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News from Cantrell

Vol. 7 2016

Cantrells Modular Picker Improves
Picking Performance
All poultry processors know that certain areas of the bird are difficult
to remove feathers from during the picking process.
Cantrell has come up with the answer to this problem Cantrells
CMP-36 Modular Picker.

The CMP-36 Modular

Picker was designed
to enable the
removal of even the
most hard-to-get
feathers with ease.

Cantrells new Modular Picker was developed to access problem

picking areas. The CMP-36 Modular Picker was designed to enable
the removal of even the most hard-to-get feathers with ease. The
modular concept enables the user to focus on problem areas and
utilize each picker more efficiently.
The Cantrell Modular Picker cabinets are designed for easy
maintenance. Each can turn 180 degrees to a locked position for
finger replacement, and the overall design keeps temperatures low
inside the cabinet.
Another new feature that greatly enhances hygiene is that the picker
banks roll out for cleaning and roll back exactly to the previous
position. In addition, the encapsulated motors are mounted outside
the cabinet for easy access.

CMP-36 Modular Picker

Cantrell Parts Department

Switch Your Cone Lines Stainless Steel Chain to Intralox Mesh

Reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of your Cone Line by converting your stainless steel chain to Intralox
mesh 3000 MT with Cantrell mandrel blocks.
Cantrell manufactures its mandrel blocks from a high-density nylon for a long life. Blocks are available in multiple colors
for improved accountability on the line. The conversion reduces maintenance costs by increasing the life of your chain
and wear strip. Switching over will also reduce the amount of time required for sanitation.
In addition, you can replace your existing 4-inch cones with 4-inch cones with a 1.5-inch extension and dome bottom.
This provides 1.5 inches additional support along with a dome bottom for follow-through in the cut, which has shown
to improve yield by minimizing broken frames.

More news from the Parts

 ur Vacuum Systems are well known in
the industry and we are now offering kits
that make it more convenient to maintain
your system. We have parts maintenance
schedules and kits for your Cyclones, Filter
Tanks, and Knife gate valves.
We offer maintenance kits to help
maintain your Oil Sac Cutters.
We stock electro-polished SS Lung Guns
for removing poultry lungs.
Cantrell is a supplier of Murzan pumps
and parts, all designed for the poultry
The Murzan SBR series pump can pump
a variety of products such as blood, gibs,
skin, trim, intestines, etc. The PODL series
pumps products such as necks, paws,
heads, turkey gizzards, etc.
The Murzan CBTU-50 can increase yields,
increase production, reduce labor costs,
and reduce sanitation costs. The CBTU-50
is a dual discharge pump which provides
a consistent product flow, keeping your
lines full.
Cantrell keeps a large inventory of
common parts to maintain your Murzan
pumps and SBR3X3F3 pumps for same
day shipment.

Introducing the Wing Segmenter

Blade Sharpening Station
Instructional Video
Cantrell has produced the first in a series of planned
maintenance videos to assist its customers.
The first video is for the Wing Segmenter
Blade Sharpening Station. It takes the customer
through a step-by-step process of sharpening
both the Wingtip and Drumette blades.
The video can be viewed on the Cantrell
website ( or you can request
a DVD by contacting our office at 770-536-3611

Maintenance Schedule: Heart and Liver Harvester

- All guide bars are in place
- Check for dull blades; may need replacing daily
- Spray nozzles are functioning properly
- All safety covers are in place and fastened
- Check tension of chain drives
- Lubricate roller chain with open chain lubes; may be necessary to do more often (example: every 40 hours )
- Replace worn or broken parts and tighten all loose bolts
- Lubricate all pillow block bearings with food grade grease
- Check gearbox for proper amount of oil (Use 90 weight gear oil)
- The bearing lubricant should be a high-quality NLGI No. 2 multipurpose ball bearing grease that has
been approved for plant use by the USDA
A preventive maintenance program ensures optimum life and performance with any equipment.

Andrew Copeland Joins Cantrells Engineering Department

Cantrell has added to its Engineering Department, hiring Andrew
Copeland as an Engineer.
Copeland will be responsible for product design, project management
and process engineering. His expertise is manufacturing process
equipment, having spent five years developing manufacturing solutions
as a draftsman and an engineer.
He comes to Cantrell after working at two large manufacturing companies
as project engineer/project manager and manufacturing engineer.
Copeland holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering
from Georgia Tech. He is certified in Motoman Robotics, a robotics
manufacturing system.

Cantrell Supports Industry

and Customer Events
Georgia Poultry Federation Night of Knights, Atlanta, GA

Mississippi Poultry Association Convention, Destin, FL
Process Expo, Chicago, IL

Louisiana Poultry Federation, Shreveport, LA
Kentucky Poultry Federation, Louisville, KY
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri Processors Workshop, Fayetteville, AR

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