recover
after his organs failed.
A month earlier he was diagnosed
with Pulmonary Langerhans Cell
Histiocytosis, a rare form of lung cancer
that causes cysts to appear on the lungs.
Just as doctors prepared to switch off
the youngster's life support machine,
his parents saw him wriggling in bed,
which proved he had brain function.
He was kept on life support and after
several more weeks in intensive care,
Dylan was allowed home.
He was now fully recovered and is
back home with his parents, Kerry, 29,
and Mike, 36, and brothers Bryce, 6,
and Logan, 6months, in Shelton Lock,
South Derbyshire.
Kerry, who runs an art business, said:
"He was clearly suffering and his
oxygen levels had plummeted when
the consultant asked us to make the
decision to switch off his life support
machine on Good Friday.
"It seemed like a miracle he had
survived that long, his CT scans from
January when his lungs first collapsed
showed he shouldn't have lived through
"Mike and I were just thinking of his
brothers, thinking whether we were
being selfish hanging on to him when
he must be suffering so much.

"He's so close to his brothers it was

such a hard decision, but the doctors
said his organs were failing and there
was nothing they could do.
"His temperature was fluctuating
through the night and his heart rate was
at 200. We were just waiting for him to
enter cardiac arrest - as awful as that
"So we baptised him and said our final
goodbyes and at 8am on the Saturday
they turned his muscle sedatives off
in preparation for the ventilator to be
switched off.
"But when they did that suddenly
he started struggling in his bed. We
thought he was brain dead from oxygen
starvation, so he shouldn't have been
"Then the consultant rushed in and
said his blood tests showed his organs
weren't failing.
"We were trying not to be hopeful,
but we just sat by him and hoped and
over the weekend he got stronger and
"We had told Bryce that Dylan wasn't
coming back, so when we explained
that he had got better Dylan said: 'Oh,
so he's like Jesus then.'
"I said, 'you're not wrong'. He had just
risen from the dead."
Dylan's lungs collapsed last Christmas
Day and he was rushed to the Queen's
Medical Centre in Nottingham.
A CT scan revealed cysts on Dylan's
lungs had burst and were starving his
organs of oxygen, but medics were
baffled as to what had caused it.
He made a recovery and was discharged

on January 7, but five days later his

right lung collapsed.
His chest was drained and he was
discharged on February 1, but a week
later he collapsed at nursery again and
had to be given life-saving CPR.
Kerry said: "It took me three attempts
to call for an ambulance, as the first
two times they didn't even send anyone
"Luckily Caroline Blake, who works
at the nursery, managed to keep him
going with CPR until the ambulance
finally arrived 45 minutes later.
"They found cysts on his lungs that
had caused them to collapse and after
ventilating him for 48 hours he was
"By this time some results from
earlier had come back which showed
he had Pulmonary Langerhans Cell
"There's a one-in-125 million chance
of a 3-year-old having that in their
lungs - there are only two other cases
of it in the UK.
"No one still quite knows why it
manifests itself as cysts so doctors
didn't know how to treat it. His lungs
were 80 per cent covered in these
He was kept in the intensive care unit at
Queen's Medical Centre, but developed
an infection on March 18 and his body
temperature soared to 40C.
As his oxygen saturation levels
plummeted to 70 per cent - 22 per cent
lower than normal - medics told Mike
and Kerry to say their final goodbyes
on April 3.

But when his muscle sedatives were

stopped Dylan began kicking in his
bed, which showed his brain was still
So doctors increased the sedation and
Dylan's oxygen saturation levels began
to increase to a healthy level.
Kerry said: "It really is a miracle that
he survived with no real lasting damage
from that oxygen saturation.
"He was discharged on April 4 and his
last chest drain was on April 20. He's
doing so well now, he's running around
like normal at home.
"It's just a case of wait and see. The
body has to either adapt to these cysts
or they will just go away for him to be
okay - but the signs are good."
Mike, and assistant restaurant manager,
said: "It's incredible, we monitor his
oxygen levels all the time and he's
actually functioning better than normal.
"At night when he should be at around
90 and 95 per cent he's on 98 per cent.
"We think maybe because he was
functioning off 20 per cent lung capacity,
now he's got about 80 per cent his body
doesn't know what to do with it.
"We just felt so awful when we had to
say our goodbyes. And even when he
recovered it was mixed feelings - I felt
guilty about agreeing to turn off the
"When the doctor came rushing in with
his blood test I just looked at Kerry
straight away and this wave of hope
came flowing back.
"We're just wary of infections now with
winter approaching, but it's incredible
the recovery he's made."

