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Volume 3: Beyond Ritual – Part 1: Magick–- Chapter 10: Notes on Mondane Astrology
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Volume III: Beyond Ritual: Historical, Philosophical,
and Scientific Considerations:
Essays on the Cutting Edge of Esoteric Science

Book 1: Astrology

Part 10: Notes on Mundane Astrology

A. Early 1988-April 7, 1996

This period was characterized by several rare Outer Planet transits and aspects. Throughout this
time, Pluto was in Scorpio, sextile to Neptune in Capricorn. In addition, in early 1988, first Saturn, then
Uranus entered Capricorn. Just prior to that, Saturn conjoined Uranus in late Sagittarius, and conjoined
Him twice more that year on a retrograde, then a direct pass, and throughout Saturn’s transit through
Capricorn He was also in mutual reception with Uranus. Then in 1989, Saturn conjoined Neptune in
Capricorn, then left that Sign in 1991 to enter Aquarius, where He was in mutual reception with Uranus.
In 1994, Saturn left Aquarius and entered Pisces, where He was in mutual reception with Neptune, Who
was still in Capricorn. In the meantime, in 1993, Uranus conjoined Neptune in Capricorn.
On November 10, 1995, Pluto finally left Scorpio, not to return for another 237 years or so. On
January 12, 1996, Uranus finally left Capricorn, not to return for another 77 years, and entered Aquarius.
On April 7, Saturn entered Aries and left Pisces behind for another 27 years. With Saturn’s exit from
Pisces, the vast, terrible, multiple-Planet configuration that characterized the period ended.
This configuration does not appear at any time that I can find with good, high-precision astronomy
software, and it may be that the last time it appeared was before the existence of the first human beings,
and that the next will be long after we are all gone.
1988-1991: Saturn in mutual reception with Uranus/conjunct Uranus/conjunct Neptune – the
beginning of the Plague Years
1991-1994: Saturn in mutual reception with Uranus/Uranus conjunct Neptune – the Era of Aquarian
Terror (with some similarities to the Hitler years in Germany); continuation of the Plague years
1994-1996: Saturn in mutual reception with Neptune – the Era of Hekate; the continuation of the
Plague Years and government involvement in recreational drugs, which flood the world at this time.

B: 1996

This year is characterized by tight sextiles and trines among Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, with Saturn
in early degrees of Aries, Uranus at the beginning of Aquarius, and Pluto at the beginning of Sagittarius.

C: 2003—2010

These years are characterized by Uranus’s transit through Pisces and Neptune’s through Aquarius, so
that the two Planets are in mutual reception throughout that time. A time of meteorological and marine
disasters and Great Plagues. Terror from the skies. Dire levels of pollution in environment begin taking
an enormous toll world-wide on all species, our own included.