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Humanity Transition Guidance

From Richard Hamilton Nattress, Humanity Evaluation Analyst and Migratory Transition Guide

This is for those concerned, not just with humanitys future, but most importantly
This is for those genuinely troubled by how we-alone threaten earths well being
Yet this is not about something new it is about something humanity has lost sight of

Note: In spite of claimed differences, Hillary and Donald are merely different songs
on the same old album So if all else stays practically the same in any election, we
the people are just picking a new captain on the Titanicafter hitting the ice burg
We cannot accept the ways and means of governing bodies that remain distantly dictated,
virtually dysfunctional, plainly unresponsive, corporately ruled and generally autocratic
and, if you are not fed up with the way everything is all messed upyou are the problem!

Introducing... Nurture net, neighborhood nurturing and nearby nesting

People powered, local up, reality purification methods that cooperatively replace
Lobby-driven control, top-down domination and inherent corruption
Nurture net, neighborhood nurturing and nearby nesting are about
Implementing species-wide migration toward bottom up not the top down governing
Through local first, directly democratic, independent yet inter-dependent functionalities
Jointly upheld by all; equally, legally, equitably, amicably, securely and inter-beneficially

If you believe there is room for doable, lawful, productive, environmentally sound,
mutually beneficial societal improvement, and if you truly-seek meaningful ways and
feasible means, to impact-fully participatein legitimately re-possessing consensually
driven, bottom up, social functionalitywhile jointly enhancing the ecological viability
of humanity or better said the human species; please continue to give your attention,
since; at this point in modern history; politics, creed, color, custom, sexual orientation,
race, social rank or economic status doesnt matter, all of us are in the same sinking boat!
No one person can fix what is wrong with humanitywe all must. To correct what is
wrong and out of control on almost all levels we all need to share correcting humanitys
overall dysfunction by re-focusing communally through an all-inclusive approach
Nurture net is about coming to a collective sense willingly and cohesively before our
chance expires for good, since no matter gender, doctrine, ethnicity, class, standard,
complexion or category, if you are not sick and tired of being duped by a select or elected
few, who claim to have our backs; perhaps we all deserve the dire results of where so few
lead usor maybewe just need to face shared realitysee the way and take the path
Nurture net, neighborhood nurturing and nearby nesting are about self-correcting our
course, yet we all must decide for our self, whether to pursue renewal within the whole
sum of existenceorcontinue in a direction that takes us all to where none will survive.
Do you want our future to be a swarming hornets nest where all get stung? Or an
acorn we can all plant, cultivate and nurture? Feel free to read a 1 page PDF at

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