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3G HSPA and FDD versus TDD networking: smart antennas and adaptive modulatio
n, 2nd Edition;
3G IP multimedia system (IMS);
Adaptive radar signal processing;
Aeronautical radio communication systems and networks;
All-digital frequency synthesizer in deep-submicron CMOS;
Antennas for portable devices;
Applied electromagnetics and electromagnetic compatibility;
Array and phased array antenna basics;
Art of error correcting coding;
Asymmetric passive components in microwave integrated circuits;
Beyond VoIP protocols;
Biometrics: theories, methods and applications;
Bistatic Radar;
Broadband planar antennas;
Business of WiMAX;
CAMEL: intelligent networks for the GSM, GPRS and UMTS network;
Communication systems for the mobile information society;
Computer relaying for power systems. 2nd edition;
Conformal array antenna theory and design;
Connection-oriented networks;
Coplanar microwave integrated circuits.
Design and characterization of integrated varactors for RF applications;
Digital transmission engineering;
Electric power systems: a conceptual introduction;
Electrically small, superdirective and superconducting antennas;
Electromagnetic fields;
Electromagnetic metamaterials;
Electromagnetic shielding;
Energizing our future: a rational assessment of energy resources;
Error correction coding: mathematical methods and algorithms;
ESD: circuits and devices;
Evolutionary computation;
Femtocells: opportunities and challenges for business and technology;
Fiber optic essentials;
Flexible flat panel displays;
Flexible power transmission;
Fuel cell engines;
Fuzzy systems engineering;
Fundamentals of liquid crystal devices;
Fundamentals of telecommunications. 2nd edition.
Genetic algorithms in electromagnetics;
Global positioning systems, inertial navigation and integration;
Grounding and shielding;
Handbook of neural engineering;
Handbook of power system engineering;
High-frequency electrodynamics;
High-power converters and ac drives;
High-speed VLSI interconnections;


ICT futures: delivering pervasive, real-time and secure services;
IEEE 802 wireless systems;
Implementing lead-free solder in electronics manufacturing;
Inductance: loop and partial;
Integration of alternative sources of energy;
Integration of green and renewable energy in electric power systems;
Introduction to digital signal processing and filter design;
Introduction to microdisplays;
Introduction to random signals and noise;
Introduction to RF propagation;
the UMTS long term evolution.

Maintaining mission critical systems in a 24/7 environment;
Managing power electronics: VLSI and DSP-driven computer systems;
Microcontroller based applied digital control;
Microwave circuit design using linear and nonlinear techniques;
Microwave devices, circuits and subsystems for communications engineering;
Military avionics systems;
Mobile messaging technologies and services: SMS, EMS and MMS;
Mobile Web services: architecture and implementation;
Mobile WiMAX;
Modeling and high-performance control of electric machines;
Modern antenna design;
Modern industrial automation software design;
MPEG-7 audio and beyond;
MPEG-21 book;
Multi-voltage CMOS circuit design;
Multiplexed networks for embedded systems;
Noise in high-frequency circuits and oscillators;
OFDM-based broadband wireless networks.
Phased array antennas;
Phaselock techniques;
Physics of semiconductor devices;
Power systems relaying. 3rd ed.;
Principles of modern digital design ;
QoS and QoE management in UMTS cellular systems;
Quantum computing explained;
Queueing networks and Markov chains;
Radio access networks for UMTS: principles and practice;
Radio network planning and optimisation for UMTS;
Radio resource management strategies in UMTS;

Real-time digital signal processing;

RF/microwave interaction with biological tissues;
RFID handbook. 3rd edition;
RFID for the optimization of business processes;
Robust control design;
RTL hardware design using VHDL.
Semantic Web technologies;
Sensor network operations;
Simulation-based lean six-sigma and design for six-sigma;
Smart card handbook. 4th edition;
Software defined radio: the software communications architecture;
Software evolution and feedback;
Software measurement and estimation;
Solar cells and their applications. 2nd edition;
Space-time coding for broadband wireless communications;
Space-time processing for MIMO communications;
Speech quality of VoIP;
Storage networks explained;
System analysis, design and development;
The Grid: core technologies;
Theory and applications of OFDM and CDMA;
Topology control in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks;
Towards 4G technologies;
Trustworthy systems through quantitative software engineering;
Ultra-wideband: antennas and propagation for communications, radar and imagi
Ultra wideband signals and systems in communication engineering;
Ultra wideband wireless communication;
UMTS networks: architecture, mobility and services;
UMTS performance measurement;
Understanding UMTS radio network modelling, planning and automated optimisat
Virtual roaming systems for GSM, GPRS and UMTS;
VoIP: wireless, P2P and new enterprise voice over IP;
WCDMA (UMTS) deployment handbook;
WiMAX security and quality of service;
WiMAX: technology for broadband wireless access;
Wind power in power systems;
Wireless communications: the future;
Wireless LAN radios;
Wireless personal area networks: performance, interconnections and security
with IEEE 802.15.4