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Woman Marries The Stranger Who Gave Her Part Of

His Liver

Whether a blind date, a chance meeting

or even a lucky Tinder swipe, every
couple has an origin story.
Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey
are no different, but theirs began in a
darker place than most: with stage 4
liver cancer.
Krueger was diagnosed in March 2014.
The prognosis was not good. That same
month, she turned 25. She should have
been in the prime of her life. Instead,
Krueger was confronting her mortality.
Love certainly wasnt on her mind.
Then, in June, the young woman went
into liver failure. Without a donor,
death was almost certain, and she knew
it, could actually feel it.
I was told I had less than a 50 per
cent chance of living more than two
months, Krueger told ABC. It was
By that time I could really feel my
body shutting down, she told CBS.
Krueger had no idea what to do. Even
though she had so many people
who tested, as she told the Chicago
Tribune, there didnt seem to be any
donors. As she so simply put it, Its
extremely hard to find a living donor.
She was out of options.
While Krueger was wrestling with

the impossible questions of her own

existence, Chris Dempsey was putting
in his time as a code enforcement
officer in Frankfort, Ill.
One morning, he wandered into the
break room at his office and overheard
a sad story. The cousin of one of his coworkers was dying. She needed a liver
transplant but couldnt find a living
donor, and she was too far down on
the states transplant list she would
likely die before one came through.
Dempsey didnt hesitate. Even though
he had never before met Krueger, he
offered to be tested to see if he was a
potential match.
I spent four years in the Marine Corps
and learned there never to run away
from anything. So I just said to myself,
Hey, if I can help, Im going to help,
Chris told CBS.
And doing good deeds was in the mans
blood once, when on the job, he
met a 90-year-old, wheelchair-bound
woman whose house had fallen into
severe disrepair. He didnt write her a
ticket though he had the right. Instead,
he gathered about 30 volunteers and,
with materials he managed to get
donated, repaired her home.
In this case, he figured he would have

wanted someone to step up if the roles

were reversed.
When I heard about her situation, I just
put myself in that situation, thinking if
this was one of my family members or
me, I would want somebody to help
me out, Dempsey told TODAY. My
mom was kind of nervous at first for
me. Some people didnt understand
why I would do this for a stranger, but
as time went on, people changed their
tune and thought it was a cool thing I
was doing.
So, he went in for the test, still having
never met Krueger. She meanwhile
had experienced this particular type of
disappointment before, so she didnt
want to get too excited.
After all, he needed to have the same
blood type, be in good health and
possess a similarly sized liver
most people dont line up in all three
categories, so theyre immediately
So she just waited.
And one day, her phone began buzzing.
It was Dempsey.
They were a match.
He was going to give her a portion of
his liver.
She was going to live.
I got off the phone and ran down the
hallway, and my mother and I were
both crying our eyes out in disbelief,
Krueger told TODAY. I had never
even met this man before.
A few days later, he treated her to lunch
and discussed the process. In addition
to half his liver, he told her he, along
with his motorcycle club, was going to
hold a fundraiser to help her with her
medical bills.
And then he wants to do a fundraiser,
she told the Tribune. Its just unreal.
As the surgery crept closer, the two
became friends. In fact, both began to
have feelings for each other but didnt
admit them at the time, given the
strangeness of the situation.
He had told me at the beginning of

everything, You owe me absolutely

nothing for this. We can go our separate
ways if thats what you want, Krueger
told TODAY. It was kind of like, we
do have this special bond, but is this
just because Im sick that Im feeling
this way? You had to kind of separate
that, but after the surgery, I realized it
went beyond that.
On March 16, 2015, only 10 days before
her 26th birthday, Krueger donned a
gown and was placed in a hospital bed
at the University of Illinois Hospital.
In an adjoining room, Dempsey did the
The surgery took more than eight
hours, but it went off without a hitch.
As their livers completely regenerated,
their feelings for each other deepened.
When they were healthy again, they
realized it was love.
One night in December, Dempsey
took Krueger to the top of the Hancock
Building overlooking the Chicago skyline
and Lake Michigan. Then, they took a
romantic carriage ride and in that chilly
night, Dempsey dropped to one knee.
Earlier this month, the two were
You are the most incredible man I have
ever known, Krueger read her vows
to the congregation as she attempted
to hold back tears. You believe in me
and you make me feel amazing every
single day. Because of you, I laugh,
smile and I dare to dream again.
In an interview with TODAY, she said,
I had an angel watching over me.
I think about all the what-ifs, like
the fact that he normally didnt go
into that break room for lunch, or
that my cousin is a seasonal worker
who happened to be in there that day,
or whether someone else would have
come forward, and would it have been
in time? Krueger said.
Added Krueger, I think first of all
that it shows everyone, when all you
hear is negativity, that there really are
sincerely true, kind people out there.

Indian Police Sting Breaks Up Fraud Ring That

Targeted Canadians Through

A mass police arrest in India has

broken up an international fraud ring
that conned Canadians into paying up
to $100-million toward phony tax bills,
according to the RCMP.
On Oct. 5, Indian authorities rounded
up 70 people in Thane, India, suspected
of running an expansive call-centre
racket that perpetrated a notorious
scam involving fake Internal Revenue
Agency calls to U.S. citizens.
The arrests have now proven to have a
Canadian twist.
Since the bust, a Canadian version of
the scam this one using fake calls from
the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
has unexpectedly disappeared, the
RCMP announced last Friday.

After the police operation in Thane,

the RCMP observed that the number
of reports related to the CRA scam
had significantly decreased to a small
fraction of what was reported for the
weeks and months leading up to these
arrests, the Mounties stated in a press
Since January of 2014, at least 1,900
Canadians have been duped by calls
from people claiming to work for the
The impostors tell their victims
they owe a large debt to the federal
tax-collection agency and demand
immediate payment by credit card,
wire transfer or iTunes gift cards.
The callers threaten the victims, saying

that any failure to pay the back taxes

will result in jail time.
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
has received reports from victims
of losses totalling $5.7-million. The
organization has estimated that this
represents just 5 per cent of the total
losses in this country.
In all, nearly 40,000 people reported
getting the calls.
Other versions of the scam involve
imposters claiming to represent
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Canada as well as various police
The Mounties are now searching for
Canadian accomplices involved in the
international fraud ring.

According to police in Mumbai, at least

700 people worked in the call centres,
which netted more than $150,000
(U.S.) a day.
Officers seized computers, servers
and other equipment in raids. Police
charged the alleged ringleaders
with extortion, impersonation and
violations of the countrys informationtechnology laws.
An FBI cybercrime expert is working
on the ground in Thane to share
evidence, according to the Indian
broadcaster NDTV.
Indian police are scouring the country for
23-year-old Sagar Thakkar, also known
as Shaggy, the alleged mastermind of
the multimillion-dollar racket.



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Gulab Jamun Fiji Indian Style


Half a cup of yellow split peas, soaked
3 chillies, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
One teaspoon cumin seeds
One teaspoon haldi
Salt to taste
One onion finely chopped
One sprig chopped curry leaves
Quarter cup fresh coriander (dhania
leaves), washed and chopped
Oil to fry

Grind dhal, add garlic, chili, onions,
coriander leaves, curry leaves, haldi
and salt. Mix all up.
Dry roast cumin seeds in fry pan until
colour changes, crush and add to
Shape into balls about the size of a
cherry and flatten in between palms of
Fry in hot oil until golden brown on
both sides.
Enjoy with tamarind chutney.

1 can Condensed milk
1 tsp Elachi
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
3 cups Self raising Flour
2 to 4 tablespoons Butter/Ghee
Butter/Ghee 2 to 4 tablespoons (extra)
2 cups Sugar
4 cups Water
Oil to fry
Grind elachi and nutmeg and make it
into powder.
Put self raising flour in a bowl.
Melt the butter or ghee to be used and
cool it.
Open the condensed milk can and pour
the content in a clean empty bowl.
Add the powdered elachi and nutmeg
to the condensed milk.
Add the melted ghee to the condensed
Use a spoon to mix the ingredients
added to condensed milk (stir in a
circular motion).

Sprinkle flour over the mixture and mix

well. Repeat this process till the dough
is stiff enough to be kneaded.
Knead the dough well, should be a stiff
dough (you can also use a few drops of
ghee if needed).
Pour sugar and water in a pan and boil
it for 15 to 20 minutes over medium
heat to make syrup (bubbles will form
while boiling and it should be 1 string
Take small pieces of dough and make
round long shaped gulab jamun with
your hands. You will need the extra
ghee to rub in your hands so that the
Gulab jamun dough does not stick to
your hands.
Heat oil and fry the gulab jamun till
golden brown.
Take out the fried gulab jamun from the
oil and put it in the syrup (Gulab jamun
should be soaked well in the syrup).
Take out the gulab jamun from the
syrup after 2 to 5 minutes and let it

Coconut Gujia
1 cup grated coconut
Two pinches of crushed pepper
Three pinches of crushed cardamon
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tspn cinnamon powder
3 tblspns ghee
extra oil or ghee for frying
1 cup flour
1/3 cup ghee
oil for frying
cold water - estimate
Method for filling:
Heat ghee, add coconut, pepper,
cardamon, almonds, sugar, cinnamon

powder .
Stir well. Taste and adjust sugar or
seasoning if needed.
Fry till light brown in colour. Set aside
to cool.
Method for Pastry:
Rub ghee into flour. Mix to a stiff
dough by adding
a little water at a time. Knead well by
adding a little ghee.
Dough must be stiff and smooth.
Take a little dough and roll into rounds
of 2 and a half inches in diameter. Fill
with two teaspoons of coconut mixture
in the centre of each round. Fold in
half, damp the edges and press together
with a fork or use a gujia mould. Fry in
oil or ghee. Enjoy!


