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A Reflective Paper
Animal Classifications and Animal Body Coverings

Done by: Mariam Hassan Mohamad Abdulrahman.

ID: H00257527.
Given to: Ms. Antoinette Wiseman.
Code of the course: EPC 2903.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, I taught 25 little students that were at the foundational
stage of KG2 a scientific lesson of animal classifications and animal body coverings. The little
pupils were of Sama American Private School. I had a lesson plan that I made and checked
deeply before giving the actual lesson. My monitor school teacher, Ms. Olga Hattab, knew about
all the actions that I would do when giving the lesson before the day of Wednesday which means
that she knew about my plans on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. I contacted with her deeply in the
school and on the phone (via WhatsApp) to make sure that my plans were accepted and
appropriate to be given to little students that were at the age of five years old. Ms. Olga Hattab
observed me while I was teaching the lesson as well as my monitor college teachers, Ms.
Antoinette Wiseman and Ms. Mariam Alshamsi. Both of Ms. Olga Hattab and Ms. Antoinette
Wiseman observed me from the beginning of the class until it ended. Ms. Mariam Alshamsi
came later, and she could observe me from the differentiated activities time until the end of the
class. Moreover, this time everything was organized and controlled by me. I did not ask for help
at all during the entire class, but Ms. Olga Hattab and her assistance, Ms. Riya, helped me in the
part of giving materials of differentiated activities to the pupils. It was nice to find someone
helping me.
For sure, the lesson of animal classifications and animal body coverings was delivered
successfully to the 25 little pupils where I saw them participating, responding to me (the teacher)
when I was asking questions, asking questions, and completing all the duties of me and activities
that I gave to them to complete. The plan that I designed by myself allowed my lesson to be
delivered successfully due to its strong hold of all the parts of the lesson where it made all the
lessons parts worth (it made the lessons parts worthy things to keep eyes on and include). I had
a discussion with the students to engage them within the lesson. I had the students observing,
exploring, and explaining their questions and found answers. I also had differentiated activities
that allowed the students to learn and extend their prior and gained knowledge more. My lesson
plan depended mainly on the 5E instructional model that is considered to be always included in
lessons parts due to its contributions in producing complete and interesting or exciting lessons
(5Es Overview: The 5E instructional model, n.d.). The five stages of the 5E instructional
model are: engage, explore, explain, elaborate or extend, and evaluate. As it was mentioned, to
engage students, a discussion was made. The discussion was about zoos and animals types,
movements, colours, and sizes. Students watched a video, and they could explore it by looking
and listening carefully to it. They talked about it and about their generated ideas and answers.
They could explain their discoveries and answers or understanding when they responded to the
teachers questions. Students knowledge of animal classifications and animal body coverings
was extended by three differentiated activities, and the three differentiated activities helped also
in evaluating students understanding. The activities did not only show that if students
understood the actual lesson, but it also allowed students to practice and use their gained
knowledge. Ms. Olga Hattab, Ms. Antoinette Wiseman, Ms. Mariam Alshamsi, and all the 25
students were engaged strongly and wonderfully within the lesson. The objectives of the lesson
were all achieved successfully where the pupils could know or identify animal classification and

animal body coverings. My teaching way and ideas were loved by my MST, MCTs, and all the
students where they all praised me in a very remarkable way. My monitor school teacher and my
monitor college teachers told me that everything was awesome and that I had a nice teaching
style and wonderful ideas, whereas the pupils told me that they loved me when I was teaching
them and that they enjoyed the activities a lot. The 25 pupils showed me how they loved the
whole lesson with its smallest parts. Their shiny eyes, attitudes, and words enabled me to know
how they loved the entire lesson. I was absolutely happy to hear all the nice words of all the little
pupils, the MST, and the MCTs. My MST gave me excellent in all the areas of planning for
learning, managing learning, implementing learning, and assessment, while Ms. Antoinette
Wiseman and Ms. Mariam Alshamsi gave me an A mark. If I teach the lesson again, I will use
the same lesson plan and materials because they allowed me to give an exciting and lovely
lesson, and I will not change any part of it due to not facing any dilemmas while giving the
lesson to pupils. Nothing made me disappointed and feel lost which means that I was glad and
satisfied about my entire lesson and class. By the way, it was the first time for me to teach a
scientific lesson, and it did pass well.
I have reflected about my teaching way and lesson in the above paragraph. The overall feeling
that I had about my teaching and lesson was totally satisfying.

5Es Overview: The 5E instructional model. (n.d.). Retrieved March 16, 2016, from NASA: