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Experiential learning opportunity for ____________________________________

Dear Host:

Thank you for accepting ____________________(student) at _____________________ (company) for

the period starting _________(date) to ________( date) . Our student/your intern will be involved in a
service-learning opportunity, career focused internship, or other type of experiential learning at your
site. Our student will be working a total of _____ hours during this period and is expected to work a
minimum of 45 hours for each registered course credit. This is an unpaid experience with no
expectation of employment. The student is fulfilling specific requirements for a course at Brandman
University. Therefore, regardless of the nature of the opportunity and the associated duties, the
student will not be considered an employee or agent of _________________________ (company) for
any purpose including Workers Compensation or any other employee benefits programs.

Though we recognize that you are committing resources to mentoring our student, we trust that the
experience will be a valuable one for both you and the student. This opportunity is the result of our
students obligations in LBSU 492: Experiential Learning and will be evaluated in part by the learning
objectives that the student will create with your help.

The student is enrolled in an academic credit bearing course. In addition to performing the duties
assigned by you, the student is expected to complete the following course assignments during the time
with you:

Create his or her own learning objectives

Prepare reflective journals addressing course learning objectives vis--vis the service or
career focused experience

Prepare an organizational introductory paper describing the host organization as a

whole and the students place within the organization

Prepare a reflective essay which details what he or she has learned during the internship

Participate in class discussions

In order to evaluate the students required academic and work experience vis--vis the time with you,
we ask that the student set up a site visit in order to introduce the Brandman instructor to the work
environment and the students supervisor. We recognize that your staff is extremely busy, and we do
not want to impede workflow. The site visit need not be in person if that is not feasible. In addition to
the site visit, we also ask that you provide the following evaluation during the period the student is
supervised by you in order to inform us of our students progress. Forms are provided in this packet.
Our student is aware of this requirement and has received the same forms.

Midterm performance evaluation (if you are unable to meet with the LBSU 492

Final performance evaluation (same form as the midterm evaluation)

So that we have a complete record regarding the logistics of this opportunity, would you please
complete the information requested below and return a signed copy to the student. Should you have
any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty member responsible for this
program, Dr. Melanie Borrego. Who can be reached via her email:


Academic Advisor

Confirmation of Experiential Learning Opportunity

Host Company: ________________________________________

Students Supervisor:
Name: ______________________________________________
Title: ________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________

Work/Service Description and Expectations: