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Customer service improvements include: « Updating the recorded phone script for the HEAP season to instruct callers on next steps if they cannot get through to make an appointment. Providing reminders on a number of additional communication platforms including and social media that HEAP appointment walk-ins are welcome 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday — Friday at our 1849 Prospect Avenue location and are helped ona first-come first-served basis. We can help up to 75 walk-ins between these hours, and we assist our older customers and people living with a disability first. « Working with our contact at the state of Ohio to begin to accept PIPP Plus and HEAP applications locally via drop-off box or by mail, simplifying the process for our customers by making face-to-face appointments unnecessary. As | mentioned to you when we spoke on the phone, we have a new team here at the Council for Economic Opportunities and we are working diligently to improve service to our customers. Thank you, Jonathan. st Thresher | Vice President of Marketing and Communications The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland 1801 Superior Avenue, Suite 400 Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Phone: 216-696-9077 Ext.244 | Fax: 216-696-0770