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Sent: 25 October 2016 03:05
To: Rutvik Malekar <>
Cc: N C Praveen <>;; vigneshkr19@i
Subject: Re: PS Assignment : The Ultimate sales machine
Hi Rutvik
PFA the word doc carrying summary and theme. and the ppt.
I have not cut short the theme as most of it might be overlapping with others. S
o just take a note of it. And kindly send final document and ppt.
Rahat Sareen
On 2016-10-25 01:28, N C Praveen wrote:
Please book review and ppt of my part.
Indian Institute of Management
On 2016-10-24 10:27, Rutvik Malekar wrote:
The relevant file is shared in the link, make an abode ID to access it.
Rahat -51 -100
Vignesh- 101 -150
NC -151 -200
201 - 245
Please complete as much as possible before you come to class
Rutvik R Malekar
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We are releasing some more slots for completing the Interview Exercise. Those pa
rticipants who have completed / chosen their slots in the first phase are not al
lowed to change to the second phase.
Pls note that this is the final set of slots. There would be no more phases. Hen
ce you have to choose among the available. Needless to mention the slots are on
the first cum first basis.
Pls do not edit the date, day and time. You have to only mention your name and r
oll no. in the appropriate column. Also request you not to overwrite on others'
best wishes
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