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Shannon Krebs

Peer Field Notes

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Lesson Study Summary and Evidence

After my initial attempt to implement my teaching goals into my
lesson that I taught, I got some amazing feedback from my teaching
team about how I was able to accomplish my goals. My first teaching
goal that I wanted to implement was questioning students so that they
are able to elaborate and explain their thinking using evidence. After
talking with my teaching team I felt like I was really able to achieve
this goal in my teaching. One of my peers mentioned how the KWL
chart that I presented to them in the beginning of the lesson was a
really good way to get them to start thinking about soil and whenever
the students would give me something to put in the know column of
the chart, I would further question them into why they knew that, so it
was a way for me to get them to elaborate on their thinking. One of my
other peers mentioned that they thought that I used talk moves when
doing the KWL chart to help the students elaborate on what they were
thinking. So if they gave me an answer that was confusing I would
further question them and use talk moves to help them to explain their
thinking. Another peer discussed how I used the journals throughout
the activities to continually question my students and also help them
to expand of their thinking. The journals really helped the students to
explain what they were thinking about the different colors of soil and
helped them to expand on it more than just a short class discussion

because the students were actually writing down all of their thoughts
about it. After doing this first part of the lesson study with my group
members, I feel as if I really met this goal in teaching my lesson and I
will keep trying to work on questioning my students to get them to
really explain and expand their thinking.
The second teaching goal that I had was developing the ability to
observe and reflect on how the students are thinking about the
exploration that they are doing in the science classroom. Similar to my
first goal, after talking with my teaching team I thought that I was
really able to make a lot of progress towards this goal and that I was
really able to meet this goal during my lesson. During this part of the
lesson study summary one of my peers brought up how I did a really
good job of working and listening to the students one on one, so this
gave me a great opportunity to take in what they were saying during
the lesson, so later I would be able to reflect on their exploration
throughout the lesson. Another one of my peers discussed how since I
was able to observe what the students were doing during the lesson, I
was then able to question them more to see what they were thinking
and to understand their exploration methods. One of my peers also
discussed that the journals that I had the students fill out throughout
the lesson were a great way for me to go back later and further reflect
on student thinking. In these journals the students had to write down
their observations and also explain their thinking and exploration, so I

agree with my peer that this was a really good thing for me to look
back on later to use to reflect on. Another thing that was brought up
from my peers in the lesson summary was that I was not only able to
help myself to reflect on student thinking, but I was also able to help
other students reflect on what the other students were saying. I
thought that this was a really interesting point that my peer brought up
because students reflecting on each other in the classroom is very
important, so I think this point along with the other ones that my peers
made really proved to me that I was able to meet this teaching goal.