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Undertaking Letter for Plagiarism

Authors submitting Camera Ready Copy to ICSCN 2015 agree to the following:
We are aware that copying from web is not ethical and it is violation of copyright. If the paper is found to have
copied material at any point of time the paper and presentation is likely to get rejected and the registration fee
will not be reimbursed. The authors have to face the legal issues with IEEE.
The article has not been published before in its current or a substantially similar form.
The article is not under consideration with another journal.
The article does not contain any unlawful statements and does not infringe any existing copyright.
Signature of authors and co-authors is needed. The paper must be approved by all the co-authors.

I/We have obtained the necessary permission from the copyright holders to reproduce in the article, in all
media in a ll countries, and transmit via all reputable third parties, any materials including tables, diagrams and
photographs not owned by me / us.

"Proof of consent" has been obtained for studies of named organizations and people. (Please attach any
permission documents)

Anyone who has made a significant contribution to the research and the paper has been listed as an author.
Minor contributors have been noted in the Acknowledgements section.

The author(s) should take the responsibility for all issues related to plagiarism/self plagiarism.


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