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Home Remedies To Treat Diabetes, Heart


Type 1 diabetes symptoms

Ayurveda can play an important role
in curbing both these life threatening
diseases if used in the right way.
What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a disease in which the
body's blood glucose (sugar) level is
too high. Normally, the body breaks
down food into glucose and carries it
to cells throughout the body. The cells
use a hormone called insulin to turn the
glucose into energy.
The two main types of diabetes are
type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes,
the body doesn't make enough insulin.
This causes the body's blood sugar
level to rise.
Healthy eating habits of a diabetic
-Limiting foods that are high in sugar
-Eating smaller portions, spread out
over the day
-Being careful about when and how
many carbohydrates you eat
-Eating a variety of whole-grain foods
and vegetables every day
-Eating less fat
-Limiting your use of alcohol
-Using less salt
Powerful home remedy to manage
Mix tsp Turmeric Powder + 1 tsp
Amla Powder + tbsp Methi Seeds
Powder in half glass of water and take
daily in the morning on empty stomach

Today's fast-paced life and workplace

pressures escalate stress levels, taking a
toll on one's heart. We must realise that
the healing power of the body decreases
when under stress, leading to many
complications like hypertension and
poor immunity. Today, even youngsters
are prone to heart ailments. So, it's very
important to stay healthy and manage your
stress levels by understanding the risk
factors high cholesterol levels, stressful
lifestyle, smoking, and lack of exercise
following simple changes in lifestyle.
Smoking reduces life expectancy by
15-25 years. If you are a smoker, you
are twice more likely to have a heart
attack than a non-smoker. The moment
you stop smoking, the risk of heart

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home

Remedies to treat Diabetes, Heart
Foods a Diabetic Should Avoid
A diabetic should avoid eating Rice,
Potato, Sweet fruits, Maida, Wheat,
Deep fried foods, Red meat and
Sabudana and should have more intake
of protein rich foods like Chickpea,
Moong, lentils, Masoor, Moong Daal,
Soya bean products and Chana Daal.
Vegetables like Palak (spinach), leafy
greens, Dudhi (bottle gourd), Turai,
Bhopla (white pumpkin), Padwal
(snake gourd), Karela (bitter gourd),
cereals like Green millet, Ragi, corn,
Kulit (horsegram) and Barley (Jav).
Note: If the patient suffers from kidney
problems then they require to have more
of fresh vegetables and less of Protein.
Diabetic Diet
Ideally your food proportion should
be 60% vegetables, 30% protein, 10%
Carbohydrates with half an hour of
mild exercise such as walking.
A quick check list to manage blood
sugar levels.
-Eat food at regular intervals and do
not over eat.
-Exercise for half an hour daily.
-Consult physician if symptoms of
dryness of mouth, thirst, numbness,
fatigue, pain in muscles, frequent
urination are noticed
A quick check list to manage blood

sugar levels
-Avoid smoking
-Sleep adequately
-Check blood sugar levels periodically
-Check weight periodically and
maintain ideal body weight
-Reduce intake of Alcohol
What is Heart Disease?
Coronary heart diseaseoften simply
called heart diseaseis the main form of
heart disease. It is a disorder of the blood
vessels of the heart that can lead to heart
attack. Heart disease is one of several
cardiovascular diseases, which are diseases
of the heart and blood vessel system.
Other cardiovascular diseases include
stroke, high blood pressure, angina
(chest pain), and rheumatic heart
Few reasons of contracting heart
diseases are high blood pressure, high
blood cholesterol, diabetes, smoking,
obesity and physical inactivity.
Powerful home remedy to avoid or
manage heart diseases:
-Take 1/2 tsp Ginger juice + tsp.
Garlic juice mix with honey take twice
-Juice of Carrot, pumpkin and
pomegranate 1-2 glass daily
-1 tbsp Methi seeds soaked overnight
in 1/2 cup of water and chew it next
day in the morning on empty stomach
-Soak a pack of cotton cloth (size 2/2")
in warm ghee and sesame oil. Apply

this pack daily for 10 to 15 minutes on

the chest around the heart region. This
supports and strengthens your heart
-Apply tsp. cow's ghee on both
temples and gently massage for one
minute help to reduce stress, anxiety
and induce good sleep
-Meditation, walking and yoga
exercises should be practiced daily.
Sometimes people suffering from
diabetes suffer from food carvings due
to the lifestyle changes.
Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home
Remedies to treat Diabetes, Heart
-A Detox Diet can help in the control of
blood sugar levels and improve heart
-Fasting with only on warm ginger
water for 2 days. (1 tsp. ginger powder
added in one litre water, boil it and
keep on drinking this warm)
-For the next 5 days take only moong
and vegetable soup
-Next 5 days consume solid moong and
vegetables spiced with ginger garlic
paste, turmeric and garam masala
-Then come back to the normal diet
Following this detox diet once in a
month can powerfully reduce the extra
fat, swelling, stiffness and Aam (toxic
mucus) from the body which makes
one feel more energetic, healthy and
helps in controlling the weight.

attack begins to reduce.

Too much salt can cause high blood
pressure, which increases the risk of
developing coronary heart disease.
Try to have a balanced diet. Eat fresh
fruits and vegetables, starch foods such
as wholegrain bread and rice.
Too much alcohol can damage the heart
muscle, increase blood pressure and
also lead to weight gain. Avoid intake
of alcohol or at least limit it to one to
two units a day, gradually decreasing
the consumption.
At least aim for 30 minutes of moderate
exercise a day. Keeping yourself fit

not only benefits the heart but also

improves mental health and well-being.
Routine medical check-ups will ring an
alarm, if you need medical help.
Cholesterol deposition in blood vessels
begins in the first decade of life.
Carrying a lot of extra weight as fat can
greatly affect your health. Make small
but healthy changes in your diet.
If you find things are getting on top of
you, you may fail to eat properly, smoke
and drink too much. This may increase
your risk of a heart attack. Practice
yoga/meditation. Take a vacation.


If a close relative is at risk of developing
coronary heart disease from smoking,
high BP, high cholesterol, lack of
physical activity, obesity and diabetes,
then you could be at risk too.
Laughter anytime will work wonders
for you. It is an instant way to unleash
the pressure and it makes you feel light.
Disclaimer: The views and opinions
expressed by the Doctors are their
independent professional judgment and
we do not take any responsibility for
the accuracy of their views. This should
not be considered as a substitute for
Physician's advice. Please consult your
treating Physician for more details.

Tips For A Healthy Heart

Excess Of Red Meat, Eggs May Up Mortality Risk

A higher intake of proteins from

animal sources, like processed and
unprocessed red meats, eggs can lead to
an increase in mortality rate in people
living an unhealthy lifestyle and are
obese or underweight, says a study.
On the other hand, the elevated
mortality risk association was found to
disappear in participants with living a
healthy lifestyle.
The findings showed that higher
consumption breads, cereals, pasta,
beans, nuts and legumes - the protein

from plant sources can lower the

mortality rate.
Conversely, a high consumption of
protein from animal sources like any
types of meat, eggs or dairy lead to an
increase in the death rate.
In addition, the rate mortality increased
among individuals who were under heavy
alcohol consumption and with a history
of smoking, or physical inactivity.
"Overall, our findings support the
importance of the sources of dietary
protein for long-term health outcomes,"

said Mingyang Song, research student

in the Massachusetts General Hospital
"Our findings also have public health
implications and can help refine current
dietary recommendations about protein
intake, in light of the fact that it is not
only the amount of protein but the
specific food sources that is critical for
long-term health," Song added.
"Our findings suggest that people
should consider eating more plant
proteins than animal proteins, and

when they do choose among sources

of animal protein, fish and chicken are
probably better choices than red meat,"
Song suggested.
For the study, published in the journal
JAMA Internal Medicine, the team
analysed 170,000 participants since the
During these time periods more than
36,000 deaths were documented among
study participants - almost 9,000 from
cardiovascular disease, around 13,000 from
cancer and about 14,000 from other causes.


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Salman Khan Has A

Message For Aishwarya
Rai And Ajay Devgan
Salman Khan just tweeted something
for Ajay Devgan's Shivaay and
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Ae Dil Hai
Mushkil. Check it out.
Ah! Salman Khan is a total sweetheart!
Well, only a non Bollywood follower
would be unaware of two of the biggest
Diwali releases i.e. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
and Shivaay. The clash has gained so
much momentum that the box office
numbers would be the ones to state,
who really nailed the Diwali box office
and became a blockbuster this festive
season. Both the films still have two
more days, no wait, technically three
more days and in that period of time,
a lot can happen. We are super excited
to see who dominates Diwali 2016.
Ajay Devgans action film hasnt really
impressed the critics and it is the same

with Aishwarya Rai Bachchans Ae Dil

Hai Mushkil as well.
The industry has poured in their best
wishes for the cast and both the films
success as well. Post the release,
however, Salman Khan decided to
send his wishes for Shivaay and Ae
Dil. There was a buzz doing the rounds
in the industry that perhaps Devgan
and Khan arent in good terms. Well,
those rumours will surely be quashed.
Salman wished both the films, Ae Dil
and Shivaay good luck. Now isnt that
totally sweet? Sometime ago, the actor
tweeted, Best of luck for #Shivaay
aur #AeDilHaiMushkil . To this,
Karan Johar even replied Thanks a
ton Salman!!!! Well well, thats a
bit of a sweet surprise to see before

PC Says No To Nudity
Despite agreeing to do intimate scenes
with Quantico co-star Ryan, the actress
says no to skin-show for upcoming
Ever since Priyanka Chopra went
Hollywood, there's no stopping her.
After giving a powerful performance in
the first season of Quantico, the actress
is currently busy shooting for the show's
ongoing second season. In Quantico's
first season, the actress not only dazzled
everyone with her power-packed
action sequences but also managed to
raise a few eyebrows with her sizzling
scenes with co-star Jake McLaughlin
who plays the role of Ryan Booth, her
character, Alex's love interest in the
series. In the show's first episode itself
we saw the two locking lips and now, in
second season of Quantico, an episode
features the lovebirds - Alex and Ryan

- lost in an intimate moment.

Still, it looks like Priyanka is not just up
for skin show. A close source reveals,
`Priyanka is happy doing kissing and
love making scenes on screen but is
not ready for the kind of nudity these
shows demand. She has informed her
Hollywood talent company about this
concern.` Recently also heard speaking
out against the no-pregnancy clause
in an interview, it would seem that
PeeCee is more than holding her own
in Hollywood.
On the film front, Priyanka has finished
shooting her first Hollywood feature
venture Baywatch. A source was also
heard saying, `The actress has planned
to host a Diwali bash at her New York
house for her Quantico crew and
especially requested the DJ to play the
Bollywood numbers.`

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Quick Movie Review

Ranbir Kapoor as Ayan is endearing

while the wait for Aishwarya gets
And the quick movie review of Ae Dil
Hai Mushkil starring Ranbir Kapoor,
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anushka
Sharma and Fawad Khan is out.
Karan Johars Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
has been one of the most awaited
films of the year. Starring Ranbir
Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and
Anushka Sharma , the films teaser,
trailer and songs have already been a
hit amongst the audience. After a lot of
controversies, ADHM has finally hit

Ae Dil Hai Mushkils first half is
extremely chatty and messy, in the
sense that the emotions of its key
characters Alizeh played by Anushka
Sharma and Ayan played by Ranbir
Kapoor are all over the place. Love
is of course the central theme of the
storyline. Love between friends, love
between lovers and that unrequited
love of an ex. Karan Johar does a
fantastic job of ensuring that the pace
never slackens and the dialogues keep
you engaged. Ranbir is terrific from
the very first frame. There are ample

references to pop culture favourites

and films we have grown watching and
loving, a few are Karans own.
The emotional connect between Ayan
and Alizeh suffers a massive blow
when Ali enters the story. Fawad Khan
plays Anushkas ex boyfriend whose
return gives the plot a serious overtone.
The fun and banter between Alizeh
and Ayan change into heartbreak and
a sense of loss when they realise they
cant be together. Gorgeously shot
in Paris, Karan is a master storyteller
and his take on heartbreak is indeed
raw and intense. The first half has

several moments that seem borrowed

from a couple of other films namely
Tamasha. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
fans will be disappointed because her
entry happens only in the second half.
The music helps in keeping the first
half breezy, especially the foot tapping
Breakup Song. Fawad Khan doesnt
have much to do except react to the
scenes between Ranbir and Anushka.
The scene leading to the intermission
suffers from a major Yeh Jawaani Hai
Deewani hangover. Hoping that theres
more of Fawad and Aishwarya in the
portions post interval.

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This is an excellent day to discuss
shared property, taxes, debt and
inheritances because you will be
forthright about going after what you
want. Furthermore, you will have
no trouble defending your own best
interests. Toll up your sleeves and
This is a grand day for an important
discussion with a partner or close
friend because the words will flow!
You attract people to you who have
something to say. (You know how you
want to respond!) Enjoy a purposeful,
productive discussion with someone.
Today your ruler Mercury is lined up
with the Sun, which energizes your
mind! This is a positive day at work
because others are impressed with
your new ideas and new ways of doing
things. At the very least, they want to
hang out with you.

Today you feel friendly, which is why
you will enjoy socializing with others
and taking time for playful activities
with children. The arts, show business,
the hospitality industry and sports are
all areas that will appeal. Youre up for
Family discussions are lively today,
especially when talking to a parent or
an authority in the family. This is also a
good day for family discussions about
home repairs and future real-estate
ideas. Youre cooking with gas!
Youre bursting with energy to do
something fresh, new and different
today. Travel and short trips will please
you. Expect to meet new faces and see
new places because you are full of new
ideas! If you write, sell, teach, act or
edit youre in the zone!
You have excellent moneymaking

ideas today, which is why this is a

good day to start a new venture or
initiate anything that can boost your
earnings now and in the future. Others
want to hear what you have to say. Its
important to believe in yourself today.
If you dont, who will?
You are forceful today, which is why
you will say what you mean and mean
what you say. This is a good day to
begin anything new and fresh because
youre full of ideas and positive energy!
(This is why you are talking to others
with so much enthusiasm.)
In one way, you are laid-back and relaxed
today. You want to get along with everyone
and keep things light. Nevertheless,
you have some strong opinions about
something that you are keeping to
yourself. (This is why you might work
alone or behind the scenes today.)
This is a popular day for you! Young

people in particular want to hear what

you have to say. Not only are you
persuasive with friends, but if you
address a group, whether large or
small, people will listen to you. This
is also a good day for you to set longrange goals.
You make a strong impression on
people in authority today bosses,
parents, teachers, VIPs and the police.
When you speak, they will listen. In
large measure, this is because you
believe in what youre saying, which
is why you will speak with such
confidence and conviction.
You have definite opinions today and
you wont hesitate to share them. You
also want to learn whatever you can
today because you are eager, curious
and hungry for knowledge. Travel to
interesting places will definitely please
you. Do what you can to expand your

Deepika Padukone And Vin Diesels Diwali Message Is

Both Cute And Awkward

Weve witnessed Deepika Padukone

and Vin Diesel swoon over each other a
lot. I mean, be it any message for each
other on social media or interviews.
Basically, this xXx: the Return of
Xander Cage not only strike a splendid
chemistry onscreen but even their
offscreen bond is just as awesome!
The duo, who have been promoting
their upcoming film had earlier done
a shoot together. Remember when we
saw Deepika in a nice ethnic black
ensemble while Vin wore a Manish
Malhotra sherwani? Well, we now
know what that was for! So the costars were actually shooting for a
Diwali video! Can you believe it? That
pic surfaced probably a month ago
so imagine how prior they need to do
things in! Anyway, well get into the
details of filmmaking and promotions
later for right now theres Diwali video
of theirs thats both cute and awkward.
In this video shared by Paramount,
it starts with Vin trying his hand in
talking about Diwali in Hindi (yep,
thats right). With his American
accent, he tries to sound as normal as
possible as he keeps looking at DP
for an encouragement that hes doing
it right. He starts like, Namaste. Aap
sabko Diwali ki shubh-kham-na-ye.
To this Miss Padukone looks at him

and responds, Perfect. And further

continues, This Diwali, play safe and
be safe. All the while shes saying
that, you should check out Vins face.
Hes not sure exactly how to pose
while shes talking so he just stares at
the camera with a crooked smile. Later
she did speak about how the big bang is
gonna come on 20th January next year
when xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
releases, in Hindi. To this, Diesel goes,
Yeah, whatever she said!
If youve seen the video then youll
agree with me when I say, the Perfect
by DP was quite scripted. It looked
pretty odd as Padukone and Diesel
both were giving bytes to two different
cameras. The Padmavati actress was
looking down somewhere while Vin
was looking straight in the camera.
Also, the part where she is talking
about have a happy and safe Diwali,
it didnt seem like it was going in a
flow. Perhaps a background score
wouldve done the trick to make it look
and sound better. However, you cant
deny that Vins attempts to speaking in
Hindi was quite cute and funny! This
is probably the first time we didnt see
the kind of chemistry we hoped to see.
It seemed more like a message to the
kids about Diwali but with something
for the adults too.

Deepika Padukone, who is prepping

for her next venture Padmavati with
boyfriend Ranveer Singh finally broke
her silence on speculations about
break-up with Ranveer Singh. The
rumor of their split sparked off when
both the actors didn't promote each

other's upcoming films on their social

media handles.
In an interview given to a leading daily
Deepika Padukone responded to the
rumours saying, "I have understood it (the
speculations) well enough to know what
I should absorb and what I shouldnt.

Deepika Breaks Her Silence On Break-Up With Ranveer

After a point, one becomes completely
immune to these things. You can only do
things that are in your control."
The actress feels that being in the
industry has certain advantages and
disadvantages. She says, "Certain things
are a given when you are in this industry.

This is one of the things one has to deal

with, and thats totally fine. The ups, the
positives, and the love we get is way too
much for us to get bogged down by the
speculations or the negativity."
Deepika indirectly refuted all such
break-up rumours.


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TS Times Sports

Gareth Baber Appointed Fiji 7S Coach

The Fiji Rugby Union Board has

confirmed the appointment of Mr
Gareth Baber as our Vodafone National
Mens 7s Head Coach until the next
Olympic Games in Japan in 2020.
Mr Baber has a wealth of experience
as a 7s player, playing and Captaining
the Wales National 7s Team in the WR
Series, two Rugby 7s World Cup and
two Commonwealth Games.
Mr Baber also has an extensive
Coaching career both for the 7s and
15s Codes having being the Assistant
Coach for the Wales National 7s Team
from 2005 to 2006 and the Head
Coach for the Wales National 7 Team
from 2006 to 2008 prior to taking up
different coaching capacities including
Head Coach for the Cardiff Blues.
Mr Baber is a World Rugby Level 4
Accredited Coach and has academic
Social Studies and International
Mr Baber who is currently the Head

Baber will take over from Ryan during

the Wellington leg of the 2016/2017
World Sevens Series until the 2020
Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.
I dont want to be the ex-coach that
comments on a new coach, Ryan said.
Just wish him all the very best and will
be cheering for the boys this season.
Im sure all Fijians join me in wishing
him nothing but positivity, support and
Baber, the former Wales 7s rep and
currently Hong Kong Rugby 7s coach,
was confirmed as the new coach by Fiji
Rugby Union chairman Francis Kean.
Baber believes the task is challenging
and interesting.
As a coach, this is an incredible
opportunity to work with the present world
and Olympic champions, Baber said.
Coaches, like players, need to
constantly challenge themselves;
I want to continuously strengthen
my knowledge of the game and the
competition level that Fiji operates to
provide that opportunity.
Baber acknowledges the support of
Hong Kong Rugby Union.
This appointment would not have
been possible without the support of
the HKRU and the opportunities they
have given me.
If there is one positive to my leaving
it is the opportunity to work with
Fiji Rugby, who has such a special
relationship with the city, and the
chance to return every year during the
Hong Kong Sevens, he added.
Strength and conditioning coach
Nacanieli Cawanibuka will act as
interim coach and will guide the team
to the Oceania 7s Championships on

Coach Hong Kong Sevens (Mens

and Womens Team) is required to
give three months notice, as such will
commence work with FRU towards the
end of January 2017.
In the interim, Mr Nacani Cawanibuka
who is the current strength and
conditioning coach of our Vodafone
National Sevens team will temporarily
hold the coaching appointment through
to the Oceania 7s and the first leg of
the World Rugby 7s Series in Dubai
and South Africa. Mr Baber will begin
his reign as national sevens coach well
before the second leg of the WR 7s Series
in Wellington from 28-29 January 2017
and 04-05 February 2017 in Sydney.
The Board is confident that Mr Baber
possesses the relevant qualifications,
skills sets and experience required to
ensure we maintain our leading role in
the abbreviated code.
The FRU Board has also endorsed that
Coach IliesaTanivula will continue to
coach the TFL Womens Sevens Team.

Support Gareth: Ryan

November 11-12 and the first leg in

Dubai and South Africa in December.
Kean also confirmed the current team
management and selectors will be
The board is confident Baber
possesses the relevant qualifications
skills sets and experience required to
ensure we maintain our leading role in
the abbreviated code.
Baber is happy with the current
management that is in place, he is happy
to ensure continuity to ensure that we
ride in the high that we currently are in
as we want to maintain the leading role.
Even though the contract is a four year
deal, the performance will be evaluated

through the key performance indicator

We have a stringent KPI and thats
something management and board will
monitor to see we get dividends from
the field at the end of the day.
Baber has an extensive coaching career
both for 7s and 15s codes having being
the assistant coach for Wales 7s team from
2005-2006 and head coach for Wales 7s
team from 2006-2008 prior to taking up
different coaching capacities including
head coach for the Cardiff Blues.
Baber is a Level 4 accredited coach
and has academic qualifications
in Economics, Social Studies and
International Transportation.

7s players contract
Kean has also confirmed the FRU chief
executive officer John OConnor is
currently having discussions with the
Fijian National Sports Commission
regarding players contract.
There are also talks on contracting the
women players.
CEO is currently having discussions
with his counterparts at the Fiji sports
commission, and hopefully we get
some results for the future.
For the women work in progress all
of us want to see our players play well
in international stage and hopefully
CEO will get some outcome from his
discussion, Kean said.

Former 7s coach Ben Ryan pleads support for newly appointed coach Gareth Baber